The Facility

By Mister-X/Spartan

Mark finished his morning dump. He carefully worked the butt plug back in. Then he put on the belt which held it in place, also making sure that his dick, which was in chastity, was pushed down between his legs. He didn’t want that to be noticeable at work.

With the important part done, he finished dressing in his heavily starched crisp white fitted shirt, tie and three piece suit. After tightening his tie as tight as he could get it at the top of the high collar of that shirt that looked and felt like it was molded onto his body, he added the tie pin underneath it, bringing the bottoms of the shirt collar tightly together at the middle of his neck. He looked in the mirror and saw a sharply dressed businessman, picked up his briefcase, and headed off to a long Friday of meetings. He was going to have to concentrate to keep his attention on the meetings and not on what he would be experiencing afterward and through the weekend.

There was a break for lunch. At least he didn’t have lunch with the people he was having meetings with, and was able to meet up with Jerry to have a bite.

“Hey, Mark. You’re looking pretty sharp!”

“I don’t feel it. Just finished four hours of boring meetings.”

“I’ve had a rough day, too. I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend.”

“Me too.”

“Got anything planned?”

“This is my weekend to visit that facility.”

“You come back from there a different person. What goes on there?”

Mark was a little nervous about where this conversation was going. “I’m not sure you’d like it. It’s like a kind of sexual therapy.”

“Oh? Why wouldn’t I like it, then?”

“Because I’m not sure you would be turned on by it. It’s certainly not for everyone.”

“I’m intrigued. What kind of sexual therapy do they do?”

“Artificial stimulation.”

“I haven’t been able to get any of the real thing lately. I think I’d like to try that and see whether I’d like it.”

“There’s one other aspect of it. To get you to come back you’re not allowed to have any sex in between visits.”

“That part I wouldn’t like. Do they take guys on a one-time trial basis to see whether they’d like to sign up for regular visits?”

“Yes, they do that.”

“Then let them know that I’m interested in trying it out.”

Mark was a little hesitant to have someone he knew at work realize what he did, but if it was something that Jerry would like to start doing, he would have someone else to discuss things with. “Okay.”

“Can I go with you after work?”

“No, you have to set up an appointment first. Why don’t I tell them and we can go together in two weeks.”


After they’d finished lunch it was back to work. In Mark’s case, that meant back to meetings. After the workday was finally over, he got into his car and drove to the facility. His skin-tight clothes had gotten him turned on, as they did whenever he wore them, and he was ready.

He left his briefcase in the trunk of his car and went in dressed as he’d been for work. “Good evening Mr. England. You look sharp as usual today. Ready for your visit?”

“I’m always ready for my visit. This will be my first time to stay for the whole weekend. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Everyone always does. You know the routine.” He pressed a buzzer.

While they were waiting for one of the attendants, Mark said “a friend of mine is interested in trying out a session and plans to come with me on my next visit.”

“We always like to get new clients. What’s his name?”

Mark told him. When the attendant got his name he reacted with surprise. Then the attendant said, apparently to himself, ‘must be another person with the same name’. Mark didn’t notice the attendant’s reaction.

Soon one of the attendants came out. Mark’s cock always got a reaction when he would see the attendants. They were dressed all in tight leathers, from their spit-shined boots up to the top of their heads. The hoods connected to the tops of their collars, starting under their chins, and having only pinholes at the nostrils and eye holes, since they included built-in penis gags. This was to protect the privacy of the clients, since attendants were prohibited from conversing.

The attendant took Mark to his room and stood outside while Mark stripped off his clothes, including the belt that covered his butt plug and chastity. Mark opened the door when he was ready, and lay down on the board after the attendant entered with the set of metal coverings, the screws and the drill. The attendant set to work, and soon metal coverings were screwed into the board over Mark’s ankles, wrists, stomach, neck, and finally over his mouth which caused the leather dildo to push into it.

With Mark now completely attached to the board, the attendant pushed the board into the metal cage. He closed and locked it. He then got the key and removed the chastity device. Mark’s cock immediately leapt up hard. The attendant placed the end of the milking machine over Mark’s cock and flipped the switch to activate it. The machine started massaging Mark’s cock, and in no time he erupted. Mark let out a contented sigh and closed his eyes. He had a smile on his face for the first time that day. He knew he had four hours to wait for the next milking session.

Mark had never gone more than a day in this facility before, and he wanted to see what spending two days in it would be like. He’d been able to erupt every four hours for one full day, but wasn’t sure that he could for two full days.

