The Edge – Chapter 05

By Steellock

Matt awoke to near darkness again. He could hear his own breathing but muted, it was getting faster but memory came back and he calmed down. It must be late Sunday afternoon.

Sitting up he ran his hands over his chest and body, feeling the stiffness and sore marks from the whipping this morning. Strangely though after the massage he felt loose and his skin glowed. Then he felt over the thick leather ‘Sci fi’ hood on his head. It was becoming normal; funny how you can adapt to things. His feelings of being enclosed and trapped by it were going and he now felt it to be warm and reassuring with it’s tight grip. His fingers touched the padlock at the neck and he felt his cock twitch; it was really quite horny being locked in. He could see in the dim light as it filtered through the pinprick holes over each eye. That he was also getting used to and barely noticed it this morning.

The door opened and Jess came in grinning. ‘You awake boy?’ he asked and Matt slid off the bench and slowly stretched. Jess just stood enjoying the view! Then he stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Matt and hugged him.

‘You get a night off the CP and enjoy something new’ he said. ‘Jim wants to demo a new leather item that came in’. First, we lose the shorts – Jim wants it all hanging loose! He pulled out a key ring and clicked off the padlock at Matt’s waist and pulled down the shorts; wrenching Matt’s cock and balls as they popped through the hole in the leather.

He also freed the hood and sat Matt at the table in the back room and left him for a few minutes with a stack of sandwiches and a bottle of water. Jess slipped back into the room and felt his breathing go faster. Matt’s body showed the marks from the hard session earlier. Jess noticed that one of Matt’s bootlaces was loose and slipped to his knees to tighten it up. His tongue was drawn to the black leather and he grasped the big boot, moving it around as he licked it all over.

Matt was astonished! ‘What the fuck’ he thought. Then he settled to watch Jess’s head bobbing up and down as the worked over first one then the other boot leaving them glossy and shining.

Jess rose and grinned ‘Must have them looking good for the next session’ he said.

Then the hood went on again and Matt really did like to have that warm, nest like, feeling coming back. The padlock clicked.

Jess led Matt through into the store and there was quite a crowd of guys in all gathered round a pile of leather on the floor mats. It had straps and zips and looked heavy.

Jim came over and grinned at him. ‘You get to lie around for a while and let those wheals ease’ he said turning Matt around and massaged his back, butt and shoulders. The guys broke into cheers as they saw the red marks all over Matt’s muscular back and the shiny lines across his tight butt cheeks.

Jim unrolled the leather bundle and it was then clear that it was a sleeping bag like shape but with a zip up the front, a long white lace cord zigzagging up over the zip and thick leather straps that went over in 6 places down the length.

Jim opened it out and pushed Matt down so he was sitting. He then slipped Matt’s arms into tight leather sleeves on each side and told him to wriggle down so his toes went right to the end of the bag. Matt worked his way down, pushing his boots into the sleeve; there was just enough room but he had to force the toes in at the last point and could feel his heavy boots now held tightly together. He lay back and breathed a bit after the struggle. Jess then pulled the top of the sack over Matt’s shoulders settling it round his neck.

He felt the sides of the sack being pulled together round his ankles and heared a zip being pulled. As it moved he felt his legs being held firmly together; then it stopped. His boots were lifted and through the thick leather he felt a strap being looped around his ankles. It went tight and he heard the click of a padlock.

‘I don’t want any of these guys letting you out too early!’ he heard Jim joke.

The zip went further up his legs passed his thighs and stopped over his crotch. Two more straps went on, one just below the knee and one over his lower thighs.

Another zip was started by his neck and pulled right down over his chest pulling the sack tight round his arms. Further it went till it met up with the one over his crotch.

He felt restrained and not really able to move much. With his hood still on he was feeling very much like a leather parcel!

Three more straps were added; one round the top of his thighs, just under his butt; one around his stomach which pulled his forearms tight to his waist and one across his chest just under the flare of his Pecs tight on his biceps.

He was now immobile but he saw Jess lean over and felt the neck of the suit being strapped closed over the hood. It made it very tight and he could not move his neck.

Strange – with heightened senses he could feel hands on the leather but could not work out what was happening. Then it became clear and he remembered the white cord. The lacing was being tightened taking up any slack there had been in the leather sack and it began to mold itself to him. The tightening feeling went on up his body to the top of his chest.

