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Caesar gets strip searched in prison

Under the watchful gaze of the stern prison Governor, the guards strip search feisty inmate Caesar. This prisoner has a long silky foreskin that needs to be skinned back for a thorough contraband search! Plus they need to check behind his big dangling balls and up his tight arsehole. The power crazed men enjoy humiliating and sexually using this angry runt.

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Welcome to prison, punk

Now bend over and cough. A full strip search at the reception of a prison is standard practice. What is less well known is the “slave auction” style strip. When a younger prisoner is brought in, the guards know full well that he is going to attract a massive amount of attention off the older lags. Left unmanaged, this can cause chaos amongst the highly sexually charged prison populace. Far better for the guards to have “first dibs” and decide which of the Alpha prisoners can take the young man as his personal sex toy…

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Handcuffed at CMNM

At CMNM.net, the designer and buyer know exactly how to play these two big stupid lugs. They run their fingers under the sheer fabric. These skimpy thongs barely cover these brutes’ bulging genitals. It only takes a small flick to release them. Now that each man is fully exposed, things have gone so far the lads don’t feel like they can back out. These proud tough guys feel completely humiliated as they are led through increasingly debauched behaviour!


Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 17

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 17: Preparing for Your New Career in the Hospitality Sector

Two tall young slappies jumped out of the van.  One opened the door for Mr. Williams; the other took charge of Kristian and me.

We were told to face the van, and we heard our shackles being unlocked and falling onto the concrete.  Then we heard, “OK, I be gettin you in now.”  “In” meant the luggage compartment—a windowless steel box with a tiny grille through which we glimpsed, for a moment, the luxurious compartment where Mr. Williams was now positioning himself amid pale green leather upholstery.  In the luggage compartment there were hooks on each side, up near the top, to secure any cargo that might get loose.  But now we were the cargo, and we were attached to the hooks by our cuffs.  A few moments were required for the slappie to push us into place, facing each other; then the hooks clicked shut, the door slammed, the slappie’s heavy boots pounded their way to the driver’s compartment, and the delivery van was in motion.

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Tough guy gets strip searched in jail intake

Check out this shoot from StripSearchHell.com. This lad is no stranger to being inside. He’s a proper psycho. The police were called to a domestic incident, and this guy managed to not only hurl a punch at a police officer but also at a police dog. Judges don’t take kindly to that sort of thing, so he’s wound up in jail. The warders see how he tries to stare them out and play the hard case. But he blows it all by hiding his cock behind his hands. Showing you are shy is the wrong way of going about the reception process. But then this guy makes a habit of wrong decisions…







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Strip searched

At StripSearchHell, this lad thinks that people who do a normal 9 to 5 job are mugs, when you can just steal money from people’s wallets. Just look at the way this little punk tries to stare out the wardens with a smug grin on his face. He knows his future lies with the top Alpha in the prison. As his bitch. It was either pick pocketing or rent boy when this lad chose a career, but his anus started hurting too much so turned to thieving …

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