The Rich Kid – Part 1

By Mister-X / Spartan

Zeke noticed the guy next to him. He didn’t seem to fit in with the other students. This guy was sitting erect in class, wearing a suit and tie, had a short, thick neck like a bulldog, his shirt heavily starched, his silk tie tight against the shirt collar which was tightly pushing into his neck up to his chin with that short neck, trim waist with thick, muscular chest. His clothes were expensive. He seemed out of place in a room full of sweatshirts, t-shirts, and other casually clothed students. Zeke had him in a couple of other classes, and noticed that the guy seemed to be a loner. Zeke was determined to get him to open up. He figured there was an interesting story to be told about him.

It took Zeke several attempts, but with his friendly, outgoing nature, he was finally able to get the guy to at least say hello to him, albeit briefly. He seemed to be the only student on campus the guy had talked to.

Zeke noticed that after the guy left classes, there was someone there to pick him up in a Mercedes to drive him away. The guy picking him up was older, but also was well-built, massive chest and thin waist, bulldog neck, sitting erect, and always wearing a suit and tie. They didn’t look or act related. Zeke noticed that his classmate would get into the back seat to be driven away after the driver had gotten out to open it for him, giving the appearance that the car driver was his chauffeur. This was getting more interesting. He wondered who the guy was.

Back at the dorm, other students had noticed the guy and had been wondering about him. It got to be one of the regular topics of conversation between Zeke and his friends.

Zeke never had a chance that first term to have a friendly chat with the guy to find out anything about him. But the second term the two again had a couple of classes together, and there was an hour break in-between classes when the guy just had an hour to kill, as did Zeke. The guy would go to the library to study during this hour.

Finally at the end of the class before that free hour, Zeke maneuvered himself to be alongside of him on the way out. There had been no assignment at that class, so Zeke thought this would be a good time to approach the guy.

“Hi. We seem to have a couple of the same classes together again. I don’t know if you remember me. Zeke. I sat next to you last term.”

“Hi Zeke. Jack. Of course I remember you.”

“I noticed you have a free hour now. I do too, and there was no assignment given. Want to go to the cafeteria and get a drink?”

“I always go to the library to study during this hour, but you’re right. There’s no assignment this time. Sure. Why not. Lead the way.”

After they’d each gotten something to drink they sat down at one of the tables. “Man, that is some physique you’ve got. You some kind of athlete?”

“Trying out for the wrestling team is all. My father had me exercising constantly at home when I wasn’t going to military school. He wanted me to prepare to go into the military as he had done.”

“That explains the suit and tie, then. I’m sure you noticed that none of the other kids are dressed as well as you.”

“My father required me to wear that every day when I wasn’t required to wear a uniform at the military school. By now I’m used to it. Plus the employee that he has assigned the duty of taking care of my upbringing requires me to wear this.”

“I think I’ve seen him. Doesn’t he drive a black Mercedes?”

“Yes. That’s Ivan. He was my trainer when I was living at home in between terms at the military school. He’s rented a house here for the two of us to live in. He still drills me in exercises every day, and takes care of my clothing and feeding. My father runs a big corporation and has no time to raise me. My mother died giving birth to me. So father hired Ivan to do the job of seeing that I got raised.”

“Where are you from?”

“North of New York City. What about you?”

“I grew up here in this place. I just went to the local public schools.”

By then they’d finished their drinks. Zeke said, “With your physique, with your clothes, with your good looks, I bet you have no trouble socializing.”

“I’ve never had any time to socialize. I’ve never been on a date. Ivan won’t let me.”

“Never been on a date? Man, you’ve got some living to catch up on. You’ve been too sheltered.”

“I wish I could, but I don’t ever have the chance to. Ivan watches over me like a, well, like a hawk guarding her offspring. I think he’s worried that anyone who would want to get to know me is only after the money my family has.”

“Hey, I don’t know anything about that. To me, you’re just another guy I happen to have classes with.”

“You know, I’ve never been able to have a chat with someone outside of military school who is just interested in me as a person. I appreciate that. I’ve enjoyed this chat. Let’s plan on meeting again sometime during this hour break between classes. Maybe we could go over the assignment and help each other do it.”

“Fine with me. I’d like that, I think. What were your grades last term?”

“Straight As.”

“In that case, yes, let’s work together.” Both got a laugh out of that.

