The Facility – Part 03

By Rubrpig

Andy groaned and slowly opened his eyes.  His vision was blurry, and he slowly sat up. As his vision cleared, he groaned again as he felt vile.  His head pounded and he felt nauseous.  He looked around and realized that he was locked in one of the two isolation cells.  He looked down and saw that he was now wearing an orange prison uniform.  He sat there wondering what was going on and then he heard the cell door being unlocked and the hinges squealed as the heavy steel door swung open.  The Commander and Murray walked in followed by his Master.

The Commander smiled and looked at Andy and told him that he should have been honest with them about his sexual interests but since he felt it was necessary to lie to his friends, they felt he deserved to be punished.  Andy started to protest but his Master told him to shut up and listen.  Andy quieted and listened.  His Master told Andy that since Andy had given him power of attorney when they had committed to each other, he was going to use that power to help his buddies punish Andy.  His Master told Andy that he had already signed over Andy’s part of the company that owned the facility along with his other property.  Andy began to swear.

Murray walked over and quickly slammed a gag into Andy’s mouth and quickly buckled and locked it behind Andy’s head.  Andy tried to punch Murray but his physical condition still was not good enough to do anything.  He sat back up and stared at the men.  His Master walked over and told Andy that he was leaving and would not be back.  Andy stared and mumbled into the gag trying to beg his Master to stay or at least take him with him.

After his Master left the cell, the Commander looked at Andy and began to tell Andy what was going on.  The Commander and the other partners in the facility have decided that Andy was to remain a permanent prisoner.  He was effectively sentenced to life in prison by his friends for lying to them.  Andy started and screamed into the gag to let him go.  Murray quickly slammed a fist into Andy’s stomach and told him to shut up.  Andy nodded and sat there in shock.

Andy realized that his cock was rock hard and he could feel pre-cum running down his shaft.  However, he forced himself to listen to his former partners.  Desperate, he tried begging but all that came out was muffled grunts.  The men left the cell slamming the door closed leaving Andy to his fate.

The routine of prison life began.  Each day Andy was allowed out of his cell to the locked common area of the cell block.  However, he was always muzzled in a locked muzzle when allowed out of his cell to ensure that he could not communicate with the other prisoners who were paying to be locked in the prison.  When he was returned to his cell, the muzzle was unlocked and removed prior to the cell door being closed and locked.  He used the time in the cell to think and plan.

After several weeks of being quiet and obedient he pretended that he had accepted his fate to be a permanent prisoner.  Finally he felt he was ready to try and escape.  When the lights turned on in the cells, he began to groan and lay on his bunk clutching his right side. The guards heard him moaning and signaled the control booth to open the cell.  The cell door was slid open and the guards entered the cell.  Fortunately, the two guards were Frank and Chuck who were not as strong or aggressive as Murray.  They grabbed Andy off his bunk and dragged him from the cell while calling for support.  The Commander quickly arrived and the guards told him that they had found Andy in poor cognition and he was complaining of severe abdominal pain.  The Commander nodded and told them to take him to the local hospital to get him checked out as the last thing they needed was a prisoner getting severely ill or dying while in the facility

The guards dragged Andy out of the prison cell block and they took him to the garage area.  The only vehicle there was the service van as the police cruiser and prisoner transport van were already on the road as there was a new intake of prisoners coming that day.

Having no other choice, the guards opened the back of the van and lifted the groaning Andy into the back of the van.  They got in the front of the van and drove away from the prison.  Andy waited knowing that the van had to come to several stops on the county road and that at the second stop, there were woods on the side of the road which would cover his escape route.

The van came to a stop and Andy knew it was time.  He quickly grabbed the handle on the rear doors of the van and shoved the doors open.  He quickly jumped from the van and ran for the woods.  He kept running and found a patch of dense bushes and trees and dived into it.  He could hear Frank and Chuck swearing as they ran into the woods searching for him.  He remained crouched down as he listened to Frank calling the prison telling the Commander that Andy had escaped and was on the loose.

Andy peered through a hole in the brush where he was hidden and waited.  He watched as they left and got in the van and headed back to the prison.  He knew that all the guards would be called in to search for him.  He sat there and waited and when he saw the van disappear, he moved out from his hiding spot and knew he had to quickly find some clothes.  The bright orange prison scrub suit and sandals.

He headed through the woods and knew that there were a number of farms in the area so he knew he could properly find some clothes he could take.  He came across a farm and watched and once he realized that there was no one home, he quickly went through the out-buildings and found a flannel jacket and shirt and a dirty pair of overalls.  He also found a pair of work boots that were just a little large. He got dressed and shoved his prison uniform into a pile of rubbish.

