The Roommate – Part 5

By RbbrStorage

Note: ‘The Roommate’ originally appeared on the RubberZone site. It is re-posted here with permission.


The command sounded so familiar.  It was only Tuesday, Matt’s second day at work since the arrival of his roommate the previous Saturday, and yet it seemed as though he’d heard the command a thousand times before.  Of course, he had, but recorded on all prior occasions but one, burned into his subconscious by repetitive recordings instructing Matt on the proper response to each of the many commands he could expect to hear from now on.  Hour after hour had been spent by Matt, strapped down or suspended, stuffed into tight rubber bondage, his holes plugged and controlled, aware of little else but the tight rubber bondage and the voice of his new roommate, and not quite understanding the gradual impact that the repeated commands were having on his willpower.

Twenty-four hours earlier, the command had struck fear and anger in Matt’s heart and mind as he wrestled with the related instructions to shave his head, go to work and then return for more bondage abuse and storage at the end of the day.  But today, the command exploded in Matt’s mind like a starter’s pistol announcing a race.  Matt had already learned the previous day that his shaved head was no big deal at the refinery, and no one had even seemed bothered by the open collared shirt showing off his shaved chest, or, if anyone noticed, even the lack of underwear under his thin slacks.  Matt had learned, to his great relief, that even with a shaved body and tight fitting clothing he was still as invisible as ever – a wallflower who could go about his day without attracting attention, without attracting scorn.

After counting to ten, Matt pulled off the sweaty rubber hood and quickly ran through his morning routine with little of the rebellion he had struggled with the day before.  What little stubble had formed on his head seemed as natural to shave off as the peachy stubble on his chin.  And while the thin slacks and shirt had bothered him the day before, his only concern today was whether the previous day’s pre-cum stain would be noticeable.  Much to his relief, it was only visible in strong light, and Matt was pretty sure he’d be able to carry a report or file with him whenever needed during the day.

But even though Matt lacked the deep anger and frustration that had dominated his emotions only one day before, Matt was still a mess of conflicting emotions.  It seemed so long ago, yet was only one day earlier, when Matt had thought his world was crumbling around him.  He had even contemplated running to the police to have his new roommate tossed out onto the street.  But today, he still had his job even as every deep, perverted rubber fantasy he’d ever dreamed of seemed to be a potential reality in his life.  It seemed like a balance Matt had never thought possible.

Matt had loved his job ever since he had arrived in town a few months before, not for the work, of course, but because of the environment – the hot, masculine men in heavy rubber gear, full body suits, masks and helmets, sweating and exerting their manly energy in the hot, musky plant to keep energy flowing to a demanding public.  Matt found the thought ironic.  He loved working at a refinery because of the environment.  But then Matt’s life was full of irony.  The quiet, introverted payroll clerk whose shaved body beneath his business clothes attested to his nights spent in rubber storage, every hole plugged, stuffed and controlled.  If they only knew, Matt thought to himself as he stuffed his driver’s license, lunch money and car key into his pocket.  Matt paused at the door to the garage, catching sight of himself in a mirror that only days before had been hanging in his guest room.  Now it was set next to the garage door – his roommate’s way of ensuring that Matt could never leave the house without knowing exactly how he looked to the outside world.  Matt stared for a moment, almost not recognizing himself, then a slight smile crept onto his face.  Even though none of this was his own doing, the mere sight of his shaved body peeking out from under his business casual clothing made him feel rebellious, almost powerful.  But somehow, for all his attraction to irony, Matt missed the irony of the thought that he could be powerful as he turned and exited into the garage, already wondering what surprises his roommate would have in store for him that night.  Perhaps tonight he would come home to find yet another storage compartment specially constructed to hold his bound, motionless and rubberized form.  Perhaps new training awaited him, new commands to be bored deep into his subconscious from endless repetition.  The thought made him all the more anxious to get to the office, since the sooner he got to work, the sooner he’d get home at the end of the day.

