The Cop and the Young Punk – Part 02

By Mister-X/Spartan

Somehow Harry managed to make it through the several hours of standing at attention. He hated that tie and the tight shirt collar. He wondered how people could stand being dressed this way all the time. His stomach had been growling, and he wondered when he was going to be fed. Soon he started hearing the sound of a door opening and one of the ‘prisoners’ being marched out. He figured he was finally going to be fed.

When it was Harry’s turn, he was first checked to make sure he was at an erect attention, then marched out and down the hall. He was marched into that standing cage again. His cuffs and shackles were removed, and he was told to take off his shirt, tie and pants. After he’d done so, the clothes were folded neatly into a bag with his name on it, put on a shelf, and the cuffs and shackles were put back on. This time he also had something else put on. It was a leather hood with only two pinholes at the nostrils. After it was tightly strapped on over his gag, the pinholes lining up properly, he now could no longer see, and his breathing was a little restricted. He was then marched out of the cage and room and down the hall.

When he was stopped, he was helped down onto his knees and lower legs. He felt that he was resting on some canvas material. He felt the shackle on his right ankle being opened and brought up and over his handcuffs before being brought back down to be locked again on his right ankle. Harry realized he was now in a metal hogtie. He was helped down to lie on his stomach, and he felt the canvas material being brought up and closed at the top above his head. He wondered what was going on. But all he heard was the sound of the guy who did this leaving the room.

Finally Harry realized that this was how he would be spending the night. There seemed to be enough air coming into the sack, so this wasn’t a problem. He’d never spent the night in a sack in a hogtie position before, not to mention being gagged. This day was turning into a lot of new experiences for him. He was disappointed that his cock was in chastity, because otherwise he would enjoy this.

It took probably a couple of hours before Harry dropped off to sleep. He didn’t know how many hours he was out, but he awoke to the feeling of someone helping him get out of the sack. When he was out of the sack and the hogtie, he was ordered to stand at attention and march to the end of the line of men standing. He stole a glance in both directions, and saw that to his right there was a line of other guys standing at attention in their rubber underwear, and to his left there was a series of sacks with lumps filling them.

After all the sacks had been opened and emptied, the men were ordered to turn to their left. When they’d done so, they were ordered to start marching. Soon they were outside of the room they’d been in and were starting to march around a large yard. This kept up for a couple of hours. Periodically all would be stopped and one of them who had gotten out of the line or too close to the one in front would have his position corrected. Finally they were brought back inside and lined up at a communal bathroom. One by one they were taken inside, had their restraints removed so they could remove their underwear, were instructed to turn their underwear inside out, and had themselves and their underwear hosed down before being allowed to sit on a toilet.

Finished with this, they were given towels to dry themselves and their underwear, were ordered to put their underwear right side out and back on, had their restraints put back on, and were lined up again. After all were ready, they were marched into another room, one in which there was food set in front of a series of high backed metal chairs. All the chairs had straps attached. One by one they were sat down in the next chair with the straps attached securing them to the chair. There were straps at the ankles, legs below the knee, thighs, stomach, chest, and neck. Their cuffed hands were not attached to the chair, but brought behind it through an opening in the back of the chair.

After all were safely secured to the chairs, their handcuffs, hoods and gags were removed. It was the first time Harry had the gag out since he was ‘arrested.’ Finally they were allowed to eat. Harry found the food to be good and plentiful. There was meat, eggs, hash brown potatoes, fruit, pastries, and a large glass of juice, as well as coffee. All the gathered ate hungrily. After they were finished, the cuffs, hoods and gags were put back, and one by one, they were unstrapped from the chairs and required to stand at attention. When all were ready, they were marched back to the stand-up cage and, one by one, put inside to get dressed and again restrained. After each was ready, they would go outside the room to wait in line. When all were dressed, they were marched back to their cells, standing in front.

One of the guards in black leather started with each, holding a list, and either ordered them to report to work, taken by one of the gathered officers, or be put back into their cell and ordered to stand at attention. Harry was one of the latter.

When the disbursement of the gathered was finished, the guy in the black leather came back to Harry’s cell. “Harry Simpson, your information shows that you are a student at the local college, and will be starting your senior year in a month. Until that time, you are to remain here. When it is time for registration, we will give you the information and you will tell us which classes you wish to register for. We will take care of that for you. When classes begin, your arresting officer will take you to the college. Only when you arrive at your desk in each class will your handcuffs and gag be removed. Your arresting officer will sit next to you. When that class is finished your handcuffs and gag will be put back on, and your officer will lead you to what is next on your schedule. You will be dressed for classes as you are now. When the weather turns cold and wet you will also be given appropriate outerwear.

