The Examination – Part 1

By slavebladeboi

I looked through the one way glass as they wheeled him in. He looked about 19, fit, tanned, 5 10 or so, short jet black hair with eyes to die for. Well he wouldn’t actually have to die for them. I’d already been ordered to get everything I wanted out of him, but alive this time.

Oh well.

The three goons that dragged him into my “Initial Examination Room” as I liked to call it, so much nicer than “torture chamber”, were typical types. Heavy, muscled, hairy bears, none of them under 6’3” and wearing the uniform for their jobs in this wing, leather leggings and boots with heavy rubber aprons and bibs. Sometimes they wore fingerless studded gloves too but these were not uniform, just impressive.

They strapped him into the chair. It wasn’t a normal chair of course, that would hardly work for what I was about to do to him. It was metal, a V shaped seat with legs which, when his thighs and calves were strapped to it kept his legs apart and his crotch available. The sides were upright metal tubes. The straps held him in place by wrapping round his belly, his chest and finally with a metal collar that had a ratchet which could make it easy or hard for him to breathe. I reckoned by looking at his physical condition he would last a decent time gasping for air at the tightest notch. There were also straps for his arms and small leather bondage gloves fixed to the ends of the uprights keeping his arms vertically down by his side. The collar had two small wings that ran up each side of his face to the ears. They simply stopped any head movement. If I stood in front of him he had nowhere else to look. Lucky him.

Finally he had a metal X sticking out of his mouth and strapped to his head. This was the end of the metal gag he had had inserted into his mouth, the cross ends held a small knurled knob which I could turn. I liked this, as you turned it metal spikes rose out of the gag and pressed against the tongue as well as the roof of the mouth, I could adjust them from a millimetre to an inch although that always stopped any talking whatsoever so didn’t work when what I wanted was for them to speak.. It was fun doing it after they admitted something though.

He stared back at me, not that he could see anything but his own reflection, that hard valiant stare that was supposed to mean “do your worst, asshole”. Well he was in luck, I will indeed.

I tended to chose what I wore depending on my mood and the type of subject I was to deal with. Sometimes it was a suit, collar and tie, other times I’d wear my bike leathers. I’d even worked naked although my dick would often get in the way as I’d always have a raging hard on and my 9 inches would drip precum and make a mess. Today I’d decided on my “cellar look”. Leather jeans in thigh high black leather boots, a good thick leather belt with a pattern of steel studs and my favourite leather chest harness. I’d top it off with a simple leather executioner’s hood. After all he didn’t know what my orders were, did he.

Not sure what he expected, but he looked very surprised as I walked into the room. I’m just over 6’, I’m now 29 years old and I swim a mile every morning before work so my body is in good shape. I just stood in front of him but that was enough to see his cock stirring from the shrivelled appendage it was before I entered to a good 4 or 5 inches in less than a minute. I smiled. This was exactly the kind of work I liked.

I stood a bit closer and brought the steel toe cap of my boot up against his balls, rubbing them slowly. He “mmmmmphed” into the gag which only made me smile wider.

“Let’s see if we can help those boys hang lower shall we?”



I went over to my bench and found a leather parachute and some weights. I knelt in front of the boy and strapped the leather round his sack letting it hang. Then I waved the smallish weight, it was only 2lbs, in front of his eyes. No reaction. He was obviously feeling hard, heroic even, although he’d have to go a lot further than that before long. I clipped the weight to the hanging chain and swung it gently with my boot. He breathed deeply but otherwise gave no reaction, well not consciously anyway. His cock grew harder and was standing up at 75 degrees a few seconds after.

“Now let’s start shall we? You’re here because you signed a contract with your Master but it seems you’ve not only reneged on this but you’ve shown gross disobedience and even tried to escape.

He made more noises in his throat. I leant forward and twisted that small knob on the gag. That surprised him. The noise went immediately.