But for all of his enthusiasm, the day at the office seemed to be remarkably unremarkable.  A few workers in their rubber overalls came into the trailer to fill out requests for paycheck advances, the mail boy dropped by a few times with packages full of triplicate forms and the lunch truck served up the usual greasy fare.  No one within earshot of Matt ever mentioned a word like “rim” or “urinal” in their conversation, and as a result Matt never found himself involuntarily opening his mouth wide or sticking out his tongue into an imaginary asshole.  Up until the last hour of the workday, the only events that separated this day at the office from any day in the previous weeks were Matt’s private thoughts and actions.  Unlike his first few weeks on the job, Matt spent most of the day with one hand under his desk, massaging his hard cock through the thin material of his business slacks while fantasizing about the control being exerted by his roommate, making sure he had a tissue over the tip to collect the leaking pre-cum.  And each time that Matt used the toilet in his small trailer office to relieve his bladder, he couldn’t help but feel that the piss was being wasted as it fell into the toilet.  Such a feeling was running through Matt’s mind as he stood before the toilet about an hour before the end of the workday.  As his piss trickled into the toilet, he suddenly felt as though his roommate was watching over his shoulder, disapproving of the waste of Matt’s piss into the toilet.  Obediently, Matt cupped his right hand under the head of his dick to catch a small puddle of piss and brought it to his mouth where he quickly slurped it down.  Three more handfuls of piss followed before the trickle slowed to a halt, filling Matt’s mouth with the taste of piss that had become so familiar to him while at home the previous three days.  Matt’s sense of pride swelled as he imagined the approval his roommate would undoubtedly show for having avoided wasting so much piss.  As Matt licked the last drops of piss off his right hand, his left hand stroked his hard cock, picturing his roommate standing over him feeding him piss and cum.  He’d already cum three times at work already that day, but the knowledge that he would be heading home for a night of such servitude combined with the taste of his own fluids flooding his taste buds made Matt’s dick throb.  Under the circumstances, that made it a particularly bad time for Matt to hear the door of the trailer get yanked open and then slammed shut.  Matt froze.

“Hey, you in here?”

He thought he recognized the voice as a particularly hot worker known around the refinery as Hutch – the same guy who had made the “urinal” and “rim” comments by the lunch truck the day before.  Matt yelled back that he’d be right out, realizing that his voice sounded shaky and terrified.  He zipped up his thin slacks, horrified to see how obscenely his dick thrust outwards without underwear to hold it back.

“Hurry up, I don’t have all day.”

Matt noticed an old magazine sitting under the sink and gratefully grabbed it to hold in front of his crotch.  He took a deep breath then exited the bathroom.  Hutch was pacing by Matt’s desk looking incredibly hot in his rubber coveralls and boots, with heavy gloves tucked into his belt.  Hutch stopped and looked Matt up and down, clearly questioning the magazine held in front of Matt’s crotch.  Matt thought he detected Hutch suppress a slight smile.  Matt realized that he needed to get to the safety of his chair where his hard cock could remain hidden under the desk, but Hutch was standing between him and the chair complaining about the amount of his deductions in his last check.

As Matt tried to step around Hutch to reach his desk, Hutch stopped, squinted, then sniffed in Matt’s direction.  Matt pulled the magazine in tighter against his crotch, but that wasn’t the subject of Hutch’s query.  Hutch reached over and grabbed Matt’s shirt, leaned down and sniffed.  As he did so, Matt noticed a large wet spot on the front of his shirt and realized to his horror that his piss must have dripped from his hand onto his shirt.  Hutch stepped back, confused.

“How the hell does someone get –”

Matt cut off Hutch with a quick explanation about his hand jumping from the sound of the slammed door and causing a few drops to fly up to his shirt, while quickly hurrying to his desk and dropping into his chair to hide his hard cock under the safety of his desk.  It seemed to make sense to Hutch who just grunted and then returned to the saga of his paycheck deductions.  Matt tried to calm himself as he listened to Hutch’s complaints, certain that he had escaped a close call, all the while berating himself for taking such a chance at work.

