The Customer

By Mister-X/Spartan

Greg was pricing more items for his shop when Wally entered. After Wally told Greg what he was looking for, Greg knew that he had some, but they were in the back. Greg went into the back, and Wally followed. Greg went up to the pile of items that he knew contained what Wally was looking for. As he was going through them, Wally noticed Greg’s leather jacket thrown over another pile.

“Nice leather jacket. Are you into leather?”

Greg’s cock stirred as he noticed Wally as a person instead of a customer. “I do like leather, yes.”

“What else have you got that’s leather?”

Greg noticed that Wally was wearing a leather jacket and blue jeans. “I’ve got a pair of leather pants and a few other items.”

“What kind of items?”

Greg was reluctant to show a total stranger his collection of bondage gear. By then he’d found the item that Wally was looking for, and he pulled it out. Just as he was showing it to Wally another customer came into the store. Wally said “that’s just what I was looking for. How much?”

“One dollar.”

“Sold. There are a few other items I’m looking for. I’ve got to run now, but I’ll be back later to see about those.” Giving Greg a dollar and a wink, Wally left.

Greg didn’t have much time to think about this, since the recent arrival was waiting to ask him about something else that he was looking for. The day had been busy and it was getting close to closing time. Greg hadn’t had a chance to think any further about Wally when he arrived just as Greg was closing his shop.

“I came back to inquire about those other items you mentioned.”

“Uh, I’m just closing.”

“Go ahead and close. I’ll wait.”

“Those other items aren’t what you probably are thinking they are.”

“C’mon. I’m not dumb. If they were clothing, you would say so. If they were furniture you would say so. So what’s left? I’m here to find someone to play with. I was hoping you’d be someone that wanted that as well. I brought along a few other toys that we could use in our play.” When he said that he pulled out a pair of handcuffs and a pair of ankle cuffs.

Greg was surprised. He was a bottom, and this guy apparently was a top. He had been frustrated at not finding anyone he could play with, and this guy seemed like a good play partner. His cock was stirring and sending messages to his brain. He finally decided. “You’re on. I’ll finish closing and go change into something more comfortable.” He winked at Wally as he said the latter.

After Greg had closed, he went into a back room to change. Wally followed him. When Greg noticed, he started to say something, but Wally spoke first. “I want to see what you’ve got here.”

Greg went over to a cabinet and opened a drawer. In it were a leather shirt and pants, as well as a lot of other leather gear. Greg pulled out the shirt and pants and started changing in the adjacent bathroom. In a short time Wally opened the door and handed him Greg’s leather jock strap. No words were exchanged, but the meaning was clear.

When Greg came out, Wally was waiting for him with Greg’s combination leather collar and gag. Greg turned his back to Wally, and Wally worked the collar around Greg’s neck. He pulled it to the normal skin-tight opening, then pulled it one more before closing it and applying a padlock. Greg started to say something, but Wally just put the ball part of the attached gag into Greg’s mouth and pulled the attached strap back. The strap was elastic, and Wally pulled it as far as it would go before buckling it closed. Greg was making sounds into the ball, but nothing intelligible emerged.

Wally picked up the roll of duct tape he’d found and started yanking it tight around Greg’s mouth and head. Soon Greg’s mouth was completely covered. Only then did Wally pull out his set of handcuffs and apply them to Greg’s wrists behind his back.

“I notice your cock is tenting your pants. Obviously you like this. So quit complaining and enjoy the fun.”

Wally helped Greg get down on the floor. He brought out the ankle cuffs and locked one onto the left ankle. He bent Greg’s legs up and put the connecting chain over Greg’s handcuffs before bringing the other cuff back down to lock onto Greg’s right ankle. Greg was now in a hogtie on the floor.

Wally pulled out the leather hood that Greg had in his drawer and started working that over Greg’s head. He made sure that the pinholes lined up with Greg’s nostrils before threading the strings through the rings at the back, pulling it tight as he went. With the neck strap buckled closed, a small padlock worked through it, Greg could no longer see. His cock was about to erupt.

When Wally noticed this, he said “no, that won’t do. Not yet.” He looked around for a refrigerator, and finding one, he checked to see if there were any ice cubes. Finding that there were, he got one and went back to Greg. Propping Greg up, unzipping the leather pants and pushing the leather jock strap aside, Wally put the ice cube next to Greg’s cock. Greg reacted from the sudden pain of this, but Wally just waited until the cock reduced, then pulled out a metal chastity device which he locked on.

“If you erupt right away, you won’t want to continue our play. I want this to extend for hours tonight.”

