The Devil – Part 3

By Mister-X/Spartan

Out at the guy’s car, he put me into the back floor, cuffed my ankles, and brought my wrists back and my ankles forward before locking a short chain onto the two. I was now in a cuffed hogtie. I wouldn’t be able to get up from that. He got into the driver’s seat and started driving off. He was a chatty one. “I’m sure you’ve never experienced anyone as good at dominating you as I will be.” I chuckled inwardly at that statement.

“I’ll warm you up first, then face fuck your eyes out. You’ll love it, although your cock will be in chastity so you won’t be able to get enjoyment from that.” On hearing that, I suddenly realized that my cock was already in chastity, as required when I was out of the house. I wondered what the guy would think of that. Also, I’ve got that spiked punishment collar around the base of my neck which is chained to my chest harness. If my leathers are removed, he’s going to get an eyeful.

The guy kept going on and on. It’s been my experience that guys either do it, or they talk about doing it. Rarely does one do both. With all the talk this guy was doing, I wondered how good he would actually be. I figured he was a newbie.

When we got to where he was going, he unlocked me from the hogtie, helped me get up, and pulled me into his house. I was still blindfolded. When we got inside, I heard a familiar voice. “That’s my sub you’re pulling.”

“I d-d-didn’t know that, d-d-devil. If he’s yours, you can take him.”

Soon I was back in my van like I usually was going home from work, being driven by the devil. I was trying to understand what had happened. How on earth did the devil know to show up at that guy’s house to greet us? It didn’t make any sense. I couldn’t see any way that he would know that I had been picked up by that guy. I was starting to wonder just what kind of person the devil was.

Soon I was back in the little cage, set up like I’d been. While I was enjoying and being overwhelmed by pain, the devil started talking to me. “I think the local bondage club would be a better place to find guys than the leather bar. And I wouldn’t recommend going there with your cuffs on the sub side like you did when you left here this evening. When I saw that, I knew what was going to happen. Fortunately that bartender knew where the guy lived.”

Things started to make sense after that. I began to understand how he was able to find me so quickly. He started sounding like a normal human being again, not someone with supernatural abilities, like the real devil would have. But I still was wondering. That statement could have been made up to cover my suspicions. The guy who had taken me from the bar was obviously scared to death of the devil. With those thoughts, I finally fell asleep. I had troubled dreams.

I awoke screaming into my gag. I’d had a nightmare, and it was still fresh in my mind. There were literally thousands of guys who were restrained like I was in little cages, out in an open area, as far as the eye could see. The look on their faces was not one of pleasure, not one of pain, but one of fear. The devil was standing in front of all of us, saying, “I’ll soon have millions restrained like this, and when everyone is, I’ll rule the world! And I have my friend here to thank for getting all of these guys under my control! I’ll rule the world!” I was sweating buckets. I was wondering what that nightmare meant.

The bondage club did not meet on that Saturday, so I’d have to wait a week before going there. That day the devil put stronger tit clamps on me. Again, I hardly noticed them, what with all the other items providing pain.

The drive to work on Monday included both Skip and me, both bound and gagged in the back of my van. As usual, the devil parked a block away, and let us out of our restraints so we could go to work. Skip was really upbeat, though looking peaked after the weekend restrained by the devil. He thanked me profusely for getting him back being controlled by the devil. My troubled thoughts from that dream remained. I decided to start finding out a little more about our top.

On the walk to the van, I asked, “who are you really?”

He smiled and said, “I’m the devil. I thought you knew that.”

“Yes, but you must have another name, the one you were born with. You drive my van, so you must have a driver’s license. That can’t be the name on it.”

He pulled out his driver’s license and showed it to me. The name given was ‘The Devil.’ I wondered if he had it legally changed.

Nothing changed until that Saturday night. I decided to go to the bondage club with my cuffs on the dominant side. That way I could meet others who were like me. Otherwise, I was dressed as I was when I went to the leather bar. I also checked first with the devil to make sure that I looked the part I was trying to portray. He approved. At the club I soon found someone who wanted to be dominated. But I wasn’t just interested in that. I wanted someone who wanted to be intensely bound and gagged, someone who was turned on by pain and being bound.

The first guy who approached me wasn’t that into the scene. I waited for the right guy. I noticed this first guy talking to another friend of his who seemed interested. Finally this guy came over to me.

When I explained the type of person I was looking for, he was definitely interested. He said that he’d never found anyone who was intense enough to satisfy his cravings. I finally told him that I was recruiting guys for someone who was living at my home, and that I could show him a sample of the kind of bondage he could expect if he moved into my home. We adjourned to a changing room, and when I removed my leather shirt and showed him the punishment collar, he couldn’t believe it. I could tell that his cock was immediately ready to erupt. I realized that I’d found just the right person.

