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The Devil – Part 3

By Mister-X/Spartan

Out at the guy’s car, he put me into the back floor, cuffed my ankles, and brought my wrists back and my ankles forward before locking a short chain onto the two. I was now in a cuffed hogtie. I wouldn’t be able to get up from that. He got into the driver’s seat and started driving off. He was a chatty one. “I’m sure you’ve never experienced anyone as good at dominating you as I will be.” I chuckled inwardly at that statement.

“I’ll warm you up first, then face fuck your eyes out. You’ll love it, although your cock will be in chastity so you won’t be able to get enjoyment from that.” On hearing that, I suddenly realized that my cock was already in chastity, as required when I was out of the house. I wondered what the guy would think of that. Also, I’ve got that spiked punishment collar around the base of my neck which is chained to my chest harness. If my leathers are removed, he’s going to get an eyeful.

The guy kept going on and on. It’s been my experience that guys either do it, or they talk about doing it. Rarely does one do both. With all the talk this guy was doing, I wondered how good he would actually be. I figured he was a newbie.

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A muscular captive is flogged on his chest, abs, back and ass

Then, when his tormentor’s arms tire, he is fucked with the steel end of the flogger. This is what happens at Dream Boy Bondage.

His muscular back and proud, firm ass are now the targets of the intense, continuous flogging.

The flogging of Vinny’s chest and abs continues, faster and harder. His screams echo off the concrete walls. His college-jock body flexes and squirms. His fat cock drips cum. Felix Frost’s lust for this prisoner, for making him suffer, can’t be sated. After a while, he turns Vinny around so he faces the wall. His muscular back and proud, firm ass are now the targets of the intense, continuous flogging. “Why are you doing this to me?” Vinny bellows in between gasps of pain. Felix ignores his pleas. He wonders how this prisoner could be so stupid and not understand the pleasure of owning such a beautiful piece of ass and being able to abuse it however one likes. “This is going in your ass!” Felix announces matter-of-factly when his arms get too tired to continue the flogging. He shows Vinny the long, steel end of the flogger, then rams it up his butt hole. The screams as Vinny is rhythmically fucked are music to Felix’s ears.

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He shows Vinny the long, steel end of the flogger, then rams it up his butt hole

VIDEO at Dream Boy Bondage

Pictures and video: Severe electrical torture with a car battery

[Note from Metal: The scenario depicted here is a SIMULATED FANTASY — which means watch and beat off — but do not attempt this in real life!]

Scroll down for a free video preview from the sadistic fucks over at Dream Boy Bondage. In this update, an athlete is bound naked on his back, and he is repeatedly shocked with jumper cables attached to a car battery!

tortured with car battery hooked up to the testicles

Johnny’s naked body looks beautiful stretched out on a torture table. He is asleep after hours of torture, his stomach sucked in tight, his sculpted legs, arms and chest perfectly displayed. Then Felix Frost enters the dungeon, ready to awaken his captive with the most painful alarm clock in the world – two electrodes soaked in salt water and hooked to a car battery. Felix touches the electrified sponges to Johnny’s side. Every muscle in the prisoner’s body tenses as a thousand volts flow through the water-based tissues of his body. Johnny gasps and moans as his torso is shocked over and over; his smooth skin is the perfect conductor. He’s never looked better, abs fluttering, lungs filling and emptying, limbs thrashing, the perfect captive in total agony. After placing the electrodes all over Johnny’s body – on his balls, in each armpit – Felix shoves one under a wrist, the other under an ankle and lets the current flow.

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severe electrical torture


Video: Twunk torture

Scroll down for a free video preview from the men of Dream Boy Bondage. In this update, Felix Frost continues to beat Johnny on the soles of his feet, tortures his nipples, and then flips him over and flogs his trembling ass until it is bright red.

twunks in bondage

“Are you going to behave after this?” Felix asks Johnny after rolling the pinwheel over the soles of the captive’s feet. “Yes, Sir!” Johnny immediately replies, but Felix not only continues to crop Johnny’s nipples and feet but hits them even harder. Johnny flexes and squirms, every muscle in his lean, athletic body visible and quivering. The captive gasps and screams but takes the pain. Felix then leaves Johnny alone, in pain, for hours. But Johnny’s agony under the lash is not over. He is flipped over onto his stomach and spread-eagled. Felix then returns with a leather flogger and brutally beats the prisoner’s firm, bulbous ass until it is bright red. The ass-whipping just goes on and on.

Here is a free video preview:


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Dream Boy Bondage

Rented Out

By Bikermike

Tony guessed that there was something different as he rode his Fireblade onto Ray’s drive. His host (but strictly speaking his Master) would normally be waiting on the doorstep upon hearing the powerful motorbike slow and then stop only a few metres away from his front door. As he wheeled the bike into Ray’s garage his cock lengthened somewhat; at least as far as his chastity device would allow.

This was quite an uncomfortable sensation: every Sunday evening as he got ready to leave Ray’s house after a heavy BDSM session, Ray would give his sub a brutal masturbation then refit the chastity device over the now flaccid penis. This would remain in place until the following Saturday morning when the next weekend of sadomasochism would commence.Tony would always wince as Ray inserted the hollow urethral plug some two centimetres into the now imprisoned cock.

Tony rang the doorbell. ‘Come in boy!’ barked Ray from somewhere in the house. Tony entered finding Ray dressed in his normal clothes, not the usual tight leather jeans nor torso hugging T shirt that would normally greet his sub. ‘For a change, I am renting you out to a mate of mine while I entertain another lad, or should I say while he entertains me? Whatever; my mate James will collect you in his van within the next hour. I should warn you, he is really perverted! If you think I am a strict master, just wait until you have to serve him!’ Ray went on, ‘Just another warning: only ever look downwards, unless he tells you otherwise and do not speak unles spoken to and do everything he commands. If you break these rules he will whip you severely. He will then report back to me regarding your disobedience when I will give you another thrashing. Understand, boy?’

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