The Creepy Janitor

Meanwhile back at Bound Gods, The Creepy Janitor is back and this time he torments a track star.

gay bonage Metalbond

The Creepy Janitor, Brenn Wyson, has been settled down for a little while, content to go about his custodial duties undisturbed. After a hard day of cleaning campus, he decides to take a shower in the locker room. Brian Bonds finishes his workout with an attitude and, disgusted by the janitor, gives him some lip. Much as our creepy janitor would love to show some restraint, he can’t help but teach one more punk a lesson. With Brian’s arms behind his back, Brenn gives him a hard spanking and shoves a cock in his mouth.

Brian Bonds gay bondage

After having the hell fucked out of him in the locker room, Brian gets tied up in the janitor’s apartment in a vertical hogtie. Brenn pours hot wax all over his body and then flogs it off, making the captive scream. With Brian tied to the bed, Brenn fucks him the only way he knows how, tearing apart Brian’s hole and fucking the cum out of him.

Metalbond gay bondage Brian Bonds

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One thought on “The Creepy Janitor”

  1. Great to see Brenn back! He is my favorite Bound Gods guy and I really love seeing him in action as the Creepy Janitor…..

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