The Debt – Part 5

By Pup Shaggy

After closing the door again and locking the van, Hunter pulled him to his feet dragging him inside. Spencer watched as the van disappeared into the darkness, the first time he’d actually seen it. He kept trying to get to his feet, trying slowly to catch up, but bare feet on stony ground past midnight is not a cup of tea, even without someone pulling you along. Hunter dragged him inside, the heels of his feet dragging behind him, lifting him up the step of the doorway. He was met with a gush of warm air that made him shiver as the luna night turned to electric-light. The open front door passed them as they entered, swinging closed, closing them off from the outside. A picture passed on the right of a family, Hunter distinctly standing in the middle wearing sane clothes. Plain simple shoes lined up on their left. So this was Hunters house?

God knows what you had to pay for a place like this. Saying that, he didn’t see much of the house itself. He was lead directly to a door that looked suspiciously like a cupboard only with a combination padlock.… Once open, they were met with descending stairs and a deep gloom that only comes from being under-ground. They started descending into the basement. Light made way to darkness again as they moved, only now it was a deeper and darker kind of darkness, quickly coming to a halt at the bottom of the stairs to another door, only this one had no lock. Once open, they entered a grey concrete room, the first room he’d seen. It was empty apart from the odd wooden beam supporting the ceiling and the house above them. The room was largely empty except for a bare iron frame bed with a stained mattress, a basic chair and a small cage. All lit by a single bulb that dangled dimly from the ceiling. The room smelled new though, retaining that distinct paint smell.

“Sorry if you were expecting more Pup. Got most of my toys and furniture stored away while we painted. Got a buddy of mine helping me bring down some of it tomorrow. We can lock you away in that cage while we get it. I don’t want you wandering.” Laying spencer down on the floor gently, he stood over him; Like a Hunter admiring his caribou. Spencer just peered up at him patiently, and all Hunter did was lick his lips.

“Yum,” he remarked. He came down to his knee, taking out a pocket knife from his utility belt and slowly began hacking away at whatever remained of his clothes. Spencer only watched as his shirt was torn to bits by the knife, strips of cloth leaving him bare and alone. Then his jeans. His phone and wallet were slid across the floor somewhere un-seen… as were his door keys. All the while Spencer just watched. But what could he do? He kind of wanted to say something; he had other shirts… its not like this one was his favourite… but… it felt weird, a stranger destroying his clothes right off him. But he was just too tired, and he wanted nothing more than to sleep.

Hunter smiled the entire time as well; his mind entertaining the thought of what he was going to do first. Get the whip? Stick him in some stocks so he could fuck him? or right, those were in the cupboard… he looked down at his catch once more, the chastity cage glinting… now once more pulsing as Spencer tried to get hard, looking up at his kidnapper.

“Oh right. Your cage.” Hunter gave his balls a little slap, reigniting the down numb sensations of those abused balls. “You want to cum?” Spencer whimpered a little and nodded. “I did promise didn’t I?” But a smile crept on his lips… and not a comforting one at that. His hand reached to his side… unclipping the horse-crop that had been there the entire night. “I suppose I should, I mean young thing like you must have a real sex drive…” he knelt down again, the crop making contact with Spencer’s bare body. He could only shiver and watch as it slowly travelled down his chest to his crotch, expecting the sting at any second. “… After all you’re still trying to get hard aren’t you?” He wasn’t kidding. The metal sheath looked like it was on springs; bouncing like an eager dog welcoming its master home, drooling copious amounts of pre.

“And look!” The crop settled underneath the tip, pre-cum dribbling out of the slit in the chrome metal, pooling on the strap at the end. “…he’s happy to see me. Someone is really eager to pay his debt aren’t we?” Spencer looked up at him curiously. He’d already paid his debt hadn’t he? He sucked his cock, twice…. Well… he was fucked by his cock twice. Hunter saw the look.

“What? You think you’ve paid your debt? I told you. Only the first favour is small. You think a simple blowjob is enough to pay your debt to me?” The crop moved back up his body, under his chin facing his head upright and back down against the concrete.

“You got hard without permission. That’s something only bad puppies do. You talked when I told you not to. Another strike for being a bad pup. That’s why you owe me. Even if you are a stray, even if you did walk right into my arms… You still owe me. Don’t you?” Spencer was screwed, and he Knew Hunter was right at the same time bringing himself to nod, he swallowed… He felt his own pre soak into his chin.

“That’s right you do. And you said you were going to worship me. But, that’s not enough. Is it? Not anymore, although I admit it’s a good start. No, tonight…” Hunter trailed off. The crop started hitting him gently under his jaw. Not enough to hurt… “…You know what? Not really sure how you can repay your debt. Don’t worry, I’ll think of something.”