Barely an hour later Matt was sitting in his garage, car key in his hand, hard-on throbbing in his pants.  He had found it difficult to get to his car while holding the magazine in front of his bulging crotch, but impossible to get his dick to go down before leaving his office.  Thankfully, no one had seemed to notice, lost as they were in their own rush to get home to whatever secrets lay awaiting them.  Matt wondered what secrets he was about to discover and the thought made his stomach turn nervously.  All day he had felt quite relaxed, turned on, even excited at the thought of returning home from work.  But now, moments from facing his roommate, Matt trembled slightly, hesitating.

Earlier that day he had lost his fear of going to the office with his new look.  Now the fear of entering his house had returned, not as strong as the day before, but back nonetheless.  And like the day before, it was the stronger fear of punishment if he were late that finally pushed him from the safety of his car and into the mudroom where he quickly cleaned himself and showered.

Like the night before, Matt’s favorite rubber hood awaited him on top of the laundry, this time with one other bondage item – a pair of earplugs.  Once clean and dry, Matt pushed the earplugs firmly into his ears and pulled the hood over his head with one last glance at the clock to reassure himself that he wasn’t too late.  Matt pushed the nose tubes into place, adjusted the thick rubber gag inside his mouth, then zipped the hood down the back before blindly dropping to his knees in front of the door to the kitchen.

Tonight Matt waited only a few minutes before the door opened.  Not a word was spoken as Matt’s roommate pulled Matt to his feet and guided his arms into the waiting sleeves of a rubber straightjacket.  Matt shivered from the coldness of the rubber, anticipating the warmth that was soon to follow and craving the tight bondage that was sure to last for much of the evening.  Moments later the straps had been tightened, Matt’s arms were secured firmly across his chest, and the crotch straps were pulling against the base of his balls.  Matt still didn’t even know the name of his roommate, but as long as the handsome stud made Matt feel so restrained and secure, he wasn’t sure he cared.

Matt was pulled through the kitchen, expecting another session on the treadmill, but tonight was not to be an exercise night.  Through the earplugs, Matt faintly heard the sound of an old door being yanked open and recognized it as the door that led to his cellar – an old door that stuck to the frame.  The cellar had been one of the reasons Matt had bought the house, not because he actually thought he would use it for anything other than storage of old boxes, but because he loved its potential and the fantasies it fuelled.  The cellar was too dank, too musty to ever be a finished part of the house.  The floor was rough, the walls were bare concrete, and the entire space was below ground.  At best, it existed for storage, Matt had assumed – he just hadn’t ever quite expected that he would be the one stored in it.

Carefully, and with a hand firmly on Matt’s shoulders, Matt’s roommate guided him down the old rickety stairs into the cellar.  The musty smell permeated through the nose tubes of Matt’s hood, mixing with the ever-present rubber scent as the roommate led Matt across the cellar and then stopped, turning Matt and pushing him up against the edge of a table.  Moments later Matt was flat on his back on the table with his legs lifted high in the air and secured with ankle cuffs to chains in the ceiling.  Matt’s naked ass hung in mid-air over the edge of the table while his torso was securely bound in place with ropes crisscrossing the straightjacket and binding Matt to the table.

Matt’s cock throbbed as he imagined the hard fucking that he was sure he was about to get, given the vulnerable position he’d been strapped into.  He strained through the earplugs for the sound of a ripped condom package that would signal a future load to be swallowed down his hungry throat.  But instead Matt heard muffled sounds of metal and springs, following by the sound of a low mechanical whir.  A hand briefly caressed Matt’s left butt cheek with some kind of cool lubricant, bringing a return to his hope for a great fuck and causing him to involuntary pucker in anticipation.  But instead, the feel of the caressing hand was followed by sharp painful pinpricks moving across his butt cheek where the lubricant had been spread.  Matt whelped into the gag and tried to move away from the pain, but the ropes kept him too securely bound in place to permit any movement.  A moment later the pain returned in a sweeping motion across his butt just below the location of the first pass.  Matt groaned into the gag, repressing the urge to scream as the sharp painful jolts pulsed into his butt cheek.

