The Roommate – Part 8

By RbbrStorage

This story originally appeared on RubberZone. It is reposted here with permission.

Less than an hour later, Matt was again sweating in rubber, but this time for the added reason that he was running on his treadmill. Tonight he had returned home to find the rubber hood he had worn the night before waiting for him once again on the laundry, along with a wide tube gag, a rubber wrestling suit, running shoes and a pair of fist mitts. It was an outfit that told Matt that he was in for an evening of exercise.

The tube gag was not for piss, but to ensure that Matt could take the deep breaths that his body would crave while he worked out. But tonight it also served to effectively prevent Matt from questioning his roommate about the events of the day. Matt no longer had any doubt that the way in which his roommate had taken over Matt’s life was connected directly with the refinery. But he still had so many questions – questions he knew that he would probably never get to ask.

The workout was followed by the standard cold shower and the standard dinner – a protein shake poured down Matt’s throat – before the plug gag was secured once again around the rubber hood. And though Matt was then desperately ready to be put to bed and catch up on his desperately needed sleep, it became apparent that his evening with his roommate was far from over. One by one, Matt’s roommate took Matt’s hands, pushed them into a fist, then inserted each inside a rubber fist mitt. Then, carefully, and with a hand firmly on Matt’s shoulders, Matt’s roommate guided him down the old rickety stairs into the cellar.

As the musty smell permeated through the nose tubes of Matt’s hood, he wondered if he was facing another night in fiberglass encasement. But instead, Matt’s roommate led Matt across the cellar and pushed him up against the edge of a table. Moments later Matt was flat on his back on the table with his legs lifted high in the air and secured with ankle cuffs to chains in the ceiling, and with his ass hanging free over the edge of the table. Each wrist was then pulled high over Matt’s head and secured by each fist mitt to the corners of the table, fixing Matt in place. And just in case Matt had any plans about fighting his restraints, rubber straps were fixed on place, crisscrossing his torso and fixing his body firmly to the table.

Matt’s cock throbbed as he imagined the hard fucking that he was sure he was about to get, given the vulnerable position he’d been strapped into. He strained through the rubber hood for the sound of a ripped condom package that would signal a future load to be swallowed down his hungry throat. But instead Matt heard muffled sounds of metal and springs, following by the sound of a low mechanical whir. A hand briefly caressed Matt’s left butt cheek with some kind of cool lubricant, bringing a return to his hope for a great fuck and causing him to involuntary pucker in anticipation. But instead, the feel of the caressing hand was followed by sharp painful pinpricks moving across his butt cheek where the lubricant had been spread. Matt whelped into the gag and tried to move away from the pain, but the rubber straps kept him too securely bound in place to permit any movement. A moment later the pain returned in a sweeping motion across his butt just below the location of the first pass. Matt groaned into the gag, repressing the urge to scream as the sharp painful jolts pulsed into his butt cheek.

A sense of familiarity crossed Matt’s mind on the third pass. He had felt this type of pain once before when he had foolishly spent a few hundred dollars to have the hair on his butt removed by laser. He’d only lasted three passes of the painful laser before bolting from the so-called spa, confident that the small amount of hair on the rest of his ass was not worth a full hour of that sort of pain, nor the required repeat visits. Yes, Matt was certain by the fourth pass of the machine causing the painful pricks that his roommate was finishing a job Matt had started years before.

Just a day earlier Matt would not have believed that his roommate could have arranged for a laser hair removal machine to now be sitting in Matt’s cellar. But now, after a day in which Matt had come to understand the entire conspiracy that had brought him halfway across the country to serve as a sexual outlet to a group of rubberclad refinery workers, nothing seemed impossible to the bound, submissive man.

The removal of Matt’s cock cage quickly brought his mind back to the present. For two days now his cock had been painfully confined inside the plastic cage. The freedom he felt as soon as his cock was able to expand to its full size was only matched by the frustration he felt from not being able to reach down to caress the poor appendage. But the sense of freedom was particularly short-lived, as a sharp pain to his balls made Matt realize the reason for the temporary freedom. He had always shaved his balls, but the thought of letting a laser zap his precious jewels had never even crossed his mind. Now, he could only moan into the gag as the follicles of the small hairs were zapped from his tender sack. The picture that formed in Matt’s mind of a soon-to-be permanently hairless crotch and ass filled Matt with a mix of dread and excitement – with the excitement winning out by making his prick pulse rock hard. Of course, Matt had been seeing his body in a hairless state for four days now, but even the tiniest of hairs emerging from each follicle had reminded him that it was only a temporary state. Now, it would be permanent.

