The Pretty Boy Sleep System

By Kevin’s Path

I got my first gig in the New York fashion industry when I was seventeen. I stood outside the entrance of Hollister on 600 Broadway in the summer months wearing sunglasses and swim trunks to bring in foot traffic off the street. I smiled and greeted all the girls entering the store and also their wary boyfriends.

I was still only nineteen when I got the first big break that was going to launch my career as a fashion model. I auditioned and scored a really high profile holiday ad campaign for Equinox. You might remember me – if you got one of those postcards in the mail last December? It had a color photo of a buff naked guy standing with a big smile, chestnut hair, and carrying an old-fashioned steam radiator chained to my wrist, tastefully hiding my junk. It said, “Happy Holidays from Equinox! We hope you like nothing.” Then on the back, it had a coupon for a zero first month down payment on a membership.


That was a very successful campaign for them, and they really liked me. When it ended, I started asking my agent if he could, maybe, on the strength of it start sending me out to try for something more ambitious, like a Calvin Klein billboard or even a Nasty Pig. I would smile sweetly and knock out the next closest model with a baseball bat if it got me an underwear ad. However, men’s fashion is a very competitive business. In the try-outs for Calvin they said my bulge was too big; so, that door didn’t open for me.

Instead, my agent sent me out for a job at a boutique high-end bed-and-bath store called Perfect Bounce – Perfect Sink. The store was promoting a new luxury bed set that featured an engineered $10,000 mattress with an unprecedented high number of individually wrapped innerspring coils, each of which was injected with nanogel foam elastomer. It had an unusually narrow target market, designed to conform to the contours of a man’s body for unequaled satisfying sleep support. It also advertised noiseless silent springs with perfect bounce and optimized sinkage without transfer of motion for active nighttime use. It was called The Pretty Boy Sleep System. They needed a pretty boy to put in it, and I needed a job.

[[WARNING: This story contains extreme elements that some readers might find objectionable. Continue reading at your own risk.]]

The store was downtown on MacDougal Street, and the whole street level front face of it, including the entrance door, was clear plate glass. They had set up a display model of this bed set in a mock-up bedroom in the front window. Everything was snowy white with a blue snowflake pattern accented by hints of green holly. There was a sprig of mistletoe hanging down above the bed. The message, “Take a Pretty Boy Home for Christmas” was transferred onto the front plate glass as a decal. I reported for work at about 8:00 pm prior to the store closing time. I would get naked and climb into the luxurious bed in the front window. They would turn on soft lighting that nevertheless spotlighted me. They gave me silk sheets, which were opaque but also closely conformed to my body underneath. I sleep pretty soundly on my stomach most nights; so, it was all very PG rated. Occasionally, I guess my leg or my butt cheek slipped out from under the sheet while I drooled on the pillow. I would sleep there through the night so that evening holiday shoppers and couples going out to dinner and affluent urban males out walking their dogs could see me sleeping in the bed, and it would plant the seed of wanting the Pretty Boy Sleep System.

It was such a great gig for me, because I was truly getting paid in my sleep. I would drowsily get out of bed in the morning at about the same time when businessmen were coming out of their downtown apartments to go to work in the financial district. I would sheepishly rub the sand out of my eyes and pull a goose down pillow across my hips as I exited the window to cover up my morning hard-on. One or a few morning customers in the store would occasionally applaud as I dashed to the changing room in the back. And then, I had the whole day to go audition for other jobs, work out, go to a movie, or do anything else I wanted. It was great.

The store was selling lots of beds also. The store owner, Ernie, really liked me. He said to me, “Bobby, I don’t know if the customers are buying these mattresses because they really want them or because they really want you, but I am taking full advantage of their confusion!” He patted me on the shoulder. I was like an adopted son to him. He promised he’d invite me to his New Year’s Eve party and introduce me to his daughter about my age.