A sense of familiarity crossed Matt’s mind on the third pass.  He had felt this type of pain once before when he had foolishly spent a few hundred dollars to have the hair on his butt removed by laser.  He’d only lasted three passes of the painful laser before bolting from the so-called spa, confident that the small amount of hair on the rest of his ass was not worth a full hour of that sort of pain, nor the required repeat visits.  Yes, Matt was certain by the fourth pass of the machine causing the painful pricks that his roommate was finishing a job Matt had started years before.

The sheer wonder that his dark, musty cellar could now be the home to a large and undoubtedly expensive laser hair removal machine overwhelmed Matt and caused him to barely notice the pain on the next pass.  Who the hell was this mysterious man that he could arrive at Matt’s door one day with nothing more than a small kit bag, and only days later have a massive laser machine installed in Matt’s cellar?

A sharp pain to his balls brought Matt back to the present.  He had always shaved his balls, but the thought of letting a laser zap his precious jewels had never even crossed his mind.  Now, he could only moan into the gag as the follicles of the small hairs were zapped from his tender sack.  The picture that formed in Matt’s mind of a soon-to-be permanently hairless crotch and ass filled Matt with a mix of dread and excitement – with the excitement winning out by making his prick pulse rock hard.  Of course, Matt had been seeing his body in a hairless state for two days now, but even the tiniest of hairs emerging from each follicle had reminded him that it was only a temporary state.  Now, it would be permanent.

Over the next hour Matt’s roommate moved the laser wand across all of Matt’s ass, including around his sensitive hole, around his balls and pubic region, and then down each leg.  Matt tried to jump away from the laser as he felt its first pass down his left thigh.  Removing the hair permanently around his ass and balls was one thing – that’s hot, that’s appropriate for a bottom like Matt – but Matt was still a man, damn it, and men have hair on their legs.  That was what Matt would have said to his roommate if it wasn’t for the gag in his mouth and the rubber and ropes that bound him to the table, unable to protest his treatment.  That was what Matt repeated to himself over and over as the laser passed down the length of each leg, burning his hair follicles into oblivion.

Finally, after his roommate had swept the laser across the tiniest of hairs on Matt’s toes, Matt felt the rumble of the machine being rolled across the floor.  Matt sighed to himself, relieved that the treatment was over and relieved that he might get to keep the hair on his arms and chest – at least, keep the potential that it might grow back someday.

The cool feeling returned as Matt felt his roommate rub some sort of lotion across his legs, ass and balls, taking away the residual heat from the lasers.  Then the coolness suddenly switched to ice cold – actual ice, it seemed – pressed tightly against Matt’s hard cock, draining it of blood and soon reducing it to nothing more than a small, soft knob of tissue.  Matt squirmed to pull away from the pain of the cold ice, but he remained just as solidly bound to the table as before.  Finally the ice was pulled away only to be quickly replaced by his roommate’s hands fiddling with Matt’s cock and balls, pushing them into position, securing something around the base, and finally clicking something into place.  The warm touch of his roommate’s hands started to bring Matt’s cock back to life and it attempted to grow back to its former throbbing state.  But instead of the pleasure of an erection, Matt was met by painful restriction as his dick came up against a barrier on all sides.  Matt had seen pictures of chastity devices online – pictures that had led to many great self-inflicted orgasms in the past – and he quickly deduced that he was now the subject of such torture.  The mere idea made his dick throb all the more urgently, turned on as Matt was by the idea, but the more his dick tried to grow the stronger was the pain caused by the wicked device.  Matt cursed his roommate as much as the gag would allow, begging to be let free from the device, begging for the freedom to feel the erection that should only naturally accompany hot rubber bondage, not even realizing that the tone of his grunts communicated a stronger emotion of gratitude whether he intended it or not.