Ending it there, Hunter stood back up leaving the concrete room and Spencer alone. He watched as the older man left him, his own booted feet thumping away and disappearing upstairs. With little else to do, he looked around him at the room. The only way, in and out was a single door, and Spencer could see the massive padlock dangling freely from the first door back up the stairs. There were no windows, no sense of the passing of time anywhere. Not even a clock. He had no clue what time it was, and no clue how much time would pass with him down here. The walls were bare grey plaster, foggy patterns echoing the four walls. The floor equally bare and chilling as he lay there on his back. He looked at the iron frame bed and the stained mattress strewn across it… Old, worn and used were all you could describe it. The cage on the other hand… he didn’t even know why the chair was there. Probably just something else to tie people to.

He didn’t even hear footsteps upstairs. He was alone. Completely. Utterly. If he wasn’t so horny he might have panicked. But he just waited. There wasn’t much else for him to do.

Hunter returned, holding a couple of mitts and a short chain.

“Well, I promised I’d set you free, so I will… When I trust you’re not going to do anything stupid.” He came to his knees once more pushing him over and taking the carabiner clip keeping his cuffs together.

“Keep your arms back here pup,” He commanded. Spencer could feel the pressure lift as the cuffs came loose. Now lying on his belly, he watched the shadow in front of him, using it to guess his movements. Hunter’s huge frame danced up and down as he moved. He felt small up against his shadow too.

He did as he was told though and kept his arms behind his back, even as Hunter removed the leather cuffs on the wrists, replacing them with the mittens. He could feel the padding enclose around his hands; he always thought mitts were going to be stuffy and rough, but the inside was nice and comfy. Heavily padded and oddly cool, even as his fingers were crushed into fists and the cuffs pulled taught. It felt oddly comfortable.

“There, that’s better. Feel them out a bit.” Hunter said, patting him on the arse as he moved to his legs. Spencer moved his hands in front of them, looking at his encased hands. The mitts were pitch black, and shimmered in the bleak light. They’d been worn before, that much was obvious, the fabric frayed and rubbed a little where others had pressed it into the ground. He’d seen them in pictures… he’d seen a lot of things in pictures and videos of porn… but never in person. He’d never seen a chastity cage until the cold metal had clamped around his cock. And here he was, trapped in one.

His legs were suddenly freed from the metal manacles too, Hunter pulling them off and away

“Up,” Hunter commanded again. He clambered upwards, supporting himself on his mitts. He was about to get to his feet before Hunter pushed him back down again. “On all fours kid. Come on, do it properly.” Once ready he crawled around, un-easy at first as his strength leaked from his pores. He turned back to face the door they’d entered, the only door, but Hunter had moved. Instead he was now sitting lewdly on the edge of the bed, his legs wide open and his cock already erupting from the zipper in his leather jeans. This would make only the second time he’d seen it this night. Without being told, he slowly trundled over to the edge of the bed, looking up at his Owner as he beamed back down at him, his knees raw against the concrete.

“See? you’re made to walk like a bitch.” Spencer stopped himself from smiling. “So you still want to be released?” It wasn’t a question Spencer thought needed to be answered. He nodded like mad. Desperately he wanted release.

“Well, if you want me to take the cage off, you’re going to take all of my cock up in you. Without help. And I don’t mean your throat.” Spencer gulped, but there was little he wouldn’t do for release at this point. He looked at it, trying to compare to the toys at his home… but there was no competition. He was just out of school, and only just gotten a job. He hadn’t the money to buy anything big just yet. And the only toys he had were small, training plugs… he only just started taking the second largest in the set without stretching himself out beforehand.

But he needed release. He needed it. Clambering forward on the bed shakily he inched forward. Trying to think smart, he started licking up the shaft, trying to get it as lubbed up as he could manage. Thankfully it was already hard and pointing up, in all its glory. He remembered taking it in his mouth… He remembered being face-fucked by it… How was he going to take this without help… Perhaps he could… no his hands were in mitts, he wouldn’t be able to stuff some fingers in his arse to help stretch him out…

Hunter growled, deep and pleasurably as his pink tongue slowly stroked the sensitive flesh. Spencer felt it twitch. Hunters hand came to his head, resting flat on his head. It wasn’t ‘helping’, it just sort of sat there… gently scratching at his forehead as he salivated telling him he was doing a good job.