Putting me in the display window overnights was Ernie’s idea. Then, Ernie got another idea as the marketing campaign continued. He called me into his office one morning. I hustled out of bed straight over to his desk with just my pillow in my lap, because I knew he liked that. He said, “Bobby, you’re such a nice kid, and I hope you won’t take this the wrong way – just a suggestion. How … how would you feel if we changed this up a little … made the display a little more … little more, uhmm … how should I put it?”

“More hot, you mean?”

“More hot! Exactly!”

I knew this was coming around the bend sooner or later; so, I headed it off, “Yes boss! Great idea! I am onboard. You’ve talked me into it. I get it. So, whom did you recruit to be the top guy who fucks me in the display bed to demo the active nightlife capabilities?”

Ernie flushed and was speechless for a moment. “Oh, no. no. no. I wouldn’t ask you to do anything like that! Why … why would you even think that?” He looked me up and down standing in my bare feet on his Persian rug as if I’d suddenly without warning stuck a turd under is nose. Ernie took my pillow away. “Gimme that. It’s company property and belongs in the display window.”

“Sorry,” I said.

He actually wanted to change it up in a more subtle, non-pornographic way. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. He measured my ankle.

A couple days later, Ernie woke me up in the display bed when I felt something cold clicking shut on my left ankle, which was poking out from under the sheet. The single shackle was a solid stainless steel oval, fitting exactly, about one quarter inch thick and one and a half inches high. A brass padlock was built into the cuff. The shackle was connected with six feet of quarter-inch stainless steel chain to.. to what? I followed the length of it over the side where it locked to an o-ring, which I’d not noticed before, on the bottom face of the mattress.

“Sleep tight, kiddo,” said Ernie.

  1. So, now I was chained to the bed by my ankle, and now the display window was slightly more edgy and eye-catching. Guys came in and bought even more Pretty Boy Sleep Systems.

Almost as if it were an oversight, Ernie one day “forgot” to unlock me in the morning. It got to be late morning with sun streaming in, me still naked in the window, not sleepy, wanting out of there. I had to piss in the flower vase by the lamp stand. I didn’t want to freak out and make a scene. This is my place of business, and I am a professional pretty boy after all. But, I didn’t understand this. People were coming in and out of the store as usual, but I didn’t ever see Ernie, and none of the salesmen were saying anything to me.

In the afternoon I was getting hungry and thirsty. Finally, I decided to do something. I wrapped the bed sheet around my waist so I wouldn’t be indecent and I went the full length of the chain to the door of the display window. I could open the door into the main part of the store, but I couldn’t go farther due to my attachment to the display bed. I was visible in the doorway and waved and whispered to Christoph, who is the salesman on duty in the afternoon. I asked him where Ernie was. He shrugged and said he didn’t know. I said I needed to get out of here, but he shrugged his shoulders again indicating nothing he could do for me.

“Could you at least give me something to eat, Christoph?”

“I’m pretty sure Ernie doesn’t want any food in the window display area. Crumbs will get on the mattress.”

“Christoph, c’mon!”

“Look, I’m with a customer now. Just get back in the window, will you fashion plate?” He shut the door on me, and I heard him lock the latch! I sat down on the floor next to the bed and just stared out of the display window. I felt like I was in a fish bowl. A guy in the street waved at me and blew a kiss, but I just stared back. I don’t know what I looked like. Come to think of it, I probably looked like a naked guy chained to a bed who can’t leave.

Customers came and went, but Christoph never found a moment for me. OK, he’s very busy. But then it got dark. The lights in the store went out. Christoph closed up and locked the front door. I knocked on the glass at him leaving, but he just paused and shrugged his shoulders again. Then he remembered something and came back in. Great! We’ll talk, and then he will finally get Ernie or do something constructive. After a moment the spotlights came up in the display window, then Christoph locked the front door again and went home.

I didn’t know what to do. I would call my agent, except that my phone was in my pants in the changing room. Unaccountably, Christoph’s only concern about me being locked up here was to remember to keep me properly lighted overnight in the window. It started snowing outside. I yelled at the top of my lungs just to blow off steam. No one in the street really noticed, and the store was empty. Eventually, I pulled the sheet over me and went to sleep, hoping things would get better in the morning.

