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The erotic male bondage artwork of Sparkie Shock

This one will go under the tag of “torture” plain and simple. Sparkie Shock has created a new gif animation. It’s too big a file for me to host here, but if you click on the image below you can view and/or download from Dropbox:

Sparkie Shock

This image and link are used here with permission of the artist. In an email to me, Sparkie says this new work is the quality level he’s aiming for in his movies with regards to color, tone and a photorealistic look. An earlier but more theatrical animation that he plans to re-render at some point is available here.

To see much more from this talented artist, please go to his Patreon page — located here — where you can patronize him!

Male BDSM: Muscled stud Brock Avery is tormented and fucked


At 30 Minutes of Torment, muscled stud Brock Avery pushes his limits to the max before receiving a vicious fuck and a face full of cum


The Wall – Muscled hunk Brock Avery begins his challenge with his hands and feet chained to the wall as Van pulls on Brock’s cock and balls. The bound stud screams in pain as Van viciously flogs him before taking him to his next challenge. – The Pit – His legs bound to stilts, Brock struggles to balance as he is tormented with the electric zapper. Weights are added to his nipples as he is relentlessly beaten with the flogger once more. – The Gimp/Water Chamber – While riding the gimp’s massive hard cock, Brock has clothespins clamped across his torso, screaming in pain as the crop beats his tender skin. After blowing his load, Brock is tied down on his back as water blasts him in the face as the gimp relentlessly fucks his hole before giving him a face full of cum.

35550_1 35550_4 35550_8

Free video preview here.

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gay male bondage

Video: Pleasure and pain

Cole is being tortured

Cole is being tortured for one reason only: He is has a perfect bod, with a huge cock that stays hard and cums on command. Even now, after hours of non-stop torture, Cole is rock hard and dripping pre-cum, chained in the dungeon, naked and terrified. He doesn’t want to get hard. He doesn’t want to perform for Felix Frost, the man torturing him. He just can’t help it. He is a born slave, a lean, well-built, smooth-bodied captive. “I want you to stay hard,” Felix says as he puts a rubber ring on the base of Cole’s rock-hard cock, then covers his body and balls with biting pins, making him gasp in pain. But Cole remains hard and, as he is sucked and stroked, his hard-on grows every larger until his erect cock bursts, spewing a new load of cum everywhere. His reward? Next week: He’s brutally whipped, on the front and back of his body, with Felix adding a new light to capture every lash.

Here is a free video preview:


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Cole Miller – A Boy For Torture – Part 8

Cole remains hard and, as he is sucked and stroked

Male BDSM: Alex Adams at 30 Minutes of Torment

Muscled stud Alex Adams endures the wall, the pit and the water chamber before finally blowing his hot load at 30 Minutes of Torment:


The Wall – Hands chained to the wall, Alex Adams is ready for the challenge in store for him. Van gets his cock rock hard before warming him up with punches to the body. He pulls and squeezes on the stud’s balls before taking him off to the pit. – The Pit – Weights are added to Alex’s balls before hot candle wax is poured all over his torso. Alex screams in pain from the heat against his cock before Van gives him a vicious flogging. – The Water Chamber – Alex is bound in electrical tape with clamps all over his chest, water spraying him in the face and on his tender skin. Clothespins are then clamped all down his torso as Alex struggles to hold up heavy buckets of water. After enduring all three challenges, Alex is finally rewarded by getting to blow his hot load

34771_6 34771_13

Free video preview of Alex Adams here

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Male BDSM: Lance Hart endures The Wall, The Chair and The Water Chamber

Lance Hart gets bondage-tortured at 30 Minutes Of Torment:


The Wall: Lance Hart is chained to the wall as Van puts on his gloves, punching Lance’s chest while covering his mouth when he screams. Van gets the bound stud’s cock hard before giving him the flogger. The Chair: Lance is bound with weights on his balls as Van drips hot wax all over his chest. Lance screams from the burning wax hitting his skin while more weights are added to his stretched nuts. The Water Chamber: His hands bound above his head, Lance stands in the water chamber as he’s caned from front to back. Suspended off the ground, Lance endures blasts of water spraying him in the face before Van brings him back down and challenges him to blow his load.

Free video preview of this shoot here.

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