But saliva was only going to help so much… and eventually he’d have to start. Swallowing his fear, he clambered on the bed fully, Hunter pushing himself back a little more across the bed just to make room. He turned around, be careful not to kick Hunter in the head and crouched over it, looking down and seeing it peek up at him, directly at his hole, his cage peeking out of his crotch. This was going to be worth it.

Gently easing himself down until he felt the tip, he wiggled a little until the cock was poking at his hole teasingly. Like it was ringing the door-bell. ’Just take it slow’ he told himself. ‘Just breathe.’

Slowly, he crouched more. He could feel himself stretch around it, straining and groaning to himself as he pushed himself down on the vibrating cock beneath him. He could hear his partner start to purr behind him; feeling his eyes and his smile dig into the back of his neck. His insides start to spasm, welcoming his cock up to a certain point… the point he’s used to. But then everything stops. His cock widens and was like nothing he’d had before. But he had to. He needed this. He needed release. He tried to bounce a few times, trying to stretch himself out a bit, but his body was already tired from all the struggling and bouncing up and down wasn’t making it easier. If it made any difference to his sphincter, he didn’t notice it.

“Come on pup, if you want release, you’ve got to do better than that. Otherwise, I’ll have to train you to be stretchier down here before I unlock you. And who knows how long that’ll take.” No, he was going to take it whether it hurt him. And he knew it was. Perhaps he should just take it all at once? Just sit down and impale himself on it. Like getting in a hot bath. Taking raspy breaths he started pushing down again, forcefully. His hole wasn’t very co-operative. Without really thinking, he started falling backwards, rather than just crouching, starting to take the cock in him, faster than he could adjust to it. His eyes clamped shut as inch by inch entered him, gravity taking over pulling him down. He stifled his whimpers, still trying to be quiet.

When over half the cock was in him, he found himself stopping again… gravity failed him. It only took him so far. He had to open his eyes to look down at himself. See how far he’d come and how far he’d have to go. But there was little he could see under his own locked cock. He had to have a break. He sat there, impaled breathing and panting. Hunter quickly came forward, his head coming over his shoulder.

“Good so far puppy, but you’re not there yet.” The voice was hard to hear over his own raspy breaths. “But you’ve got to take the rest of it whether you’re willing or not. That is of course if you want release?” No he did. He nodded again, the heel of the boot still taped to his face hitting him in his chest.

“Thought so.” He paused for a minute expecting Spencer to continue. And he told himself he needed to as-well. But his legs refused to listen and his body stayed still as his thighs shook. There was a loud audible sigh.

“Does puppy need some help?” He didn’t want to accept defeat. He didn’t want to disappoint Hunter, but he sighed. He couldn’t do this on his own.

He whimpered miserably in answer.

“Well, if you do, I’m going to have to deny you something else…” oh god. Please not cumming. Please for the love of god let it not be the chance to cum. At the thought he tried to manoeuvre himself down, his enthusiasm renewed. But there was no chance. His hole was on fire, his insides burning and his gut full. He had no choice. He needed help. Hunter grinning at his discomfort.

“Lets say… your sight.” Without waiting a second, Spencer’s vision went black as a leather blindfold slid down over his eyes. The strap was elastic and easily fit to his head. “You okay?” The first sign that hunter actually cared about him. He nodded slightly.

“There, that’s better. Now let’s get you fully hilted.” Spencer was left in darkness again only, this time, he could feel Hunter around him, feel his heat… feel his breath. Pushing him over, almost off the bed, Spencer whimpered as the cock in him toyed with his hole, tugging lightly. Now bent over, he cowered a little, feeling Hunter and his immense size over him, doggy style. He couldn’t help but feel his own body quiver. He’d never felt more submissive.

It was all the permission Hunter needed. In one single shove, the remaining few inches of his rock hard meat was shoved up in him, his balls slurping up against his hole. He whelped, his head reeling back into the underside of Hunters chest. A low, painful shriek escaping his mouth.

“You did well pup, but now I’m going to finish.” His thrusts were not designed for comfort. Every thrust released a pained moan from Spencer’s dry throat. But, for all the pain he was in… all the exhaustion that circled his head… it felt so good. Even his locked away and immobilised cock was happily taking in the situation. He closed his eyes and enveloped himself where he was. A stranger’s basement – god knows where – lying on a mouldy mattress completely naked with a slab of meat invading his insides. He couldn’t help but grin. At least until the next thrust and his grin flipped to a pained grimace. Hunter was enjoying himself too, moaning as he pushed himself eagerly into the willing hole beneath him. His eyes weren’t closed though.

His hand moved under his neck, forcing Spencer’s head upright and away from the bed.

