The Resort – Chapter 05

By TklBndg516

Unexpected Help

During the week after Steve and Jeff asked Brad to move into their house, Brad had given notice to the landlord.  He found that if the apartment was rented before the month was over, he would be entitled to a prorated refund, otherwise he was responsible for the rent until the end of the next month, which he had already paid.  He had most of his belongings moved.  He had a few pieces of furniture and some stuff in the kitchen still left to pack.  He did not need those items at the house.  He wanted to keep them in case the situation changed, and he had to live on his own again.  Alpha Fred had considered what the other alphas said about those two working together and told scheduling to make sure those two were always scheduled for the same shifts.  Their home life was great.  Their work life was great.

On their third workday of the week as they were coming in, Alpha Fred called them over.  He said that one of the Masters had a large group of VIP guests.  They don’t want to overload the laundry room used by other guests, so he has asked how it would affect us if he sent someone here to use one of our machines for the day.  Jeff said that will set us back a little, but not too much.  He said he would send an extra slave tomorrow to help us catch up.  You two are my best guys, so I want you to work with this slave.  Please leave one washer available for his immediate use.  He should be here in about an hour.  I’ll bring him in and introduce him to you.

About an hour later, alpha Fred comes in and says, “Slaves Jeff and Brad, this is…” and in unison, with big smiles, Jeff and Brad say, “Slave David!”


Eight days ago, was one of those rare, once every 6-to-8-week, occasions when David was in the vending capsule for more than an hour.  He wasn’t sure, but he thought it might have been around 3 hours already.  But time was difficult to tell in the vending capsule.  It could have been 45 minutes or 6 hours for all he could tell.  His brain told him, “No, it was not 6 hours, or he would have had a meal by now.”  He loved being in the vending capsule.  He felt safe there, controlled, without a care in the world.  Sometimes his mind would wander, bringing him to a state of bliss.  Sometimes it would give him a chance to think.  Today he was thinking about when he served as a guide.

As a guide, he was paired with someone who was going to be in a belt with all the features.  It was rare that a new slave would be in such a belt.  He was asked, no, he was told, to spend two days with this new slave to help him adjust to being at The Resort and to learn about being in a full belt.  He found that he liked the role of mentor.  It was a way of serving, but it was different from the other ways he had served.  One evening while he was being used to demonstrate the belt features to the new slave, they made a bet.  The new slave was a bit reluctant.  He tried to encourage him.  He even decided to help by stacking the odds a little more in his favor.  This turned into a bet.  He always tried to do a good job and found that he was starting to win that bet.

The Alpha in charge caught his eye and indicated that he was going to do something to give him a disadvantage.  That offered a way out from the conflict he was feeling.  He wanted to do the given task the best he could, but he also wanted to encourage the new slave, which meant the new slave would need to succeed.  He consented, which caused him to lose the bet.  Although, it wasn’t really a loss.  He won the opportunity to further encourage the new slave.

The next day, he learned that this new slave had informed the other new slaves about the belt he was in.  They were encouraging, so he took the opportunity to make a grand gesture of offering him control of his belt, the prize for him winning the bet.  He was timid about using it at first.  It was fun taunting him to go further.  By the end of the day, he seemed so much more confident about using the belt and, he thought, maybe more comfortable about being in the belt.  He felt like he had developed a bond with slave Jeff that he didn’t usually develop with people who had control of his belt.  There was another slave there that he liked, the one who thought his belt was really cool.  He couldn’t recall that slave’s name.

His Master had hinted that he might get to see slave Jeff again, but it was a couple of weeks, and he hadn’t seen him.  Actually, it wasn’t a hint.  He asked if he would like to interact with slave Jeff again.  There was no commitment or suggestion that he might get that opportunity.  He was dismissed.  After sending Master Ray the report he ordered, he went to the slave dining area, had a nice meal, then enjoyed the gift of recreational time before bed.  Bed for him was basically a padded trolley.  He went into the bedding chamber.  Another slave had just gone to bed, so it took a moment for the next trolley to come into place.  When it arrived, he took the connector for the waste extractor and charging port, turned his back to the trolley and connected it to his belt.  Then he sat on the trolley, turned, and placed his feet and legs into position, where the restraints automatically closed on his ankles and thighs.  He laid back holding his arms up so that the restraint around his chest could automatically close.

