The Resort – Chapter 06

By TklBndg516

Slave Vending Machine

For Jeff and Brad, the workday started out as usual.  They were very excited for the afternoon, which made the rest of the workday seem to go much faster.  Their schedule showed their shift in the laundry cut by 2 hours and 15 minutes.  They were allotted 15 minutes to get to the location for their training.  It was in the same building, so they only needed 5 minutes to get there.  When they entered the training room, it looked similar to the training room used for orientation.  And there was a familiar face there.  They recognized slave Rick.  They went over to say hello and asked if he was also taking this training.  He told them he was leading it.

They knew that Rick worked in Slave Control, but they thought he was one of the attendants who put slaves into their uniforms.  He was one of the attendants to put slaves into the Slave Vending Machines.  Right after service as guide he became one of the trainers.  This was his fourth class, and the first that he was teaching on his own.

The last of the slaves taking that class came in, so Rick started the class a few minutes early.  He explained that the course would consist of three parts.  There were 6 students for the first part, but for the second and third parts they would be in pairs.  Today was a lecture.  The other parts would be practical training.  He went on to tell them about the Slave Vending Machines.

From a guest’s perspective, they go to one of the Slave Vending Machine terminals.  They would already have a profile set that would give the system an overview of their wants and interests.  They could then fine-tune their selection.  Do they want a slave for a particular interest or fetish?  Do they want the slave dressed a certain way.  Do they want the slave in a full belt, partial belt, or no belt?  Do they want the slave gagged or able to speak?  There are several criteria that they can choose to pick the slave they want.  Sometimes they have had a slave before, so they may have a request for a specific slave.  If they have a reservation for a particular slave or that slave is available, they may request that slave directly.  The system will match the needs and preference of the guest to a slave that will best be able to serve that guest.

When the guest has made their selection, the slave will then be brought to that terminal in a slave vending capsule.  Once the slave vending capsule arrives at the terminal, it will adjust the setup of the slave.  In some cases, items that the system cannot automatically adjust may be stowed in the capsule.  When the slave vending capsule arrives at the slave vending machine, the slave vending capsule will inform the slave of what items should be used.  The slave would apply whatever items can be applied inside the slave vending capsule before it opens.  Sometimes items may need to be applied after the slave is out of the slave vending capsule.  If there is an advanced reservation for a slave, he may be put into the capsule set up in the way the Master requested.  Once the slave is set, the slave vending capsule will open, and the slave will be assigned to the control of the guest.

There are several options for how the slave will be set up in the capsule.  Some are based on the slave’s activity profile, the rest by the slave vending capsule options on your profiles.  Most slaves can configure these options themselves.  Resident slaves and slaves who have a partner account may not have access to those features.  As trainees, they have access to those settings during the duration of the course.

Rick went on to explain about the belt options.  A slave designated as a guest slave would generally have the additional features enabled.  Of course, Jeff and Brad had a partner account, so they were familiar with the belt options.  The rest of the group would have self-control of those features so they can try them to determine which features they would allow through their profile until they served as a guest slave.

While in the slave vending capsule, there were some audio and visual options.  It can be set up with an audio or video play list.  There can be a single image or series of images.  There can be any of various sound effects, like running water or white noise.  Some use hypnosis recordings for relaxation and training.  Or it can be dark and silent.

When going into the capsule, a time limit can be set for the maximum time to wait to be selected.  The system generally is exceptionally good at estimating how many slaves are needed at a particular time.  Slaves are sometimes delivered to a vending station as soon as they are in.  Usually there is a short wait.  On rare occasions the demand for slaves is less than anticipated, in which case there may be a longer wait.  The default wait time is 4 hours.  That can be reduced if a slave cannot or does not want to wait that long.

Before dismissing them, he reminded them that they should review the options and set them accordingly before their next session.  Also, that they will be in pairs for the next two sessions.

That evening they told Steve about their assignment.  Steve said that with his reservation, he had a similar list to fill out.  After dinner, the three of them sat there discussing the items and updating their respective lists.  That had them all horny by the time they finished, so Steve set their belts on an increasing pulse that would start off pleasant and get uncomfortable.  He told them it would stay on until he was satisfied.  He was slightly disappointed that they got him to cum very quickly, but it was late, and they had to work the next day.

