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  1. Thanks, Metal, for this post about Harold. For anyone who doesn’t know Sgt. Major Cox, you are looking at a man who has dedicated most of his life to educating. He did so in the Army, at the university where he later taught, and, as a sideline, probably introduced more guys into the BDSM scene than anyone I know.

    Harold was directly responsible for pulling back the veil for me. Showing me that this wasn’t something I could only fantasize about or read about (Bound and Gagged, Drummer, et al.). It was something I could DO.

    Just one example. While imprisoned by Harold (as his very willing guest!), he introduced me to a hood for the first time. I’d fantasized so much about them, but when he put it on I freaked. Total panic attack.

    Harold then sat next to me (I was still chained up as his ‘prisoner’) and spent probably two hours quietly explaining things to me, and introducing aspects of the hood. He coached me on breathing. He calmed me down.

    At the end of that weekend, I couldn’t get enough of his hoods! He slapped me around because he wasn’t about to be pushed around by a bottom–before exclaiming with faux bitterness: ‘Tops exist to serve to bottoms!’

    On another visit I spent 18 hours in solitary wearing a hood, where I floated deep down into my subconcious (much like my experience with hypnosis recently at ‘BDSM camp’).

    That’s just one example. There are thousands from hundreds of men coached and taught by this great man. Harold Cox.

    Thank you, Harold.

  2. Thank you for posting this.
    Harold has done so much to mentor those in BDSM. It goes much deeper.. I swear a weekend locked up in the isolation cell in various forms of bondage being “interrogated” by Harold did me more good than what I would have spent on a “professional therapist”. Through my interaction with Harold, I know my life has been greatly enriched on many levels.
    Harold was one of the first to reach out to the community using different publications way back in the “BC”. (before computers!)
    Harold is a living legend…. I’m proud to call him a true friend….

  3. Sergeant Major Dungeon Master Cox is truly an icon in our community. Not just the kink, but the reality of facts and safety, studies on the Mean-Time-To-Failure for cuff locks, the reality of Bondage when you begin to wonder why you thought this would be fun.
    How many lives has our gravely voiced curmudgeon saved because he cared enough to research and preach: THANK YOU!

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