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Male bondage video: Joshua James gets tied up and tortured

This is a video from 30 Minutes of Torment called “New Sub Joshua James Faces Brutal Challenges Head On”

Joshua_James_gay_bondage_02 Joshua_James_gay_bondage_03 Joshua_James_gay_bondage_04 Joshua_James_gay_bondage_05 Joshua_James_gay_bondage_06

THE WALL – Joshua James is chained to the wall while still feeling fairly confident. That is, until the crop and zapper wear him down. THE PIT – Joshua discovers newfound sensitivity in his nipples as they are attached to clamps tied to either side of the room. Joshua then takes a flogging from all directions before, being suspended in the air to handle the floggers at full power. THE GIMP – Joshua awaits the Gimp’s hard cock while tied down to a fuck box, but not before feeling the wrathful power of the cane and crop. The Gimp fills Joshua’s tight hole with hard cock, while two floggers smack against his feet. The Gimp blows his load all over Joshua’s face. Joshua is proud to have overcome the challenges and shoots his cum all over the floor.


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Model in this video: Joshua James

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Island Master UK – Part 16

By Wakeysub

My collar tingled and I woke with a start. I was back restrained in my normal cage. The cuffs were locked at my wrists, ankles and neck. Strangely I felt safe and secure. I noticed that the familiar voice in my ears had been replaced with the crashing waves I first heard when IslandMasterUK introduced me to his relaxation program. The volume was high now and occasionally I heard words merged into the crashing waves.

My brain seemed determined to make me focus on the sounds of the waves rather than voices. I lay back in the darkness and let the sound of waves crash over me. I heard the door opening and the light flickered on. The door to my cage swung open and there was a click as my restraints unlocked.


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Video: Tough guy gets whipped

At Dream Boy Bondage, Brazilian muscle-stud Julian is sliced repeatedly with a single-tail whip, then his wounds are sprayed with rubbing alcohol, making his amazing physique convulse with pain.

Brazilian muscle-stud Julian is sliced repeatedly with a single-tail whip

After collapsing from the electro-shock to his balls, Julian hangs limp from his chains, bent over, waiting for his next torture. “Wake up, boy!” Anthony Martin says, zapping the stud with a cattle prod then grabbing his balls, making sure he knows he is completely powerless. “Please, I beg you,” Julian says in his broken English, eying Anthony’s red-and-black, leather whip. The first blow slices his back, making him jump with shock and pain. The blows keep coming, crisscrossing his muscular back and ass with angry welts. Anthony mists the fresh wounds with rubbing alcohol, making Julian shake with pain, flexing every muscle in his perfect body. The only break he gets from the agony is when Anthony pauses to grope his muscles and genitals and slap his ass and abs.

Here is a free preview video — be sure to watch in full screen mode!


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Title of this episode: Julian – The Wages of Sin – Chapter 3

muscle stud with leather whip

Male bondage: Cody Winter gets tied up and his ass destroyed

This is a video from 30 Minutes of Torment titled ‘Cody Winter Discovers New Torments and Lets out His Inner Painslut’

cody_winter_gay_bondage_01 cody_winter_gay_bondage_02 cody_winter_gay_bondage_03 cody_winter_gay_bondage_04

In this video from 30 Minutes of Torment:

THE CHAIR – Cody is secured to a wooden chair before Van beats his tight body. Cody’s screams echo across the room, only to be drowned out by the loud smack of a crop hitting against his flesh. After such relentless corporal, can Cody handle the clover clamps gripping his balls and pulling at his nipples? THE PIT – Overhead ropes hold Cody in place atop a tire, and ball gag keeps him quiet while Van brutally flogs him from every direction. Cody has held himself together so far, but the addition of ball weights could send him over the edge. THE ASS STATION – For his final challenge, Cody takes a ride on the Bad Dragon Carousel. Each of the Bad Dragon Dildos in this massive rotating buffet is larger than the one before it, and they’re about to fill Cody’s tight hole. Cody stands over the carousel, and takes each dildo up his ass, while Van helps him along with the help of a crop and some clothespins. With his body battered and ass stretched, Cody can finally blow his load.

cody_winter_gay_bondage_05 cody_winter_gay_bondage_006 cody_winter_gay_bondage_07 cody_winter_gay_bondage_08

Model in this shoot: Cody Winter

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cody_winter_gay_bondage_vert_aa cody_winter_gay_bondage_vert_ad

Max Cameron gets tied up and water tortured


This is a video from 30 Minutes of Torment called ‘The Destruction of Max Cameron’

gay_bondage_max_cameron_02 gay_bondage_max_cameron_03 gay_bondage_max_cameron_04 gay_bondage_max_cameron_05 gay_bondage_max_cameron_06

Here is a preview of this video from 30 Minutes of Torment:

THE WALL – Chains hold Max Cameron against a wall while hard hands grip his balls, and batter his body. The open hand corporal is only the start of the torment to come. Max has yet to feel the hot wax about to coat his skin. THE PIT – Max is bound to two wooden pillars and mercilessly flogged. The intense flogging sends Max bent over in agony, leaving his ass open and ready for a visit from the fucksaw. THE WATER STATION – Max stands against a stone pillar, ready for more torment. First he feels the brutal intensity of the cane smacking against his body, before clover clamps clasp over his balls and nipples. All of it is foreplay leading up to the raw power from the blast of high-pressure water that crashes against him. The water blast leaves him demolished, with just enough strength left to blow his load.

gay_bondage_max_cameron_07 gay_bondage_max_cameron_08 gay_bondage_max_cameron_09

Title of this shoot: The Destruction of Max Cameron

Model in this shoot: Max Cameron

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Alexander Gustavo faces the electric torment of the cattle prod

At 30 Minutes of Torment


THE WALL – Alexander is chained against a wall with his arms cuffed to his thighs while receiving an onslaught of corporal punishment. Hands batter his body, while the flogger demolishes the rest. THE CHAIR – Alexander withstands the electric current running through his balls, thighs and nipples. The electrified butt plug gets the screams started, and the zapper brings his torment to the next level, but the ultimate challenge is to take three zaps from the cattle prod. THE WATER STATION – Alexander’s body is covered with red clothespins, and whichever ones are not knocked off by the hose, will be removed using the cat of nine tails. Even after the clothespins are removed, Alexander’s brutal bombardment of water continues. The cold and punished Alexander must now cum while being flogged repeatedly.

Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_01 Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_02 Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_03 Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_04 Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_05 Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_06

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Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_07 Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_08 Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_09 Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_10 Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_11

Title of this shoot: Alexander Gustavo Withstands Insane Levels of Torment

Model in this shoot: Alexander Gustavo

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Male BDSM with Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber

Meanwhile back at Daddy’s Bondage Boys, Dirk is wondering when he will be set free by Master Drake but can only focus on the flogging he’s receiving and the constant groping and playing Drake is doing to him.

gay bondage porn with Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber

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Title of this episode: Tied and Tormented, Part 5

Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber gay bondage