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The WORC Program – Part 04

By Joshua Ryan

Maybe it was around 8 o’clock when they locked me in. I’d never gone to sleep that early in my life. And who knows how many hours it was till I took that shit? I was totally out of it. Totally wasted by these insults I’d received. But the morning came, signaled by a BANG on the door. A voice yelled “CHOW. Eat it all. NOW.” A little hatch opened in the door, and another dose of workie food dropped into my storage unit.

OK, I was hungry again. So I ate it. Sitting on my “bed,” with the crumbs dropping onto my naked junk. And hair growing on my face that I couldn’t shave off. And a collar around my neck!

I was just finishing my workie breakfast bar when the same voice went down the line saying, “It’s time! Take a shit and fold your blanket! It’s time! Take a shit . . . .”

I didn’t need to shit again, so I folded my blanket and laid it on my bed, hoping that I did it right. Then the door was unlocked. I saw another workie looking back at me. This one’s name was Drum. It was his voice that had been giving the orders. You know those guys that are so buffed out, their clothes don’t fit anymore? That was Drum.

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Tommy is tied up with a hard cock

Bound and gagged and tied to a bench, a terrified, 23-year-old straight man is at the mercy of a panting, lecherous masked man. He struggles in vain as the man rips and cuts the clothes from his body, revealing a muscular, smooth chest, thick thighs and to his great mortification, a hard cock.

male bondage

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This update is titled “Tommy – Part 1”

male bondage

The Rules of the Game – Chapter 01

By Jackson Amacher

Daniel stared at the ten naked athletes in front of him. Being blindfolded, they couldn’t know he was there. Being gagged, they couldn’t shout out for him to leave. And with their hands chained above their heads, they had no say in anything that was about to happen.

For Daniel, it was a fascinating sight. He knew all of these guys after four years of college at Dawson Military Academy. But, always in their clothes. Daniel had only imagined what they looked like naked. It fascinated him to see what he had gotten wrong and right.

He loved how Jimmy’s abs stretched to the side as he struggled with his chain, hopelessly trying to set himself free. He thought it was fascinating how, despite Steve’s nice Italian looks and dark nipples, that his dick was so tiny, almost lost in a bush of pubic hair.

Daniel tried to decide which sport produced the best bodies. He would have thought basketball. Gregg’s tall, thin body would ordinarily turn Daniel on. Still did. But Gregg, standing there next to so many excellent specimens, paled by comparison.

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Tied up and forced to suck cock

Ryan gets swiftly restrained and bound in place. The gravity of his situation soon becomes apparent as his clothes are destroyed and Dave lays claim to every inch of his muscular body. When his nuts are wrenched back and tied to the wall he experiences pain and humiliation. He’ll do anything to make it all stop but is shocked when a stiff dick is thrust in front of his face.

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Video: Franco breaks through Nathan’s attempts to be tough

At Tickled Hard, Franco gets Nathan out of his clothes right away, straps him down and goes straight for his ticklish size 10 1⁄2 feet. With fingers, brushes and bristly beard on his soles and between his toes, Franco easily breaks through Nathan’s attempts to be tough, reducing him in no time to a swearing, squeaking mess. Nathan loves every second of it! Franco digs into Nathan’s muscular thighs, then dusts the backs of his knees and taint with a feathery brush. When Nathan goes quiet to the brush on his cock, it’s clear he’s turned on and Franco easily makes him hard. He gives Nathan a taste of his own hard cock and let’s him hold it while milking him and licking up his cum. Then, with Nathan over-stimulated, it’s time for the second half of his tickle session! Franco lubes up his hands and attacks Nathan’s armpits and sides, driving him to a whole new level of tickling ecstasy that verges on torture. Nathan’s body and brain short-circuit as he twitches, shouts and can barely breathe, and Franco finishes him off with an extended finger-bombing of his susceptible pits and ribs.

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Paolo gets tied up and has his hole examined

At the CMNM forced male nudity site, Paolo learns that he won’t receive special treatment just because he’s a star athlete. He’s going to be treated like any stable animal that’s up for purchase. His fit muscular body belongs to them to examine and enjoy at their leisure. Paolo’s comfort and embarrassment is of no consequence! Especially when an anal examination is required as club policy!

male forced nudity cmnm

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