The Debt – Part 2

By Pup Shaggy

Hunter pulled Spencer along like a pet, not even slowing down for him. He led them into a nearby alley where they’d be obscured by the night. The smells that surrounded them were far from pleasant; piss, sick, and rotting food emanated from every dumpster. But both of them would soon forget the smells around them. Stopping suddenly, Hunter turned and fell against one bare wall, his arms crossed over his chest.

“Well?” he murmured.

“Here?” Spencer asked.

“You’d rather in front of all your friends? Or where someone can see you?” Good point. He took a step forward, not being able to move more than two steps away anyway because of the leash. He fell to his knees, not thinking about what he was kneeling in. He was met with a prominent bulge in his face, the smell of leather of his chaps and the denim of his jeans. He looked up at Hunter who just watched back.

He didn’t need to be told; he was expected to take them off himself; which would have been easy if his arms weren’t behind his back. But he went with it, he wasn’t about to start being picky and mouthy. Plus he did have a debt to pay. He moved in and gave his first kiss, the cold fabric contrasting with the smooth and cool leather against his lips… all of it firm and stretched over the rock hard cock shrouded beneath. He started licking, a mixture of worshipping the bulge and finding the zipper. Why did they always have to hide the damn things beneath a fold? It took a while for him to ease the zipper out, all the while, Hunter watched on, enjoying the grunts and murrs of the kid on his knees beneath him. He himself never made a sound but obviously enjoying the eager head that bobbed up and down as its tongue worked against his straining cock.

With the zip free, all it took was a few good tugs with his teeth and down the zipper came. Deciding to help him this time, Hunter’s hands dove in under his belt and his pants to push his cock through the zipper hole. It bounced out like on a spring, unfolding through the small hole that had been opened, balls and all. Thankfully he wasn’t wearing any underwear or this would have been a lot harder, but Spencer was happy for the help. It wasn’t fully hard yet, but it was already enough to send butterflies through Spencer’s mind and a quiver in the back of his throat. It pointed at him, like a cock parked through a glory hole.

But he licked his lips, as he’d been doing all night. The smells of the alley were replaced by a deep musk, and the thumping in his ears faded to silence. The only thing that mattered was this cock, and paying ‘his debt’. He moved forward again, giving the tip a few kisses, and then a few slow licks. Hunter couldn’t keep his silence act up anymore and a few deep growls left his lips.

A hand came down, resting between Spencer’s matted mop hair, the fingers lightly scratching his scalp as he bobbed up and down, worshipping the shaft of meat in his face. He wanted to take longer worshipping it, but his eagerness and arousal got the better of him as he slowly opened his lips and took the cock in his mouth. Instantly he tasted pre; the salty prelude to thick pulsing meat in one’s mouth. Hunter didn’t object. He came at it eagerly, slowly moving forward right to the zipper and pulling back. He was quickly reminded he hadn’t practiced sucking in a while and the limp noodle tickled his throat awkwardly making him choke a little. He started off slow, enjoying this as much as Hunter was. Gathering up speed, only Hunter wanted more. His hand on his head started pushing him forward, faster, and further as the cock hardened and grew longer.

At first, Spencer was happy for the help as his knees were beginning to hurt from kneeling and his jaw exploded out into a jaw ache. But then the pace kept getting faster, and he was pushed further down the cock as it only kept growing, to the point where his nose was tickled by stray pubes every thrust he was forced to take. And then Hunters second hand came down and it was all too much for him. He started gagging every time he felt the cock grind against the top of his mouth and poke the rim of his throat. He started trying to pull back, just so he could relieve himself of the sensation a little, but Hunter had other plans. At least until Spencer pulled back entirely off his cock, coughing for air. Hunter almost yelled.

Still coughing, Hunter shoved him against the wall where he’d been standing; in a flash taking the bandanna from his neck and fastening a decent blindfold over his eyes before Spencer could react. Two fingers entered his mouth prying his maw open -thankfully – after he was done coughing. The cock invaded his mouth once more. The fingers weren’t needed; Spencer would of happily sucked on his cock some more; But Hunter wanted more than sucking; he wanted a good fuck, which is now what he had. Each thrust in and out of his mouth caused him to ram his head against the wall painfully. Hunter hearing the crack, removed his fingers from the side of his open maw– knowing now that Spencer couldn’t go anywhere – placed his hands around the back of his head cushioning it the wall.