The mask required manual effort so that it would align properly with his eyes and mouth.  It automatically slid into place where it hovered a few inches from his face.  He brought the mask down so that the breathing tube entered his mouth, and the eye pieces were in proper position.  He then signaled the head restraint to activate, and it came over locking the mask and his head in place.  Then he put his arms into position where restraints closed around his wrists.  Master Ray must have been exceptionally pleased with him that day.  His belt activated with a very pleasant use of vibrators and electro that had him very horny almost immediately.  The trolley made its way to a storage area where he would be kept until the designated time for him to get up the next morning.  Shortly after getting there, his belt turned off.  Before dozing off he reflected on the events of the last two days, his mind thinking especially of slave Jeff.

The next few weeks went along.  Sometimes he was assigned to a guest via the slave vending process.  Sometimes he was assigned other duties.  Then one day he gets signaled to put himself on the trolley.  It brought him to Master Ray’s office.  Master Ray told him that he was curious about the new slave that slave David had guided during orientation.  It was rare that they got a new slave who was set up with a partner account right away like that, especially one with all the features active.  He checked on his progress and was pleased with what he saw.  He said he was considering him for a possible promotion but wanted to test him on something first.  He then told slave David what he was to do.  Although slave David was gagged while on the trolley and unable to speak, Master Ray could see that he was uncomfortable about his orders.  Master Ray knew that he would still obey without question.


The next day, slave David was given several bags of laundry to bring to the uniform washing station.  He met the alpha in charge of that area, alpha Fred.

When Alpha Fred went to introduce slave David to Brad and Jeff, he was surprised that they already knew each other.  They explained that slave David had been assigned as a guide for slave Jeff during orientation.  He said that should make it easier.  Alpha Fred asked them to show him which washer is available for his use and to show him how to use it.  The next two available washers should be made available for his use.  They may assist as needed so that he can complete the task assigned to him.

They greeted David with enthusiasm and showed him the washer that was reserved for his use.  They instructed him how to use it.  While he sorted the laundry he needed to do, they worked on sorting more of the laundry they needed to do.  While working they were able to catch up on a few things.  They asked how he was doing.  He said he was doing well and that he sometimes thought of them.  He asked about them and they updated him on the relationship that developed, and that Brad was in a full belt now too.  By the time David got the first load of laundry started, a second washer was available.  Jeff moved the uniforms from that washer into a dryer while Brad continued to sort.  Then another washer became available, and Brad handled removing the clothes from that one, leaving it available for David.  Moments later a dryer completed a cycle.  Brad and Jeff emptied the laundry into a bin, which they needed to take to another room to fold and sort.  They told David to come and get them if he needed them.

David got the laundry started and had some time to wait before the first load would be ready for the dryer.  He went over to Brad and Jeff to see if he could assist.  Brad let him take over his spot to help Jeff fold and stack then Brad took a stack and started sorting them.  A second and third dryer finished while Jeff and David folded, and Brad sorted.  By the time they finished, David’s first load was ready for the dryer.  Jeff also moved a load of wash into a dryer and started another load in the washer while Brad sorted.  David checked the washer with the second load, less than a minute to go.  He waited for it to complete, then moved that load into an available dryer.  A few minutes later, and the third load was in the dryer.  Jeff and Brad had another load to fold and sort, so David helped them with that.  After a second load was completed, it was time for Jeff and Brad to go to lunch.  They invited David to join them, but he said his orders were to stay there until the laundry was finished.

