The Edge – Chapter 06

By Steellock

Matt awoke and knew it was late, he had told himself to sleep in on that particular Saturday morning. He knew that there would not be much sleep that night!

Jim had told him the previous weekend that there was to be an open house at the store. Jess had been particularly exited. “Fucking epic,” was his was of putting it. The store opened late into the night to the leather community. Guys would come and have fun, trying the equipment, being given demos if they were up to it! That is what Jess loved so much, a queue of guys wanting to try the stuff!

Also there would be another challenge in the cellar to all comers. Matt new that he was not ready yet, only a few months had passed and he was well short of taking that amount of punishment.

He stretched under the covers, feeling his body as it woke up. The bruises from last week had now just about gone. It had been a punishing couple of days; he had gone further into the whip than ever before and was now up to 30 strokes at a time. With Jim coming back down the stairs several times to start the session again. He was becoming totally reliant on Jess afterwards to let him down, both physically and mentally as he rubbed life and blood back into Matt’s punished shoulders, butt and chest. Jim seemed to have a particular liking for Matt’s abs. Jess too for that matter. Matt really wished Jim wouldn’t. They seemed to take a disproportional amount of the session. On the other hand, if that kept Jim happy then what the hell.

Matt rolled out of bed and started his morning exercise. He had recently been really focusing on his abs, working them every day to build the size and definition.

After a good brunch in the canteen, he set off. As usual he was dressed in his white-laced black boots with a pair of jeans and a tight white T-shirt under his leather jacket. Taking his time, he walked the two miles down to the quay where the shop was situated. Mulling over the last few months, he thought how much had changed. He was now much more confident in general, just promoted to leader of his platoon. He was able to give clear guidance to the younger guys and stand no nonsense. The other guys were curious as to where he went each weekend, but they reckoned he had a partner in town, or perhaps two, and went there. No one had yet bothered to follow him.

Needing the exercise, he broke into a run for the last mile and burst through the door to find Jess moving the display stands to the sides of the open space, making a clear area in the middle and getting ready. Standing alone in the open space was a new feature. A frame set on wheels, it was obviously an advanced version of the whipping/fucking bench that had previously been the centre feature of the store. Matt looked at it with interest, noting the leather rests at each corner with metal clamps for limbs, the padded rest in the middle with a wide waist belt and the steel ring paced to hold a man’s neck. The whole thing was on wheels and looked wicked.

What the fuck, where had Jim gotten this from?

He slipped though the back and shouted for Jim. He was keen to hear what he would be doing for the next few hours. Everyone would be busy.

Jim walled up from the basement and saw him standing there and grinned. The sun shone on the tight T-shirt, stretched over the strong shoulders and pulled in round the tight waist. Matt’s jacket hung open, showing the thick leather belt he used on his jeans. He really looked great. The tight buzz cut hair, strong shoulders, great pecs lifting the shirt out with the nubs of the nipples peaking out, narrow waist with just a hint of the strong abs underneath, strong legs. Capped off by some great boots.

Jim grinned. “You ready for the sexual experience of your life so far?” he asked. Matt didn’t know what to say. “Yes, of course,” he said, “but what the fuck is this?”

“I want you to be the centre piece in the new frame,” Jim said. “We need to show it with all the extras and let the guys see the way it works.”

Matt was taken aback – the centrepiece? Hey, that sounded like fun.

Jim put his hand on Matt’s shoulder and turned him around. “Let’s get you set up,” he said, “they will start coming in soon.” He led Matt back into the store, to the centre of the space and yelled for Jess.

“Let’s shed the clothes,” he said, “shame but never mind, and keep the boots.” Matt automatically pulled off his jacket and shirt, slipped down the jeans, they were a wide fitting leg and went over his boots, he had months of experience and knew Jim’s liking for boots.

Jess gathered the clothes together and grinned. Jim passed him a bottle of water and commented that Matt should take some on board before getting set up. He also handed Matt some pills. “Get them down, too, they will help,” he said.

“Now climb onto the frame and lie with your belly on the middle rest,” said Jim.

Matt looked at the steel construction in front of him. It was on four wheels, had leather rests for the arms and legs with restraints, a padded bar to support the belly and a locking steel ring that obviously went around the neck. All this was about three feet off the ground. “What extras?” he asked.