Matt’s roommate then left Matt alone in his cellar, bound tightly in the rubber straightjacket, secured firmly to the table, alone to consider the new restriction of the chastity device.  Matt’s mind reeled at the possibilities.  Was it only for the night?  Would it accompany him to work?  And if it did, how would he be able to jack off in his small bathroom?  The occasional orgasms had permitted Matt a brief moment of respite from his fantasies, allowing him to actually get some work done before the fantasies began to creep back into his consciousness and his cock began to creep back down along his leg.  If Matt couldn’t jack off, he was sure he wouldn’t be able to get work done.  And if he got fired, well … if only he could explain this to his roommate, Matt was sure the handsome stranger would understand, Matt thought to himself, only to immediately realize the foolishness of such optimism.  This same man who had taken over Matt’s life, was permanently removing his hair and had already remodeled parts of Matt’s house into a bondage lair, was hardly going to be concerned about the effect of a chastity device on Matt’s productivity at work.  Matt realized that the device was likely to remain in place for a very long time and that the only solution for his own sense of comfort would be to learn to accept it, learn to will his cock into a more agreeable state, and learn to focus while at work – at least long enough to get the important tasks accomplished.

At least an hour later, Matt felt the presence of his roommate in the space around him, a feeling that was confirmed when he felt more cool gel spread on his ass, this time directly on his asshole.  Matt once again got his hopes up that he was in for a fucking from his roommate.  And sure enough, something was soon pushing against his sphincter.


Matt heard the command faintly through the earplugs.  He cursed himself for having to be told to do something so obvious and immediately pushed out his asslips to accommodate the coming invasion.  But as the feel of hands around his ass quickly confirmed, it was an invasion of inanimate rubber – a butt plug worked into his ass and then turned and twisted by his roommate to loosen up Matt’s hole.  Matt hoped he was just being warmed up for an encore with his roommate’s warm prick, particularly when the plug was pulled completely from his ass.  But instead the first plug was replaced by a second – this one shaped like a large penis – and it was large, indeed.  Matt groaned into the gag with pleasure and appreciation for the feelings inside of him.  Just when he thought it would be impossible for the plug to sink any further, Matt felt his sphincter quickly close around a narrow portion as a solid base came to a rest on the outside of his asslips.  The finality of the last little push of the plug told Matt that it wasn’t going anywhere for awhile.

Matt’s roommate untied the ropes securing Matt and his rubber straightjacket to the table and released Matt’s legs from their bondage.  But rather than lower Matt’s legs to the ground and help Matt up off the table, his roommate grabbed Matt’s legs firmly in his arms and pushed Matt’s across the table until his head was hanging over the other side.  For a moment Matt feared that his roommate was going to push him right over the edge and onto the floor, but the fear was misplaced.  Matt was now exactly where his roommate had intended, with his entire body lying flat on the table except for Matt’s head hanging off the other side.  The flat position, with his legs now down on the table, made the giant rubber prick in Matt’s ass feel even larger, if that were possible, and Matt groaned in response through his upside-down mouth hanging off the other end of the table.

As Matt tried to adjust to the feel of the penis-shaped plug, his roommate moved around the table, reached down to the rubber hood that bound Matt’s face into a black, formless ball of rubber, and pulled the large rubber plug gag being pulled from Matt’s mouth.  Matt wondered for a moment if he could dare ask about the permanence of the chastity cage but quickly convinced himself that such a request would hardly be wise.  Indeed, the opportunity for conversation was not exactly lasting, as the gag was barely out of Matt’s mouth when his roommate was reaching inside Matt’s mouth and pushing hard wedge-shaped pieces of rubber between Matt’s molars, stretching his jaw wide open and propping it in place with the hard wedges.  Matt felt around with his tongue.  The wedges had wider plates on one side that rested between his teeth and his cheek, probably to keep the wedges from coming lose and falling into his throat.  He remembered having a similar device wedged into his teeth once at the dentist while having a cavity filled and had been mortified that the dentist had noticed the instant erection it caused.  Matt pushed against one of the rubber wedges with his tongue but it wouldn’t budge, wedged as it was between his molars and kept in place by the tension of his jaw attempting to close the wide gaping hole that was his mouth.