After Brad and Jeff left for lunch, David had a few minutes before the first load would finish in the dryer.  He went over to where they were sorting clothing and took a few items out of the bin and put them in the bins for items of the appropriate color.  There were a couple of jumpsuits, two headbands, some shorts, and some shirts.  Then his dryer was finished.  He took the clothes out and brought them to the other room to start folding.  He was on the second load when they came back from lunch.  Brad resumed sorting while Jeff put a load of orange uniforms in one of the washers.  Then they took a load from a dryer to fold and sort.  A few minutes later, Jeff went back to put a load of blue uniforms into a washer, then he and Brad finished up folding and sorting.  David finished his folding.  He told them he wished he could stay and visit longer, but he had to get this laundry back.

After David left, they continued with their job.  A while later, Brad went to remove the blue uniforms from the washer.  He got a few out, but some were stuck.  He called Jeff over to help.  Jeff was only able to free a couple of items.  They went to Alpha Fred to report the issue.  He grabbed a flashlight.  he followed them to the washer.  As he looked inside, he could see the problem.  There was a headband, no two headbands, maybe more, that were in the washer without being out into the mesh bag first.  The wires with the locks were tangled around some of the uniforms and part of the washing machine mechanism.  Alpha Fred was clearly not happy.

Turning to slaves Jeff and Brad, he asked who put this load into the washer.  Slave Jeff said, I put that one in.  He asked if he had sorted it too.  Brad said they both sorted uniform parts into that bin.  Alpha Fred told them that they put two headbands into the washer without putting them in the mesh bags first.  The wires with the locks tangled onto the uniforms and the washing machine mechanism.  He was going to have to call someone from Maintenance to see if they can do something with this.  They may have to take the whole washer apart for all he knew.  He reminded them that they were taught about the importance of putting them in the mesh bag during training.  He said that he thought they were two of the best slaves he’s had in this group, and he was very disappointed that they would make such an error.

Brad and Jeff just stood there, not sure what they should stay.  Alpha Fred was so angry that they were afraid to say anything.  Then alpha Fred said that he needed time to figure out what to do about this.  They were dismissed for the rest of the day – without pay, and that they should report to his office the next day at the start of their shift.  Not sure what else to do they both responded, “Yes alpha Fred,” then left.

They were silent for the whole trip home.  When they got home, they sat down in the living room in silence until Steve came home.


An alert went off on Master Rays pad.  He checked and saw that slaves Jeff and Brad were having their uniforms removed two and a half hours before their shift usually ends.  He waited a few minutes and checked again.  They had finished having the uniforms removed.  He checked again a few minutes later and they were on the ferry.  He tapped a control on his pad.

In the slave quarters, there was a yelp that caught the attention of the other slaves in the area.  Somehow slave David was expecting a buzz in his belt, not a full powered zap.  But then he should have known better coming from Master Ray.  He got up, left the slave quarters, and headed toward the uniform laundry area.  He went to Alpha Fred and said that his Master wanted him to extend his thanks for letting him use their laundry machines.  Alpha Fred, apparently distracted by other matters, said that he was welcome.  Slave David then said that his Master gave him permission to thank slaves Jeff and Brad for helping him.  Alpha Fred said that there had been an incident and he sent them home.  He was not sure if they would be coming back.  Slave David asked what happened.  He told him about the incident with the washing machine.  Slave David didn’t say anything further.  He left.

About 45 minutes later, Master Ray appeared in alpha Fred’s office looking even more upset than Alpha Fred.  Slave David was following behind, also looking upset.  Alpha Fred stood up at attention feeling extremely nervous.  Master Ray turned to slave David and in a stern voice said, “Kneel, face to the floor.”  Slave David did as he was ordered.  Master Ray then turned to alpha Fred and in a very friendly tone said, “I am here to apologize, please have a seat.”  Master Ray took a seat in one of the chairs in front of alpha Fred’s desk then told him that his slave was at fault for the incident.  At each use of the word slave, he tapped a control on his pad that caused a yelp from slave David.  He continued saying that after hearing what happened, his slave came to him and told him that he had a few minutes while they were at lunch, so he was trying to help them out by sorting some of the uniforms for them.