‘That’s better’ he heard Jim sounding satisfied. ‘Jess now tighten up those straps, they are all lose again’

Matt felt one after the other up his body being wrenched tight as Jess managed to get at least one and two holes tighter on each one.

Matt just heard the click of padlocks and realised that he was, indeed, a parcel. He really could not move at all. He had never felt this before and, strangely it was making his cock pull upwards against the leather bag.

He wriggled, moving his arms a little, waggling his feet and shaking his head a little.

‘Go on, try to get free’ Jims voice mocked. Matt the felt a hand slap his hard over his cock and jumped. Well twitched. He started to fight the thing, wriggling and pulling; twisting his body as far as he could which was not far! He found he could bend in the middle still and with great strain on his abs tried to sit up.

‘Right we’ve got to stop that!’ Jim said firmly. “Slide him over onto here guys’

Matt felt himself being lifted into the air then put down onto a slightly softer, padded surface.

He head Jess’s voice quietly in his ear ‘Waggle your feet violently if you need help….’

He started to wriggle again and felt hands holding him down. Then a new firmness started from his boots upwards and Matt realised that the sides of his sack were being roped down to the board on which he was lying. Even this slight freedom was being removed. He tried to sit up again and the hands held him firmly down as the last rope points were completed. He was moving his hear around trying to see through the pinprick holes what was going on and then heard Jim again.

‘Last bit’

He could feel the vibration of the rope as it went through the D rings on the sides of his hood. They too tightened and Matt was stilled.

Nothing he could now do would move any part of him more than about 5mm in any direction. He thought about what Jess had said about waggling his feet and experimented, twitching them from side to side.

‘You just checking or in trouble?’ he heard Jess’s voice quiet in his ear.

‘Testing.’ He muttered and felt better and safe. The zip over his mouth was pulled over and he heard the click of another padlock. He was not surprised to see Jim lean over him and his world went dark. The eye cover was on.

Matt experimented with some strong breaths and found like before that his airflow was still good. His head was slightly raised on the board and he realised that there was a small pillow under his head helping to keep him breathing easily.

Jim stood back to admire the view. The crowd of lads around were excitedly chatting and then they started to move in to the tightly strapped and laced mummy strapped to the bench in front of them and run their hands over the leather.

Then the wandering hands explored his body, finding his pecs, his abs.

He heard a click and felt the hands touching his delicate nipples! His mind exploded! A guy was feeling his nipples while he was strapped in unable to move.

There was the now familiar, almost electric flash as a pair of clamps was applied to his sensitive nibs. He shouted into the hood and heard a jeering laughter from the gathered guys. The there was some added pressure and he realised that the covers that had been opened had been clipped back on. Damn – the clamps would be on for a while! He breathed deeply and tried to put his mind on something else. Difficult as his tits seemed to be wired directly to his dick these days!

Time passed.

Matt found himself drifting off to sleep and then jerking awake feeling the tight embrace of the leather. He could still wriggle and kept himself free from cramp by regularly pulling and twisting each limb as far as it would go, which was really not far! Each movement of his chest, however, shifted the clamps on his tits and they got more and more sore.

One guy was running his hand over Matt’s cock, feeling it through the leather as it went hard!

‘That bit can be fun’ Jim said and Matt felt the vibration of the zips opening and a draft of cold air onto his crotch. His cock and balls were roughly pulled out through the gap and the zips tightened again.

Jess was standing watching. This was his favourite part; he was being paid to watch this fucking sexy guy being handled and felt by the crowd. He saw the boots twitch through the leather sack and bit his lip hoping Matt would keep his nerve. This was new territory for the guy, a real turning point. The feet stilled as Jim began to slowly work his hand up and down the now rigid cock and they could all see a small glisten of pre-cum work its way out of the end.

Jim’s eyes met Jess’s and he nodded. ‘Get the box.’ He instructed. Jess was surprised, surely that would be too much? ‘Do it!’ Jim barked and Jess leapt to obey. He ran over to the back room and came back with a black case. One of the lads watching laughed as he recognised it. Jim was a renowned expert at the use of electricity. In his hands it could do anything from tickle to hurt a lot and then also bring a guy to a spouting climax!

Matt felt something move under his butt and then a finger felt his anus. It was cold and slightly slippery. He wriggled as much as he could but all he could hear was another jeering cheer from the crowd.

It worked its way up into his hole and moved around, massaging his prostate…

Then it pulled out again and he felt a shudder and a feeling of loss!