Matt felt his roommate’s hands on either side of Matt’s head, firmly taking hold of his head and then pushing it back, closer to the floor, straightening Matt’s windpipe, taking charge of Matt’s head.  Matt recognized the opportunity a split second before it arrived – finally, Matt might not have gotten the fucking he desired, but he was about to taste his roommate’s cock in his mouth rather than simply receive its output from a used condom.  He wasn’t disappointed.  The head of his roommate’s hard cock pushed past Matt’s rubberized lips and into his upside down mouth.  Matt moaned at the size of the head as it pushed his tongue out of the way and continued its assault towards the back of Matt’s throat.  Matt knew he had to relax, he had to repress any desire to gag as the large cock hit the back of his throat, and accordingly he struggled to keep his throat muscles from tensing upon contact with the cock head.  But he was only partially successful as his throat rebelled against the massive appendage that now blocked off his air passages in its continued assault of his throat.  The stress of being unable to breathe combined with the primeval desire to prevent an object from snaking down his throat made Matt’s body want to convulse in whatever ways were necessary to repel the invasion, but Matt’s mind struggled to overcome the fears of his body and let the hard prick push deeper into his throat.  Matt knew that his roommate was not using Matt’s mouth for simple pleasure.  This was a lesson.  A lesson to remind him that, bound up as he was in tight, confining rubber, his senses numbed by plugs and rubber covers, he was nothing but a receptacle for his master’s massive hard prick.

“Master”.  The word flashed across Matt’s mind like a revelation.  This was his roommate, and yet, this was his new master.  Roommates engaged in horseplay.  This had passed the point of horseplay days ago.  The cock that now snaked deeper into his throat was the cock of his master, even if the man had not yet introduced himself as anything other than Matt’s un-named roommate.

But the issue of what to call his roommate, should he ever again be given the opportunity to speak in the man’s presence, quickly faded from Matt’s mind as he realized that it had been some time since he had been able to take a breath.  As if reading the returning tension in Matt’s throat as a sign, his roommate pulled back just far enough to allow Matt to take in a badly needed breath of fresh air … and then push forward again, this time reaching deeper.

Matt also realized that he had yet to feel the pressure of his roommate’s balls against his nose, a sign that there might be several more inches of the monster snake waiting to push down towards his stomach.  His roommate pulled back again, allowing another breath, then pushed deeper into Matt’s throat, creating a slow, gentle rhythm – if gentle could describe the rape of Matt’s throat – that allowed Matt to breathe just enough to feel safe, and therefore allowed Matt to concentrate on relaxing his throat muscles to take more and more of the cock.

Finally, after the fifth retreat for a breath, Matt felt the pressure of his roommate’s balls rub against his rubber-covered nose, telling Matt that he had taken the entire length of his roommate’s apparently massive prick.  Matt felt a sense of pride at the accomplishment, if laying on one’s back in immobilizing bondage and receiving an assault of one’s throat could be deemed an accomplishment.  But he had managed to avoid throwing up on his roommate’s penis, he had overcome the urge to tense his throat muscles and he had learned to accept the monster snake that filled his throat.  Matt tried to calculate in his head just how much penis – flesh and rubber – was stuffed inside him, and if it was possible that they somehow met in the middle.  He pictured himself like a suckling pig on a spit of cock, turning and getting hotter with each rotation.