Over the next hour Matt’s roommate moved the laser wand across all of Matt’s ass, including around his sensitive hole, around his balls and pubic region, and then down each leg. Matt tried to jump away from the laser as he felt its first pass down his left thigh. Removing the hair permanently around his ass and balls was one thing – that’s hot, that’s appropriate for a bottom like Matt – but Matt was still a man, damn it, and men have hair on their legs. That was what Matt would have said to his roommate if it wasn’t for the gag in his mouth and the rubber straps that bound him to the table, leaving him unable to protest his treatment. That was what Matt repeated to himself over and over as the laser passed down the length of each leg, burning his hair follicles into oblivion.

Finally, after his roommate had swept the laser across the tiniest of hairs on Matt’s toes, Matt felt the rumble of the machine being rolled across the floor. Matt sighed to himself, relieved that the treatment was over and relieved that he might get to keep the hair on his arms and chest – at least, for now.

The cool feeling returned as Matt felt his roommate rub some sort of lotion across his legs, ass and balls, taking away the residual heat from the lasers. Then the coolness suddenly switched to ice cold – actual ice, it seemed – pressed tightly against Matt’s hard cock, draining it of blood and soon reducing it to nothing more than a small, soft knob of tissue. Matt squirmed to pull away from the pain of the cold ice, but he remained just as solidly bound to the table as before. Finally the ice was pulled away, only to be quickly replaced by his roommate’s hands fiddling with Matt’s cock and balls, pushing them back into the confines of the plastic chastity cage.

Moments later, Matt felt more cool gel spread on his ass, this time directly on his asshole, raising his hopes that he might shortly feel his roommate’s hard prick deep in his ass. And for once, he was not disappointed,


Matt cursed himself for having to be told to do something so obvious and immediately pushed out his asslips to accommodate the coming invasion. With one slow, steady continuous thrust, Matt’s roommate pushed his hard prick deep into Matt’s ass. Matt gasped into the gag, not from the invasion, but from the realization that his roommate’s cock was identical to the size and shape of the plug that had been buried in his ass for most of the previous twenty-four hours, as if the plug had been formed from a cast of his roommates’ cock. On any previous night, Matt would have had trouble adjusting to the size of such a huge prick buried to the hilt inside his ass in one thrust. But tonight, after having been trained by the large plug for the past day and night, Matt immediately adjusted to his roommate’s prick as if he’d been fucked a hundred times before by a beast of this size.

Then, just as smoothly, Matt’s roommate pulled his prick all the way out until only the large head was buried just inside Matt’s hole – only to thrust back inside until his balls were slapping against Matt’s ass. For the next half hour, at least, by Matt’s calculations, his roommate fucked Matt with slow, deep thrusts, pulling out all the way and then thrusting back inside as deep as he could go. It was as if he were fucking Matt not for his own pleasure, but as lesson #2 in serving as an anal bottom. Lesson #1 had been the twenty-four hours he had spent adjusting to the massive size of the plug, preparing his muscles to make way for the invasion of the real beast in the flesh. And now that his muscles had been taught to expand enough to make room for the massive cock, lesson #2 seemed to be about learning to use his ass muscles. The repetition of his roommate’s slow thrusts allowed Matt to prepare, to flex his muscles, and work his ass around the cock rather than simply open himself up. Like the lesson he had received on blow jobs earlier in the week, it was a lesson that was communicated from his roommate’s cock and hands, controlling and using Matt in a way that told Matt what was expected from his body in return.

And just like the lesson on blowjobs, there came a time when the thrusts of his roommate’s cock began to increase in speed and intensity, signaling that his roommate’s bodily needs had reached their own limits. Teaching time was over. It was time for his roommate to get his animal satisfaction from Matt’s asshole. Although it wasn’t actually possible for his roommate’s cock to reach any deeper, the increasing speed and urgency of each thrust convinced Matt that, somehow, his roommate was reaching deeper and deeper into Matt’s gut with his pounding prick. Finally, Matt felt his roommate pound into his ass with a final thrust, grabbing his hands firmly around Matt’s asscheeks, and groaning as he shot his load into the condom surrounding his massive cock.

For several minutes, Matt felt his roommate’s prick twitch inside Matt’s ass, spewing more cum into the condom and then slowly softening. Matt’s ass felt empty and abandoned when his roommate pulled his shrinking cock free from the hungry hole, but Matt consoled himself with the certain knowledge that it would unlikely be empty for long.

Moments later, Matt felt the plug gag pulled from his mouth.

“Cum dump.”