The workday flew by quickly for Brad and Jeff.  They met Rick in the training room.  Rick led them to the slave vending capsule loading area.  He told them that first they would get to see a slave loaded into the slave vending capsule then they would get put into one.  He pointed out that their capsule will only travel a few feet to a nearby slave vending machine used for training.  The purpose of today was primarily to fine tune the adjustments for them and to give them experience in getting in and out of it.

When they got there a slave was waiting to be put into the capsule.  The slave was wearing a collar, belt, wrist cuffs and leg cuffs.  The slave used his collar to open the back of the capsule.  Rick said that was to confirm which slave would be in it so the capsule could adjust appropriately.  The slave then knelt into position.  Once his legs were in position, the restraints automatically closed around his ankles.  He then positioned his arms and the restraints closed on his arms.  The slave then opened his mouth and placed it over the gag.  It looked like there were pads over his eyes.  Rick explained that there was a small high resolution video display in front of each eye.  The machine then took a strap that seemed to come from either side of the gag and connected it around the back of the slave’s head.  Panels on the sides swung in over his ears.  Those contained speakers.  Then a piece came up under his chin and over his forehead and finally a hinged padded piece came down pressing on the back of his head.  It looked like the slave would not be able to move his head at all.  Next some poles came up around the belt.  The attendant touched each of them to his belt.  Rick said that these poles served two purposes.  They held the belt in place providing support for the slave while preventing him from moving.  They also attached to key sections of the belt so that if the guest wants items removed, these poles would be able to remove them while he is still in the slave vending capsule.  The attendant then attached a connector to the waste and charging port on the back of the slave’s belt.  He then took a package and stowed it in the capsule.

Before closing the doors, Rick showed them that there was a button near the slave’s finger.  This was to provide water when the slave needed it.  Rick then explained that when the slave vending capsule entered the slave vending machine, the head and hands would be released.  Depending on the guest’s preferences, the gag, belt, wrist cuffs, and ankle cuff may stay on or be removed.  If the slave is instructed to use any item, the interior light will go on and the slave would be able to reach for the items that he needs to put on.  When ready, he would press the button on the front and the legs will be released, the slave vending machine and capsule will open, then the slave can step out.

When Rick was done, the attendant closed the door.  The attendant tapped a control on his pad then the slave vending capsule moved a couple of feet forward, then down a chute.

Moments later a new capsule appeared.  Rick pointed to a slave vending machine a few feet away.  Rick explained that the capsule they went into would be sent to that vending machine.  You will get into the slave vending capsule.  It will take you there then you will get out.  First, he needed them out of their jumpsuits.  He tapped a control that unlocked them then told them to take them off.  They paused for a moment.  They had never done that themselves before.  Rick told them they were allowed to remove the jumpsuit as part of the class, which is why he was authorized to unlock them.  They took off their uniforms and folded them neatly.

Rick picked Brad to go first and told him to go in and kneel.  Brad opened the door then went in and knelt.  Rick checked a few things then told him to put his arms in position.  Rick looked at his arms then tapped a few controls that adjusted the position of his arms a bit.  He asked if that was better.  Brad said that it was, so then he told Brad to put his mouth onto the gag.  He did.  He tapped a control on his pad to inflate the gag a little.  Then he tapped it a few more times until Brad started to cough.  He deflated the gag two settings, then had Brad put his mouth over it again.  Rick then did the strap.  The side panels, chin, and forehead pieces moved into place.  Rick checked them then tapped a control.  The piece came down on the back of his head securing his head in place.  Then the poles came up that Rick attached to his belt.  Rick then tapped a control on his pad and spoke into the pad telling him to test the water tube.  He saw Brad press the button.  Rick then closed the door.  He tapped a control then the slave vending capsule moved a few feet then waited.  Rick walked over to the machine with Jeff following.  He tapped a control on the vending machine.  The slave vending capsule moved into the slave vending machine.