Over the next hour – at Matt’s rough estimate – his roommate pushed and prodded his dick deep into Matt’s throat, keeping firm control of Matt’s head with his powerful hands, playing Matt like a fine musical instrument, pulling back in time for each needed breath, holding his dick firmly in place when Matt needed time to control the tension in his muscles, and finally communicating a need for Matt to affirmatively increase that tension to provide increased friction once the hard cock was firmly in place in Matt’s throat.  Not a word had been spoken, yet Matt felt like they had communicated volumes over that hour, all of it passing from a hard cock to a willing throat.

Finally, it seemed as though the lesson was over, as Matt felt his roommate change pace, pick up speed and begin to thrust with more aggression.  Matt knew his roommate’s self-control had to have reached its limit.  An hour of teaching the art of cocksucking, with one’s hard prick down a soft, supple throat, and no orgasm?  Either this man had incredible self-control or Matt was a terrible cocksucker, and he was pretty sure it wasn’t the latter.  But now, Matt’s roommate was losing every ounce of that self-control, pounding in and out of Matt’s throat.  Matt grabbed short breaths between each thrust, anxious about the impending blast of hot cum that would surely coat his well-worn throat muscles in only a few more thrusts.  Finally he felt that sudden jolt of his roommate’s body slamming against his head, pushing the hard cock all the way into Matt’s throat, spewing its hot cream directly into Matt’s belly.  Matt could feel each spurt of cum move through the tight skin of the hard prick as the cum loads pushed past his throat muscles and straight into his stomach, and he felt a sense of disappointment knowing that his taste buds would miss out on the treat.

As if reading Matt’s disappointment, but more likely to ensure that Matt did not suffocate, the roommate pulled his throbbing cock halfway out of Matt’s mouth, keeping the head of his prick in place and allowing the final drops of cum to leak out onto the upturned roof of Matt’s mouth.  For at least a minute he just held Matt’s head in his hands, recovering his breath, leaking cum into Matt’s mouth.  Then, as his cock softened just a touch, Matt’s roommate pushed deep into Matt’s throat once more.  The feeling that Matt had felt when the cum had pulsed through his roommate’s prick returned once again, this time as a constant vibration in his throat, telling Matt that his roommate was now pissing straight into Matt’s stomach, once again depriving Matt’s taste buds of the experience.  But given the upside down position of Matt’s head, just enough of the golden liquid leaked back over his roommate’s cock to allow Matt a taste of the juice that filled his stomach.

Most men would have responded to an hour of skull fucking with a much-needed rest, at least for a few minutes.  But Matt’s roommate was not most men.  He had barely withdrawn his prick from Matt’s urinal mouth when he was already pulling Matt up from the table and back onto his feet.  Matt belched uncontrollably from the sudden movement of so much liquid in his stomach, only to be met with the return of the gag stuffed back into his open mouth and strapped in place around his rubber-covered head.

Matt followed blindly as his roommate pulled him across the cellar and back up the stairs to the main floor of his house.  Within minutes his roommate had removed the straightjacket, strapped in place a harness to hold Matt’s massive butt plug in place, inserted a catheter into Matt’s chastised cock (making it strain all the more tightly against its plastic bondage), and stuffed Matt into his rubber and leather sleepsacks.  As Matt felt himself being dragged into position in the hallway bondage closet and then pulled up from the floor and suspended in the sleepsacks, he savored what was left of the flavors of his roommate on his tongue, anxious for the night of bondage to quickly pass so he could experience more of those flavors the following morning.


To be continued tomorrow …


This story originally appeared on the RubberZone site. It is re-posted here with permission.


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  1. This is the hottest series I have ever read on metalbond. It has everything I look for. From forced reprogramming, tight bondage, humiliation, sexy guys in uniforms chastity, catheters, pain….. Wow! This one story will keep me hard and wanking for the next month at least.

    Thank you Rbbrstorage and thank you Metal for such a great fantasy!

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