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Kidnapped by Bound Muscle Jocks

Check out this shoot at BoundMuscleJocks.com. Blaze decides to get his money’s worth from the deadbeat Axel. He throws him to the ground and ties him like a steer before taking him to his private dungeon. There he gets the captive naked before subjecting him to electro torment and a good whipping. Axel starts to wish he had paid his debts.

Bound muscle jocks

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gay bondage torture porn

Video: The torture begins for a fresh prisoner at Dream Boy Bondage

Scroll down for a free preview video from Dream Boy Bondage.

Dream Boy Bondage free video preview

In this fantasy shoot, Jaimie Steel is a strikingly beautiful young college student. He’s also an anarchist – and looks the part, with his nerdy classes and gay-boy haircut. He and a group of fellow brainy leftists – mostly queer kids of color like him – have formed a group called “No Love.” They break windows and blow whistles and all have the same tattoo on their left pec – a red heart with a black cross over it. Today this sexy little troublemaker will pay for his crimes – and suffer at the hands of a real sadist, Jared. He’ll either give up his fellow young anarchists – or be tortured. At first the shocks at low level but painful. Then Jared attaches an electrode to Jaimie’s nipples via two biting clips connected to a highly conductive, silver chain.

Here is a preview video:


Title of this shoot: Jaimie Steel – Young Anarchist – Part 1

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(Important side note: This video is fantasy only. For safety in real life, always apply electro stimulation BELOW the waist!)

Dream Boy Bondage

Ryan’s electro torture

Check out this animated gif by Sparkie Shock – this is NSFW and not for the squeamish!



See much more by erotic artist Sparkie Shock on his Patreon site.

‘Torture porn’ artist Sparkie Shock

Check out these works by 3D artist Sparkie Shock — shared here with his permission. If you like fantasizing about muscle bondage, torture, kidnapping and other dark themes, he’s definitely worth checking out!

torture porn artist Sparkie Shock

In an email to me, Sparkie Shock described his art as “torture porn” — and he also sent me an animated gif that really got my attention! You can see much more from this artist on his Patreon and Tumblr pages, as well as his main website.

HINT: If you pledge to support him via Paetron, he’ll give you access to additional content. I already signed up!

Sparkie Shock

Check out Hayden Richards at 30 Minutes of Torment

gay bondage

Hayden Richards comes to 30 Minutes of Torment ready for a challenge. He’s stripped down to his jock as his hands and legs are bound in the chair. Hayden feels the sting of the crop against his skin before Van gives him a few punches to the chest. Van gets the stud’s cock nice and hard before surprising him with clothespins. One by one, Hayden feels the pinch of every clothespin as they’re attached to his balls and tied down with twine. With a row of clothespins on his balls, Van pushes Hayden even more, beating him with the crop as his sensitive balls stretch from the clothespins.

Hayden Richards

Video of Hayden Richards here

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gay bondage studs

Video: A bound military stud gets electro tortured

Here is a free video clip from Dream Boy Bondage. Timarrie Baker is strapped on his back, electrodes connected to his wrist and his genitals. Every minute or so 3000 volts surge into his body, making his muscles clench and his back arch seductively.


“I’m not a spy,” the poor soldier pleads, but his tormentor, Jared, continues to shock him over and over, then turns up the voltage. Soon Timarrie is so weak he just mutters and moans. Jared, forever the sadist, uncuffs Timarrie’s wrist and tells the prisoner the shocks will stop if he can jerk off. Timarrie tries desperately, doubling the size of his cock, but he is too weak, too drained, his cock too damaged, to cum. Jared recuff’s the prisoner’s wrist and announces he is doubling the voltage again, to full power. The length of the shocks double, too, then triples. By the end of the night, Timarrie is just a twitching mass of muscle.

gay bondage muscle torture

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Title of this shoot: Timarrie Baker – Young Private – Part 7

naked prisoner interrogation