It was getting to be time for them to go to their next classes, which they didn’t have together. On the way to class, Zeke was glad that he’d finally gotten a chance to have a chat with Jack. He figured there was an interesting story behind this guy, and he realized that there was.

The next time they had that hour break was in two days, but they had been given an assignment in the previous class, so they worked together on it. It didn’t take them too long. When they finished they decided to walk around a bit. “Wrestling team, eh. One of the guys on my dorm floor is on the wrestling team.”

“What’s his name?”

“Steve Durham. We call him ‘Bull’ Durham.”

“Bull Durham lives on your dorm floor? Can I meet him? He’s the best wrestler on the team.”

“Okay, but I’ll have to find out when he’s in the dorm. Won’t be today. There’s no time.”

“That guy is so strong. He must have some exercises that build him up. I’d like to find out what they are.”

The next time they had that hour break was the next Monday. Zeke had a chance to ask Bull Durham when he would be in the dorm, and as luck would have it, he would be in his room during their hour break. The two had been given another assignment in that class before the break, but when Zeke told Jack that they’d be able to see Bull Durham during the break, Jack wanted to go do that instead of doing the assignment together. Zeke took Jack to his dorm floor.

When they got to Bull Durham’s room, it was his roommate Billy who told them to come in. What they saw on entering the room was the last thing they expected to see. There was Bull Durham tied up and gagged on the floor with Billy sitting nearby. Bull Durham was bent back with his head resting on the floor looking back. His feet were tied and were brought up close to his bent-back head. His arms were crossed behind him with each wrist tied to the opposite elbow. And there were weights resting on his stomach. There were more weights and a weightlifter’s bar over in the corner.

In answer to their unspoken question, Billy said, “I tie him up this way and keep him like this for several hours a day. It helps strengthen a number of his muscle groups. I’ve been doing this since I got here and roomed with Bull. I’m now a Junior and he’s a Senior. He does other usual exercises as well, but he credits this with helping him become a much better wrestler.

Zeke had been starting to sport a boner. “I didn’t know you did this, Billy. Could you tie me up, too, at night after I finish my homework?”

“Sure. Happy to.”

Jack had been thinking, and said, “And I’d like to have you do to me every day what you do to Bull. If it’s made him a better wrestler then I need it done to me, too. But I’ll have to okay it with my trainer.”

“Your trainer? You’ve got your own trainer?”

“Well, he’s the guy who my father has given responsibility of me, and he has me do exercises. I hope he’ll agree to let me come here every night for this so I can become a better wrestler.”

Zeke said, “we’d better be getting to our next classes. They’re a bit of a walk from here. Thanks, Billy. See you tonight.”

Later that evening, after Zeke had finished his homework, he went down to Billy’s room. There was Bull on the floor again. “Would you mind coming down to my room and doing your thing?”

“Okay. What would you like me to do?”

“I, uh, I fantasize about being bound and gagged. Maybe you could do that to me?”

“Sure. For how long?”

“After you leave me, come back in an hour and remove my gag and ask me then.”

“Okay. I’ll get some rope and be right there. Do you have any clean bandanas?”

“Yeah. I can supply that part.”

It didn’t take long for Billy to have Zeke’s hands tied behind his back, his ankles tied, and his legs above the knee tied. He had wadded up one bandana and put it into Zeke’s mouth, and tied the other around his mouth to hold it in after tying some knots in the middle. Zeke was sporting a hard-on, tenting his pants. When Billy noticed this he got a knowing smile and left.

When Billy came back after an hour, he noticed that Zeke’s hard-on was still there. He took out Zeke’s gag and asked, “ready to be let out now?”

“Uh, would you be able to leave me like this without the gag and come back in the morning to let me out in time to get cleaned up, get breakfast, and go to my 8:00?”

“Sure. I normally get up at around 6 to get my exercises done, so getting you out then won’t be a problem. Do you want me to lock your door as I leave tonight? I forgot to ask you that earlier.”

“I guess you’d better. Thanks, Billy.”

“No problem.”

The next morning Billy unlocked Zeke’s door and removed the rope from him. Zeke had still been tied up. “How was it?”

“Fantastic! That’s the first time I’d ever been tied up all night. I’ve tried doing it to myself, but it just isn’t the same.”

“Want me to come by again tonight?”

“Of course! But let me find out what Jack wants, too.”

When Zeke later had a class that Jack was also in, Jack came up to Zeke and said, “I got permission from Ivan to spend every night at the dorm after I’ve finished my homework before he picks me up. And I can spend the weekend there as well.”

