The Edge – Chapter 11

By Steellock

Matt the Ex-Marine?

Matt awoke. He always woke fast, no slow realisation of where he was just light like a light bulb. It was today. He realised he was hard, very hard under the blanket but he knew that doing something about it was wrong today. He needed all the sexual tension to help get though it. Yesterday he had been setting up the squad. They had been chatting in the bar and he had reminded them all of the flogging they had seen 12 months ago at the “Pride” event. A few guys were new and had not seen it so Matt had encouraged the others to talk it through and give them the story. How they had gone into the club under the Leatherstore to find a bar and lots of cellars with guys playing.

Then at the end the crowd gathered looking at the muscle hunk suspended from the ceiling, his hood hiding his identify. Then they talked about the manager’s challenge to the audience at the club; who would agree to take the same punishment as the House Boi suspended in front of them? Of course no one had! Not a surprise when they had seen the flogging and whipping that had then followed – for a good hour covering the guy’s back, chest, butt and thighs. His tough body had been covered in welts and bruises but he had done little more than growl and swear in a low deep voice.

As he expected the group decided to go and watch again this time as the Newbies were sceptical that it had been that good.

He had a day’s work to do then they would all walk down in the early evening. He had the day to get through. His heart was beating a little fast, his mouth a little dry, he was definitely pre-occupied.

As they walked down into the town to the waterfront and the warehouse with the store Matt kept to the back of the group. He did not want to seem to be leading or steering them. As they got the to the building Matt recognised the doorman; a tough, tall lad called Gerry who was a regular at the weekends; they all passed his assessment and trooped through with Matt at the back. Gerry winked and Matt realised that this was not a secret anymore. He looked around and the memories came flooding back.

His immediate decision that night to take the challenge the next year and the realisation that he would need to be in training and toughen up.

The first time he came back to the store after that night with the guys he had met Jess for the first time behind the counter; seeing the grinning face above the muscly body all shown off so perfectly by the thick chest harness and locked leather bondage shorts; the ones with the sexy big bulge in the front. He had seen other things for the first time too that day, a boy in bondage. His arms high behind his back, the tight leather hood and gag, the steel bar on his booted ankles. Little had he known that he would be standing there just a few weeks later…

The second week when he had first met Jim – the boss. Very much the BOSS. They had met over the demo boy who had been strapped down to a spanking bench and Matt had started to learn that he liked to beat a guy’s butt and watch him squirm! He had shared his ambition to be the volunteer for the challenge at the next annual pride party; to take the beating, flogging, whipping and paddling and win both $1000 and the respect of his squad. Jim had given him a test by hogtieing him for several hours and finally he had given in and cried for release. But he had passed the test!

Other memories – the charity fundraiser much later in his training where he had been sold for guys to whip, paddle and indulge in tit torture. The revelation that day when his sergeant had first come to the store and paid top price to pierce his tits and actually said ‘Well done boy!’ when he took the pain.

The parade through the town when he had been kidnapped, hooded and strapped to a St Andrews Cross and flogged as the float had gone from one end of the block to the other and back. Could tonight be harder than that?

A turning point had been the night that he had been locked to the steel frame and made to cum time and time again by the sucking of one machine with another pumping a dildo in and out of his ass while his tits and balls had been pulled, stretched and zapped with Estim.

That had changed his life. He had cum so many times it became agony. He definitely lost any remaining virginity that night! And meeting Jess. Jess who had watched over him, massaged his bruised and marked back, shoulders, abs, chest, arms; in fact just about every part of him that Jim had used to build his tolerance over the last year. Hugged him when he needed support and comfort.

Jess, who had stepped in when Wayne had been going too far with the singletail whip. That brought a great memory of the night had had paid his fee and landed a very heavy boot hard into Wayne’s balls. The guy had left the platoon after that; though the way the Sarge had worked his ass until it had been purple and black with bruises from the thick wooden paddle and told him frankly what he thought of him had probably actually done the trick.

Matt realised how much he had changed. He had become fitter, tougher, mentally and physical resilient. His mind jumped to the test that night. Yes, he was ready.