I was awakened suddenly when my bed sheet was ripped off. I said, “Stop. C’mon!” or something like that and instinctively rolled up and covered myself. It was James from Customer Service, whom I didn’t know well, and another guy with him whom I didn’t know at all. It was still dark out. The store hadn’t even opened for business yet. What’s going on?

James took hold of my two feet at the foot of the bed and pulled me right off onto the floor while the other guy started stripping the cover sheet and taking off the pillow cases. I landed flat on my ass on top of clear transparent plastic sheeting spread over the floor. I was sleepy and disoriented, and by the time I was sitting up on the floor, James was already wrapping me.

“James … uhm … why are you wrapping me?”

“Good news, Bobby. The situation is we’ve now sold out on all of the sleep systems that we had in stock at the warehouse, and finally the only thing left to go was this display model. Ernie and the sales guys have been working really hard to close a deal on it with a particularly difficult customer, and it’s done. So, now we need to box it up and deliver today.”

“Oh great! That explains everything. I guess you’d better unchain me from this bed then; otherwise, this customer is going to be really surprised when I show up attached. Heh!” Oddly, James didn’t laugh.

He plugged in a hot air gun and started shrink-wrapping my chest and torso. The hot air rapidly caused the shrink wrap to collapse tight around me pinning my arms to my sides. The warm plastic instantly collapsed tight around my waist, so tight I could see the indent where it conformed into the hole of my bellybutton. It collapsed around my chest until my nipples flattened out and spread into two brown silver dollar sized circular discs.

James explained, “Any salesman can tell you it is always a challenge to sell the display model of anything. The display model is perfectly good product, but yeah, somebody already slept in it. The bed has your smell on it; so we need to steam clean. You seem like a nice boy, so I assume you didn’t ever cum in the sheets, but just in case, we still need to give him all new freshly laundered sheets and pillowcases. Every little issue like that incurs a discount if the customer is any kind of a bargainer. In this case, they struck a deal that was acceptable after a lot of haggling. You need to be thoroughly checked out to make sure you haven’t got any bugs or diseases. Ernie says he’s concerned about that, because they got an extended warranty agreement.”

This was a practical joke obviously. “Right! This is really funny guys. We’re selling this Pretty Boy system as a complete package with boy included! That’s super!”

“Right, exactly. It says here on the invoice: ‘Deliver the display model to 1730 Lexington Ave. Apt. 36’ That’s you – the display model.”

I was being a very good sport playing along. “Hah, hah! No. No. You misunderstand. I’m a mens’ fashion model…, not a display mod….umphft!”

James pinched my nose and wedged a wide football shaped plastofoam packaging insert between my teeth. Then he wound plastic wrap around my face and shrink-wrapped my head. He pulled the pen off his clipboard and poked it into my nostrils to pop open an airway before I stated to suffocate. The plastic conformed tightly to my face and began to squeeze my nose down, but James was fully prepared with two short pieces of Tygon tubing. He jammed one up into each nostril just in time for the shrink force to flatten my nose down around them. The pressure was tremendous, but the tubing kept my nostrils flared out wide open. The plastofoam football also pushed my cheeks out balancing against the intense shrink pressure around my mouth.

“He looks like a cute little chipmunk now, doesn’t he Sam?”

“Yeah, he really does,” Sam agreed. “But I don’t see what the fuss is about. He’s about as sexy as a Ken doll, if you ask me.”

I couldn’t hear very well what they were saying after my ears mashed flat against my head. At the top of my head there was a shrinking long tube of extra plastic wrap sticking up in the middle after the lower portion had contracted into a dome around my skull. James neatly tied it up into a tight plastic top-knot and then hit it with the gun again to seal it completely. I could still see a little through the shrink wrap, but, the pressure of the plastic on my eyeballs made it difficult to blink or refocus my eyes.