The Commander reacted swiftly and all available guards were dispatched to the woods.  He brought his german shepherd and soon they were on Andy’s trail.  Murray was particularly furious about Andy’s escape.  He stomped through the woods getting dirt on his immaculate trooper uniform and dehners.  The dog began barking and they knew they were close and the men began to run and follow the dog.

Andy heard the dog and knew he was in trouble.  He began running but he knew most likely he was going to be recaptured.  The sounds of the men and the dog were getting closer and Andy was weakening.  Soon he had to give up running and he knew that it was over.  The dog charged through the woods and slammed into him, taking him down and holding in place while the guards and the Commander ran up.  Murray stopped and looked down at Andy as he lay there gasping for air.  Murray slammed his left boot into Andy’s side and then when the dog was called off, he grabbed Andy and hauled him to his feet.  Frank and Chuck quickly cuffed him and held him as Murray pulled on a pair of lead shot filled gloves and began beating Andy.  Andy was soon beaten to a pulp and they hauled him back to the van and tossed him into it.

The convoy of vehicles got back to prison.  Andy was dragged through the intake area where the new prisoners had been locked into the holding cell while the guards were out on the search.  They stared and Murray swaggered over and told them that is what happened when someone tried to escape from the prison before their sentence was up.  The men in the cell looked at each other and muttered to themselves.  Murray, who had brought in 2 of them in the cruiser after arresting them on the highway, knew they had already received a taste of what he would do to them.

Andy was taken back to his cell and tossed in.  The cell door slammed shut.  Andy lay on the concrete floor groaning.  He slowly got up and got on the bunk.  He knew that he was going to pay a high price for his escape attempt.

He was left in the cell for several days.  Finally, the cell door opened.  Andy groaned and sat up.  He was starving but he knew he was going to pay the price.  The Commander and Murray walked in and the Commander looked down at Andy.  “So, you thought you could escape but it appears that like most things you failed.

“So, Murray here is going to make sure that you don’t escape again.  He will be your personal guard and he will be the only one you will see.  As of now, you will no longer be allowed out of this cell.”  He turned and walked out leaving Murray and Andy alone in the cell.  Murray tossed Andy a new prison uniform and told Andy to strip off the clothes he had been found in and get back into his uniform.

Andy stripped and was soon back in the orange prison uniform.  Murray pulled a wide heavy leather collar out of the thigh pocket of his black swat uniform and buckled and locked the collar around Andy’s neck.

Murray smiled and told Andy to get out of the cell.  Andy was startled but he walked as fast as he could to the door of his cell and just as he stepped past the doorway, he screamed and clawed at the heavy collar and dropped to his knees.  Murray dragged him back into the cell.  Andy gasped and stared up at Murray.  Murray told him that the door of the cell had been equipped with sensors that detected the electronics embedded in the collar.  The collar was triggered and would drop Andy by administering a severe electric shock if he ever attempted to leave the cell.  Andy nodded.

Murray laughed and smiled.  He told Andy that there would be some interesting times coming as he was going to enjoy having his own personal prisoner to use and abuse with no restrictions.  He was tired of having to take it easy on the prisoners who paid to be at the prison but with Andy there were no restrictions.

Andy remained on his knees staring at the tactical boots of his new personal guard and knew that he was going to be paying for his escape for a very long time.  Murray told Andy that he would bring him food and he left the cell leaving the door open as a test.  Andy stared at the open door and got up and staggered over to the bunk.  He knew he was beaten, and he reached up and rubbed his hands over the heavy thick leather of the collar.

To be continued …

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15 thoughts on “The Facility – Part 03”

  1. Sorry, but I do not like where this story goes. After all it is Andy who should have consented such treatment assuming this is meant to be fun. If his colleagues wanted to ruin their former relationship with him, they are on the best route to achieve it. They abused not only his trust, but also a power of attorney . In addition, they imprisoned him just because Andy haven’t shared his sexual orientation to them. Come on. Let’s be serious. It was none of their business. If it was me, I would immediately consider them as my former colleagues and friends. In addition I would contact police.

  2. Sorry to read the critical revue above, I, as many others I presume, read the stories here, and am grateful people take the courage and take the time to put into words, tales they want to share with us. When the stories are put on here, I take it for granted they do meet the criteria of the website. This is a story library not a TRUE story library. Most of us will have the same thoughts, questions as you have, but as it is a story you can try to enjoy anothers train of thought. In my opinion, too much interference in the course of the story, kills the independent creative process the writer needs.

  3. This story does seem to have taken an unexpectedly harsh turn. Not sure why the Master abandoned him or why his buddies seem to want borderline revenge. Also didn’t seem like he would have had such a deep relation with the master for him to have power of attorney. I certainly could have seen punishment for keeping his gay a secret and for being corrupted by a prisoner and then all coming to the realization that he should be kept as a permanent prisoner. Still will continue to enjoy this story and se where it goes

  4. Yeah, his “master’s” treatment of the situation is incredibly dishonorable and shameful, and severely decreases my enjoyment of the tale. Unless we see the master, and Andy’s vicious friends, brought to justice, I’ll be sad at this rather severe turn of events.

