The Rules of the Game – Chapter 01

By Jackson Amacher

Daniel stared at the ten naked athletes in front of him. Being blindfolded, they couldn’t know he was there. Being gagged, they couldn’t shout out for him to leave. And with their hands chained above their heads, they had no say in anything that was about to happen.

For Daniel, it was a fascinating sight. He knew all of these guys after four years of college at Dawson Military Academy. But, always in their clothes. Daniel had only imagined what they looked like naked. It fascinated him to see what he had gotten wrong and right.

He loved how Jimmy’s abs stretched to the side as he struggled with his chain, hopelessly trying to set himself free. He thought it was fascinating how, despite Steve’s nice Italian looks and dark nipples, that his dick was so tiny, almost lost in a bush of pubic hair.

Daniel tried to decide which sport produced the best bodies. He would have thought basketball. Gregg’s tall, thin body would ordinarily turn Daniel on. Still did. But Gregg, standing there next to so many excellent specimens, paled by comparison.

It was, Daniel realized, the wrestlers and the swimmers who had the hottest bodies. Maybe it was because their sports rewarded both muscle and keeping your weight down.

Daniel walked up to Dylan, a wrestler. Dylan, like Jimmy, was struggling, for some reason. Daniel shook his head silently and thought: Those are metal cuffs around your wrists, Dylan, attached to chain, securely attached to a metal pipe above your head. You’ll just hurt yourself.

But Daniel loved the sight of Dylan struggling. He loved seeing Daniel’s biceps flexing as he helplessly tried to move his arms. He loved seeing his stomach move in and out, abs alternately visible and not, as Dylan breathed heavily past the ball gag. He loved the sound of Dylan grunting and panting past his ball gag. And, of course, Daniel loved watching Dylan’s cock helplessly bounce back and forward between his legs.

Daniel realized that what was turning him on was not just Dylan’s body, but what was going on in Dylan’s head. The feeling of rage, of helplessness, the humiliation of being stripped and chained up here… in the middle of the woods… where anyone could come by… It must be excruciating, Daniel thought, not to know who could come by and see them, laugh at them, use them.

Daniel reached out and touched Dylan’s bicep, just above the armpit. Dylan shouted something through his gag and tried to pull away his arm, but of course it was no use. Daniel slowly moved his finger down Dylan’s arm, into the armpit, tickling Dylan slightly. Dylan jerked around in fury.

Daniel felt a rush of power when he saw how Dylan reacted to the tickling. He thought about how Dylan’s body was telling his brain: Make it stop! But Dylan had no ability to make it stop. How Dylan felt in his own skin, now, was entirely up to Daniel.

It must be hard, Daniel thought, to spend your whole life being the strongest, most powerful guy, only to have all that power taken from you like this.

Daniel couldn’t wait any longer. One of the jocks in front of him had been someone Daniel had been admiring from afar for a very long time. Daniel walked over to him now and took in a close-up view.

Charlie was an interesting case. He was on the swim team. Charlie’s sport involved being basically naked in front of hundreds of people all the time. Well, naked, except for the speedo. And, that’s how Daniel knew him so well. A few months ago a photo of Charlie at a swim meet, wearing a very tight speedo, almost fucking melted Instagram.

Surely, Charlie couldn’t be embarrassed right now just because he didn’t have that tiny piece of stretchy fabric covering him? But, Daniel observed, Charlie seemed mortified by his situation. Charlie was almost still, except for some slight quivering. His face and stomach were red with embarrassment. He hung his head in shame. There, open to Daniel’s examination, was the dick and balls that had made that tantalizing bulge in Charlie’s speedo, the bulge in that photo that Daniel had jerked off to so many times. Daniel had thought a lot about what was behind that bulge. No need to guess, anymore.