He pushed on through the doors and down into the cellars, jogging to catch up with the rest of the troop. They were a little early and able to take in the scenes of play – guys in leather and rubber; hard play and hard guys in the side rooms. Many of the faces were now familiar, some had been seen through the pinholes of his hood as he had stood as demo Boi in the store with guys trying out the titclamps or the floggers on him. Others from the crowd as he had been strapped into the sleepsack and zapped all evening by the Estim box until he had howled and shuddered – but also had cum in one of the biggest fountains of pleasure in his life.

He was getting distracted again.

They slipped into the back of the big room at the end. At the centre was a stage set with two boxes under a beam, lights were focused down onto it and Matt could see the camera that would record the event for sale; raising more funds, he now understood why, for the Marine Corp support charity. The lights went dim and a big, tall man stepped into the centre of the pools of illumination. He was tough; a heavy chest thick with muscle rising from a narrow waist. Corded arms with the bulging biceps emphasised by thick black leather bands. A chest harness drew attention to the mounded pecs, each capped by a thick dark red nipple pierced by a heavy steel ring. Ridges of muscle down his abdomen stood out in a perfect 6-pack.

He was naked apart from a pair of heavy boots and a hood covered his head. Thick leather that had padding over the sides and face. Three straps circled his head, one over the eyes holding pads, one round the chin and the back of his head and the last one locked on round his mouth and obviously holding a gag in place. There were two holes under the nose that would give plenty of air. This was not the same guy as last year! Bigger, even tougher!

Jim stepped up bedside him dressed in black rubber; rubber jeans with a red stripe down the sides and a zip fronted hoodie. Tall, high laced ranger boots; red laces of course to match the jeans. And to match his soul today! A wide grin on his face, his eyes danced in the lights and he was obviously hard under the bulging codpiece. He raised his voice to carry over the crown in front of him.

‘Our annual challenge. $1000 to any guy who will step forward and take the same punishment as the House stud here!’ he called.

A murmur ran round the big room and a couple of guys chuckled. Matt took a deep breath and stepped forward. This was the moment he had been working towards for a year. He turned to the guys behind him who were looking stunned and said ‘Can’t be that bad; I need the cash this month!’

He was almost deafened by a wave of whistles and applause as the audience realised that this year was different – they had a volunteer. Damn it was going to be a good show!

Jim stepped over and put his hand on Matt’s shoulder, ‘You sure lad? This will be tough!’. Matt nodded, not trusting himself to speak.

Then Jess appeared and led him away into one of the back rooms and, as soon as the door was closed, hugged him. ‘Lets get you ready Matty boi!’ he said and began to pull the leather jacket off Matts shoulders. But his hands kept getting distracted as his fingers moved to touch the Boi that he had come to love so deeply. He massaged Matts chest, feeling the muscles move and knot as Matt shrugged off the black leather. Matt pushed him away and grinned. ‘Let me be, it’ll be quicker!’ He yanked off the white T-shirt underneath. Quickly undoing the wide black belt he reached down and pulled up the zips that ran up the inside of the leg seams in his jeans. He could then whip them off over his boots. His cock sprang out standing tall, thick and proud as the anticipation for the next hour started to make the adrenalin pour into his body. Kneeling down Jess took the hard straining cock into his mouth and ran his tongue round the flared head. Matt shuddered. Then Jess broke off and said ‘Later!’ grinning.

He took out a steel ring shaped like a donut and opened it with a hex key. It slipped round Matt’s ball sack holding his balls down and away from his body.

Jess picked up a pair of triple strap wrist suspension restraints and pulled Matt’s hands out in front of him. As he strapped them their eyes met. ‘Jim’s planning something special’ he said. ‘Prepared the other guy himself and did not let me see him until just now. Tough looking bastard, he hasn’t said a word’.

As Jess turned to lead the way back into the main room Matt hesitated. ‘Bit late now!’ Jess grinned. ‘No, I need my hood. The thick one that I always wear. I don’t know if I can do it without that.’

