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Alexander Gustavo faces the electric torment of the cattle prod

At 30 Minutes of Torment


THE WALL – Alexander is chained against a wall with his arms cuffed to his thighs while receiving an onslaught of corporal punishment. Hands batter his body, while the flogger demolishes the rest. THE CHAIR – Alexander withstands the electric current running through his balls, thighs and nipples. The electrified butt plug gets the screams started, and the zapper brings his torment to the next level, but the ultimate challenge is to take three zaps from the cattle prod. THE WATER STATION – Alexander’s body is covered with red clothespins, and whichever ones are not knocked off by the hose, will be removed using the cat of nine tails. Even after the clothespins are removed, Alexander’s brutal bombardment of water continues. The cold and punished Alexander must now cum while being flogged repeatedly.

Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_01 Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_02 Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_03 Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_04 Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_05 Alexander_Gustavo_gay_bondage_06

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Title of this shoot: Alexander Gustavo Withstands Insane Levels of Torment

Model in this shoot: Alexander Gustavo

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Male BDSM with Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber

Meanwhile back at Daddy’s Bondage Boys, Dirk is wondering when he will be set free by Master Drake but can only focus on the flogging he’s receiving and the constant groping and playing Drake is doing to him.

gay bondage porn with Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber

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Title of this episode: Tied and Tormented, Part 5

Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber gay bondage

Simple Torture Game

By BondageChallengeGames

My friend Riley and I have started adding little torture/interrogation games into our bondage sessions that have proved to very fun, and I thought I pass some of them along! While most of my kinky relationships keep any power imbalances or sub/dom dynamics specific to a short-term scene, I’m sure those of you in longer-term scenes, or in dedicated 24/7 D/s relationships could use these as well.

While we’ve tried a few variations, all the games have had the same core. The sub sets their phone lockscreen passcode to some four digit number and gives their phone to the dom. The sub is restrained however the dom sees fit, and then the dom proceeds to torture the sub until the sub breaks and tells the dom their passcode. Once the dom has gotten into the subs phone the game is over. The (true) passcode acts as an instant stop to the torture.

Back in early February I got to be a test dummy for this game. My friend Riley stripped me naked and tied me to a chair in his kitchen. After about 15 minutes of nipple torture, hot wax, and electric shocks to my thighs and stomach I broke and gave him the password. He unlocked my phone, took a picture of me to send to himself, removed the nipple clamps from me, took off the electrodes, and left me tied to the chair for a good thirty minutes to rest before returning to face fuck me.

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One Year – Part 07

By Taurus

Part 7 – “Checkup”

Day 30, as Russell said, was James’ checkup, the first of many to come in 30-day intervals.

To James’ surprise and joy, it was Russell who stepped into his cell when he awoke. Before carrying on with the regular proceedings, they exchanged smiles.

Once James was cleaned up, he expected the fist mitts to come back on, but they did not. Instead, he was fed a shot glass of water and a small pill before a bed on wheels with side rails was wheeled to the cell door. It was able to tilt up slightly at the halfway point to turn into a recliner. At the moment, however, it was flat like a normal bed.

From a pouch, Russell produced the blindfold and ball gag he was all too familiar with, and James meekly accepted them. He was laid out more or less in a neutral, face up position, with each limb tightly bound to the side rails using institutional restraints. For added pain and immobilisation, each of his nipples had a strangely heavy clamp applied to it, and a rather tautly pulled chain connected it to the corresponding side rail.

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Impact play with Nick Moretti and Luke Riley

At Daddy’s Bondage Boys — where Metalbond readers get forty percent off their first month — Nick Moretti uses two matched Nerf bats to great effect on Luke Riley’s vulnerable form — tied to a huge sawhorse. Luke thought that those soft Nerf bats wouldn’t do nothing, but quickly it turns into a painful ordeal that leaves Luke wailing!

Title of this shoot: Power Play Part 1

Keywords: leather, BDSM, bondage, domination, ball gag, punishment

Features: Nick Moretti, Luke Riley

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Casper gets tied up with his ass in the air

At Reluctant Young Men — a site where gay and straight young men receive first-time spanking experiences — Chic has Casper stripped and tied to a table with his ass in the air, and warms him up by hand until his tight butt is rosy red and he’s starting to moan. He uses a leather paddle and his belt and Casper starts to cry out loud, his body twitching and shuddering, his cries of pain growing louder with every stroke. The biting sting of the crop really gets to Casper as his pathetic whimpering grows, his body shakes in pain and he pleads for Chic to please stop.

male ass spanking

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Title of this shoot: “Casper’s Ass In the Air”

metalbond gay bondage

tie him and spank his ass

Rubbered Prisoner and the Controlling Master – Part 01

By Rubbered Prisoner

What is the Rubbered Prisoner?

The Rubbered Prisoner is a well-proportioned, muscular, 5-foot-10-inch, 25-year-old white male whose function in life is to earn enough money so he can be housed in an isolated small rural bricked facility where he can be tortured in rubber by the regimen of a distant individual except for 8 hours 30 minutes he is allowed to see through his eyes and type on a computer for a long-term substance living he has.

This is the job he has posting accounts receivables for a remote computerized client. At least 10 hours of the prisoner’s time (not necessarily continuous) must be where sleep is possible but not necessarily anything close to comfortable or continuous.

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