James flipped me over on my back and asked Sam to keep me pinned down and hold my ankles up above my head. There’s that area with loose skin in between the backside of your balls and the front side of your anus – James grabbed me there and stretched out the skin of my taint as far as it would go. I heard and felt a rapid sequence of “click click click click click click click.” There was a delay before the pain sensation of it also traveled up to my brain. I made some kind of sound that was loud to me but may have only sounded like gurgling in my throat to the outside world. I couldn’t see now, because my eyes teared up and I was rapidly sucking air through the nostril holes.

James yanked on my mattress tag to make sure it was stapled into my taint securely. The tag was made of synthetic white woven cloth with printed writing on it in very small type. The tag was about three inches wide and about eight inches long hanging down from under my taint between my legs.

James said, “This tag has product use instructions, warranty information, and legal assurances that you are nonflammable, hypoallergenic, and so forth. Don’t let anyone remove your mattress tag, because it’s against the law! Understand?” James spoke slowly and loudly at me to make sure I could understand him. Dumbly, I nodded my head. I was in shock.

“There’s no such thing as speaking too slowly for a fashion model, is there Sam?”

“You sure got that right,” Sam agreed.

A third person rushed in, and I recognized it was my boss, Ernie. I’m like a son to him. I couldn’t see well, but I knew he was standing there horrified what these guys were doing to me. He’d make it right.

Ernie ran in breathless. “Oh my god! Oh my god! I’m winded. I thought I might not get here in time to make things right.”

I tried to make imploring, pitiful “I’m your son” noises at him, but I got too dizzy and had to stop. The shrink wrap finally pulled so tight that my chest couldn’t expand, and all I could do now was take rapid shallow sips of air.

“I see you are pretty well along already. You probably didn’t hear that this mattress needs to ship with our theft protection system installed, because that’s another thing we promised on this display unit.”

James and Sam said almost in unison, “Oh Christ, Ernie! Nobody told us! That would have been some screw-up, wouldn’t it?” There was some confusion and swearing and messing around that I didn’t understand. James complained to Ernie, “I don’t think I’ve ever installed one of these. I don’t want to screw it up.”

Ernie said, “Here, I know how. Hold him still for me. I’ll make this quick and easy for you kiddo.” Ernie grabbed me above my balls and then stretched them out and separated my balls from each other and pinched his thumb and finger together at a point high up my ball sack between them marking a place. He punched a theft protection tag through at the point.”

You were going to introduce me to your daughter!

I think I fainted briefly. Next I know, James was sitting behind me with my back against his chest holding me up rubbing my shoulder blades. “It’s OK champ. All over. You’re OK now.”

Ernie waved a security wand over my private parts, and the wand made a shrill beeping noise. He said, “It’s working, see?”

“It is a very effective theft deterrent because, first of all, the transponder is hidden high up his crotch behind his scrotum. His balls hide it completely, and the front of the locking pin is just a button sized piece on the front of his sack. His penis hangs down covering it. A thief wouldn’t know it was there. Even if he did, it would be very difficult to pull out the locking pin now that it’s embedded. This customer can be completely secure knowing there is no way to steal The Pretty Boy Sleep System without being tracked down!”

Ernie wished me well and told me in slow, loud words that my final pay check and a generous bonus would be mailed to my new address care of the customer that purchased me. He said if I ever need a reference, feel free to call on him. He said he’d understand if I can’t make it to the New Year’s party.

He inspected my junk one last time. “I must say, I am surprised and relieved to see that you are actually circumcised. From the way that you talk sometimes, I took you for either a gentile or a filthy European. I regret the misunderstanding.”

“Yes. Yes! This is a terrible misunderstanding,” is what I wanted to say instead of snorting and making a snot bubble, but he’d already turned his back on me. He patted my head affectionately going out and reminded James and Sam that I still needed to be delivered by 4:00 pm. “We’ll miss you kid.”

