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Cameron Kincade takes the ass challenge and screams in excruciating pain

At 30 Minutes of Torment, Cameron Kincade begins his first challenge with his hands bound above his head in the pit as Van pulls on his hard cock and balls. Ready for more, Cameron is tenderized with punches to his torso before feeling the flog against his skin.


Later, strapped in tight to the electric chair, Cameron has his nipples, thighs and even his asshole connected to the TENS unit. His cock points right to the sky the more electricity surges through his body. Finally at the Ass Station, only one more challenge awaits Cameron before he can finally blow his load at the end. In the ass station, he is made to shove the bad dragon dildos up his ass while clothespins are cropped off of his tender skin. After spreading his hole for the giant toys, Cameron finally cums all over the floor as reward for completing his challenges.

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Axel is tortured on the rack

At Dream Boy Bondage, Axel Johnson is chained on his back, blindfolded and naked. “What is this? Where am I?” he cries out, completely in the dark. He is cuffed at his wrists and ankles to a rack that has the power to pull his body apart, but he doesn’t know that, yet. He hears the dungeon door open and then feels hands on his body. He is terrified, knowing he will soon be in pain but having no idea how. Smack! A riding crop hits his nipples, then his navel, then his inner thighs and feet – he never knows where until it happens. The first crank of the rack stretches him just a little. “Oh god,” he thinks. “I’m going to be racked!” He will, indeed, but first the soles of his feet – the most sensitive part of the body – are caned. Suddenly, he’s stretched, still loose enough to squirm and flex, but fully stretched. Then the real pain begins – a long, hard flogging of his torso. Rarely has a prisoner suffered so beautifully. And his torment has just begun.

Axel is tortured on the rack

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Title of this video: AXEL – The Contest I – Chapter 5

Dream Boy Bondage Axel is tortured on the rack

Porn star Dirk Caber endures heavy bondage and torture

Check out what happens to Dirk Caber at 30 Minutes of Torment:


The Pit – Dirk Caber starts off his first challenge in the pit, balancing on wooden blocks with his hands bound behind his back. Dirk’s balls are squeezed before Van warms him up with punches to the torso. Clover clamps are then clipped onto his nipples while he’s tormented with the electric zapper, followed by an intense flogging. – The Water Chamber – Chained to the wall, Dirk has clothespins clamped all across his torso and even up and down his rock hard cock. He screams at the top of his lungs as water blasts his tender skin and rips the clothespins off one by one. – The Gimp Room – Bound in a hogtie, Dirk’s meaty ass is beaten with the cane before feeling the gimp’s hard cock rammed up Dirk’s hole. Dirk’s beaten with the flogger while enduring his intense fucking before finally spraying his load all over himself.

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Dirk Caber male bondage

Captain Jack and the Race to Redula – Chapter 06: Battle Of Wills

Note from Metal: We about halfway through this story, which is LONG but it pays off! For best results please start at the beginning by clicking here. The setup takes a while to ramp up, but it will enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the later chapters. If you ARE enjoying this story, please DO say so by leaving comments so that the author can see, in the comments section at the bottom.


Unical date: 3752.563.26 (ish?)

Sam had no idea how long he slept, but he was awakened by the sound of the door banging open.  His adrenaline surged… but it was only time for another meal.  Some sort of tuna and rice mixture, heavily spiced so that it made his tongue and gums tingle and burn.  There wasn’t nearly enough of it; Sam could have eaten two more bowls just like the first, fiery spice and all.  Once the guard was gone and the door was closed again, he drank mouthful after mouthful of water from the tap and slowly, gradually the fire died down.

He was too keyed up to sleep again, so he paced the cell, wondering for the thousandth time why he was doing this to himself, and also marveling at the hypocrisy of his situation.  Here, waiting alone and bored in his cramped cell, he was anticipating, eagerly, he might even say, the next round of active torture.  Of course, the moment it began he would be just as eagerly looking forward getting dumped back in here for another break.  It was madness – he constantly wanted to be wherever he wasn’t.

And the worst part was the knowledge that he had the power to end this any time he wanted.  It was only his own willpower that kept him going.

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Jesse gets tied to the fuck bench

After Jesse Stone has been crucified for ten hours, his muscular body, in peak physical condition when his torture began, is now broken. The young athlete is allowed to rest, bent over a padded horse, his asshole spread wide. He knows he is about to be fucked by the man torturing him, punished not for his crimes but for his youth and beauty. Axel Johnson, naked, his huge cock throbbing with lust, fucks the blond captive hard for a good hour. Jesse moans in agony the whole time as his fine ass is brutally fucked and spanked. Not wanting to leave any physical evidence, Axel pulls out right before ejaculating, blasting a massive load of cum all over the dungeon, then goes right back to fucking the captive.

Jesse gets tied to the fuck bench

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Title of this video:

JESSE STONE – Political Prisoner – Chapter 6

See the video at Dream Boy Bondage

Male BDSM: Jordan Foster endures The Pit, The Chair, and The Gimp Room

Check out these shots from 30 Minutes Of Torment:


The Pit – Jordan Foster stands with his hands bound behind his back as Van cuts away the his jock. Once his cock is rock hard, Jordan endures a beating and a heavy flogging before he’s taken to the chair. The Chair – With a ball gag in his mouth, heavy weights are added to Jordan’s balls as clothespins are attached all across his torso. One by one Van crops the clothespins off and torments the captive’s nipples as he screams in pain. The Gimp Room – Jordan is bound with his feet in the air for a caning. His torment continues as he’s suspended in the air until the Gimp is ready with his hard cock. Jordan is relentlessly fucked in mid-air as Van torments him with the zapper. Finally, a rope is tied around his neck as Jordan rides the Gimp’s hard cock, enduring one last flogging as he’s challenged to blow his load.

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