Jess was stunned. ‘But the guys will know you? You are ‘The guy with the hood’, the one they have been seeing all year! I mean most of them are going to recognise your fucking gorgeous body, after all many of them have played with it or flogged it often enough but why make it easy for them?’

Matt nodded. ‘I know but it will not matter after tonight anyway’ he said. Jess was puzzled. Another mystery for him to try and unravel. He slipped off to the store and came back carrying the well-used hood that had been kept for Matt’s use all year.

Matt took a deep breath and said ‘I need a gag too, something to bite onto and help me keep focused on getting through this’. Jess began to shake his head. ‘No way, Jim will kill me when he finds out!’

‘Matt looked into his eyes again and said ‘Please, help me to do this; I love you’.

Jess was stunned. Had he heard rightly? Had this boy whom he had grown to worship just said what Jess had wanted to say for weeks!

Matt grinned ‘You heard me! Now get one now!’. He had a voice of command when he wanted it these days. Jess jumped and ran off. Coming back he had a rubber gag in his hand. A new one. The body of the gag went into Matt’s mouth and fitted around his tongue like a glove finger. There was a piece like a boxers gum shield that fitted over his teeth and under his lips and a thin rubber sheet over the lower part of the face. But it would fit easily under the leather hood without any extra straps or showing at all. Jess slipped it into Matt’s mouth and then pulled the hood into place.

Making sure that the face was correctly engaged he then began to lace it up. Matt closed his eyes and took a deep breath of leather as it tightened. He heard the click of the padlock on the collar and felt the straps over the head tighten. He was home. This hood felt like home to him. With this on he was another man. Not Matt the Marine Corporal but Matt the BDSM junkie! Jess had left off the blindfold so Matt was able to see through the pinhole eye covers. Jess rested both hands on Matt’s shoulders and said into his ear ‘You ready for this?’ Matt straightened, pulled his shoulders back and walked through the door and into the hall.

The platoon had been standing at the back of the crowd stunned. What the fuck was Matt doing? Had he taken leave of his senses? Those who had been there last year new what was coming? The rest could see the shock in their faces.

They saw the door open and a man walked into the big room. He looked very like the tough, muscled fucker who was standing patiently waiting under the lights. Younger and not quite as heavy; but just as defined and hard. They could tell it was Matt; they all lived in the same barracks after all and they had seen him toughen up and get more ripped and muscly over the past year. What they had not seen before was the thick leather hood. Black and shiny, with a stiff front studded with steel rivets all over and held tight with wide straps on both sides.

But other guys had seen the hood before and they also recognised the stud. It was ‘The Guy with the Hood’!

A cheer ran through the room and inside his hood Matt grinned,

Matt walked to the centre of the room, turned and stood alongside the first guy. There was a large box in front of both of them and together they stepped up. Two leather-clad helpers took their arms and lifted them, locking the wrist restraints to the steel bar above. Then at the same moment they pulled both boxes away and the two subjects dropped to hang, swaying.

Matt tightened his arm muscles and pulled himself up a bit, easing the pressure. Then he allowed himself to drop back and took the weight on his arms. He was ready.

Jim turned and faced the audience.

‘So this year it will be different. We have a challenger! Let’s give him a huge show of support! He’s going to need it!’

The crowd went wild and Matt felt his cock stiffen as he heard it! That made the crowd shouts even louder. There were cameras focused on both of the tough bodies hanging in the centre of the room and screens around the walls had started to relay every detail. Including Matt’s growing erection!

‘The first to call ‘Red’ is the loser. If both guys get to the end then the challenger wins!’

He gets $1000 and the chance to be the permanent ‘In-house’ Demo guy!’

Matt could not believe his ears! He had heard the words muffled through the thick leather. He had ‘only’ to survive to win and if he did then he might change his life and join the team here! His mind was immediately made up. Jim then went on ‘That’s how I ended up running this joint 10 years ago as some of the older guys out there will remember.’

One of the grizzled faced bears at the back called out ‘That’s right boy! You beat that Marine Sergeant after over 2 hours of flogging!’