Wally went back to the cabinet to see what else Greg had. He was soon back with a pair of tit clamps. He unsnapped the leather shirt that covered Greg’s chest and, after activating Greg’s nipples by lightly running his fingers over them, he applied the clamps. Afterwards, he snapped the leather shirt back on, which started putting additional pressure on the clamps. Greg was starting to wonder whether he would be having fun or punishment.

Wally went back to the cabinet to see what else Greg had. After he’d been through the drawer Greg had pulled out, he closed that one and opened another drawer. He let out an exclamation of delight. Coming back to Greg, he said “I wasn’t sure whether to spend the night or not. You’ve got a great looking leather sleep sack. I particularly like that face plate. After our play is over I’ll put you in that, arms in the sleeves, straps and strings pulled tight for the night. You probably haven’t been able to experience that yet. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Greg realized that Wally was right. He’d been wanting to experience that, but hadn’t found anyone yet who would put him in. Or more correctly, he hadn’t trusted anyone yet to do that. He realized that he knew virtually nothing about Wally, but was now having to trust him. At least he was saying the right things, which was a good sign. Greg was wondering how he wound up in this situation so quickly with someone that he knew nothing about. It wasn’t like him to do that.

Greg heard Wally close that drawer and open another. He heard Wally say to himself “oh, ho, ho, so you’re into that as well.” Greg realized which drawer Wally had opened. He took a deep breath as he started realizing what might be ahead for him. As if anticipating Greg’s darkest thoughts, Wally came over and put his fingers over Greg’s nostrils, cutting off his air. “Since you’re turned on by this, we’re going to have some real fun tonight.” Wally cradled Greg’s head while he kept his fingers over Greg’s nostrils. When Greg started trying to get them off when he was out of air, trying to move his head back and forth, Wally finally removed his fingers, laughing as he did so. “Yes, we’re going to have some real fun. I could do this for hours.” Greg’s cock started stirring when he heard that.

Wally was back at the cabinet going through Greg’s gear. Suddenly Wally said “oh, good. You’ve got e-stim as well. I’m glad to see that you like that, too. A nice strong steady shock when your air is cut off is a nice combination.” Greg tried thinking about that. He’d tried the e-stim once, but didn’t like it. It sounded like he was going to be given a strong dose of it now.

Wally finally closed that drawer and opened another. He quickly closed that one. Greg was relieved that Wally wasn’t going to mess with his business papers. Wally finally came back over. He said “now that I know your turn-ons, I need to make some adjustments.”

The first thing Wally did was to unlock and unbuckle the back of Greg’s collar. He yanked it tighter, making it to the next notch, before buckling it back and locking it again. Greg’s breathing started getting labored when Wally did that. Wally then cradled Greg’s head again and put his fingers over Greg’s nostrils.

“That’s a nice noose rope you’ve got, the requisite 13 loops, but we’ll save that one for a future session.”

On seeing Greg’s reaction, Wally said “yes, now that I’ve found someone who is turned on by breath control as well as being bound tightly, I’ll be coming back. I’m sure you’ll want me to as well.” Greg wasn’t so sure, but then, they hadn’t really gotten started playing.

Wally continued his play of cutting off Greg’s breathing for about a half hour. Finally he reached down and unlocked the right ankle cuff to get Greg out of the hogtie, locking the cuff back on and bringing the two together. The cuffs also had a ring attached which Wally had set up to be facing each other. He got another padlock and locked the two cuffs together. Wally then undid Greg’s leather pants and started pushing them down. When Greg’s ass was exposed, Wally unzipped his pants and brought out his cock, which was dripping pre-cum and erect.

Wally started working his cock into Greg’s ass. Greg expected this, and was surprised at how gentle and considerate Wally was in fucking Greg. After Wally had finally entered as far as he planned to, he put his fingers again over Greg’s nostrils, and as Greg was running out of air, thrashing his head back and forth, this was the final trigger to get Wally to erupt. Greg wished that his cock was not in chastity so he could erupt as well.

When Wally was finished, he brought Greg’s ankles up toward his cuffed wrists again. But this time, he brought them as close together as he could before getting a short chain, which he wrapped around both before locking it. Greg was now in a much tighter hogtie. Wally cradled Greg’s head again and put his fingers over Greg’s nostrils. Wally was once again playing his breath control game. Greg had gotten tired of it, but he now had to go through this again.

This time it took Wally more than an hour before he was ready to erupt again. After he had finished, he said “let’s go get something to eat. I’ve enjoyed our play, but I’m starved.”