He opened wide and gratefully took his roommate’s load dumped from the used condom onto his tongue, only to have the plug gag pushed back in place before he could even finishing tasting the warm seed.

Then, with no additional fanfare, Matt felt his roommate release Matt’s limbs from the table, help him to his feet, and lead him back up the stairs to the master bedroom.   Whereas the night before had been out of the ordinary – a night spent inside a solid, fiberglass shell – tonight was to be more like the previous few nights. Matt’s roommate began by catheterizing Matt’s penis and, thankfully, as far as Matt was concerned, not connecting it to the plug gag in Matt’s mouth. Perhaps his roommate had heard how many piss loads Matt had already swallowed that day. Perhaps he felt that Matt’s kidneys needed a night of rest before … the next day – a thought that hadn’t even crossed Matt’s mind until now. He assumed that tomorrow would be more of what he had experienced today, but he had no way of knowing until it arrived.

That thought was then quickly dashed from his head as Matt’s roommate lifted the poor young man’s legs to expose his stretched hole and stuffed a plug deep inside without any chance for Matt to prepare himself. Whereas the plug Matt had worn all day had been long, fat and cock-shaped, this one was shorter and shaped more like a traditional butt plug. It surprised Matt that his ass could recognize shapes – that the plug he had worn that day had seemed so familiar when he put it inside himself that morning, yet this new one seemed foreign to his ass. It was as if his ass was missing the length while trying to adjust to the wide bulb, trying to push the rubber plug into the desired shape of his roommate’s cock. But as much as Matt’s ass muscles clenched, there was nothing he could do to alter or budge the thick plug.

The remainder of Matt’s holes were already plugged and controlled, thanks to the familiar tightness of the rubber hood that covered his eyes and ears and pushed tubes deep into his nostrils and mouth.

Matt’s roommate then slowly stuffed Matt’s body into the rubber sleepsack, stretching the tight rubber over Matt’s legs, pushing the young man’s arms into the tight sleeves, and then zipping the sack closed over his prone body. Finally, the leather sleepsack served to ensure that there was nothing Matt could do to escape his night of bondage – even if he wanted to. One by one, his roommate pulled each strap tight, leaving Matt little opportunity to so much as squirm in place. And then, to Matt’s relief, he felt his body dragged a few feet across the floor to the horizontal sleeping drawer that had been constructed under his bed. Once the ropes had been laced over Matt’s body, strapping his cocooned form to the padded base, Matt was finally ready to be tucked in for the night.

Ready, that is, until the cherry on top of this bondage sundae was added to the mix. Matt was actually surprised when the headphones were placed on his head. He even mumbled into his gag, wanting to tell his roommate that he didn’t need anymore training, that he had performed well that day, and that he just wanted a night of sleep without the sounds of masculine studs commanding him to carry out endless perverted acts. But Matt’s desires were not the point of the exercise. He felt the drawer slide into place, then click as it came to a rest. Once again, he knew, he was securely bound inside a small padded chamber underneath the bed that once had been his, destined to spend the night wrapped in leather and rubber while his roommate slept soundly only inches above him, wrapped in Egyptian cotton.

It was only a matter of seconds before the slight buzz told Matt that the recording was about to begin. He started reciting the commands to himself, pre-empting the recording, only to be surprised when a very different message was communicated through the headphones. It was the voice of his roommate:

“When you hear the command “work,” you will prepare yourself for work as you have done every morning this week with one difference. Until now, you have given yourself enemas at the end of each day. Beginning tomorrow, you will give yourself enemas each morning, between shaving your head and face and taking a shower. When you arrive at the refinery, you will proceed to your trailer office. Once inside, you will strip off all clothing and put on whatever is waiting for you on your desk. You will then enter the passageway and respond to any and all commands you receive until told to return to the trailer, change back into your clothing, and return home.”

The recording repeated itself. Matt listened closely, waiting for something horrific, perverted or frightening. But the commands seemed almost generic, and a little confusing. “Passageway?” Matt had no idea what his roommate meant. His office was a beat-up old half of a doublewide with plywood boarding up the open side. There wasn’t anything that could be characterized as a “passageway.”

But Matt didn’t waste too much time on the confusing instructions. He was so deprived of sleep that very quickly his bodily needs took over and led Matt into the deepest sleep he had experienced in a week – while the recording continued over and over in the headphones.


To be continued tomorrow …


This story originally appeared on the RubberZone site. It is re-posted here with permission.


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  1. I could be mistaken but there were like, 4-5 paragraphs in here I SWEAR I read in a previous part. Didn’t the lazer hair removal happen a few chapters ago?

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