After the first full day was finished, he noticed that there were some changes at this point. Each of the metal coverings were unscrewed and removed and replaced with others. He immediately noticed the difference. There were internal dull spikes in these which pressed into his body. He felt pain in his ankles from them, then his wrists, then his abdominals, and finally his neck. He was a little concerned that there would be marks from these, but realized that his clothes would cover any marks at work. It would be at the gym that he would have to be careful.

The first milking session produced a full load. He knew that for the second day the sessions would be every six hours, rather than the normal four. He wondered if there would be any relief from the pain of the dull spikes in between, but there wasn’t. He was having difficulty sleeping as a result of them. Part of the stay at the facility was to go without food, so he would be fasting for a second straight day. His waste dump was taken care of through the hole in the bottom of the board on that first day, but this was not done on the second day, since it was assumed that with no solid food since lunch the day before coming to the facility that there would be no more solid waste.

When it came time for the next milking session, Mark felt his tits being massaged. This always got his cock stirring. As it was getting hard, he felt something being put on his tits. They weren’t very painful, so he figured it was clothes pins. That, plus the milking machine’s massaging, plus the pain from the dull spikes, was enough to get him to erupt. Mark had been asleep when all this started, and soon dropped off again into a fitful sleep.

He had been awake for a couple of hours when it was time for the next milking session. This time the clothes pins were removed, which caused a sudden rush of blood into his tits. He let out a yell into his gag, and his cock started getting hard again. The attendant waited around to see whether this was enough. When it didn’t look like it would be, the attendant started massaging Mark’s nipples again, lightly running a feather over the tips of them. Mark was reacting with his body, and he finally erupted a small amount into the milking machine. He then was awake for the next six hour wait.

Mark’s thoughts during this time were on a variety of subjects. He thought about his job, the problems he was going to have to deal with at work, where his career was going, why he was enjoying being at this facility, what turned him on, what he knew about Jerry and whether he would like coming to this facility, and about his parents, since his father had recently retired and didn’t have anything to do. Finally the six hours had gone by and the attendant returned.

This time the attendant put some severe clamps on Mark’s nipples. Mark let out a yell into his gag. The clamps had a connecting chain, and the attendant lowered a chain from above to hook onto the middle of the connecting chain. He then activated a switch to start to pull the connecting chain up, thus pulling Mark’s clamped nipples up. This caused more pain.

Mark tried moving to relieve the intense pain, but couldn’t. His mind was focused on this onslaught to his senses so that he didn’t notice at first that he was starting to erupt again into the milking machine. It wasn’t a great amount, but it was enough to satisfy the machine’s needs, and it turned off after Mark was finished. The attendant left, keeping the chain pulled up, keeping the pain going. The next six hours was filled with the pain he was having.

When it was time for the last session, the attendant came in carrying some duct tape. He first put several strips around the outside edges of the metal covering over Mark’s mouth. This made sure that no air could get in through there. Then he started covering Mark’s nostrils as well. Mark now had no way to get any air. He was starting to get panicky. He tried moving to get the duct tape off, but as tightly as he was confined to the board there was no way he could do that. The attendant just calmly stood aside and watched.

Finally Mark was out of air and was about to pass out when he felt his cock erupting into the milking machine. Again, there wasn’t much, but it was enough. At the first sign of eruption the attendant removed the tape from Mark’s nostrils and the tit clamps, as well as the metal coverings. Mark knew that the session was finished, and that he was given a few minutes to recover. He was still in a lot of pain from the tit clamps and from the spiked metal coverings. Finally the attendant unscrewed the metal covering over Mark’s mouth and removed it and the dildo. The attendant then left the room. Mark was completely out of any restraints, left to get dressed in the clothes he wore to come to the facility.

When Mark left the room, the receptionist asked “how did the two-day session go?”

“The second day was different from the first day.”

“Do you want to start doing two-day sessions now?”

“Yes, I think I would like that. I can put up with the additional pain. My cock needs the extra release.”

“Good. I’ll make the necessary changes in your schedule.”

Then the leather covered attendant came in and motioned for Mark to join him in the room they’d just been in. Once inside the room, he started removing his own hood. After this was off, he removed his own head harness, which included the built-in gag. When it was off, Mark let out a gasp. It was Jerry!

Jerry got a smile and said “hello, Mark.”

Mark was in such a state of shock that he couldn’t speak at first. Lots of thoughts were running through his head. He finally asked “is this the first time you’ve been my attendant?”