Jim looked at him and shouted back ‘Just who do you think this is then!’ pointing at the big man hanging beside Matt.

Matt was in denial. The Sarge was hanging next to him? He was a bondage and pain freak too? Jim had beaten him? Two hours to survive not one? The thoughts tumbled through his mind and then went round in circles as he struggled to come to terms with things.

The through the pinholes in his hood he saw Jess standing right in front of him. Fit, stunningly good looking in his harness and shorts. His ginger hair now cut into a sexy Mohican. If he won then he would spend the rest of his life with this guy. He just knew it.

Behind Jim was a rail with a series of floggers hanging in a row. They were in pairs Two of everything. One set bound with red handles by the bigger man and one with blue beside Matt.

Jim picked up his first thick leather flogger ‘Just to warm them up’ he said and looked at Jess who nipped off to one side and started the music. A strong German tech beat started to pulse round the room.

Jim started on the Sarge. He worked his way from butt to shoulder and back with an even half power stroke. Forehand and backhand. Regular.

Then he put the flogger onto the rack and picked up its twin and moved over to Matt who had been watching! Seeing it happen on the screen in front of him was new and very much getting to him! As the second to be flogged he was going to be seeing what was coming all night!

Then Jim looked at the screen and seemed to see Matt’s eyes on him. He reached up and strapped the eye cover over Matts face. Darkness descended on the boy. He felt the warm, leather scented embrace that he had come to love and was relieved – now he could just focus on taking what was coming, he thought.

Jim stepped back and repeated the slow, half power stroke. Matt felt the even, almost light beat of the heavy leather on his body and shivered. This was so far from what would come.

Occasionally it stung as a strand of leather wound round and caught the top of his shoulder or the side of his waist.

Jim noticed this and stopped. He called to Jess for belts!

Jess hurried forward with two thick, wide black leather belts; each with a double tongue buckles. They went round the guys upper waists to protect their kidneys. It was no part of Jim’s plans to cause harm!

Jim moved back to the Sarge and switched back to the first flogger. He seemed to be changing as he looked at the big tough guy, bound and awaiting his attention. His head started to nod to the music beat. His eyes seems to go steely blue and his lips thinned. Then with a slight twist of a smile he swung back the leather flogger. It curled on its backstroke and slapped onto his back then Jim released the stroke in a hard, strong stroke and the leather slapped loudly onto the muscled back. The man stiffened. Jim got into a strong rhythm and the flogger slapped onto Jim‘s back and cracked onto the back, shoulders, butt and back to the back. As he watched his subject Jim could see the muscles start to tighten and held back to allow the man to relax and get ready for the next set of blows.

After another full set the Sarge was breathing heavily but still silent. Head high.

Matt had been listening and getting a feeling for what was coming. He had been at this level many times before. He had to stay with the beat of the music and let the pain start to flow. He had the timing right and was breathing heavily but in control when Jim stopped.

Jim was breathing a little harder too. But this seemed to be from an inner sense of release than exertion. He laid down the leather flogger and picked up another red one, a mix of leather and rubber. One of his favourites, a pair he had owned and used for many years…

He moved back to the bigger guy. Matt could hear the regular rhythm start again and realised that the sound was stronger; the strokes were stronger; the sets were longer. Jim did not stop this time but worked up and down then repeated the cycle several times. He could hear the Sarge’s breath start to come quickly as he fought with the pain and tried to let it flow through him.

Jim stepped back and stretched. He moved his neck round easing the muscles and again his head moved to the music. His eyes seemed to pull back into his face and the orbits of his eyes seemed to hood the now almost sparkling eyes. He stepped over to Matt who gathered all his will to exist through this set and keep his cool. The blows were hard. Very hard. The two feelings; the hard, solid impact of the leather and the cutting sharpness of the rubber. The long tail ends started to wrap around his sides, his shoulders and round the side of his butt towards his cock – but just not getting that far! He had to start to channel the pain round his body. Letting it move through him as he pushed it away from his mind. Then it stopped.