Inside the slave vending capsule, Brad was in total darkness and silence, unable to move anything more than wiggling his fingers and toes.  He felt the slave vending capsule move, then stop.  A few moments later it moved again.  After it stopped, the head restraint released, however, the gag stayed in place.  Then his arms were released.  Finally, his legs were released.  The front of the slave vending capsule opened, and he stepped out.  Rick congratulated him on doing well.  Brad tried to stay “Thank you”, but it was so muffled by the gag it sounded like two low grunts.  Rick joked that this was a good way to keep people from talking in class.  Brad reached behind to take it off, but he could not remove it.  Rick said it was locked and that he would remove it once he got Jeff in the slave transport container.

Jeff went through the same exercise that Brad did for getting into the slave transport container.  After Rick tapped the control to send the slave transport container to the slave vending machine, he then tapped the control on his pad that unlocked the gag on Brad.  Jeff came out of the slave vending machine also still gagged.  Rick showed them that next to the slave vending machine was a gear station.  The gear station can be used for requesting or returning certain Resort owned items, such as these gags.  The gear stations can be used by both guests and slaves, though generally if a guest wants something he will either send a slave to fetch it or call for room service to deliver it.  He showed them how to order items to be delivered by the gear station.  Then he tapped the control on the gear station to have it return something.  He then unlocked the gag on Jeff and told them both to put the gags on the gear station.

He had them go through the process three more times for practice.  Then he had them put their jumpsuits back on.  The jumpsuits locked as soon as they were closed.  That was the end of that day’s training.  The next training would be a longer session and they would meet here at the slave vending capsule loading area.

Two days later, after completing their work shift, they were with Rick at the slave vending capsule loading area.  He said that today they would be getting into some of the common items that guests often ask to have slaves wearing when they come out of the slave vending machines.  A harness was a common request.  Hoods and masks were popular, especially dog hoods.  They already experienced having the gag kept on, but sometimes there would be a gag as part of a hood setup.  He unlocked their uniforms, then handed them each a bag of gear and told them to take out the contents.  He told them to take off their uniforms then try putting the various gear items on themselves there.  Most of the hoods were easy enough for them to put on themselves.  He had to assist them in figuring out how to put the harness on and some of the other accessories.

Once they were able to do it themselves, he told them that they would be going into the slave vending capsule with one or more of the items.  It would be sent to the storage area while the other got into a slave vending capsule.  Then that one would be sent to storage while the first one was called to the slave vending machine.  When they got to the machine, they were to put the items on before exiting.  Then they would be put back in with other items for the next trip.

This time Jeff went first.  He got into the slave vending capsule.  A package was put inside.  He was already secured, almost completely immobile with no sight, no speech, and limited hearing.  He was barely aware that something was put in with him.  He sensed that the door was closed.  The slave vending capsule moved.  It went forward a few feet, then down, then sideways, then forward, then up, then sideways, then down, then backwards.  He was not sure how many changes in direction there were.  Then it stopped.  He felt like he was drifting in space.  His mind began to wander.  He wondered where he was.  He wondered how long he would be there.  He wondered how Brad was doing.  He started to feel peaceful and relaxed.  His mind seemed to be wandering off into nowhere.  Then he felt the slave vending capsule move again.  It came to a stop.  His head was released.  His mind was still floating.  His arms and belt were released.  He started to become aware of what was happening.  A soft light came on and an artificial voice told him to put on the pup hood.  He reached down and put it on.  He then pressed the button.  His legs were released then the door opened.  He stepped out.

Rick commented that if he was called by a guest who wanted him to be a pup, he should get out on all fours, but congratulated him on completing the task.  To save cleaning and sanitizing the slave vending capsule, Rick set it to return to the slave vending capsule loading area since it would be reused by the same person.  Jeff got into the slave vending capsule again and was off to another round.