“There is just no predicting what a customer will buy, is there Sam? Is there really a deadly ring of bed thieves, which I never heard of, stealing high-end mattresses?”

Sam shrugged.

“And talking about ridiculous things people buy, what kind of knucklehead actually wants a luxury bed set with naked boy permanently chained to it?”

“I pray for it every night in my deepest, darkest heart,” said Sam.

“Yeah, I hear you,” said James.

Next came the medical technician. James explained to her that I needed blood work sent to a lab to screen for any existing diseases, and I needed to be caught up on all my vaccinations, because the typical mattress comes into daily/nightly intimate contact with all kinds of people that may harbor all kinds of parasites and germs. The typical mattress soaks up its own weight in cum, sweat and other bodily fluids during the course of its lifetime and is a fertile breeding ground for lice, crabs, and gastrointestinal chigger-mites.

Sam said, “Eww” while he continued packing out the nightstands.

James and Sam had gotten the mattress out of its bed frame and stood it up against the back partition wall of the display window. The bottom side of the mattress had a welded steel frame with bolt holes regularly spaced along the frame so that he could easily stand me up in the frame and then fix me to it. He started by zip-tying my left and right ankles to bolt holes on the bottom left and right sides of the frame where it meets with support struts. He fixed me in a standing position with a four foot distance between my ankles. It was a king size mattress; so, the entire width of it was a little over six feet. He had already shrink-wrapped my legs and thighs above and below the knee. He told me to stand still and not squirm, because I wouldn’t want the king-size mattress to fall forward and squish me like a bug underneath it.

James paused, leaving the skin on the sides of my buttocks and on the deltoids above my shoulders exposed long enough so that the technician could first draw blood and then administer about twenty intermuscular injections spacing them out over different muscle groups, right side and left side. I think she also gave me a tranquilizer, because I started spacing out and feeling unaccountably euphoric. I think at one point the mattress was turned onto its side and then upside down in the process of preparing it. I felt through the mattress the warmth of someone steam cleaning the opposite front surface while James continued fixing me to the back. He realized he could secure my legs better now that I was upside down and they weren’t supporting my weight. He used temporary lengths of 2×4 as spacers between my feet and knees to push my legs wider apart and combined that with more zip-ties to also tension them apart until he got my feet stretched out wide almost the full width of the bed. I made a Y shape pinned to the mattress. My ankle cuff and the steel chain hanging off it became a convenient point of attachment and a pull chain to help guide the mattress once they’d gotten it up onto wheeled dollies.

These guys were transport professionals, and they had an inventory of packaging inserts for every conceivable job. They packaged my package by heat sealing an egg-shaped clear plastic clam shell casing around my cock and balls – sealed to prevent me pissing on the merchandise during transport. Sam stuffed me with an inflatable ballloon log insert. They had prepared plastofoam blocks divided into two halves with head shaped cutouts to hold and protect the right and left sides of my head like bookends. I was rendered blind in the dark and unable to move my head anymore after Sam smeared some gaffers glue into the impressions of my head and then closed the two blocks together to encase me.

James and Sam worked together as a practiced team to carefully wheel the mattress out through the showroom on the dollies. Disoriented and dizzy, I felt like I was flying stretched out on a giant billowing kite. I heard many voices but couldn’t make any sense of what was happening. Then suddenly, I was frightened by the sound of loud sirens going off all around. In another moment the klaxons were silenced. “See, I told you it works!”

My blind, unblinking eyeballs were stinging full of water trapped under the tight wrapping. I didn’t understand any of it, but the only thing I could comprehend was that my balls and cock must have tripped the security beacon as I was transported out the door.


Metal would like to thank the author, Kevin’s Path, for this story.


Note to readers: There are two more parts to this story, but they include elements some will find offensive. I have therefore decided not to post any more of this one (although I am most grateful to the author). If you absolutely must read more, you can click through to GayDemon for

Part 2


Part 3

But, remember, you might very well be offended and my suggestion is that you stop now. Click through to read more only at your own risk.


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