Jim was almost dancing to the music as he changed his flogger again. This time it was a Cat. Nine long tails of leather with little knots at the end of each strand. He swished it too and fro in time to the beat. With an almost snarling twist of his neck and arm he flung the strands onto the back of the sergeant. The man gasped and began to pant. The strokes kept coming in a fast hard rhythm beyond the pace yet used. The main aim point was across the width of the broad back and lines were starting to show very quickly. One had a tiny rivulet of blood showing along the red track from one side of the man’s shoulder to the other. Nearly half a metre long! The panting got stronger and stronger and he was whining and writhing in pain twisting in his suspension.

Jim stopped and put his head down then turned and the writhing, snarling swing came again.

This time backhand with the lines of the cat strands crossing the first set. Jim’s timing was spot on and he finished this set as the track ended. The big marine was hanging head down. Breath dragging through the grommet holes in his hood.

Matt was getting really stressed by hearing and understanding what was coming his way. He could not decide, as his mind wandered into ridiculous things to distract itself, if he would rather be first or second! Or why the fuck he was here at all! Then he thought of Jess. Yes, that was why he was here now. It had not been at first of course. That had been pride. The need to get the approbation of his fellow Marines; to prove his toughness. But that had really soon passed and now he had finally to admit to himself that he just felt alive when he was like this. Fear, anticipation, both warred in his mind and turned into sheer terror as he heard Jim stop flogging and new he was turning to – him!

But Jim waited. After changing his tool he stood nodding and swaying to the music. The crowd could see that he now had a very obvious erection. He pointed to Jess and mimed drinking. Jess passed him a bottle of water.

Matt just hung there, not knowing what the delay was. When would it start!

It started. Jim whirled and the cat whistled as it slashed onto Matts back. He could not believe it, the pain went round his body and seemed to turn him inside out. Jim had never hit him this hard before. He had to deal with this as the blows came thick and fast across his shoulders and back. He could not see the rivulets of blood seeping down but he could feel them mingling with the sweat that poured off him. He now began to worry about the gag he had in his mouth. It was indeed giving him something to bite on but it was such a complete seal that he was having to drag the air in through his nose and could hardly keep up. He allowed this to distract him a little. Then another stroke landed and all distraction was history. Pain was all he could feel.

It stopped.

Jim was swigging from his bottle again and danced back to the Sarge. He picked up a very nasty looking whip. It was plaited leather and about 4 feet long. His practice swings got really complex; twisting and swinging keeping the long leather strap in motion curling around. Then, suddenly, his arm went all the way back and he hurled it forwards and it fell across the Marine sergeant’s back. He stiffened and bellowed in pain. There was a long pink line diagonally over the wide back that had two distinct red lines, one on each side. Jim repeated the stroke and laid the whip parallel to the first. Then a third.

He changed swing and placed three more in a chevron the other way. The subject of this vicious whipping was swinging his head and seemed to be trying to deny the pain.

Matt had gone very still, hanging like a solid statue. Jim moved over and a snarling sneer twisted over his mouth. His eyes narrowed. He released the first blow with the twin whip. An intense flash of electrical energy seared across Matt’s dark hooded vision as each stroke of the plaited leather sank its fire into his flesh. Every stroke following the last, kissing his shoulders and back with a white hot agonizing pain that drove into and through him. Between each stroke he felt as if half of him was floating away from this wrecking torment only to be dragged back again as the whip uncurled its white hot caress just below where it had previously landed.

And again it stopped. He had survived.

Jim stood back and rested. He did a few whirling arm-loosening swings, crossed his arms and hugged himself. He was grinning and his cock was so hard that it was tenting out the front of his rubber jeans. He looked at Jess but the boy was not looking at him. He was looking at Matt hanging; his hooded head bowed to his firm ridged chest, the muscles standing out hard and firm as he slowly swung too and fro. He seemed to be almost in tears!

‘Jess!’ he shouted and the lad’s head snapped back to his job. ‘The big floggers, now!’ he shouted.