You are to always maintain an erect posture. A device has been put into your tie pin. If you deviate at all from an erect posture, it will register wherever you may be, and you will be suitably punished when you return. If you plan to take notes, you must continue looking straight ahead, holding up the writing implement and the paper to write in front of your eyes while you continue looking straight ahead. Likewise, if taking a test, you must do the same. If going to the bathroom, you still must look straight ahead. Do you understand?”

Harry was shocked at these instructions. He was going to have to go to classes dressed like he now was? He was going to have to always maintain a strictly erect posture, taking notes and tests by holding the pen and paper up in front of his eyes, and he would be cuffed and gagged until at his seat in the class, and immediately cuffed and gagged after the class ends? This was crazy! But he knew to immediately answer the question, and he quickly nodded his head up and down.

“Your arresting officer will know your schedule, and will bring you here when classes are over. This will now be your new home not only for the next month, but for your next college term. If you make no mistakes, you will be released on probation. When on probation, your arresting officer will still have the responsibility of taking you to and from your classes at college, you will still be required to maintain the dress you are currently in, as well as your erect posture, tie pin in place to ensure that you are, and your arresting officer will be visiting you every night at your home, as well as every weekend. Do you understand?”

Again, Harry was shocked to hear this. He hated that guy. He figured that guy would go out of his way to try to get Harry in trouble again, just as he’d done before. But he also immediately nodded his head up and down.

“Very good. It has been noted that your cock is turned on by being bound and gagged. While here, you will not be allowed any enjoyment from that. But when you are released on probation, your arresting officer has been instructed to always keep you bound and gagged after your studies are finished, doing to you whatever he wishes within the guidelines of what is allowed. He is one who is well versed in topping others, so you have that enjoyment to look forward to. Your probation lasts two years, and after that, it is up to the arresting officer how long he wishes to continue his play with you. You will have no say in the matter, and must always obey any orders he gives you. If you choose to get away from him, you will be returned here to be punished, starting the probationary period over again, and will then have a police record. Do you understand?”

Once again, Harry was shocked. Judging by how tight that cop had ratcheted his handcuffs, this guy was pretty sadistic. While it was true that Harry enjoyed being bound and gagged, he didn’t want something that would cause him permanent damage. But he realized that the way they had this set up he had no choice in the matter. He again quickly nodded his head up and down. He not only understood, he understood all too well.

The guard continued. “You are to always be in this city. You are not allowed to go visit any relatives that are a distance away. Your holidays will be spent here. We will take care of closing your apartment agreement and storing your belongings. What you have here is what you will have until your probation period starts, in addition to any class materials. Do you understand?”

Harry again nodded his head up and down. He was going to have to come up with some explanation for his parents as to why he can’t come visit them over the holidays. And he wouldn’t be allowed any use of his other possessions, like his cell phone and computer.

This started Harry’s new life. It was very structured and disciplined. He thought back longingly to his previous life of enjoyment and leisure. He blamed that cop for the misery he was now having to endure, someone who it appears will now always be a part of his life, since he couldn’t envision the cop not wanting to continue to play with him.

Somehow he made it through the following month and the first term of classes without slipping, despite the cop always cuffing his wrists as tight as he could. He was finally released on probation. But that was when the original arresting cop became an integral part of his life. As Harry suspected, the cop was quite sadistic. At least the cop varied the positions that he kept Harry in initially at night and on weekends, although his wrists were always cuffed tight, ankles in shackles, his mouth tightly gagged and the leather hood with nose holes only on his head. Some nights he would be in a tight spread eagle, some nights he would be in a hogtie, his wrists and ankles cuffed together and connected with a padlock. The cop installed a hoist in Harry’s apartment, and some nights Harry would be suspended from it, sometimes right side up, sometimes upside down. And there would be other positions. The cop never let Harry’s cock out of its prison.

Harry was required to always address everyone as ‘Sir’ whenever he spoke, whether it be instructors or fellow students at college, or the hated cop. Harry was forced to change into a young man who was respectful of others. He was looking forward to the end of his two-year probationary period. But suddenly Harry realized that he would be graduating from college when his spring term ended, and would be looking for a job, all while still on probation. Now that he was on probation he was free to spend his time at college as he wished to do. He tried socializing, but other students avoided him. So he concentrated on lining up job interviews. He very much wanted to get a job in another city so he could get away from the cop, but realized that this might not be allowed. He was given some white shirts to wear to job interviews instead of the black wool ones, ones that were provided by that facility, ones that would still cover the required underclothes and had hard, stiff, tight collars and cuffs. They were very uncomfortable to wear, but looked great.

