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The Resort – Chapter 14

By TklBndg516


Over the years, the relationship between Master Ray and Master Steve grew.  They became good friends.  Master Ray was a mentor and coach to Master Steve as he acquired partial ownership in The Resort.  There was a quality in Master Steve that Master Ray noticed from the beginning.  Master Ray helped him refine that to where he eventually became second only to Master Ray in his control over The Resort.

The friendship between Jeff, Brad, and David also continued to grow.  They would often spend time together when not on duty.  They would often be present when Master Ray and Master Jeff got together, but also on their own.

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The Resort – Chapter 13

By TklBndg516

The Program Begins

Monday brought about the start of the chastity program.  They had the usual pilot program meeting.  There were a few helpful comments about the program, but for the most part it was going as expected.  They informed the participants that they were getting ready to go live with the program.  For now, the members of the pilot program will continue as they are.  Jeff said that they still value their feedback until the program is more settled.  They expected to have the information out by the end of the week.  They were told that if they know anyone who might want to participate in the program, to have them reach out to Jeff or Steve.  They can get a head start on signing up before the program gets out to the rest of the staff.  Matt mentioned that he knows of a few people that may be interested.  David did too.  The members of the pilot program were dismissed.

The rest of the team stayed a little longer.  Jeff reported that he had a meeting with someone from the marketing group that afternoon.  He showed them the information that he put together about it.  They had a few suggestions.  Jeff made a few revisions while they were there.  Steve asked to participate in the meeting with the person from the marketing group.  With that they adjourned until their Thursday meeting.  As usual, they then went to lunch together.

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The Resort – Chapter 12

By TklBndg516

A Weekend with Matt

After finishing his shift, Matt went to have his uniform removed.  When he came out, Steve was waiting for him.  They walked together towards the registration desk.  Steve thought of retrieving Brad on the way there, but he had to be registered at The Resort before he could retrieve a slave.  At the registration desk, Steve found that his room had been upgraded.  In fact, he was assigned the same room he had on his previous visit.  He also had a credit on his room.  He suspected that was a gift from Master Ray.  Steve already had his employee bracelet.  Matt was given a guest bracelet.  They were now registered guests.

The attendant had the next bellhop slave come over to help with the luggage and show them to their room.  Steve, being more familiar with The Resort, used his app to request that Brad be brought to the slave vending machine near his room.  The bellhop slave showed them to the elevator.  When they got to the floor, Steve said he wanted to collect one of his slaves before going into the room.  They stopped at the slave vending machine where Brad was ready to be retrieved.

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The Resort – Chapter 11

By TklBndg516

Pilot Program

On Thursday the team met to discuss the outcome of the focus group and the plans for the pilot program.  They all agreed that the meeting with the focus group went well.  They got a lot of good feedback that confirmed some of the things they had already figured out and provided some new ideas.  Then they worked on the rules for the Pilot Program.

Participants in the focus group would be asked to set up a partner account with Jeff as the controller.  They would be told that Jeff would relinquish control immediately if any of them wanted to opt-out of the program.  He would also provide them with self-control of the device whenever requested.  Use of any additional features would initially be under self-control.  As the program developed, they may limit self-control, but they would always have the option to opt-out.

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The Resort – Chapter 10

By TklBndg516

Back to Work

Morning seemed to come around quickly.  Jeff and Brad made breakfast while Steve showered and dressed.  After breakfast, Jeff and Brad put on clothes to travel to work.  All three still carried the excitement from the weekend and for what the new week would bring.  They left the house together.  Jeff and Brad went together towards the ferry station while Steve headed to his office.

The ferry ride and getting into uniform was pretty much the standard routine.  They started work as usual.  About a half hour later, alpha Fred asked them to come into his office. They came into his office and alpha Fred invited them to have a seat.  He told them that he got a call to let him know that the two of them have been assigned to work on a special project.  He was told that they would still be working laundry, but their schedules in laundry would be adjusted to accommodate the needs of the special project.  He told them that they were scheduled for a meeting the next day before lunch.  Alpha Fred was not given any details of the project.

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The Resort – Chapter 09

By TklBndg516

Weekend at The Resort, Day 3

David was the first to wake up.  He laid there quietly so that he did not wake up the others.  Perhaps 20 minutes passed, maybe a half hour before Brad and Jeff woke.  They whispered good mornings to each other, then remained silent so they did not wake Steve.  As it happens, Steve woke up about the same time as Brad and Jeff.  He was laying quietly in bed so that he did not wake them up.  Hearing the whispers, he decided to lay there a little longer before getting up.  A few minutes later, he called out, “Good morning.”  “Good morning, Sir!” was the response from three voices under his bed.

Steve told them his thoughts about where to go for breakfast, either buffet, sit down or the ABDL themed restaurant.  Jeff and Brad were reluctant to try the ABDL themed restaurant.  They said they would be too embarrassed to enjoy it if they had to dress like babies.  David told them there were a lot of guys who were into that, so they had no need to be embarrassed.  He said it wasn’t particularly something he was into, but there were a few times he was paired with a Master who wanted him to be a baby.  He said it could be fun to try.

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The Resort – Chapter 08

By TklBndg516

Weekend at The Resort, Day 2

Morning came and Steve was the first one out of bed.  That’s because the others were shackled and could not get out of bed until he released them.  Steve could have done that without getting out of bed, but he wanted to see them shackled.  He asked them how they slept.  Jeff and Brad said they woke up a few times during the night and had difficulty getting back to sleep, but that overall, they slept alright.  David said he slept well, but then David was used to being restrained at night.  Steve released them and said they should shower together before going to breakfast.

In the shower, David started soaping up Steve’s body and signaled the others that they should help.  Steve had three guys bathing his body.  The feel of their soapy hands felt so good.  They paid special attention to certain areas, like the nipples and penis.  They were very thorough in bathing him.  It felt wonderful.  When they were done bathing Steve, the rest of them showered quickly.  Steve was the only one who needed to get dressed.  Once Steve was dressed, they headed to breakfast.

As they were leaving the room, Steve asked David for suggestions on where to have breakfast.  David said there were a few sit-down places, a buffet, or a couple of fetish places that serve breakfast.  Steve was curious, so he asked about the fetish restaurants.  David told them that the leather and rubber themed places have a breakfast menu, but also a dress code.  The ones for pups and ABDL recommend a dress code but allow spectators.

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The Resort – Chapter 07

By TklBndg516

Weekend at The Resort

Thursday evening, Jeff and Brad helped Steve pack for the weekend.  He wanted everything ready so that he could head to The Resort right after work without stopping home.  Steve had written to Master Ray asking what Jeff and Brad should bring.  His reply was that usually resort slaves were not allowed to have any personal property with them, including clothing and cell phones.  If a guest wants a slave to wear a specific outfit, The Resort has a wide selection of clothing options for slaves.  Brad and Jeff would not need cell phones to keep in touch with him as communication can be arranged through their collars and controllers.  If there were any personal items or clothing that he wanted them to be able to use or wear while at The Resort, he would be able to bring it in his luggage.  They decided that there really wasn’t anything that Jeff and Brad needed to bring.  Steve’s luggage was packed and waiting at the door to leave with him when he went to work in the morning.

The next morning, the three of them headed to work.  The schedules for Jeff and Brad had them finishing at the laundry two hours earlier than usual.  Their schedule just indicated that they had a special assignment that afternoon and should report for uniform change.  After finishing their shift in the laundry area, they headed over to the uniform area.  They got to the locker area and retrieved their cards.  They got onto the slave trolley.

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