His pace was fast and hard, each time ramming as much as he could forward. Spencer losing the ability to breathe as his cock finally stopped growing; now plunging a few inches down his throat with each thrust. Long ago he’d stopped sucking; it became more of an effort to breathe than worry about sucking. His teeth must have been grinding against his cock: god knows what it must of felt like but it didn’t stop. He spluttered, coughed, struggled against the cuffs, whined and and grunted. In reality, he liked it rough, but it had all started so fast that he hadn’t had a chance to prepare himself for it, or enjoy it for that matter. All he could hear were the distinct sounds of the squelching smacking cock ploughing his mouth and Hunter’s breathing. Now erratic and quick, he groaned pleasurably every time he thrusted, hitting that point deep in that gooey saliva filled mouth.

He thought maybe he was getting the hang of it, or maybe he was passing out. Either way Spencer was calming down when in one fell push, Hunter’s swelled up cock was shoved passed his lips… and stayed there. He was trapped fully, between Hunters crotch and the wall, feeling his nose crushed against denim and pubes, feeling Hunters heartbeat through the straining, twitching cock lodged in his mouth.

It took him a while to taste the cum; probably because it was being shot right down his throat, and honestly he was panicking more about the fact he couldn’t breathe. He struggled in his grip, scratching at the ground beneath him; unable to move his hands because of the leather cuffs padlocked on, quickly realising that he’d been sitting in a puddle of piss this entire time.

But Hunter wasn’t going to kill the kid; maybe torture him a bit and make him squirm, but killing a perfectly good fuck wasn’t productive. So – as equally as painfully as it was going in – he pulled his cock back out the kid’s mouth mid-shoot. Spencer wheezed as sprays of cum shot over his face, barrelling down into his mouth as he sucked in sweet lovable air. Hunter made sure to hold his head still while he gasped, making sure every spool of cum coated the kids face. Slowly, the Jizz stopped after a while, Spencer still sitting there recuperating. His rear was starting to get warm from the piss he’d been sitting in. But he didn’t care. He could feel each and every dribble of the mans seed covering his face and his throat.

Time passed in milliseconds, but in silence. Two minutes later, Spencer hadn’t been moved and Hunter hadn’t made a sound himself. Spencer began to panic. He hadn’t heard footsteps move away, but he could have missed them. He couldn’t see anything because of the blindfold no matter how much he tried to shake it off. But there wasn’t any sounds, he couldn’t hear breathing or anything. Had he been left like this? Covered in cum, tied up in a gutter sitting in piss.

“Hunter?” he called out. No answer. Had he done something wrong? Had he missed some order? He shuffled but couldn’t even get back to his feet, his converses slipping against the cobble. Panic growing in him, making way to despair.

“Master Hunter!?” he yelled.

“Quiet, I’m here.” He heard suddenly from somewhere in-front of him; it was Hunter’s voice alright, coming close to the ground.

He’d fallen to his arse opposite him, leaning against the wall on the opposite side of the alley, stuck in the afterglow, a heavy smile on his face pleased. Only he wasn’t sitting in piss.

“Do you want to be found like that?” there was a scraping noise, and suddenly pressure as the sole of a boot was pressed up between his legs against his cock.

“Maybe you do want to be found like that? Covered in my cum your nipples out to the cold air, blindfolded with my bandanna, wearing my collar, leashed… My boot right between your legs, crushing your nice hard cock… I mean what would people think?” he mused. Spencer hearing the distinct sound of a camera shutter closing as Hunter took a picture of it on his phone.


“Relax, just a little keep-sake. It won’t go on the internet just yet.” And the shoe left his crotch.

“Think you paid your debt just perfectly.” He muttered, ushering his own cock back beneath his jeans.

“Guess I should untie you then eh?” and he laughed. But Spencer just sat there. In silence, twitching.

Hunter got to his feet.

“Does the boy want to be untied?” he asked, smiling as he knew full well the answer: the kid may have been face-fucked, but his crotch was wet with pre cum and his cock was ever so hard beneath his boot.

“No….. Master Hunter,” Spencer murmured under his breath.

“What was that kid?” Hunter said, falling on one knee inches away from him; not that Spencer could see.

“I don’t want to be untied Master Hunter.”

“Is that so? Well what do you suppose I do with a tied up kid?” his hand out stretched to his mouth again silencing his answer… not that he knew what to say anyway.

“It’s not exactly very spacious, even if it is really useful.” And he prodded Spencer’s open shirt with a finger. “Tattered, covered in cum.” He laughed again. “What would I do with such a beast?” Spencer just whimpered. He didn’t want this to be over. He didn’t want to just go home and jack off. He didn’t want that to be how this night ended.