At the job interviews, he was invariably told that he presented a very good image, both in dress and in the respectful way he addressed them. Harry started realizing that the training he was forced to endure was making him someone that had a good chance of landing an excellent job. He started viewing the forced changes in a different light.

When he was presented with a selection of jobs, the one he preferred happened to be here in this city. Since he was still on probation and was told that he had to remain in this city, this solved the problem of accepting a job in another city. He accepted the job in this city.

His parents came for his graduation, but wondered why he was always with a city policeman. He told them that he’d become friends with him, and they roomed together. The facility gave him a graduation present of a dozen of the white shirts and ties that he’d worn to the job interviews, with instructions of where they were to be laundered, since the facility had a contract with that laundry. These shirts were just as uncomfortable to wear.

He had some explaining to do at work about being delivered to work by a city policeman, as well as picked up by him, but he just said that it was his roommate that was living with him. That was at least partly true. The final year of the probation continued, and when it was up, the cop told Harry that he was moving in with him and now that the probation restrictions of what he could do to Harry were no longer in place, he was free to treat him the way he’s wanted to since he first met him. Harry had been told at that facility that he had no say in the matter, that it was the cop’s decision to make, that to reject his decision would be a violation and he would be arrested, so he had no choice but to accept the decision.

Harry had a good job at a company that was happy with his work, as well as his appearance, and he had started enjoying the bondage the cop had been giving him during the probationary period. During one of the few times when he wasn’t gagged, he told the cop that he appreciated him. It made no difference to the cop. To him, it was just part of his job, though he did enjoy having someone to torment, and he still considered Harry to be that ‘young punk.’ But he was glad to hear that the ‘young punk’ apparently now had some respect for his authority.

The cop started preparing for his fun, now that his restrictions were removed, getting out the spiked restraints, the metal slave collars, and the tit devices. He also got out the e-stim. As he thought about the fun he was going to have, he finally smiled. He also figured it was time to bring out his cock for Harry to service.

That night marked a major change in their relationship. The sight of the cop’s smile sent chills down Harry’s spine. And the sight of what he was now going to have to endure started Harry shaking uncontrollably. Harry’s opinion of the cop reverted back to his original opinion. But it was too late for him to back out now. The cop now had complete authority over Harry to do whatever he wanted to do, no matter how severe or extreme it was. And Harry now had no choice but to accept that.

Harry knew that if he tried to get away, he would soon be back in that facility, having to endure further punishment, having a police record. He would lose his job, and if he sacrificed two more years of his life, he’d eventually be back in this same position. Harry started having nightmares as he thought about what his life was now turning into. He thought about filing an official complaint with the authorities, but realized that it was the authorities who were authorizing this treatment. He felt like he was trapped.

That night the bondage changed to torture. Harry was strapped to one of those high back metal chairs that had been moved into his apartment. The ankle shackles and the handcuffs were those spiked ones, and a chain connected the two tightly under the chair. The cop showed him some of the gear that he’d brought into the apartment, including a noose rope, some plastic bags, and a wire. That hood was put over Harry’s head over his gag, and after it was strapped tightly, the cop started putting his fingers over the nose holes. Harry found that he was turned on by this, but his cock was still in chastity, so he couldn’t respond appropriately. The cop told Harry that he hoped that he was enjoying this, because he had lots of other ways he was going to start cutting off his breath that he enjoyed, including some he’d earlier shown him. The cop also said that he was filing down the tops of Harry’s shirt collars to make them razor sharp to cut into the underside of his chin. Harry was kept strapped to that chair all night to imagine what being tortured in those other ways were going to be like, as well as what his shirts were going to feel like at work.

The next morning, after the morning chores were taken care of, Harry was cuffed and shackled in the cop’s car for the ride to work, gag back in, sitting in the back of the cop’s car where the windows were blacked out so people couldn’t see in. This time the cuffs and shackles were those with spikes. The cop told him that this was now a permanent change. His shirt collar was also cutting into the underside of his chin.

After they arrived at work and the restraints were removed, the cop gave Harry a pair of gloves to put on to hide the spike marks. Harry dutifully got out of the car and went in to work, the tie pin still testing his posture, keeping him stiffly erect. Harry was rubbing his wrists, not saying or doing anything to indicate what was going on at home, his thoughts on what he’d heard in the last few hours. This was now the start of his new life, one in which he would be constantly tortured.

And all because of that bumper sticker. With everything that had happened to Harry since that cop stopped him, he certainly questioned that cop’s authority, but was powerless to do anything about it.

The end

Metal would like to thank Mister-X/Spartan for this story!

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