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Turn around and spread em

Within a day of entering prison you will come across characters who are screwed up by jail. Outside they are straight, but once inside they are ripe for cock both in the mouth and up the bum. Men who want to score will freely offer up their bodies for a hit. The guards turn a blind eye to this for the most part but with one exception. When a jail search is on the cards, who do you think the hardened inmates turn to to hide their stash? The man with the most spreadable arse!

male strip search in prison

This man is a dealer inside and out. He offers up his arse and is basically a one-man supermarket for pleasure, which he sells on the landing. He needs to be checked out regularly. Although the guards are fair they are also firm, and all this man’s private parts and open hole are going to be pored over, much to his chagrin.

male forced nudity

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show me your naked ass

Two naked quarterbacks are bound to the floor by their wrists and ankles

In this “femdom” video from CFNMTV.com, clever young psychology students have sexually teased the men, showing them a pornographic video and stimulating their genitals until they are in a frenzied state of arousal. The quarterbacks can now think of nothing else but getting off, but they are unable to achieve a climax because they are bound to the floor by their wrists and ankles. Despite their intensely excited state, their common sense is still clouded by hate for each other.

femdom videos male bondage

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Note that this is a website featuring clothed women dominating naked men.

forced male nudity

Dressed out in an orange prisoner uniform

Criminal Neil Stevens has a little attitude, not a big attitude but enough to piss off Officer Denali, and when he didn’t turn himself in for sentencing Officer Denali went and arrested him! Criminal inmate Stevens has a new nose ring, and the Judge doesn’t like those and is more than happy to add a year or two to the sentence of the defendant for the wearing of the arrogant nose ring and other body piercings that a criminal will by mistake wear into court. Just because Officer Denali is supposed to strip the criminal’s body clean, doesn’t mean that he’s going to! Yes, in this case, Officer Denali would rather the inmate irritate the judge and get a couple extra years in prison. You might ask why Officer Denali would do such a thing? Well, because he can!! Neil Stevens is headed to prison and the judge is about to tell him for how long!

orange prisoner uniform



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male strip search cavity search

Tom wipes the smirk off Parker’s face

At Spanking Straight Boys, Parker turns up for his first spanking shoot wearing an inappropriate T-Shirt with an obscene message. He is keen to appear tougher and more edgy than he really is. He smirks a bit here and there, asks questions he knows the answers to and waits to do things he already knows he should do until Tom tells him to. He’s either trying to be funny or, more likely or he’s attempting to show Tom (and the viewers) that he is bold and rebellious. Tom suspects it’s the latter. Whatever Parker’s motivation was to wear that shirt, it was a bad choice. It ends up costing him a harsh session by hand, and with a strap and cane. Most of the video is the cane, and Tom is heavy-handed with it as Parker continues to be defiant even during the caning — at least at first! By the end Parker has a very red and striped butt, and his smirk is a distant memory.

male bdsm spanking

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Title of this episode: Playing Dumb

spank his bare butt

Forced to strip in jail and prison

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Forced to strip in jail and prison

Prisoners are a mixed bunch when it comes to how clean they keep themselves. A few won’t be seen out of their cells without their looking their best, when others are stinking bunch of mean little fuckers. Lads who stink have been known to cause riots! A case in point is this vicious brute – he’s been sent down for something unsavoury but his biggest offence is that committed against everyone’s sense of smell, so feel a little sympathy for the poor screws who have to get this fella to bend over and spread open his odorous arsehole.

Lads who stink have been known to cause riots

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