“And this little fella’,” giving Spencer’s crotch a good jab. ”Well I bet this thing isn’t even house trained is it?” he could only whimper through his hand.

“What should I do?” he said quizzical. Spencer meekly sitting there in his grip. “Well, I suppose it is my job like any good Samaritan to look after stray and un-broken pets. But…” and there was movement as Hunter squeezed in between Spencer and the wall, now sitting comfortably behind him. Spencer’s body resting against Hunters muscular chest. All the while, he didn’t remove his hand from his face.

“… But if I take this puppy home. Then it’s going to have to be nice and good.” He explained talking in third person as if he wasn’t even there.

“Furthermore, I don’t want him to say another word for the rest of tonight. Let’s see how obedient you are.” Spencer tried to nod, he’d do anything if it meant the night went on, even if that meant a couple hours of silence. He didn’t spare a second to think of the trouble that could lead to.

“If you’re coming back with me, then you’re going to be a dog, and dogs don’t talk. Also, this little guy down here…” Spencer heard unzipping and rummaging around behind him as hunter searched the pouches on his utility belt.

“…Well he’d going to have to go in a cage for the night.” That made Spencer stop for a second and a feeble whimper escape his throat. He knew exactly what that meant.

“They’re my conditions for this stray puppy coming home with me. Silence and chastity. So if Puppy is serious about coming home with me; I’m going to remove my hand from his mouth. And when I do, he’s either going to speak, at which time I’ll untie him, and send him on his way…” Spencer pictured it, walking back out the alley, tail between his legs and the distinct smell of cum on his nose. Would Hunter be ashamed of him? Or disgusted? And how would he feel? Would he be happy afterwards… or would he regret it. He was pretty sure he knew the answer to that already. The thought of going home, alone, jacking off to a picture or a movie. It wasn’t exactly an alluring idea anymore.

“…Otherwise, If puppy is serious… if he wants to come home with me, and be my li’l cock warmer, then puppy will silently nod. And then I’ll know he’s serious…. And loyal…. And obedient…. After which I’ll put a really tight muzzle on him, lock away his hungry cock in this rather small Chastity cage, tie his legs together with duct tape, throw you over my shoulder and take you back to my van where I’ll fuck your throat again. Maybe twice, if you do a really good job bitch.” a hand brushed up against his body, under his torn shirt and pinched his nipple; the hand was holding something else as well. He groaned at the light toying; feeling the hand on his face move a brief moment only to be returned after something was laid over his nose loosely. It was a plain, black muzzle he’d gotten from one of his pockets, and all it needed was for the belts to be buckled on tight to silence Spencer. He was right about it being tight; He could tell it was going to be sore in that thing.

“…And after that, after I’ve taken your throat… I’ll plug your arse up with a large tasty toy, and I’ll take you home for the longest night of your life. It won’t be comfortable, I promise that, and you’ll probably cry at some point but it’s exactly what you want. I’ll whip you, tease you, break you, until every word you think is about me. But that is exactly what a bitch like you craves. Isn’t it?”

It was. Oh god was that what he wanted. Pain didn’t bother him. Being alone did. The only thing that kept annoying him was the chastity part of the deal. If he was locked away, when would he get to cum? He wasn’t even sure the last time he did. He pondered. Thinking it out, playing out each scenario.

“One, last thing boy, something you need to know. With me: there are no safe words. No escape routes. You agree to this; you’re not going anywhere till I’m done with you. I don’t care if you’ve got work tomorrow, or your arse hurts, or I’m being to rough. You’ll tell me about your limits and I’ll respect them, but that’s it. That’s all you’re going to say. You’re my property, my play thing, until I let you go. When, where… and how is up to me.” Honestly, at this point Spencer didn’t care. He just wanted a fun night. He didn’t think what he’d do to him. He didn’t care. The only thing he kept thinking about was the chastity cage…

“Well boy, decision time.” And the hand slowly left his mouth. The silence was palpable. Cogs turning in his head quickly, his heart racing and he gulped.

There were a few seconds before slowly, Spencer nodded… in absolute silence.

“Good boy,” Hunter said, already pulling the muzzle on; even if he’d have spoken, he’d probably be taking the kid home. Even if he was kicking and screaming and swearing behind his muzzle. After all, he still had a debt to pay, and he had a wild imagination when it came to paying off debts.

To be continued …

Metal would like to thank Pup Shaggy for this story!

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  1. Was straining so hard in my cage while reading that I had to grab my vibrator…

    This was so hawt. Cannot wait to see what Master Hunter has in store his lucky little sub bitch.

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