“They come in next, you will love them,” answered Jim, slightly slowly.

Matt thought, “What the hell? Sounds better than being hoisted up and whipped all evening.” He pulled himself up and lay on the rest, spreading his legs onto the back bars and resting his neck into the steel ring. Jess dropped the neck ring over and pulled a padlock out of his pocket and clipped it in, locking the ring onto Matt’s neck. Jim the passed him a wide strap from the side of Matt’s waist on the support pad, and Jess buckled this tight.

He then flipped the steel restraints over on Matt’s wrists and locked them too, then turned a knob that pulled an inner ring tightish. Similar clamps went around his biceps against the upright strut and tightened. Jim was working on Matt’s legs, clamping his thighs to the frame and then pushing his boots down into the steel loops ready for them. These too were both tightened.

Matt wriggled and found that he could not move at all – legs, arms, body all were held tight. He could just about turn his head a bit. This was as tight a restraint he had experienced at the store. He looked down and saw a small screen, currently black; Jim noticed and stepped over, flipping a switch under the frame. The screen came to life and Matt realised he was looking at his own butt from a camera that was on a post at the back. The screen was split, and the left side showed his cock and balls hanging loose underneath his belly.

Jim smiled at the sight. A fit, muscly guy held tight by the frame. Going nowhere.

“Trust me?” he said. Matt thought of the last few months and immediately answered, “Yeah, but what’s next?”

“Well now we bring out the rest of the kit,” said Jim. “Your butt, balls, dick and throat are going to learn a few things.”

He and Jess walked back to the stores and came back with arms full of boxes. “This is the butt fucker,” said Jess, pulling out a heavy steel machine. He lifted it carefully onto the back of the frame out of the sight of Matt and bolted it down into a slot.

“What!!!” shouted Matt. He had ignored that part of the store for months, not really looking at the many rubber and silicone toys that some guys obviously found so interesting. “You got to lose your public virginity sometime,” said Jess, “now is as good a time as any.”

Jim was unpacking another set of parts. “This is the ball stretcher,” he said and walked over to Matt, high on his frame and reached in. First he wrapped a soft rubber cone around Matt’s balls and snapped it into place. Then he took hold of Matt’s balls and gently pulled them back into their sac, pulling the rubber cone. Matt had become used to the clamp in the standing post over the last few months, often being on display there so this was not too new to him, on his screen he watched Jim wrap a steel cone around his balls and he felt a hard metal ring close around the neck of his ball sac. The pressure on his balls strengthened, holding the rubber tight against his ball sack. Jim pulled out a hexagonal key and locked closed the rings of the steel parachute. Matt could see on the screen that the steel cone with four chains now hung from his balls. He could feel the weight pulling down gently.

This sparked a spritz of worry … Chains are for pulling …

Jim clipped the chains to a ring on a steel hawser running into the back of the frame. He pressed a button and a winch whirled, pulling the cable very slowly tight and the line to Matt’s balls lifted and went taught. As the pressure came on and Matt yelped, and Jim lifted his finger.

“One,” he said, enigmatically. Matt felt even more immobilised as his balls were now pulled down. His cock was starting to get harder.

Jess, meanwhile, had been setting up the heavy piece of equipment on the back of the frame. This had a large steel wheel and a long projecting bar. Matt was not stupid and knew exactly what this was – a fucking machine! Jess then walked round and opened a case so Matt could see a range of three dildos, from quite small to fucking huge! “No way,” he shouted, “you must be joking, that will never fit up my ass!”

Being, in essence, a nice guy, Jess selected the smallest dildo in the range but not until he had lifted out the biggest and slipped it to and fro in his hand. He winked at Matt, who breathed a sigh of relief as it went back into the box, for now. He had lost his “cherry” a few months back in a fairly wild party at the store, but this was something else.

Jess then screwed it onto the end of the bar. He walked round and looked into Matt’s eyes. “You will find this fucking amazing,” he said, “just relax and let me guide you through it, this will change your life.” Matt wriggled but could not move.