It seems he did not know the proper way to handle the headbands for washing.  He carelessly put the headbands into the bin, which resulted in this incident.  He complimented alpha Fred on the way he handled the situation but said that slaves Jeff and Brad should not be punished for the carelessness of his slave.

Alpha Fred said that he had already sent them home without pay for the afternoon.  Master Ray said that he would authorize them to get paid for the time they lost today and a two-hour bonus for him for the stress and inconvenience his slave caused.  He added that to make up for the lost work, he was assigning his slave to assist them for the next three days.  He added that during those three days, they were permitted to control slave David’s belt, even during work hours.  They may punish slave David or do with him as they see fit.  Additionally, during that time, they were permitted to offer control of their own belts to each other or anyone else, if they wish, even during work hours.  He said to make sure to relay that message exactly.  Alpha Fred then asked if he should try to call them now to let them know.  Master Ray said to wait until tomorrow then tell them in the morning.

As Master Ray got up, alpha Fred also stood up.  Master Ray then turned to slave David and while tapping a control that made him yelp, again, said in a harsh tone, “Come.”  He walked out of the room with slave David following.  After they left, Alpha Fred sat down and let out a huge sigh of relief.  He needed a few minutes to process what had just happened.

The Master’s quarters were just past the slave quarters.  About three quarters of the way to the slave quarters, Master Ray, in a gentler voice told slave David to step closer.  Slave David came almost next to Master Ray, but still slightly behind.  Master Ray told him he played his part well.  Master Ray told him that he is not to be seen outside of the resident slave area, but that he may have recreational time for the next 3 hours then he was to come to Master Ray’s suite for the night.


When Steve got home, seeing them sitting there, fully dressed, silent, apparently in deep thought, he asked what was wrong.  They told him what had happened.  They said they were sure they did not miss putting a headband in a mesh bag.  But they don’t know how else it could have happened.  They really liked their job, but they were afraid they might lose it.  Steve couldn’t think of anything to say to comfort them.  He suggested that they go out to dinner to try to forget about today for a while.  None of them felt like going anywhere too fancy.  They went to a small, somewhat quiet restaurant.  Afterwards, they came home, didn’t feel like doing much, so they went to bed early.

The next morning, they got up.  Jeff was not in the mood for doing much for breakfast, so it was just bagels and coffee.  They all left for work.  When Jeff and Brad got on the ferry, Dan saw them and came over to them.  He said, “Wow, you guys missed some excitement yesterday.”  They said they knew.  They were at the center of it.  He said he heard about that, but this was about something else.  He wasn’t sure, it sounds like the incident wasn’t their fault.  One of the senior Masters came to see Alpha Fred.  No one could believe that a senior Master was actually in the laundry area.  The other guys said they’ve never even seen a senior Master before, much less one coming there.

The ferry landed and they walked together to get their uniform on.  As they were putting their stuff in a locker, Dan saw Brad’s belt for the first time.  He commented that it looks like they are both in the same deluxe belts.  Brad confirmed that they were.  He said he wanted to hear more about that the next time they saw each other.

While they were a little more hopeful, they were still nervous on their way to alpha Fred’s office.  When they got to Alpha Fred’s office, he greeted them with a big smile and invited them in and to sit down.  That had them totally off guard.  In somewhat of a daze, they sat down as they were told.  Alpha Fred apologized to them for the day before.  He told them what had happened and that he was sorry for jumping to the wrong conclusion.  He told them they would get paid for their regular hours yesterday, even though they got sent home early.  He relayed the orders from Master Ray.  He told them that during the next three days, they were permitted to control slave David’s belt, even during work hours.  They may punish slave David or do with him as they see fit.  Additionally during that time, they were permitted to offer control of their own belts to each other or anyone else, if they wish, even during work hours.