Daniel decided to experiment. He lightly grasped Charlie’s balls. Not hard. Not hurting him. Just letting Charlie know that someone was there, watching him, close to him, able to touch him wherever he wanted. Charlie sprung to life, helplessly trying to pull away, wiggling back and forth in his chains while his abs flexed to the left and then to the right. Daniel moved on to lightly stroke Charlie’s dick. Why not some tickling? Daniel tickled Charlie’s armpits and ribs, and watched him squirm and even attempt to laugh through his gag. Then, Daniel gave Charlie a quick spank on the ass.

Charlie was beautiful, Daniel thought. And, Charlie was shy. I have the perfect plan for you, Charlie, thought Daniel. Something very special.

Charlie tensed up a bit and grunted with what sounded like frustration, maybe even anger.

Too bad, Charlie, Daniel thought to himself. And, too bad, Dylan. Too bad, everyone who was naked and chained up. Guess things didn’t work out for you the way you planned. You probably thought you’d be in my position, instead of being the guy who is naked and chained up. But all of us signed up for this. All of us agreed to play along, no matter how things turned out. Of course, the jocks probably thought things were going to turn out their way, like things in their lives usually did. And it surely reassured them that every year the jocks win this competition.

Not this year.

Sometimes, Daniel thought to himself, you just have accept the role that life assigns you.

Daniel walked behind the line of jocks and stared at their asses. The jocks were less still, now. The grunted warnings from Daniel and Charlie had an effect. The guys seemed to realize, now, that they were not alone; that someone was there, doing whatever one does to naked, helpless, muscular men.

It didn’t matter that they knew, now. There was nothing they could do about it.

Curious, Daniel felt Dylan’s ass. Dylan tensed up, and his ass felt like a rock. It was incredible. Daniel playfully ran his finger down the space between Dylan’s two buttocks, and was delighted to see Dylan react by making himself even firmer.

Daniel sighed and went to work. There were ten small identical cardboard boxes on the table. Daniel opened a box. He took out a thick ring, coated with silicone rubber. Daniel put a battery into it. It beeped softly.

Now it was time to choose one of the guys. Daniel wanted to keep his favorites in suspense. And it made sense to test this on the biggest dick first.

Daniel went to Harry. A crew jock, Harry had one of the best-looking torsos on display, all things considered. But Daniel was not interested in that at the moment. He unlocked a clasp on the ring and it momentarily broke open. He grabbed Harry’s dick and balls, lifted them, and then wrapped the ring around their base. Quickly, he closed the ring, and heard a satisfying snap. He adjusted it slightly, making a satisfying ratchet noise.

Harry shook his hands in his cuffs and pushed his legs against his crotch, trying to remove whatever had just been attached there. Daniel patted his head: there, there. Daniel then ran his finger through Harry’s chest hair, and briefly stroked Harry’s large nipples. Harry jerked a bit.

Then Daniel pushed the test button that came with the ring. A small red light turned flashed the ring: signal received. Harry’s entire body convulsed in pain.

Accept the role that life has given you, Harry, Daniel thought to himself.

By this time Daniel was feeling some pain of his own. The whole scene had been a huge turn-on for him. It was the satisfaction of so many fantasies at once. Daniel’s dick was getting to be rock hard. His balls ached from lack of release. Daniel wanted to do something about that. He wanted to go off into the bushes and jerk off.

Ruefully, Daniel stared down, past his modest, exposed pecs and his flat, bare stomach, to his only clothing, a jock strap. Desperate, Daniel pulled the jock strap down a few inches. He tried fiddling with the cage that was locked around his dick and balls. There was no use. He could touch nothing, stimulate nothing. He’d have to just live with the pain.

See?, Daniel wanted to say to the jocks. All of us just have to accept the role that life assigns us.

To be continued …


Note from Metal: After a long time I have finally made contact with this prolific author, Jackson Amacher! I would like to thank him for sending this story!


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  1. Oh gods, Jackson Amacher is one of the best storyteller. This is a very good addition to your library, Metal. Well done !

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