“I’ll loosen you up a bit first and we will make sure that it’s all well lubed.” He reached over to the display stand and selected a small dildo and poured on some gel from a dispenser. He put some more onto his middle finger and pushed it gently into Matt’s ass. Matt twitched. Had he not been strapped down, he would have leapt 10 feet into the air! He could see Jess’s hand on his screen and feel the finger moving around in his butt! He tensed and clamped down, pushing hard. Jess stopped moving and called over, “Relax, just stop pushing and relax! You open further than this every time you have a crap.” Matt deliberately told his butt to loosen, stop pushing and tried to do as he was told. Relaxing was a long way from his mind right now! The pressure loosened and Jess pulled his finger out and then gently pushed against Matt’s sphincter with the dildo. It slowly slipped in, and Matt felt suddenly very “full.” The feeling was not at all unpleasant. Jess then began to slip it in and out, pulling open the sphincter repeatedly and it got easier each time. Matt really did start to relax a bit. He felt his cock go rock hard. It had been flagging his excitement since he had arrived but it seemed to be starting to glow!

“Told you the pills would help,” said Jim.

Jess slid the machine forward on a rail and then clamped it off when the dildo had moved up to Matt’s butt, pressing against his sphincter. Jess lathered the dildo and Matt’s arse with lube, and he wound the wheel forwards. The point of the silicone dick moved slowly into Matt’s arse. “Just relax,” he said, “let your butt muscle relax too, just trust me,” he added, and Matt thought of the months of shared experience. What the fuck, this had to happen sooner or later. He was a bit light headed. It was all coming at once. The dildo pressed into his butt and breached the previously tight ring.

Jess picked up a remote and pressed a button for a second. The wheel started to turn and the plug moved slowly in and out. Matt felt his butt explode! The silicone plug rubbed against his prostate, gently massaging it.

“Two,” he heard Jim say. Jess turned it off and walked back to Matt’s head. “Machine No. 2,” he said and held up another piece of kit. Matt recognised this one too – a “milking” machine. He groaned, this was getting serious; whatever next! This was completely new to him. He again watched on his screen as Jess reached underneath Matt’s body and clicked the new box onto a mount. Plastic hoses led from a black steel box, which was clipped to one of the frame legs to a polycarb cylinder which Jess slipped over Matt’s now completely hard cock after rubbing it with more gel. It was then strapped on. Pushing another button on the remote started the action, and Matt’s eyes rolled up. Amazing feeling, like someone sucking and massaging his cock at the same time. Jess turned it off, and Matt breathed again. He had not actually realised that he had stopped!

“Three,” Jim added.

“Now for something more ordinary, that you are very familiar with,” and pulled a set of tit clamps from his jeans pocket. Matt groaned. He had been hoping that he could get through a weekend without someone clamping his tits! Jim tweaked his left nipple and clipped them onto the very end of the hard tissue. Matt exhaled and tried to let the pain flow through him. The right one followed and the sharp pain felt like a bar across his chest. He always hated the first minute before the pain level settled back to a constant sharp ache.


Jim disappeared out of Matt’s field of view and came back with a rubber hood. This was not the usual thick leather hood Matt wore whenever he was in the public part of the shop but a plain, shiny thick rubber one shaped to fit the face. It was open at the back and had a zip closure but also a wide strap around the neck. The nose had two holes to match his nostrils, but Matt could also see a large round opening over the mouth. Good, that was going to make breathing easier. He could also see that there were micro holes over the eyes so he would keep his view of the screen and see what the fuck was happening! Jim slipped it over Matt’s head. Wriggling it around, Matt felt his face slip into place. It then tightened as Jim pulled down the zip. Almost like it was made to measure, it held his head tightly and the rubber stretched very slightly. The only place where there was space to move was under his jaw. Matt realised that he could still open his mouth and talk, a great relief.

Jim buckled up the strap and clicked on the inevitable padlocks. One on the strap and a small one to hold the end of the zip. Matt actually felt secure with this, now he was safe against prying eyes.

He expected Jim to say “five,” but Jim walked back out of sight. Matt then realized Jess was clipping another box onto the frame just under his head next to the screen and felt cold. It was another fucking machine! This one had a soft, silicone man-sized dildo already mounted. Matt could see that bit was much more flexible than the one behind but it was really quite large. “Hey, no, wait, that’s too much,” he tried to shout, but it came out muffled by the hood. Jess turned the wheel and the dildo moved up into the hole in the hood and entered Matt’s mouth, pushing his jaw down. As the wheel turned, the thing slipped further in and stopped with about and inch and a half inside his mouth. Actually it was smaller and shorter than the gag he had often worn in the store but he still felt chilled and scared. So much for being able to talk!