The two of them sat there stunned.  When they got there, they weren’t sure if they were going to get fired, and now this.  This was definitely not how they thought their day would go.  As it started to sink in, they began to feel relieved, even happy.  Alpha Fred gave them a moment to process what they just heard, then he told them they should get to work.  He told them slave David was waiting in there with strict orders not to touch anything or do anything unless told to do so by any of the three of us.  They got up and thanked alpha Fred, then headed to the laundry area.

As they entered the area, slave David was on his knees with his hands behind his back.  When he saw them, he bowed his head and said, “I apologize for the trouble I caused you yesterday.  I have been ordered to assist you for the next 3 days and offer you control of my belt.  You may punish me as you see fit.  They both pulled out their control pads and saw that they were authorized to control David’s belt for the next 23 hours and 12 minutes.  Seeing that, they figured he must have authorized their access 48 minutes ago.  They wondered if he had been kneeling there the whole time.  Jeff looked at Brad and asked if he wanted to go first.  He seemed hesitant to use the belt to punish someone like that.  Jeff had some experience controlling David’s belt and knew what he could handle.  He set a control to zap him at 85% with the electro on his plug.  He tapped the control with each syllable as he said, “Don’t you scare us like that again.  Now get up and let’s get to work.”  On the last word he held the control down for a few seconds.  With a “Yes, slave Jeff,” David stood up and asked what he wanted him to do.

With a smile, Jeff said it was good to see him again.  He said that he understood that David was trying to help, and he appreciated that.  Then he quickly added that if he wanted to help, he should not touch any headbands or caps.  Mentioning that they were told they were supposed to punish him for what he did, added that he also wanted to thank him for trying to help.  With that, he tapped a few controls that turned on vibrators and some low-level electro and a small inflation of the plug to create a very pleasurable sensation telling him that was the thank you.  Then extending the spikes in the penis tube all the way, saying that was the punishment for now.

Jeff and Brad went to assess where things were and what needed to be done.  They noticed that one washer was missing from its spot.  Apparently, Maintenance had taken it to their shop to untangle and remove the contents.  There were two bins ready to be put in the washer and several bins that needed to be sorted.  Two washers had loads that were ready to go into the dryers.  They had David load the laundry into the washers and dryers while they handled the sorting.  They reminded David that he should not touch the sorting.  Shortly after they started sorting, Jeff asked Brad if he had any ideas for David’s next punishment.

With a sly smile, Jeff said, maybe you need some incentive.  He pulled out a controller and set the electro in Brad’s belt to a slow, gentle, pleasant pulse.  Jeff said that it would keep building up until he picked a punishment for David.  Brad complained it wasn’t fair that he could control Brad’s belt, but Brad could not control Jeff’s belt.  Jeff asked David if he thought he should give Brad control of his belt.  His response was that they should give him control of both of their belts.  Jeff asked what he would do with that control.  David responded that maybe he would show his appreciation or maybe get revenge.  Jeff thought that might be fun, but Brad wasn’t so sure.  So, Jeff offered Brad a deal.  He said that if Brad offered David control, then he would offer them both control of his belt.  With some hesitation, Brad accepted.

They continued with their work.  When the first dryer finished, they went to the other room to fold and sort.  David only did the folding.  Brad and Jeff took turns doing the sorting.  With three of them, the work went faster.  They still had a backlog to get caught up, but they were making progress.  Eventually Brad’s belt started transitioning from pleasant to uncomfortable.  So, he set the shock on David’s collar to go off at 30 second intervals at 10%.  David commented that he could do better than that.  He upped it to 20%, then 30%, then 40% which is when David said he could still do better, but not too bad for his first time.  Jeff turned off the setting on Brad’s belt.  David sent them a thank you in the form of a pleasant setting on their belts.

On the way to lunch, David tried to encourage Brad to do more with the belt.  Jeff told him that he got to control his belt during orientation and David can take any setting he could dish out.  Brad was still a bit reluctant, but he went a little further on setting some of the controls.  At lunch Jeff had a bit of a competition to see what they could to do David.  That continued into the afternoon.  By the end of the day, he was doing better at dishing it out to David.