Then he felt the finger moving all over his hole and pushing in with slippery goo.

Then pressure and a solid THING pushing his anus ring open and going up into his butt! It fucking hurt, he ‘Mmrrfffdd’ into his hood. Suddenly the pressure eased and he felt it slip in and his anus close around it. It was cold. Steel perhaps?

He felt oddly full as it pressed on his prostate.

A delicate hand was teasing out his continually stiffening cock and tweaking the foreskin back. He had never had another guy feeling his tackle before and it worried him. Am I enjoying this, what is happening? Then he felt the hands move in a well known rhythm. It was the one Jess used in his massage; he relaxed a bit knowing whose hands were exiting him.

The he jerked as he felt his balls being pressed through a ring and Jess thwacked his cock making the stiff member relax. Matt then felt it being ‘stuffed’ through the ring and pop out, growing hard again immediately.

So there he was lying on his back in his leather cocoon, head wrapped in the leather embrace of the hood with the strange feeling of his butt stretched and full with a rapidly warming steel butt plug and his cock and balls slightly squeezed by a steel ring.

Matt wriggled and twisted in his leather cocoon, he could not move his arms and nothing happened as he tried to twist his shoulders.

Someone patted his head.


It felt so dismissive, just as if someone was saying ‘just you lie there and wait…’

Matt felt helpless and alone. Even a little frightened. Here he was, laced to a bench and his Mrffhh’s being ignored. Also his tits were getting really sore, the pain from the clamps was starting to build and he was worried that they might be there for a while…

However he felt the covers come off and then his sensitive nipples were jerked around as they were pulled and twisted driving the sharp biting pains deep into his chest. A moment of release came as one was taken off then the blood flowed and the bastard massaged him. Pain flooded in and he shouted into his hood again and heard the jeer of the crowd. Now he new what to expect he steeled himself and the process was repeated on the other side. It was a relief however; they were off for a bit. He was under no illusions that it would stay that way!

His shouts, though, had been heard. Jim walked back to the store and came back with a gag. One of the crowd whistle, the same guy who had recognised Jim’s black box. Jim pulled back the zip over Matt’s mouth and worked the gag in.

Matt felt the zip go back and a pressure against his mouth. He knew what this was and clamped his jaw shut. But he felt his airflow stop; fingers had been placed over the nose holes. As he began to struggle for air he had to open his mouth and the thing was pushed in. It only just went in as his jaw was firmly held by the hood. There was not too much scope to open his mouth but open it did.

He explored it with his tongue as it went in and felt on part slide into his mouth and others slipping behind his teeth towards his cheeks. It was not too bad, the rubber felt soft and flexible. But then it moved in his mouth, swelling and getting harder. One part pushed his tongue down as it expanded into his mouth growing and nearly touching the back of his throat. The other parts swelled filling his cheeks. He was completely filled by it. Again he heard Jess’s voice ‘I’m here, let me know when you have trouble breathing.’ Matt was reassured and relaxed a bit then stiffened – WHEN he had trouble breathing?

It stopped expanding and Matt settled his mind and focused on breathing regularly through his nose. In, out, in, out. ‘That’s better.’ He heard Jess say.

A few minutes later he jerked. What the fuck was that?

Then it came again – a tingling on his balls and across his cock. His butt felt it too, a tingling and almost a massage deep within him.

Shit – he new what was happening, this was electro play… He had heard of it the previous night as a guy was talking.

The feeling grew.

Soon his dick was as hard as iron and he could feel the pulse massaging the inside of his gut at just the right place. His breath deepened and he started to hump and twist in his leather bag.

It was fucking amazing his balls were fizzing and his arse was clenching when the pulse went through him. Then the power level rose and he flinched. His butt started to really ache and his balls were sending strong pain messages. His body tried to curl up protectively but he could not move.

His MMmmrrffgghhh sounds got stronger. Then it dropped back off to a sensuous stroking of the power and his dick leaped back to attention in the cold air. He felt soft massaging fingers on his cock and could feel the pre-cum juice oozing out. This was fucking amazing!

Then the fun stopped again as the power went on.

This cycle kept repeating as he went from ecstasy to pain and back.

What the fuck was Jim doing!