“Great. I’m alone in my dorm room. There’s room for two. You’re welcome to use the other half. Did you want to bring your stuff to the room, do your studying there, have dinner at the cafeteria, and be ready for Billy? It would be a lot more convenient for you.”

“Ivan will be by after I finish this class, which is my last one of the day. I’ll ask him. Wait for me.”

Zeke waited while Jack talked to Ivan at the Mercedes. Jack started walking back to join Zeke while Ivan was driving away. Jack said, “he’s going to let me do it every night for the rest of the week to see how it goes.”

“If it works all right, you may want to check into the dorm as my roommate and sleep there as well.”

The two went to Zeke’s room and started doing their homework. They didn’t quite get it finished before going down to dinner at the cafeteria. Zeke normally had dinner with his friends, and when they joined him, he introduced Jack to them. In the previous two weeks Zeke had filled them in on what he knew about Jack, and the fact that he was having dinner with Zeke got them curious. Zeke just said, “Jack is on the wrestling team, and he wants to start training with Bull Durham, the star of the team, who lives on my floor.” That satisfied the curious. Zeke didn’t want to get into what Billy did.

After dinner the two finished their homework. They went down to Billy’s room, and found Bull Durham stretched out on the floor again, bound as before. Billy got rope and weights and the three of them went to Zeke’s room. Soon Zeke was stretched out on his bed, bound and gagged as before, and Jack was bound on the floor in the position that Bull Durham was in. With the tight shirt and tie on, Jack had extra stress put on in this position, but Billy said, “that will help strengthen your neck muscles.”

Before Jack was gagged he had told Billy the time when Ivan would be by to pick him up, so he told Billy to have him out about five minutes before then. Billy decided to also check on Zeke at that time. Billy took the room key and locked the door before leaving.

When Billy came back he let Jack out, and Jack left. When he took Zeke’s gag out to ask him, Zeke said, “put the bandana back around my head, but keep the wadded up one out, and keep me tied up for the night, coming back at the same time you came back and let me out this morning.” Billy complied and left the room.

This was the pattern in the evenings for the rest of the week. Jack had asked Ivan, and got permission to not only stay the weekend, but move into the dorm room for the rest of the school term. That meant that Jack would have to move his clothes, books and other belongings to the dorm room. Zeke went with him to the house to help with the move. Zeke was finally able to meet Ivan, and Ivan was able to meet Zeke. Their meeting was cordial, but strained. Zeke figured that Ivan would be a very difficult person to get to know.

Back at the room, both of them decided to put off their homework until later in the weekend. They had dinner, and then wanted to get started. Soon both were bound as they had been during the week in the evenings. With the earlier start, Jack was in that strenuous position for longer than he had been up until then. Plus by moving into the room Jack had brought his weights along and was able to have some on his stomach. After Billy had let him out, he went to Zeke and asked, “same as last night?”

“With a roommate and without classes tomorrow, leave the wadded up bandana in and don’t come by so early tomorrow morning. I want to enjoy this. When you finally do come by, ask me if I want to continue.” Billy complied, and as he was leaving, Jack stopped him and said, “put me in the same position you’ve got Zeke in for the night.”

“Do you have any clean bandanas?”

“Just some silk handkerchiefs.”

“Get those and I’ll get some rope. And be in the clothes you want to be tied up in all night.”

When Billy came back, Jack was still in his shirt and tie, and he gave Billy the silk handkerchiefs. They weren’t as big as the bandanas, but Billy was able to make do. He quickly tied Jack up as he had Zeke, got the room key, and locked the door when he left. He noticed that Jack was starting to get a boner in his pants like Zeke had.

About 9 o’clock the next morning, Billy came in and undid Zeke’s gag, and asked, “ready to be let out?”

“No. Leave me like I was for another few hours.”

“You don’t want to be let out for lunch?”

“No. Come back in the middle of the afternoon.”

“Okay. Jack, want me to do the same to you?”

Jack nodded his head up and down. So Billy left the room again.

When Billy returned later that afternoon, Zeke wanted out. His bladder and bowels had been demanding attention. Jack also wanted out. The two got cleaned up and dressed, Jack in his usual. Zeke decided that if he was going to be going around with Jack that he should also start wearing suit and tie as well, so he dressed up. They got some homework done before dinner. After dinner they had Billy put them in their normal evening bondage positions.