“Look, we all know the drill here don’t we? I ask you, you tell me, I have a bit of fun and you get to go, well back to your cell but at least you’ll be in one piece.


“What fun?”


“Let’s say I can make it fun for both of us shall we. There’s no need for violence, I reserve that for those who really deserve it. You, you’re young, you’re obviously crap at decision making and exactly what your role is in life. I have more than a good idea that the leather and bondage you’re now in turns you on just a bit, which is nice for me, but you can really help yourself by getting through the lessons you need to be taught without too much noise and drama..

I looked closely into his eyes, brown, surrounded by long dark lashes and saw a mixture of fear and, well, sexiness is about how I would describe it. I had locked my viewing room door so I knew we were quite alone. I had the only keys, the emergency door catch would sound an alarm if activated and people knew not to disturb me.

“We’re totally alone. I can do to you whatever I like, you know that don’t you?”

No noise, he just avoided my stare.

I kicked the weights. “mmmmppphHHHPH”

“Like I said. Now, all I need to know is why you came up with the idea for all that disobedience. Your Master has instructed us to cure you of all that nonsense, he’s already told us to do whatever it takes. There’s you and me buddy. If you go out of here feet first, well you’ve only got yourself to blame.” I didn’t tell him my instructions were to keep him alive and kicking but do what else I could to re educate him in the ways of a decent slave. I saw how much he’d cost, no Master wanted to throw that sort of money away, bit like buying a race horse and finding it only had three legs.

He stared up at me.

“Yep, no one officially knows you’re here, in fact I doubt if anyone, official or not, knows this place exists. So you can hope all day for rescue, no luck there. But if we get on well enough I can come to some sort of agreement with you, I just need you to get to understand how things will be in the future for you, after that the time’s our own.”

I looked at his hard on, leaking strings of precum between his legs. Smiling I knelt again but this time slowly rubbed a finger around the end of his cock and drew it down the length of his shaft. He closed his eyes and made soft noises into that gag. I knew I was on to a good thing.

“Surely you’d rather have a pleasant day or so than a painful one?” His lack of any noise made me think. Maybe he wouldn’t.

I leaned in and took the cock head into my mouth, hardly touching the rim with my lips and blowing gently as I continued to take more of the length. A whistling noise escaped round the gag and I saw him noticeably relax slightly.

He made more noise when I clamped each of his tits from a selection on my bench. They had weights on them and by his reaction it was the first time he’d had this kind of a treat.

I loosened the strap and after withdrawing the spikes I slowly pulled the gag out of his mouth.

“Anything to tell me?”

“Fuck off you pervert!”

I stood and looked down at him. Then I kicked his balls. Hard.

His scream echoed round the room.

“I told you there were different ways to play this, that was one of many. And before you go down the pervert road take a look at your own cock. I’d say it was enjoying this so far, wouldn’t you?”

His eyes closed. I kicked his balls again. I knew they’d still be pulsing their pain through his groin from the first one, and his noise affirmed that. I walked round behind him and tightened the collar, just a bit, but as he was still gasping from his ball ache it made quite a bit of difference to his attention to me.

“They told me……


“I met up with a couple of other slaves, older than me.”


“And so I went along with them, but…..


“If my Master thought I was mixing with people he didn’t know he’d probably kill me.”

“So you mix with a load of twisted bastards?”

He looked at the ground again. His eyes were wet. I could see he was trying not to come to terms with something he knew was inevitable at some stage.

“But you’re not wanting to continue your contract?”

“NO, fuck, Yes!”

“Ok. But you admit you were trying to get out of it?”


I took the chain between the clamps and pulled, slowly increasing the pressure until his yelling filled the air, ending with a high pitched scream as they eventually pulled off his tits.

“Maybe? It gets a lot worse than this David.”

He suddenly raised his head and stared at me through eyes, half filled with tears.

“No one’s used my name since…….”

“Since you became a slave? Oh David, we know a lot more here than you think. Now, let’s get on shall we?”

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