On the ferry home, they were having some fun zapping each other.  Jeff went easy on Brad since he had less experience but gave him a few nice zaps.  It was all taken in good fun.  Their mood was so much different than the night before when they thought they might get fired.  This was one of the best days they had at work.

When they got home, they were all excited to tell Steve their good news.  Steve was also excited about news he had to share with them.  They were so excited they told him that the incident was not their fault, and they get to keep their job and David was there to help them today, and they got to control his belt.  They were not expecting Steve to respond by saying, “I know” but that was his response.

They asked how he knew.  He said he got an e-mail from a Master Ray. That was the news he wanted to share.  He called up the e-mail then read it to them:

Dear Sir,

It has come to my attention that you were indirectly harmed by my slave.  His actions resulted in Jeff and Brad being reprimanded and sent home early without pay with the concern that they may lose their job here.  First, I would like you to know that they will not be losing their job and they will get paid for the full day.  Additionally, I have ordered the slave that caused the incident to help them to get caught up with the missed work over the next 3 days.  They have been given permission to control his belt, even during work hours, and to punish him as they see fit.

It would be my pleasure to offer you a two-night stay at The Resort.  It is my understanding that you control the partner account for Jeff and that Jeff controls the Partner account for Brad and that both reside at the same address now.  So, I suspect you would want to have them with you while you are here.  It would not be appropriate for me to offer them a stay here, as they are employees of The Resort, but I can arrange for them to have an early enrollment in the trial guest slave program, where they could then be guest slaves allocated to you during your stay.  I will also offer an experienced guest slave for your use during your stay to make sure you get the most from your stay here.

I understand if you want to discuss this with Jeff and Brad before responding.  Please ask them not to discuss this offer with anyone else at The Resort.  If you are interested in accepting this offer, I will arrange to have the guest slave options enabled on their profile and have them scheduled for training early next week.  Your response either way is appreciated.

Master Ray

They decided to go out to eat to celebrate all the good news of the day and to discuss the invitation they received.  It was a much livelier conversation that the night before.  Steve set their belts to a mildly arousing setting.  They were not sure what it meant to be a trial guest slave.  They were aware of such a program from orientation and had a general idea.  Bottom line was that they would get to spend two nights at The Resort with Steve.  That was all that mattered, so they decided to accept the offer.  Steve sent a reply to Master Ray while waiting for dessert.

When they got home, Steve had another e-mail from Master Ray

Dear Sir,

I am pleased that you have accepted my offer.  The guest slave options for Jeff and Brad are now available in their profile.  They are scheduled for guest slave training next week.  You may make a reservation as early as the weekend after their training. Please use code MRG0512DS when making your reservation.  Send me your confirmation number when the reservation is complete, and I will arrange to have it marked as paid.

Master Ray

Jeff and Brad both took out their controllers and reviewed the guest slave options.  There was a list of activities where they needed to indicate experience ranging from 0 (none) to 5 (very much) and their willingness to participate in that activity ranging from 0 (never) to 5 (very often).  Another section had options for the slave vending capsule.  They didn’t quite understand what most of those options were about but figured they would learn about it at training.  All of this made them very horny, so they took it out on Steve, bringing him to another incredible orgasm before they went to bed.

The rest of the week went well.  Steve put in the reservation and informed Master Ray.  Jeff and Brad enjoyed working with David and having freedom to control each other’s belts.  Brad got a lot more comfortable both in giving and receiving with the belt.  With the extra help, they got caught up from the backlog.  The washer was returned as were the items in it.  One headband was salvaged, but the other had to be cut.  That weekend Brad finished moving out of his apartment.  They had a new tenant right away, so he would be getting a partial refund of that month’s rent.  And they had the excitement of the upcoming training and time at The Resort coming up.

To be continued…

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