“No. I’ve been doing this ever since you first started cumming here. I didn’t want to say anything, wanting you to be comfortable enough to broach the subject with me.”

“You’re obviously quite familiar with this facility then. Are you an employee?”

“Just part-time on weekends. This is a co-operative venture which is jointly owned by those of us who work here. So I’m also part owner.”

“I hope you won’t say anything at work about my coming here.”

“As long as you don’t say anything about my working here.”

“It’s a deal.”

“But I’ve got the key to your chastity. Don’t you want to have some relief for it during the two weeks as well?”

“That’s been the biggest drawback about coming here. It’s so frustrating to have to wait for two weeks.”

“Then since I’ve got the key, we can have some fun in between sessions as well.”

“I hadn’t thought about that, but you’re right! But where could we meet to do that?”

“I’ve got a pretty good dungeon set-up at my house. In fact, if you want, you could move in there and we could play to our heart’s content, or rather to our cock’s content.”

“Why not? I’m just renting an apartment, nothing much. I’ll start getting things together tomorrow night and give you a call when I’m ready.”

“Great. But I need to get that chastity back on. I can’t allow you to find someone else to have some fun with.”

Soon Mark was dressed exactly as he had been when he arrived. It was one of the requirements of the facility that guys leave dressed exactly as they had been when they arrived. Mark was noticing the after-effects of what he’d been through, but he expected that he would recover in a couple of days. He was now looking forward to moving in with Jerry. He knew he was a born bottom, and realized that Jerry must be a top. He wasn’t sure that if he moved in with Jerry that he would need to return to this facility, but he realized that he owed it a debt of gratitude for setting him up with Jerry.

By Wednesday Mark was ready to move in with Jerry. He let Jerry know that at work, and Jerry came by to help haul anything that Mark had. The two vehicles, Jerry’s being a van, were able to take Mark’s things to Jerry’s house. When they were ready to leave Mark said “lead the way”. Jerry led him to a storage facility.

After they got out, Mark said “I thought I was moving into your place.”

“You are, but there’s no room for your furniture. You can store it in here. All you’ll need is your clothes for work and your morning things.”

After they unloaded Mark’s other belongings the two left for Jerry’s house. When Mark arrived, Jerry showed him which closet to put his clothes into. Since it was getting late, Mark asked “where’s my bed?”

Jerry showed him the room he would be sleeping in. All that was there was one of those boards and cages. When Mark saw it he stopped speaking and looked dumbfounded. Jerry said “you’re used to spending the night on one of those. That will now be how you will be spending every night. Now get stripped and get on the board so I can screw you onto it.”

Mark realized that he was going to be giving up his comfortable bed at night, but he figured it was worth the trade to get his cock serviced more than every two weeks. He complied and was soon attached to the board. Before doing the last couple, Jerry pulled out the leather head harness and hood he had been wearing and said “there will be a small change. You will be wearing these at night.” He put those on Mark’s head before attaching the metal covering over the neck and pushing the board into the cage before locking it and leaving.

It took Mark a couple of hours to drop off to sleep. He was thinking about the change that he was now experiencing by living in Jerry’s house. He finally fell asleep and was awakened by Jerry in the morning. The two got up, Mark with Jerry’s help, got breakfast, got cleaned and dressed, and off to work. They rode together in Jerry’s van. Back home that evening, after having dinner, Jerry pulled out his leather suit that he wore as an attendant.

“As you know, I work weekends at that facility as an attendant. We’re starting to get more guys there, and we need another attendant to help. You will need to fill in. I can give you your bondage fix during the week here, since you won’t be getting yours every two weekends like you’ve been getting. We’re about the same size. This is a spare. Let’s see how well it fits.”

Soon Mark was dressed like Jerry had been as one of the attendants. It was tighter on Mark than it had been on Jerry, but since Mark liked his clothes to be tight, this was what he preferred. Jerry had added the gagged head harness and hood as well, and when everything was on, he asked “does it fit well enough for you to be able to function in it?”

Mark nodded his head up and down.

“Good. The first time I wore that I got excited and wanted to cum. I expect you feel the same. Am I right?”

Again, Mark nodded his head up and down. Jerry took Mark into his bedroom and lay him down on the board as if he were going to bed as he’d been the previous night. After he was attached, Jerry unzipped Mark’s pants, unbuckled the belt that covered his chastitied cock, and brought out his cock. He unlocked and removed the chastity, which caused Mark’s cock to spring out erect. Jerry put a condom on it and started stroking it. Almost immediately Mark erupted. After it was deflated, Jerry locked the chastity back on, buckled the belt back, and zipped his pants back up.