Then as he tried to hump his hips up and down at one point in the cycle he was aware that he should now be feeling the pain part – but instead the pulsing went on and he felt that he was getting closer to climaxing. His balls pulled tight up against the ring, he felt his thighs pushing together, his butt clamped onto the plug, his stomach tightened convulsively.

And then he felt the ecstasy of release. He felt the cum spurt through his cock and new it must be spraying further than ever before. Again and again he could feel it rush down through his dick and his hips tried to wave upwards… He was almost crying from the release. Through the hood and the earplugs he could hear the crowd whooping and applauding the show and felt a rush of pride.

After a few minutes his laboured breathing went back to normal.

Jess was impressed. Matt’s fountain of cum had sprayed right up the sleepsack and landed on his hood. He picked up a small towel and started to clean up. ‘Leave him to rest for a bit now.’ Jim said and turned to walk off.

Jess disconnected the wires from cock and butt, and reached to wipe it but then stopped and winked at the guy in the crowd and leant over, licking his way up the cock and sucking the juice out of the end.

Matt was astounded. This was another new feeling and one that was fucking great. He new intuitively who it was as he remembered having his boots cleaned earlier!

Then Jess pulled both openings in the leather sack closed and again Matt felt his head being patted.

Time passed and Matt felt himself drifting as his body relaxed from his climax.

In the shop the crowd began to disperse and guys moved to the display stands, except for one. He waited until he was alone then put his mouth to Matt’s ear and said, quietly ‘That you Matt? I recognised your body as you came out. I see it often enough! Every day in the showers actually. I’ve wanted to run my hands over your chest, feeling those strong muscles. Feel the muscles in your belly, your thick arms. You like it too? ’

Matt froze, the whispered voice was very quiet but he could feel the hands doing exactly what it had said. Furthermore he could not quite work out whose voice it was. ‘You like this gag?’ he heard and felt it grow again. This time it did not stop and he felt the thing touch the back of his throat. He gagged and tried to shake his head but of course nothing happened. It grew more and he started to struggle to pull the air into his nose. He felt the soft part of the back of his mouth start to clamp shut. It grew again and he found he could not get any air past it. He panicked and started to wave his feet from side to side as much as he could, his chest heaving as he tried to breath.

Jess looked over and began to run – he saw a guy with his hand on the balloon of the gag and Matt’s boots shaking violently from side to side. The guy saw him coming and ducked away slipping back into the crowd and out of the door. Jess turned the release valve and air forced out of the gag.

Matt felt the sudden release of pressure and he suddenly could breath again. With his tongue he pushed the plastic of the gag away and back towards his teeth forcing air through his nose. He felt his mouth being forced open and the flaccid remains of the gag being pulled out.

‘You OK buddy?’ Jess sounded really worried. Matt licked his lips and croaked back ‘I am now with you to look after me! Where’s that bastard gone? Who was he?’

Jess leaned over and spoke clearly into the hood ‘I have seen him before but not for a while, he’s gone now.’

Matt relaxed and Jess went off in search of Jim to tell him what had happened.

Matt felt the pressure of the lacing holding him to the board go slack and he felt strong hands unbuckle the straps. The suit lacing was next and he wriggled upright. The zip was released and the suit fell open. Matt eased his shoulders, twisting and then slipped his arms from the sleeves. Even with his hood on he could hear the cheer and applause from the group.

The he was led by the arm and realised that he was back in the massage room. The blindfold came off and he could see Jess standing grinning at him….

‘Lets get you unwired’ he said and knelt down, taking Matt’s now limp tackle in his hand and sliding the ring over his cock. Matt jumped as Jess popped his balls back through the ring and then felt a delicate touch and realised that Jess was sucking him clean!

He jumped again as the butt plug was tugged and his ass stretched again to let the thing pass down, it popped out.

Jim came in with the key to his hood and it was pulled off his head in no time. He stretched and felt his head again with both hands getting used to the feel of the air.

‘Get showered and cleaned up then we will talk’ Jim said.

Jim was sitting with Jess at the back room table, bottles of beer and a large wheel of pizza between them. Jess was still wearing the tight leather harness and jeans that were his regular gear in the store but Jim was in leather jeans and jacket with high, well-polished boots. Matt had a good idea now who was doing the polishing and how !

He pulled up a chair. He was back in his cargo pants, white tee-shirt and boots, with his denim jacket hanging open.

He grabbed a beer and a slice of pizza and looked at Jim. ‘Well kid, you running off again or are you back for the long haul?’


To be continued …


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