Greg was surprised that he was going to be let out of all his restraints to go out in public to have something to eat. But he later realized that he should have known better. The only restraint he was let out of was the lock that kept his ankles together. Pants back up, leather jacket zipped partway up and put over his upper body and arms before being zipped all the way back up, chain attached to a ring at the front of Greg’s leather collar, Wally led Greg out of his shop, locking it behind him with Greg’s keys, and taken to his car to be transported to where Wally was headed.

Greg was in no position to do anything while in Wally’s car. Among other things, it was a police car and Greg was in the back seat, which was kept locked with no way for a passenger to unlock it. Greg was surprised to find that Wally was apparently a policeman. Wally drove to a leather bar and pulled Greg inside. The others there all knew Wally, but Greg didn’t know anyone else who was there. It didn’t matter, because Greg couldn’t see with the hood still on. Wally was greeted with statements like “is that your new prisoner?” and “what crime did this guy commit?”

Wally ordered food and started visiting with others who were there. Everyone else seemed to like Wally, who would exchange good-natured barbs with the others. When the food arrived, Wally told Greg “if you want to eat, I’ll remove your gag. If you try to speak, you get no food. These people are used to my subs wanting out, and they won’t do anything to accommodate you, so it won’t do you any good to try. Savvy?”

When Greg nodded his head up and down, Wally lifted the hood, cut through the duct tape, and pulled out the rubber ball to rest it below Greg’s chin. Then he started feeding Greg. The food was good. It was one of his favorites, beef stroganoff. Wally would take a bite for himself and get a forkful for Greg to put in his mouth. When dinner was finished, back went the ball, on went a new strip of duct tape, and down went the hood. Wally pulled Greg up and led him out to his car for the ride back to Greg’s shop.

Back inside, Wally decided to put Greg into the sleep sack for the night. Wally didn’t take any chances. He made sure that Greg’s lower part was safely secured, straps and strings pulled tight, before he took Greg’s handcuffs off, not that Greg wanted to get away. When Greg was completely inside, arms in the sleeves, side straps pulled tight to bring the sides of the sack tight against Greg’s body, straps and strings across the sack pulled tight, it was time to take care of the top part.

There was a lot of string left over in this sack. After Wally had attached all the snaps on the faceplate, which brought the covering down to put pressure on Greg’s nose, the only part of him that had access to air, since the hood was still on, Wally had to figure out what to do with the left over string. He had two sides, and decided to wrap it around Greg’s neck over the leather of the sack before tying it off. But he didn’t just wrap it around, he yanked it as tight as he could. There was enough for three circles each. Greg was getting somewhat strangled by this, which, combined with the tight faceplate that further restricted his breathing, made breathing difficult. His cock was desperate to get erect, but couldn’t, since it was still in the chastity device.

Finished enclosing Greg in the sleepsack, Wally unzipped the openings over Greg’s tits. He had taken off the clamps while putting Greg in the sack, and could now reapply the clamps. Greg’s nipples had hardly had a chance to recover, and were soon back in pain again. Next Wally turned Greg onto his side, unzipped the covering over his ass, and started working a butt plug inside. When Greg’s sphincter muscle closed on it, Wally zipped the covering back and put Greg on his back again.

Wally wasn’t able to play his breath control games with Greg due to the faceplate, so Wally unsnapped the faceplate and started in again. Greg had been frustrated by the further restrictions the faceplate had made on his breathing, but was pleased that he was able to breathe normally. Now that was gone again. This time Wally unzipped the covering over Greg’s cock and brought it out. He removed the chastity to allow Greg to erupt. It didn’t take long for Greg to do so. As soon as Greg had erupted, back on came the chastity.

Wally erupted once more while playing his breath control games with Greg. Finally Wally was tired of his games and decided to turn in for the night. He put the faceplate back on, kept the butt plug in as well as the tit clamps, and went to sleep in Greg’s bed. The next morning he woke Greg up by starting in again to play his breath control games. He kept it up until he erupted a fourth time into Greg’s ass. Only then did he let Greg out to get cleaned up and ready to open his shop.

Wally left, saying he needed to get back to his place to get cleaned up and put on his uniform to report for work that day. He said that Greg’s cock would continue to be locked up during the day, but he would be back that night just before closing time to resume their play.

“What if I don’t want to?”

“Then you’ll be arrested.”

“On what charge?”

“Doesn’t matter. There won’t be a record of it.”

“How are you going to justify my being in your jail without a record of it?”

“There’s a basement at our jail. You’ll be surprised to see how it’s set up.”

“Hopefully I won’t ever have to see that.”