“This will now be our normal weekday nightly ritual. I’m sure you prefer having this done nightly instead of every two weeks. Good night.”

The next morning, Friday, Jerry packed both their leather attendant suits into the van, and left for work. After work they got into the van and drove to the facility. Jerry had alerted the others that he was bringing another prospective attendant along. Mark got to see another part of the facility than he had seen before, and got educated on the milking machine, where the set of metal coverings and screws were kept, how to use the electric drill, how to get to the cells from where they were, where they slept and kept during normal work hours, and which clients he would be taking care of.

Mark realized that his time at that facility was now going to be spent differently than before, that it would now be more work than fun, topping rather than receiving. He was willing to do this trade in exchange for getting serviced every night. He was enjoying the change. He was also getting serviced some during the breaks between taking care of the ones he was responsible for. It was a good arrangement.

The next weekend he got a surprise. Jerry had warned him that he might come across guys he worked with, but to treat them just like anyone else and to definitely not reveal at work that he knew about their other interests. He had to take care of one of the guys he would periodically have meetings with, another of the managers at work. It was someone he wouldn’t ever have dreamed of being into this lifestyle. But on thinking about it, he carefully created an image of his own that would lead one to believe that he wasn’t into it either.

Mark was starting to notice that he wasn’t having the gym time he was used to, and his body was starting to lose some of its muscle tone. He mentioned this to Jerry, and Jerry showed Mark where the gym was located in the facility. So Mark now had something else to do at the facility between taking care of his clients. He would have to allow extra time for getting into and out of his attendant uniform, but he was now able to start working that in as well.

Mark was starting to get into the hang of taking care of clients at the facility. The others that owned it with Jerry were noticing that he was working out well. They finally offered him part ownership of it at a price. Mark thought about it, and finally decided to accept. He had the money, and decided to invest it in the facility. Now he was a part owner.

At Jerry’s house Mark was also paying rent to Jerry. He was the one who suggested it, saying it was only fair. Jerry accepted. Mark’s life at work continued as if nothing had changed, but his after work life was getting to be more and more interesting. Jerry had started upping the bondage and toys that Mark was experiencing on a regular basis. Since he was wearing his leather attendant’s uniform while on the board, the spiked metal coverings wouldn’t do any good. There were zippers over the tits on the leather suit, so Jerry would put those severe clamps on Mark’s tits at night. Mark started getting used to those, and soon had his tits pierced to have metal rings put on. This made it easier to attach chains to pull them out. At work the vest of the three-piece suit would hide the metal rings.

Jerry had also increased the sizes of the butt plugs. Mark would find it difficult to sit with the monster that now was up his ass, but if anyone at work would say anything he would tell them that he was having problems with hemorrhoids. With the daily satisfaction of his cock he was finding that he was happier at work, and able to concentrate more on it. He was starting to get noticed by upper management. Finally one day he was offered an advancement position. The problem was that it was in another part of the country. He told them that he had strong ties in this community, and would have to take some time to think about it.

That night he discussed it with Jerry. Since Jerry also worked for the same company he understood the appeal of being offered an advancement. But he also knew that Mark was part owner of their business. He told Mark he was going to have to choose between his career and his private life, that the move would be a plus for one but a minus for the other. Mark thought about it that night while lying on the board. He finally told Jerry in the morning that he was going to accept the offer. He told them at work as well.

He sold his part of the facility to the others. They allowed him to keep the attendant’s uniform to remind him of the fun times he had. It was difficult for him to leave, but he’d made his decision. He hoped to be able to return for a visit, or possibly to locate back here to the main company headquarters after he’d finished his stint in his new job. He left with fond memories of the facility.

For its part, the facility had to now try to find another attendant. There were several possible prospects. For one, there was the other guy that Mark knew from work. Jerry had started making his acquaintance at work, and was hoping for an opportunity like he had with Mark. With Mark’s departure, life at the facility continued.

The End

Metal would like to thank Mister-X/Spartan for this story!

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  1. I really did enjoy this story . I could imagine the guys in the facility and the detailed descriptive writings are excellent as a turn on for me.
    I also enjoyed the different approach to the ending , mainly because it didnt end up with the guy staying , he left .
    unusual in a story such as this , but a good ending .

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