    The need for a just outcome aside, there are a number of compelling parts to this story; hopefully they’re able to shine through in future installments.

  5. I assumed back in part one, when when it was stated that the characters were all overly abusive as prison guards, that someone was going to be locked up and abused when they got their own prison. I’m not going to fault the author for what has transpired so far.
    I just wanted to suggest that if you have the full autonomy of your own prisoner in your own prison, and you are a sadistic guard, then they should take advantage of it and incorporate some obedience training and humiliation in with the predicament bondage. At the least get the prisoner to worship his boots before offering to bring him his food. We know how sexually repressed these guards would be after years of abusing prisoners on the job.

  6. Similarly did not understand why his Master would abandon him. I realise people have different tastes, but I found that part jarring.

  7. I understand part of the critique. But there have been several other stories with non-consensual parts on this page, which were not critizised in the same way. So I wonder, why is this critizised here in so many comments, but not in those other stories?

    I personally, of course, prefer consensual play in reality (and I think everyone should!). I even prefer stories with a consensual (though maybe a little ambivalent) atmosphere.

    But do we really have to put the standard of our real play to FICTIONAL porn stories?

    I appreciate a discussion about standards of fictional writing. I still hope that we can appreciate everyone who spends his free time on writing for the pleasure of most of us.

    Maybe the critique will be appreciated and involved into further parts of this story, but I do really hope that Rubrpig, one of my favourite authors on this site will not let himself be held off from going on writing for us.

    I still enjoy this story. A lot.

    1. I don’t think anyone is complaining about the noncon aspects of this story. I think its how it developed seemed unexpected in the flow of the story. I think most are enjoying the story and the author is a great one, but the development seemed out of place and I think took some of us out of the fantasy of being the noncon prisoner a little

  8. This conversation is reminding me of a post from a few years ago (and the story it references)

    First and foremost, I am not drawing any parallels between ‘The Facility’ and the removed sorry (which is the only story I know of to ever be removed from MetalBond’s site due to backlash). But I’m referencing it since I’m seeing a lot of the same comments.

    These conversations are important, but they often end up in a weird place where we’re trying to decide why one nonconsensual sorry is acceptable but another goes too far. There are plenty of stories on here that turn me off, but I always appreciate the time and effort an author puts into writing it and their willingness to share their writing with the rest of us. As others have said, these are fantasies; like many other fantasies shared on this site, they wouldn’t be acceptable in real life. I’d also like to remind everyone that ‘The Speed Trap’ (also by RUBRPIG) dealt with nonconsensual material and started off pretty bleak; have some faith in your author.

    To RUBRPIG; please don’t get discouraged by other people’s feedback. I don’t like where this story seems to be going, but I love your stories and I want to see where you take this one even if I don’t share that fantasy. Thank you for sharing your work with the rest of us.

    1. To me a major difference is that the removed story went well into torture territory and mental abuse/manipulation of the “prisoner”. In this case the prisoner is NC and being treated harshly but is not being tortured in the same way. For me at least the progression just caught me off guard in how intense it came on and how the friends/master seemed to abandon him. I could easily see them all settling into this type of prisoner regime and relationship but it just jumped form 0 to 60 so fast. You’re right these conversations can end up in strange places and I really hope that RUBRPIG doesn’t get discouraged from writing, his stories are excellent

  9. Plenty of comments here!
    Let me add mine. I hope Andy’s former colleagues will eventually offer some kind of apology and compensation to him realising that they overreacted and exaggerated. What was I guess supposed to be a mutual fun (somehow not for Andy), turned wrong.
    I also hope, the threat that he was stripped off his properties, was only a joke and not a real thing.
    After all they worked together long time and it was Andy (together with Chuck) that started the company from scratch.
    Another thing is a behaviour of his former Dom. If indeed his Sir followed truely to his words, I agree that it was a shame.
    Overall. I enjoyed reading so far as I enjoyed many others stories of rubpig here. This installment was somehow getting on my nerves despite that I know it was only a pure fantasy.
    Nevertheless, please continue with next parts. I’m very eager to read more.

  10. i am into bondage, but unfortunately I have only experienced self-bondage. I believe interrogated and i would welcome being a prisoner and subject to the whims of strong abusive MEN. i was turned off by Andy losing his share and other property because he did not tell them he was gay. They should have talked with him, or better yet, interrogated him as to what he might want to get out of this prison set up. And permanent prisoner is WAY TOO EXCESSIVE! Are they really going to keep him until he is in his eighties? They should have sentenced him to three years of hard labor for not trusting them.

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