“Moan for me pup, let me hear how big I am.” He was already doing that, and Hunter couldn’t help but lick the side of his neck and the collar, Spencer continuing to switch between ecstasy and pains as if he couldn’t decide which to focus in on.

Hunter knew he was approaching a climax, he could feel it well up inside him. Thankfully for him, by now he was ready. In one sharp groan from Hunter and another shriek from Spencer, his throbbing cock rammed home in a loud slap. The two of them collapsed onto the bed, Hunter squishing Spencer into the bed. He tried to move, maybe it’d help ease the pain. But with the weight on top of him, he could only flail like a kitten in distress, Hunters weight on top of him. He could only lay there, absorbing the buckets of cum as it shot inside his gut. He felt his own body shake and quiver, every muscle twitching. But what could he do? His limbs ached, his arse hurt, and his neck hurt. So he lay there. In darkness and silence.

He wanted this. So did Hunter.

Six, seven shots later, Hunter was happy. Sure he’d needed help, but his arse was pretty tight. And besides, he was a guy of his word. Most of the time. Feeling his ejaculation splendour end, he sat back up. Something about the feeling of the warm insides of his pups butt made him murr, he didn’t want to pull out. Hardly an issue, he’d just have to work around it.

“Arms behind your back pup.” But Spencer was pretty much out, panting heavily through the muzzle and boot. He’d gotten used to the smell, but each breath was still hot and stuffy. He was exhausted, covered in sweat. Seeing this, Hunter gently pulled his arms back for him. Holding on to his shoulder and pulling him upright, the two manoeuvred into a better position. Like back in the Alley; Hunter sat leaning against the wall Spencer on his lap. Only now, he was quite literally sitting on him; his bone buried deep within. A single arm held the Pup against his owner’s chest, keeping his arms where they needed to be. His legs came up and came around Spencer’s, pulling them apart, just has he’d seen his mate do back in the van. The while, Hunters tongue licked slowly his shoulder, and his other hand searched in his pockets for…. There it was.

Without saying anything, he unlocked the chastity cage that had long tormented him. He barely registered it in his current state. The last thing on his mind right now was cumming. But, true to his word, Hunter slowly began stroking him off, gently and slowly. He couldn’t be bothered to take the base of the device off, it’d just be too much of pain right now with his cock as rigid as a mast.

Spence’s chest rose and fell, his lungs slowly catching up. His mind was a flush with emotions, but mostly all he could think about was his hole. How full he was. How each movement he made was painful. He barely even registered his cock being stroked, which is what he’d wanted all night. But now… he wasn’t sure how he felt. Or what he wanted.

He wanted to speak: at this point he’d completely forgotten to remain quiet, but say what? Not to mention he was still gagged and blindfolded. Lost in exhaustion and the headspace, he rested his head against the older mans shoulder. Hunter came forward to reassure him.

“Good puppy.” He whispered in his ear. He didn’t know why it felt so good, but it did. He couldn’t help but melt in his arms further. Those two words.

“Just relax. That’s it. Shhh. There’s my good Puppy.” He whimpered happily. He was so comfortable. So warm.

“Awww, there’s my cute puppy, there’s my baby boy.” Hunter slowly ripped off the boot on his face, giving it a good whiff himself before throwing it on the floor. Peeling away the blindfold off his eyes. He was a little surprised to see his exhausted expression, his eyes barely able to keep themselves open. He sighed a little, a trusting, comforting smile creeping on his mouth. This wasn’t how he wanted him to be when he let Spencer came.

Removing his hand from his cock, he started scratching his head, playfully toying with his hair. He had to strain to hear Spencer purr. That was enough for one night.

Spencer fell in and out of consciousness drifting in relaxation. Next thing he knew he was on a bed. A proper bed, with pillows and a duvet and crisp white sheets. It was all cool and squishy beneath and around him, a sheet rucked in around his body. It was dark in the upstairs bedroom, a blackout curtain over the window hiding the morning. An electric clock sat on the bedside table: 3:53.

He could still feel the cuffs on his ankles, the mitts on his hands. The collar on his neck. But he could see now, and the muzzle was gone. His entire face felt caked in dried sweat.

He heard footsteps but not having the energy to move, Spencer just lay there. It took Hunter to cradle him his arms and a bottle come to his lips for him to click. Not needing to be told, he gulped down the liquid. Not caring if it was water or some drug. Hunter just watched, caressing the slender frame of the pup, throwing the bottle on the floor when it was empty and turning off the lights again when he was finished.

He put the leather blindfold back on, and was tempted to put the muzzle back on too, until he realised he’d left it back down stairs. Shrugging, he cuddled him close. Spooning at first, but then manipulating him by the collar, he span him around; feeling his face flush against his chest and his breath weave through his fur.