“Oh, but you will. When your shop is closed on the weekends you’ll be spending your time there. It’s set up really nice for a noose rope. You’ll love it. Oh, that reminds me. I need to take that rope with me to set it up there to get ready for your visit.”

As Wally was leaving, Greg said “I’ll need to get my keys back.”

“After I’ve made a copy of them.”

After Wally had left, Greg was wondering what options he had to get out of this relationship, assuming he wanted to do so. He realized that he was vulnerable for a charge in this state of sodomy, since homosexuality was still considered a crime here in this southern state. And even if he could get off, his business would be ruined, since virtually all of his customers wouldn’t approve of his lifestyle. He could always accuse Wally of being the one who caused this, but he also knew that many criminals tried accusing their arresting officer of crimes, and those never stuck. He realized that he was just going to have to go along and enjoy the fun, if he could call it that.

That night, when Wally returned, after giving Greg back his keys, he said “I’ve decided that the best place for us to play is the jail basement. It’s much better equipped than here at your shop. I noticed that you’ve got a bunch of empty boxes. We’ll need to start packing all your gear and clothes and take them with us to there.”

After they’d packed everything and loaded it into Wally’s police car, Wally went through the formal process of arresting Greg, cuffing his hands behind his back and taking him out to the police car. Wally was concerned that some of his customers might see him, but he was relieved to see that none did. Greg noticed that Wally had ratcheted his police-issue cuffs as tight as he could get them. When they got to the station, Wally took Greg through to another door which was kept locked. The guys at the station had been alerted ahead of time, so they knew what was happening.

After unlocking the door, Wally escorted Greg through the door before closing and locking it behind them. After turning on the light, he escorted Greg down to the basement. Greg noticed that it wasn’t finished like the upstairs, sort of carved out of rock in places. Wally took Greg over to a jail cell. Inside there was a noose hanging down. Wally unlocked and opened the door.

Greg had always fantasized about being hung in a noose rope, but had never been. He was pretty apprehensive about it. Wally just took Greg over to it, put the noose rope around his neck, and went over to the wall to undo it and pull the rope up. This was when Wally showed his strength. He pulled Greg up into the air before tying it off. He came over and pushed the rope taut against Greg’s neck in the back before going back to untie the rope and let Greg down to where he was on his tiptoes. Wally tied the rope again. Then he got some cuffs that kept Greg’s ankles together. He also got a chain and wrapped it around Greg’s legs above his knees.

Wally stepped back and looked at Greg, getting a big smile on his face. “Comfy?”

“Hardly” Greg whispered back, since his voice was cut off.

Wally laughed and closed the door to the cell, locking it. “This was used during the civil war and after to hold escaped slaves and those black men who felt that they should be treated the same as whites. We now use it to treat gay men who feel that they should be treated the same as hetero men. Different time, different men, same treatment. The law looks the other way when we do this. Anyway, my shift isn’t over yet and I need to get back to work. But don’t worry. I’ll be back later to continue our fun.”

Soon the door opened and several men, all in uniform, started carrying in the boxes of Greg’s gear. They all looked over at Greg and smiled. One of the officers asked Wally “how long you figure before this one leaves town?”

“I don’t expect this one to leave. He’s got too many roots here.”

“Even with the way you treat him?”

“He likes it.”

“Takes all kinds.”

After the men had left, Greg looked over at a large part of his belongings and started thinking. He had been thinking of getting a place to live, and apparently this was going to become it. He went over his thoughts of why he decided to choose this location to open his shop. There wasn’t one here, and there was a good demand for it. He had a good business already started. But suddenly Wally entered his life. He figured that he might just as well continue his business and accept this as part of his life here in this town. His life certainly changed when that customer came in looking for that one item and spotted his leather jacket. One never knew what would trigger a major change in one’s life.

The end

Thanks to Mister-X/Spartan for this story!

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  1. Check out the warnings of Jay Wiseman who says: “I’m not going to state that breath control is something that nobody should ever do under any circumstances. I have no problem with informed, freely consenting people taking any degree of risk they wish. I am going to state that there is a great deal of ignorance regarding what actually happens to a body when it’s suffocated or strangled, and that the actual degree of risk associated with these practices is far greater than most people believe.”

    “I have noticed that, when people are educated regarding the severity and unpredictability of the risks, fewer and fewer choose to play in this area, and those who do continue tend to play less often. I also notice that, because of its severe and unpredictable risks, more and more SM party-givers are banning any form of breath control play at their events.”

    Find the full article at

    1. Thanks Hawke

      Yeap, this story features edge play that should be considered fantasy jackoff material, not something to be attempted in real life.

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