Brad’s thoughts were a little different.  When the slave vending capsule started off, he thought it was so cool.  As it went off in different directions, he kept thinking it was so cool.  Then it came to a stop.  He started to wonder how long he would be there.  Then he wondered if he should have started moving yet.  Then he started to wonder what if they forgot about him.  Then he wondered what would happen if they did.  He vaguely recalled something about a time limit.  He then wondered if he could make it long enough for the time limit to expire.  Then the capsule started moving again.  He felt some relief.  It came to s stop.  His head was released.  He moved his head back.  His arms and belt were released.  A soft light came on and an artificial voice told him to put on the pup hood.  He was still a bit shaken, but he got the hood and put it on.  He then pressed the button then his legs were releases, the door opened, and he stepped out.

Brad told Rick about what was going on when the slave vending capsule stopped.  Rick asked him what kind of distraction he had set while he was in there.  He did not know what he meant and said it was dark and silent.  Rick reminded him that he could set something to play on the video and speakers while he was in there.  He said that they didn’t think to set anything for the training.  Rick helped him set something, a few music videos that he likes.  His next time through was much better with the music videos going while he was in there.

When Jeff came out next, Rick asked him if he had anything playing on the audio or video.  He said it was darkness and silence, but he was doing well with that.  He liked the way his mind drifted off.  Rick told him he was welcome to try different things, but Jeff stayed with leaving it dark and quiet.

After going through several times, putting on the different items before coming out, Rick told Jeff that the next one was going to be a bit different.  After he and then Brad got into the slave vending capsule, he was going to go to one of the slave vending machines in a guest area.  He would then retrieve them both there then show them how to use it to return.  He said this trip would be longer than the others because he needed a few minutes to get there.  Jeff was sent off.  Then a few minutes later he was explaining the same thing to Brad.  When Rick got to the slave vending machine, he retrieved Jeff, then Brad.

Once both slaves were retrieved, he explained about using the slave vending capsule to return.  He said that when they get into the slave vending capsule, someone must assist with attaching the waste and power connector and the poles that connect to the belt.  It is often uncertain how long slave will be in the capsule until he is retrieved or how the guest will want him set up for the belt and other accessories.  The return is more direct, so they do not need to be connected to those items for a return trip.  When they use their collar to access a slave vending capsule, they just need to get in, secure their legs first, then the arms, then their head, basically all the automatic restraints.  Once everything is in place, the door will close automatically, and it will return the slave to the slave discharge area.  Once they get there, it will be like arriving at a slave vending machine.  He told them that they should exit the slave vending capsule, then wait for him and he would be there shortly.

Jeff got in and began his return trip, then shortly after Brad followed.  Jeff only had a short wait.  Brad had just finished getting out when Rick arrived.  Rick told them that resident slaves go to a different location.  Nonresident slaves would arrive here.  Depending on the time and the situation, they may go back into another slave vending capsule to be available for another guest or get a meal break before going back in, or assigned to another duty, or be dismissed to go home.  Jeff asked what he meant by another duty.  Rick said that if they were still in the trial program, the system may decide that they are not needed as guest slave the rest of the day and assign them back to their regular job assignments.  Rick showed them the most direct route to get back into a slave vending capsule then showed them where they were in relation to the slave dining area and the rest of the slave control area that they knew.

Rick told them that they were now certified as novice guest slaves.  They would be able to request a shift as a guest slave.  As a novice guest slave, they would only be assigned to serve experienced guests who have indicated that they are willing to use novice guest slaves.  That, of course, is on top of matching their profiles to the profile of the guests.  Once they have served as a guest slave 10 times without negative reviews from the guests, the novice status would be removed.  Jeff was about to ask about staying with Steve while he was here but remembered that Master Ray said they should not discuss that with anyone at The Resort.

Rick had them put their jumpsuits back on then dismissed them.  They had their uniforms removed, took the ferry.  On the ferry, Brad checked the settings and saw that he no longer had control of the settings for the slave vending capsules.  Jeff checked and saw that he did not have control of his settings, but he did have control of the settings for Brad.  They realized that now that they were certified control went to the partner account as Rick said they would.  Brad told Jeff about the difficulty he had the first time through and asked if Jeff would allow him access to set a play list.  Jeff agreed and made the setting.  When they got home, they were all excited to tell Steve about being certified as novice guest slaves and how much they were looking forward to spending the weekend with him at The Resort.

To be continued…

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