Sunday was the day to finish getting their homework done. Zeke did his laundry then. Jack waited for Ivan to come by to give him his dirty laundry and get the clean laundry from Ivan. That evening they both had Billy put them into their usual bondage positions, Zeke just tied up and Jack in the position to strengthen his muscles, this time overnight.

Billy got them out Monday morning, and the two got cleaned up and dressed for class before going to the cafeteria for breakfast. Zeke decided to dress in a coat and tie as Jack was. Zeke’s friends were surprised to see him like this, and started kidding him. Zeke responded by calling them class-less and low-lifes. But they could see that Zeke was just jiving them, and didn’t take any offense from it.

Zeke had some open time between classes that Jack didn’t have, and he decided to spend it shopping for more clothes. He got some dress shirts that fit him tighter than the ones he was wearing, more in keeping with Jack’s, and got another suit plus some more ties. He was back with them in time to go to his next class, and had to take them back with him on the way to the dorm to get lunch. Zeke had not had a chance to try the new shirts on, and when he did, he was surprised to find that his cock started getting hard. He figured that he was turned on by tight clothes as well.

That night was a repeat of the usual bondage sessions for the two. This started to become a routine. The next morning Zeke decided to put on one of his newly purchased shirts and ties to wear to class. Again, when he put the tighter shirt on and tied his tie tightly against his neck as Jack did, he started getting hard. He decided to say something to Jack.

“Jack, do you get turned on by your tight shirts and tight tie? I bought some new, tighter shirts yesterday and find that I’m turned on by them.”

“I used to when I first started wearing them. But now I’m so used to them that they don’t affect me anymore.”

“I’ve noticed that you do get turned on by bondage. Do you ever get your rocks off?”

“No, I’m not able to. I don’t have anyone here to do that. And Ivan doesn’t let me when he ties me up.”

“Ivan ties you up?”

“Yes, mostly during the summer when I don’t have anything else to do.”

“Back to what I’d mentioned before, wanting to get my rocks off. Want to try doing that to each other?”

“Sure. Why not. It would relieve a lot of frustration that I’ve been having.”

“Let’s see how much homework we’ve got to get done, and if we’ve got time, let’s do that tonight before Billy comes by.”

“Sounds good to me.”

With that they went to get breakfast and headed off to class. This was one of those days when they worked together at the library on their homework during their open hour together. They were able to get most of their assignments finished before coming back to the dorm before dinner. They were both anxious to get their rocks off.

Zeke started things off. After Jack had unzipped his pants and brought his dick out, Zeke bound Jack’s hands behind his back with one of his ties. He made it pretty tight. He also tied Jack’s ankles together and gagged Jack with two of his bandanas. That was enough to get Jack hard. Zeke took over from there, putting Jack’s cock into his mouth and sucking it lightly. Back and forth he went, lightly touching the tip and top, sucking all the time. It didn’t take long, since Jack had a pent up load ready to be released. He erupted into Zeke’s mouth, yelling into his gag as he did so. The gag muffled the sound so that it didn’t come out too loudly.

After Jack had settled down, Zeke untied him and it was Jack’s turn to service Zeke. After Zeke’s cock was out of his pants, Jack tied Zeke’s hands behind his back. Zeke made sure to yank his tie tighter before he lost the use of his hands. The combination of choking a little and having his hands bound caused Zeke to quickly start to erupt. Jack was almost too late in getting his mouth over Zeke’s cock. But he took Zeke’s entire load in his mouth. When Jack started to untie Zeke, he just shook his head back and forth and lay back with his hands tied and his tie tight. It wasn’t until they were ready to go down for dinner that Zeke had Jack untie his hands.

When Billy came by later that night after dinner, he found Zeke already tied up in his favorite position.

“Jack, are you now going to be tying Zeke up every night?”

“It’s what he wanted me to do, so I obliged. But tied up like that, he couldn’t take care of me. You’ll have to do that.”

Billy did. But before gagging Jack, he was told to not bother to come back until his usual time at 6:00 the next morning. Billy locked the door as usual when he left. He was thinking that these two were quickly becoming a couple.


To be continued …







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  1. A fun story, but it isn’t clear what Billy is getting out of it. He seems awfully accommodating for a bondage top! Maybe let him take some initiative in the next installments? After all, “it’s not bondage until you want to get out and can’t”!

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