Then he faintly through the hood he heard Jim say, “Five…”

“Let’s have a trial run,” Jim chuckled. Matt could just see him on the screen from the high camera. He held up the remote and started push buttons.

First Matt felt a tingling in his balls, which grew to a sharp fizzing pain. Shit – the ball stretcher was also wired! The pain stopped, he breathed again but then felt it start slowly coming back and it built back up to the previous level and stopped again. The pattern repeated. As the current built Matt felt his thigh muscles tense too and worked out that the flow was through his balls and up into his legs via the steel restraints. Could be worse.

Then he felt the fucking machine at the back start slowly, slipping the dildo to and fro into his butt. Again he felt his prostate start to pulse with incredible feelings.

The sucking started again on his cock, and Matt felt his eyes slide up in his head with pleasure.

He was brought back to earth with a shock as the soft dildo in his mouth started to move in and out too, making him suck the end.

This was so intense, with the growing pain in his tits he was being assaulted by feelings from every part of his body. What made it even weirder was that he could see it all on the screen in front of him!

What he could not see was the smug look of satisfaction as Jim stood back and watched the demonstration of his latest stock line – by far the most expensive but if this did not drive at least a couple of sales tonight then he would be much surprised!

Jess just watched in awe, wishing it had been him chosen. Perhaps later, or another day — in fact definitely both.

Jim hit the “All Stop” button and walked up and slapped Matt on the butt. “Let’s open the doors, Jess,” he said.

Matt took a deep breath through his nose holes and tried out the restraints. He pulled and wriggled but realised that he was really tightly held. No slack anywhere. Then he heard Jess’s voice penetrate the hood. “If you’re really in trouble, cross your fingers. I’m going to be around here all evening.” He also flipped off the titclamps but took the chance to give them a strong massage, making Matt squirm in his bonds as the blood flow came back.

A little relief washed over Matt’s mind, he was not totally alone, just seriously fucked! He was really starting to rely on Jess, the guy took such care of him, just loved making his tits sing too much!

From his view of the room, Matt could see that a few guys were starting to come into the store. Some he recognised from previous days on display, one was the lad who had been his first sale, again dressed in T and jeans with boots and the restraints on his wrists and ankles. He came straight over, completely enthralled by the display. Jess met him and held up the remote. Matt closed his eyes as the butt machine started, followed after a moment by the sucking on his cock. Jess was obviously taking it bit by bit, and the guys chatted, watching the regular pulsing of Matt’s cock to the rhythms. Then Jess pointed at Matt’s balls, and he turned a knob. This time it went further round and the peak level was much higher. Matt was whimpering through the mouth hole of his hood. This seemed to trigger a thought in Jess’s mind and he turned the last knob starting the machine pushing the soft dildo through and into Matt’s mouth. This stopped the whimpering very efficiently.

Matt felt overwhelmed again as the sensations piled up. He almost felt cold as he saw Jess pass the control to the young guy. He turned the first knob and the butt fucker speeded up increasing the level of pressure on Matt’s prostate. His butt started to really throb. Then he turned up the fucker, increasing the suck. Fuck! Thought Matt, it’s still early; can I take this all evening? His mind was drifting from front to back as the feelings moved.

He was shaken back to the room when he felt a sharp tug on his balls and felt the stretcher tug harder.

He now had an audience of several guys, and he felt one of them running his hands over Matt’s shoulders, then down his back and over his butt.

The pressure in his balls started to build, and Matt could tell that he was not far from cumming. Shit he really did not want this, he had never shot his load in public before and also new that his resistance and tolerance of pain would fall. However he was not in any control of his body or the sensations. He could do nothing and very soon a steam of jizz shot from his cock into the cylinder. This caused a small riot in the crowd as they broke into applause.

Jess hit the stop button, and the guys moved away. Matt breathed long and slow through the small holes in his hood and tried to get his heart rate back down.

Some movement on the screen caught his attention. Jess was sliding the butt machine back on its rail out of eye line. Then it came back – with a somewhat bigger dildo. Jess looked straight into the camera and winked. He also applied a lot of gel and spread more into Matt’s butthole. Then he picked up the remote and set it running slowly. The first pressure made Matt gasp, but it pressed its way in irresistibly, in fact Matt found it quite easy to let his warmed up and loosened hole spread a little wider. The pressure on his prostate, however, was much stronger. Jess left it running and walked away. Despite his recent climax, Matt found that he was already hard again.

