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Aaron gets tied up starkers

At BreederFuckers, Aaron’s most hated nightmare is here and it’s never going to end. He’s starkers and tied to the walls by every limb so he can barely move. That proud cock and balls are hanging out in the open for them to toy with or punish however they like. The deepest shame he could ever feel is to get off by the hands of other men and not be able to stop himself from enjoying it. He must bend his head down obediently to give oral unintentionally constricting his throat at the same time. This fucker will have cock breath for months after this

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Video: Clothespin zipper torture for Dirk Caber

Check out this video clip of Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber at DaddysBondageBoys.com


After finishing with the flogging, Drake Jaden gives Dirk Caber’s frontside a good spray with the stinging alcohol. Then it is clothespin string time, and Drake savors every moment before pulling them off.


Title of this shoot: In Hell Part 6

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Tied up by an expert in inflicting pain

At Russian Captured Boys, the Doctor is a perfect expert in the field of pain. He knows what to do with the captives to make them lose consciousness. But this patient turned out to be extremely tolerant of pain. Despite the screams and sweating, he passed all the sadistic procedures and stayed conscious.

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Title of this shoot: “The Test Subject for Doctor. Final Part”

On the discipline block

At BreederFuckers.com, Kirk is one tough strong bastard, but all his might and muscle can’t break him free from the ropes holding him down on the discipline block. That big muscular arse of his pointing up looks so hot, especially when his tighty whities are rammed right up the crack to rub against his arsehole. His briefs are destroyed, leaving him buck naked. His dick is drawn back between his legs with a clamp on his foreskin. Kirk is in agony, as he can’t move without causing himself considerable pain to his most tender bits. Adrian and Dave wank his cock, and Kirk can’t do anything to stop himself becoming aroused with their devilish manipulation. His cock is made even stiffer in a suction device while his arse is filled and fucked. Kirk nearly chomps through the bit in his mouth, drooling away like a chained beast. He can’t prevent himself being stimulated to orgasm while he receives a torrent of arse punishment. He weeps and howls as his precious sperm fills the container.


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By Bikermike

I wanted to try something new. I contemplated this strange desire while I was hanging naked by my wrists, secured to the rafters in this vaulted old farm building, awaiting Master’s return.

I was mid-thirties, with a gym-toned, defined physique. I had absolutely no trouble in securing (safe) sex through visiting some of the gay clubs in London, Birmingham and Manchester, and of course, through websites like Recon and Gaydar. In fact, I was getting rather bored and craved something different; more perverted.

Yes, I had tried a little bit of BDSM, if you could call being thrashed on my arse by a leather guy a few months ago. While it stung at the time, the effect soon wore off leaving me frustrated. Why didn’t the guy really hurt me? Why did I find the prospect of being soundly thrashed, tortured and humiliated so exciting? These were the “themes” of my wanking fantasies from that day to the present.

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