“Who’s my good little puppy?” he asked.

“Me?” Spencer whispered under his breath.

“Yes, you are. You’re my good puppy.”

* * *

He felt like crap. He didn’t want to open his eyes. It took him a moment to realise he was still blindfolded. He didn’t want to even try moving his body, this was a hangover and he knew moving only made him feel worse. Hunter had already thought of that however and had slipped the puppy into a hogtie, his collar locked to the headboard with a short chain. He needn’t move, he’d be fine and safe were he lay.

He took a breath and was met with a familiar scent. Inches from his face, Hunters boots were resting on the pillow. He couldn’t help but smile as the memories came back to him. Even in his current state, he knew his cock wasn’t locked up. But he also knew he hadn’t came. But that no longer seemed important to him.

He groaned, just to alert Hunter that he was awake. He could feel his soft warm belly against his side and his arm around him, gently playing with his nipple.

“Morning pup,” His voice said happily.

“Morning.” He replied. He didn’t want to move or he’d feel sick, not wanting to say much out of fear of the same thing. He just lay there, the warmth of Hunter hugging his slender frame. The bed felt soft as well, and he could feel a cover. Hunter, now gear-less and completely naked threw his arms around the hogtied pup. He didn’t look at the clock, he didn’t care what time it was. He had no-where to be and he didn’t care if the kid did.

“So, enjoy yourself puppy?”

“Yes,” came the single word reply. A thick arm came around his throat, pulling his head back a little.

“You’re my good puppy right?” he asked again. Spencer gulped, not needing to reply.

“Then you need to start addressing me properly, at all times.”

“Yes, sir. Sorry sir.” But he miss-understood.

“No, I’m not ‘Sir’. Not anymore. ‘Sir’ means superior, which I am. But you’re my good puppy aren’t you? You belong to me now. Which means you address me as such. I’m not just Sir anymore.” Hunter cracked open an eye, staring at Spencer. He was a little surprised when he saw a smile creep onto the kid’s mouth, even blindfolded.

“You know the word pup. Come on. What are you going to address me as? From now on. Forever.”

“Master Hunter,” Spencer said. Hunter laughed.

“Good boy.”

And that night changed his life. To think it all happened in a matter of hours. From a dimly lit club, to the back of a van, turning into a timeless basement and ending on a cool, calm bed. Each of the places he’d remember forever. And after the fuss as well he’d made of wanting to cum, and not actually releasing his spunk… But it didn’t end there.

After hours of cuddling, laughing and light chatting, his hangover eventually faded, and he was well enough to move. Hunter untying him from the hogtie, throwing him some of his own clothes and took them both to the nearest supermarket. Spencer still had to wear the cuffs, and the collar. Thankfully the mitts were taken off, they would have been too embarrassing, for even Hunter had limits… Plus it made it harder for his boy to carry his shopping for him anyway. But the entire time, he was kept on a leash. A very short leash. And yet, the entire time, he had a smile on his face that jumped between embarrassment and general happiness. He had to avoid the gaze of others, the looks of disgust. But equally so the people that smiled back at him, winked, and even one or two people who groped him as they passed each other.

The entire day, Hunter kept his phone. Replying back to the text messages he received. Never being allowed to see what he was typing. He could have said anything to his friends, hell his own mother. But he was obedient, and Hunter seemed to cherish showing off his latest catch to everyone; parading him around the supermarket like a trophy. Or more accurately a pet.

Even when they returned back to his house, he remained on a leash. Sitting on all fours on a pillow in the kitchen while Hunter cooked them both dinner. Chatting some more. Every now and then he glanced over to the full length mirror in the wall off the kitchen, admiring himself… and his collar… and the shiny new dog tag glinting at the front. He was almost proud of it.

Haven taking a liking to them, Hunters boots where also on his lap, apparently now being his new chew toy, although calling them ‘lick-toy’ would be more accurate.

And as the day drew to a close, Spencer’s face covered in food from the bowl which he’d happily eaten from, he smiled at up Hunter as he was lead back downstairs into the basement, locked into the cage on all fours, with his collar padlocked to his paws, and in turn the base of the cage. And there he watched as Hunter and his friend started bringing in furniture… the kind of furniture that made Spencer’s cock twitch… at least it would have, if he hadn’t been locked back up again… after all he’d learned that it wasn’t about his cock anymore…. And he also learned that he didn’t need to cum anymore to feel fulfilled.

Needless to say, Hunter was already planning on using that to his advantage.

The End

Metal would like to thank the author, Pup Shaggy, for this story!

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