I drove back to my home with the guy. When he saw how Skip was restrained, he was ready to commit. I had to drive him to his place to get his belongings together to move in. After he’d gotten moved in and restrained by the devil, the devil got me set up in my cage as usual. But as a reward, he added a chain that attached to my harness that went over my tits, ones that had spikes that embedded themselves deep into my nipples. For the first time, the pain from that matched the pain from the other parts of my body. And the devil said that this would now always be a part of me, even while at work. I was now even more turned on. I was becoming a cum machine.

The bondage club met every two weeks, so it would be another two-week wait. But I decided to ask the devil for the names of other previous clients of his. I figured that if I could recruit Skip, I could recruit others as well, others who would be more than willing to move in. The devil could see the benefit, and started providing me with names and addresses of others. I hated devoting time away from my pleasure, but at the same time, I wanted to make sure that the pleasure I got from the devil wouldn’t end. I decided to aim to recruit one new person per week.

The reactions I got from the previous clients were the same that I got from Skip. These guys were extremely depressed, going about their lives as if they were just waiting to end it all, having no motivation for anything. When I gave them the opportunity to get their lives back together, it made all the difference in their outlooks. They quickly perked up and became cheerful again. From a perspective of helping others, it was certainly gratifying. But that nightmare I’d had kept nagging me. I wondered if I was really doing the right thing.

As I’d think about it, I realized that I was providing happiness to a lot of men. But I wondered if I was just helping this devil of a man become more powerful. I was certainly getting rewarded from the devil for every recruit I would find. Turn-ons were constantly being added to me by the devil. But I was paying a price at work. My output had fallen off noticeably. I was put on notice that my work needed to improve or I would be terminated. Frankly, I didn’t care. I was off in a world of my own. So when the termination notice was given, all it meant to me was more time being satisfied by the devil.

When I told this to the devil, he said that it was time for the others who were living at my home to start paying some lodging expenses. My income was soon more than made up for with money from the others. I now had more time to be satisfied, and was earning more money at the same time. But the neighbors started complaining about all the people who were living in my home. It wasn’t long before a city inspector paid a visit. When he found out how many people were living there, he hit the roof. I was handed a long list of violations of city codes. Something was going to have to be done.

The devil and I had a meeting with everyone. We decided to pool our talents to try to find a place that we could live in acceptably. We found an abandoned resort motel on several acres, and decided to purchase it with our pooled resources, ones that I would be able to replace after I’d sold my home. There was a lot of details that needed to be foreseen and dealt with. This was where the devil showed his ability. The saying that ‘the devil is in the details’ certainly showed, since he was a master at anticipating and addressing even the least little detail. Finally everything was taken care of.

We applied for and became a religious cult. The devil suggested that everyone turn over all their money to the cult, which would allow us to have enough money to fix up the place. Since it was a requirement to be continued to be played with by the devil, everyone agreed. Soon all of us had no money, but the cult had a lot. There were officers in the cult, the devil, of course, being the chief, with me being his assistant.

The city couldn’t do anything about this. We had met all the requirements. Soon I sold my home after it had been fixed up, and we were all now living at our new facility. With the pooled money we were able to acquire a van for transportation and a wall around our several acres, with a security gate at the entrance. We were now secured from outsiders. There was a large room that had been used for parties which was now turned into a playroom. We were able to get lots of new equipment for this.

I continued my recruiting. I was able to maintain my one a week newbie goal. It was easier to impress guys with our new facility. We wouldn’t spring the bit about having to turn over all their assets until they were well and truly hooked. Everything seemed to be going perfectly. That’s when I started getting concerned. I figured something would go wrong. And the key to this was always the devil.

I got him aside one day and asked him if he was satisfied with everything. To my chagrin, he had to think before answering. He finally said that he was getting exactly what he’d told me was what he wanted in order to be satisfied, but that he now had another concern. I was worried what this concern was and how we would be able to satisfy it.

To my surprise and shock, he said that it was me that he was concerned about. He said that I had changed from the person he first met. He said that I had become a nice guy who was more concerned about others than myself, and he felt that in this respect he had failed me.

I didn’t understand, and told him so. His response was that all the others were concerned about themselves, not others. So that’s when I assured him that I was concerned first and foremost about myself, that I needed to make sure that he didn’t leave me as he had left the others, that I was doing all the help for the others to make sure that he was satisfied and would stay. On hearing this he brightened up and said that he felt much better about me.

