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Male BDSM: Nipple and clothespins torture!

Clothespins are good for a multitude of uses. Especially when they are attached to a string. Derek da Silva slowly and carefully places each one to maximum effect. Cullen Cable can take it. At Daddy’s Bondage Boys.

Title of this shoot: Training Play Part 4

Keywords: nipple play, daddy, hairy, tattoos, piercings, cbt, crop, gag, rope bondage

Models in this shoot: Derek da Silva, Cullen Cable

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Cole tortures Max with a brutal suspension bondage and sadistic whipping

Even after pleasing his master sexually – spewing load after load of cum and being fucked like a cheap whore – slave Max Lorde is moved from a fuck bench to a wooden cross, strapped down on his back. His master, Cole Blue, admires his naked flesh from a few feet away, a single-tail whip dangling from his leather pants. Then the cross rises and Max immediately feels the strain on his arms, shoulders, chest, and legs. He has heard of the horrors of crucifixion but, within 30 minutes, the pain is far worse than he ever imagined. He moans and gasps, his muscles trembling from the strain, his whole body in agony. Then the single-tail whip cuts into his chest and abs, over and over.

Dream Boy Bondage

Dream Boy Bondage


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Title: MAX LORDE: Slave Trade – Chapter 11

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Cole tortures Max with a brutal suspension bondage and sadistic whipping

Male BDSM: Alex Adams at 30 Minutes of Torment

Muscled stud Alex Adams endures the wall, the pit and the water chamber before finally blowing his hot load at 30 Minutes of Torment:


The Wall – Hands chained to the wall, Alex Adams is ready for the challenge in store for him. Van gets his cock rock hard before warming him up with punches to the body. He pulls and squeezes on the stud’s balls before taking him off to the pit. – The Pit – Weights are added to Alex’s balls before hot candle wax is poured all over his torso. Alex screams in pain from the heat against his cock before Van gives him a vicious flogging. – The Water Chamber – Alex is bound in electrical tape with clamps all over his chest, water spraying him in the face and on his tender skin. Clothespins are then clamped all down his torso as Alex struggles to hold up heavy buckets of water. After enduring all three challenges, Alex is finally rewarded by getting to blow his hot load

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Screaming at the top of his lungs, Leon Fox pushes through three ordeals

Here’ a look back at one of the hottest shoots from 30 Minutes of Torment:


The Wall – Chained to the wall, Leon Fox begins his first challenge as he’s warmed up with punches to his torso. Van viciously flogs the bound stud till he screams at the top of his lungs. – The Pit – After enduring his first challenge, Leon stands in the pit as he’s beaten with the crop and his chest covered with clothespins. Weights are added to Leon’s balls as the clothespins are ripped from his flesh, moving him on to his final challenge. – The Gimp Room – Locked in the stockade, Leon’s bare ass is beaten with the crop before Van let’s loose the gimp. Leon endures a ferocious fuck while tormented with electricity until he finally blows his load and receives the gimp’s cum all over his face.

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Nick Moretti is tied over a leather saddle at Bound Muscle Jocks

The unknown assailant continues his torment of captive Duke (Nick Moretti), throwing him over the leather saddle and securing him in place. The riding crop slaps against his ass, the flogger whipping against his bare flesh. The mysterious master grabs that thick cock and tugs, slapping his meat and making Duke struggle even more. It’s no use, the unknown Master is far too powerful.

Nick Moretti is tied over a leather saddle at Bound Muscle Jocks

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Scene Title: Tober Brandt, Nick Moretti and Tyler Saint

Scene Short Description: Musclebound & Bullwhipped – Part 4

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