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Brian Bonds finally takes the 30 Minutes of Torment challenge

At 30 Minutes of Torment, Brian Bonds starts against the wall, his cock already bulging out of his underwear before Sebastian tears them away. He starts Brian with some light CBT before pounding away on the stud’s chest with leather gloves. It’s not until the flogger comes out that Brian starts screaming from the pain, before moving onto the pit. Brian is sprawled out and exposed for Sebastian to work him over with a caning. With a few good stripes down Brian’s legs, Sebastian decides to add a series of clothespins to his chest to match. Brian can hardly handle the pain as the cat-o-nine tails whips against his flesh, so Sebastian rips the clothespins off and beats down the tender flesh before finishing him with one more whipping. Blindfolded and bound to the assless chair, Brian drools all over himself as a spider gag pries his mouth open. He feels the sting of the electric zapper prodding him all over his body and on his exposed ass. Sebastian then jams his hand up Brian’s ass and fucks him without mercy. With a hand in his ass, Brian screams at the top of his lungs while being finished off with the zapper for one more round of abuse. After all three challenges, Brian has his cock milked until his cum is sprayed all over the floor.

Model in this shoot: Brian Bonds

Title: Brian Bonds takes the 30MT Challenge!

VIDEO PERVIEW of this shoot here

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Gagged and shackled for rough sex and torture

Kail Kopec is in for a torrid time with Mirek Ceslar. He is gagged and shackled, and otherwise naked, as Mirek joins him. Mirek starts to torment Kail, playing with his nipples eliciting some moaning. Mirek’s attention then turns to Kail’s swinging cock, and he places a clamp on the foreskin and the balls. He pulls on the clamp and then attaches one end to a nipple, still pulling on the foreskin. He starts to whip Kail as well, making him moan even more. Kail then has the gag removed and Mirek shoves his throbbing cock deep down his throat. He fucks that mouth so deep, making Kail gag. Mirek then lifts Kail’s legs and shoves his dick deep inside the waiting hole. He fucks that ass hard and fast, as Kail’s feet rest on his shoulders. Mirek releases Kail and makes him lay face down on the horse for more ass pounding. That dick really gives his hole a good work out. Kail is turned over and wanks himself as Mirek continues to use his hot ass. Kail wanks hard and soon shoots his hot, creamy cum over himself. Mirek is ready too and pulls out of that ass to shoot his load over Kails face. Then he has Kail suck the sticky, cum-coated cock clean.

Title of this shoot: Mirek and Kail RAW – Duty Bound

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Video: Emerson Palmer gets tortured in bondage

Here’s another update from Dream Boy Bondage. In this video, lean and lanky Emerson is lashed even more intensely with the single-tail, jolted with jumper cables turned to max-power, then stretched with heavy weights:


Beautiful, young Emerson, spread-eagled face-up on the bondage table, gets five lashes from the single-tail whip in rapid succession, making his long, lean body convulse in pain. His stomach and chest, from inches above his cock to his collarbone, are covered with deep-red lash wounds. Jared zaps each wound with the violent wand, then he re-attaches the jumper cables, one to Emerson’s wrist, the other to the steel plug still shoved-up his ass. Electric current flows through his naked body – this time turned-up twice as high. Emerson buckles and screams. Then the single-tail comes crashing down again – while he is being shocked! Finally, the poor captive’s body gives out. He comes to a few hours later only to discover Jared has tied two 80-pound weights to his wrists. Jared smiles, then pushes each weight off its beam, stretching Emerson out in a perfect X. “Pah…leez…” the poor prisoner begs.

Dream Boy Bondage video

Title of this update: Emerson Palmer – Smooth As Silk – Part 6

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Jared Dream Boy Bondage

Video: Nipple and clothespins torture!


Clothespins are good for a multitude of uses. Especially when they are attached to a string. Derek da Silva slowly and carefully places each one to maximum effect. Cullen Cable can take it. At Daddy’s Bondage Boys.

Title of this shoot: Training Play Part 4

Keywords: nipple play, daddy, hairy, tattoos, piercings, cbt, crop, gag, rope bondage

Models in this shoot: Derek da Silva, Cullen Cable

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Video: Emerson is tortured by Jared

Meanwhile at Dream Boy Bondage, super-sadist Jared continues to bullwhip his supine slave, then shoves a steel butt plug up his ass and shocks him with jumper cables – sometimes while whipping him.


Beautiful young Emerson remains spread-eagled, facedown on the torture table. Jared whips his slave’s back a few more times, then rubs the fresh wounds, sending Emerson into spasms of pain, his lean, naked body confusing seductively. Jared loves the captive’s long, lean body and his perfect, bulbous ass; it is so rare for such a lean guy to have such a juicy ass. Emerson’s beauty drives Jared to hurt him even more, delivering punishing lash after punishing lash, even as Emerson looks up at him, his moist eyes begging for mercy. But Jared is just getting started. He shoves a massive, steel butt-plug up the prisoner’s ass, sending him into more convulsions, then attaches jumper-cables to the butt plug and Emerson’s wrist. The shocks are unbelievable, lifting Emerson off the table as he screams and whimpers. His body has never looked better. Jared is such a sadist he even whips the captive while the current is flowing.

Dream Boy Bondage

Title of this shoot: Emerson Palmer – Smooth As Silk – Part 4

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gay bondage buttplay

Chronicles of a Slave Trader – Chapter 03

By PredicamentBondage

Thirty minutes later, I walk back into the factory area where shit-head is still hanging, periodical swaying in time with twitching muscles. Its arms seem longer somehow. Its head hangs forward with its chin on its chest as if sleeping, but I know that sleep will not have come yet. It’s probably trying to cope with the pain.

There’s a damp pool forming on the bare concrete under the slave where it’s been perspiring over the last few hours. A seductive sheen covers every inch of its body, begging to be caressed.

Its cock is still rigidly pointing to its bellybutton. That must be painful in itself after being hard as iron for so long. Once again I place my stool between its painfully outstretched legs, sit down and touch my tongue to the tip of the cock. The sweet taste of pre-cum seeps over my taste buds. The cock instantly reacts by twitching violently and oozing pre-cum that bubbles up from the depths of the slave’s cock to lather the shiny helmet skin.

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Aaron gets tied up starkers

At BreederFuckers, Aaron’s most hated nightmare is here and it’s never going to end. He’s starkers and tied to the walls by every limb so he can barely move. That proud cock and balls are hanging out in the open for them to toy with or punish however they like. The deepest shame he could ever feel is to get off by the hands of other men and not be able to stop himself from enjoying it. He must bend his head down obediently to give oral unintentionally constricting his throat at the same time. This fucker will have cock breath for months after this

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Video: Clothespin zipper torture for Dirk Caber

Check out this video clip of Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber at DaddysBondageBoys.com


After finishing with the flogging, Drake Jaden gives Dirk Caber’s frontside a good spray with the stinging alcohol. Then it is clothespin string time, and Drake savors every moment before pulling them off.


Title of this shoot: In Hell Part 6

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