The next group was led by Jim, who came over a few minutes later. He seemed to be keen to really show the capability of the rig, turning up the speed first, adding the sucking, demonstrating how it could tug away at Matt’s balls and make Matt twitch with the current. Jim did not seem to mind the sounds of panting, mewling and groaning coming from the hood at first but them flipped on the last set of kit and silenced the complaints. He also passed the tit clamps to one of the group and pointed. The feeling was surreal to Matt as he could not hear the conversation but could see the guy on his screen as he reached in and applied them, again to the very tip of Matt’s tits. He was back at sensory overload with each area of his body sending the most amazing streams of feelings into Matt’s brain.

This time it took a little longer, but again he sent a stream of white Jizz into the cylinder. One of the guys was asking a question and Jim nodded moving to the machine under Matt’s head. He stopped it and loosened a sliding clamp slightly. Then started it again and Matt was stunned to find the dildo now coming much further into his mouth. Three or four inches and much further than anything he had taken before. He fought to avoid gagging, holding his breathing even as he felt the pressure on the back of his throat. His mouth was his focus, so he did not see the movements on the control that stopped everything again. Unfortunately the fucking dildo stopped at full extension pressing on the back of his mouth and he started to gag uncontrollably. He crossed his fingers and waved his hands around starting to panic.

Then he saw Jess nip in and turned the wheel, pulling it back, and he could breathe again. Jess moved the clamp back on its slider, and a little relief washed through Matt. He was being watched over. He also felt drained. Only about an hour had passed, and he had come twice, even his young balls could not keep that up surely!

Well – after his fourth ejaculation Matt found that he was dry but the day just kept going and he lost track. He also found that Jess was slowly increasing the size of the butt fucking dildo, he must be on about No. 3 by now but cold not see them well enough on the small screen through the small holes in his hood. Then he was jerked out of the slightly comatose state the last climax had left him in to feel the whole frame moving, and he was pushed through into the back room. Jess nipped in and loosened the restraints, hinging back the neck ring and pulling back the various machines on their slides. Then he pressed a button and the cable that had been tugging at Matt’s balls came loose and was unclipped. He climbed up onto the frame and helped to lift the stiff and definitely wobbly Matt up so he was kneeling upright; the blood flowed back into his joints and he stiffly stepped down, the ball stretcher still banging against his leg and tugging at his now very sore balls.

Jess dropped to one knee in front of Matt and pulled out the hex key and unlocked the steel frame, easing it back and freeing Matt’s nuts to swing loose again. He looked up into Matt’s eyes and leaned forward and his tongue licked out and touched the also sore, still rigidly hard but sticky cock that was dangling in his face. “You OK?’” he asked and pushed him towards the massage bench. Matt collapsed back onto the bench, stretching out his legs and arms. “Take time out, Jim’s had another volunteer to stand in for a bit!”

The young lad from the start of the afternoon came through, followed by Jim. He was stripping off his clothes with frantic urgency, and Jim started the process of getting him set up. Matt found it strangely attractive to watch as the guy dropped his tight, fit body onto the bench and was clamped into the restraints. He, too, was already hard with his cock sticking out. Jess, meanwhile, had been off cleaning the dildos, the ball stretching frame and the sucker tube so Jim and he could set the whole thing back up, ready to drive a second guy to new levels of sexual excitement and entertain the crowd.

Jim had been right, Matt thought. It had been the best experience of his life so far. The strength of the orgasms had been more intense by far than anything he had found with either guys or girls. He was drained, both physically and emotionally. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.



Metal would like to thank the author, Steellock (formerly known as Sailing Master), for this story, which is posted to the Prison Library with his permission. You can read much more gay bondage fiction by this guy by visiting his very own story page, available here.


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  1. Wait, what, the end? Obviously really great so far! But what about the sub plot about the guy who recognised him in the showers? And what about actually taking on the challenge? This doesn’t feel like the end of the story!

  2. Don’t worry, still writing just not finished yet!
    He gets a good thrashing in the next one and ends up with a surprise.

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