Jess was dumbfounded. These were the biggest that the shop had ever had! Surely not? Then he looked and saw the steely, falcon like eyes and realise that Jim was having fun. More than for, probably, a good long while he thought. ‘My poor boy!’ He thought further. He turned and trotted along the passage and his boots thumped as the climbed up into the shop. The whips were hanging high on the wall and he reached them down. They weighed an absolute ton!

He bundled them up and staggered back down into the crowded room at the end of the corridor.

The crowd watched him come in and there was a howl of appreciation as they massed, the black leather and rubber-clad group realised what was coming. Matt did not know. He heard the call but had not seen them. The sergeant did know. H had used these very whips on Jim years ago and now it was Jim’s time to get his own back!

They were hugely long. The handles were about 3 feet of knotted and laced leather; multicolour strands running through them. The flail was about 5 feet long and made of – what looked like – a hundred flat strands of thick black leather. Jim was slowly swishing it too and fro. Then started to put muscle into the swing which lengthened. Finally it swirled and fell across the wide back.

The Marines body went rigid and shot forwards as it took the momentum of the huge flogger. As it swung back another impact sounded through the room.

‘Just 10!’ shouted Jim and the head, locked into its thick leather cocoon, shot up and screamed!

Matt heard the scream and then he heard the sound of the next 8 blows and his spirit failed him. He had to give in! He could not imaging the pain that had made that man, that so-tough man scream like that! His own leather clad head was about to start to shake from side to side, almost of it’s own accord, when the image of Jess came into his mind. Standing looking at him through the pinhole eye cover so long ago. A lifetime ago!

He felt his cock surge out and heard the answering cheer as the crowd saw it move as Jim moved over. They realised that this tough guy was actually getting so completely hard on the flogging.

The impact, when it came, was unlike anything he could imagine and he just had to let if flow. He could not even seem to react. He shuddered and shivered. The image of Jess, so handsome, his tight leather harness, his perfect muscly, burly body, the locked thick leather shorts, the thought of what was inside those shorts! That all poured though his brain and seemed to be a defence he could hold up like a shield to the pain.

The crowd were chanting the number of blows and Matt realised that it was nearly over. He felt again the huge impact on his back that made his muscles scream and seemed to sheer them in two.

One more. One, surely he could manage?

Yes. The last was the worst. He felt it swing him forward and had to give every last effort of his grip to keep hold of the bar and not hang like dead meat. He had NEVER let go!

Then he felt arms around him. Easing him down. he was drifting as the pain in his back and butt flowed and pulsed.

After what seemed like an age he felt the bump of the step being pushed under his boots. Strong arms helped him to stand and he heard the click of the padlocks opening and he could slowly, so slowly move his arms down. The firm hands started to massage his arms and the blood flowed through his wrists; a new source of pain but so small compared to how his back felt. But then he felt a new pair of hands hugging him around the waist and a head resting on his chest. A damp head; he realised that tears were flowing down through the sweat on his pecs and dripping onto his flat stomach. Breaking his arms from the massaging grips he hugged the firm body to him and whispered ‘I do love you’ knowing it could only be Jess. Then he heard the sobs. The crowd loved it and cheered, whistling and stamping their feet.

The strong hands grabbed him again and lifted him down off the step. He felt the padlock on his hood being twisted and heard it click open. Remembering is gag he shook his head but heard Jim softly in his ear. ‘You need to greet your fans and I need to take that gag out.’

Matt learned in that second – he may love Jess; Jess may love him. But Jess still belonged to Jim, perhaps he did too now…

The hood loosened and then he felt Jim work it up over his chin and it was lifted clear. Jim’s hand was over his eyes so he slowly adapted to the strong lights that were focused on the scene. Blinking he turned and saw the crowd around going wild. Next to him was the Sarge. Still in his hood and obviously maintaining some discretion about his identity! Matt stepped over and put his mouth next to the boss’s ears ‘Permission to resign Sir?’

Steellock 2017

Edited by Slavebladeboi.

With thanks to Master Atmydisposal as ‘Research Consultant’

Metal would like to thank Steellock for this story!

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  1. Hmm I got a feeling this series is coming near the end (if not at it already). Thank you Steellock, great story, I enjoyed it throughout!

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