Macho gays

So I’m taking a cab back to my hotel on Saturday night after visiting the Atlanta Eagle, and the cab driver asks me, “Is it dark in there?”

“A little,” I reply.

“Is there dancing?” he asks.

“Yes,” I say.

“What’s it like in there?” he wants to know.

“Well, it’s a leather bar,” I say.

“A leather bar? You mean, for macho gays?” he asks.

“Yes,” I say, “that’s exactly it — a bar for macho gays.”



I had a great time at the Atlanta Eagle on Saturday, being around all those “macho gays.” And there were some twinks, too. A few pups. Lesbians. Some muscle guys. And even a number of guys modeling underwear, for a charity fund-raiser — including Pup Nitro! Earlier in the day, I had lunch with Atlanta Stud. I also met up with Metalbond web designer, kinkster and all-around good guy tallglassofoj, for a bite to eat, and again at the Eagle. Fucking awesome! It was great seeing all you guys … I mean, all you macho gays!

Macho gays. I like that term.


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