When I had a chance to think about this conversation, I started realizing something about the devil and his motivation. I realized that he was intentionally focusing on getting guys to think of pleasuring themselves first and foremost, ignoring anything else. I began understanding more about human nature. I realized that the sacrifices the others were making in giving up their possessions was just so they could continue to be pleasured by the devil. I also realized that the devil would stay on as long as I provided newer guys, but that if I stopped doing that, he’d probably leave. So while I was no longer having a job that provided income, I had a job that guaranteed that I would continue to be pleasured. I had to always satisfy the devil. In a sense, there was the devil to pay.

I decided to let the others know this situation. If ever I was unable to do the recruiting, or fell behind in my efforts, others would have to pick up the slack. It would be necessary for the cult’s survival. At the meeting everyone understood. We started sharing knowledge, and assignments were made, as well as others trained. We prepared for the day when I wouldn’t be able to continue my pace of recruitment. The devil was at the meeting and concurred with everything I’d said. Our cult was turning into a living organism of its own.

All the additional turn-ons that have been added to me have started having their inevitable affect. My health isn’t what it used to be. I’m realizing that I’m running out of energy all the time now. I don’t cum anywhere near as much as I used to. In addition, I just don’t look like someone at the bondage meetings that a guy would be attracted to as a dom. So I’m having to turn over my recruiting duties to others who look the part much more than me. At least I feel good about having set up this cult to help others be satisfied by the devil. They now know what I realized earlier on, that to continue to be pleasured by the devil they must keep him satisfied. Skip and the others learned that lesson the hard way, but they now know it.

I’m now retired. I’m set up to be self-sufficient. In addition to the other restraints that keep me in a hogtie, my body is covered with so many chains it looks like I’m mummified in them. All the chains have little internal spikes that dig into my body, since they are pulled as tight as possible. There is a spiked butt plug up my ass that touches my prostate, keeping me constantly horny. When the devil put it in he pushed the button which activated the spikes, and told me that there was another button to activate other spikes which it wasn’t time for yet. He also activated e-stim, which is now always attached to my cock and butt plug, set at random, adding to my constant horniness. And there is a shock device attached to that spiked punishment collar. That doesn’t activate very often, but when it does my body’s muscles react, causing the spikes to dig in further. All that pain is excruciating, almost more than a person can tolerate, but it causes me pleasure through my prostate activating my cock to cum. I’ve become a regular cum machine. I love it.

I’m kept inside a neoprene bag to keep me warm all the time, the bag tightly attached to the inside of one of those metal boxes with a wooden lid. The lid is closed and kept in place with the external spikes from my punishment collar tightly embedded in the lid. There is a tube that is connected to my cock for my piss to exit, and a tube that goes into my mouth to feed me a liquid diet. My mouth is also filled with a pump-up gag, which muffles any sound I make. There is also a rubber hood that is kept over my head that has a little hole for the feeding tube to fit through, but otherwise just has two pinholes at the nostrils for my breathing. My life of retirement is now focused entirely on the pleasure I get from my pain and bondage.

One day the devil paid me a visit. He removed the feeding tube and hood, as well as deactivating the pump-up gag so he could see me. After my eyes got focused on him, he said that it was time to activate that other button in the butt plug. He reached down and pushed it. I felt a momentary thrill after he did that, but then nothing. I waited. He also waited, locking his eyes onto mine. I wondered what he was waiting for.

Suddenly the e-stim kicked in, one of those shocks that would get my cock to erupt. But this time my cock didn’t react like it normally did. When the devil saw my hesitation and puzzlement, the sadistic smile he always had started getting bigger. I realized that this was what he was waiting for. Then it hit me. That button had sent spikes into my prostate, and destroyed it. I wouldn’t be able to cum any more. My pleasure from that excruciating pain was now gone.

As my realization hit, the devil’s smile got as big as I’d ever seen it. As he was putting my hood back on with the feeding tube worked through it, he started laughing. Those in, he started pumping up my gag. His laugh started getting louder and louder. Suddenly the shock collar hit and my muscles reacted. The pain from that just about knocked me out, as it usually did. The devil’s laugh echoed in that cage I was in. I realized that my life was now going to be one of constant pain, with periodic unbearable pain. I was so well secured that I could do nothing to stop this.

The devil had left Skip and the others in the past, and had screwed them in the process. I had decided I needed to set the devil up so he wouldn’t do that to me. Instead, he found this way to screw me, in a way that was infinitely worse. I would now have constant pain and no pleasure from it. That laugh of his kept echoing in my cage.

That damn devil!

The end

Metal would like to thank Mister-X/Spartan for this story!

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