The Rules of the Game – Chapter 04

By Jackson Amacher

Colton was a cross-country runner. Colton grew up in a small town in Alabama, where the only exercise facilities available to young boys were a football field and a couple of miles of unpaved roads, so Colton took to the roads. He liked running, and didn’t mind the flat stomach and lean body it gave him.

Colton liked guys. But Colton was raised to be modest. He’d see other guys running shirtless, but he wouldn’t do that himself. It was indecent, Colton was taught. Colton never let anyone see his body, not his chest and certainly not what he kept under his underwear. At the Academy some guys would walk back from the showers wearing towels; Colton would wear a bathrobe over t-shirt and underwear.

Now, Colton was forced to wear just a jock strap in front of most of his class. He could feel everyone’s eyes on his bare skin. He couldn’t stop thinking about how small and undeveloped his body looked, compared to these muscular, shredded guys.

Jock straps weren’t new to him. When Colton was twelve, he went running with a new pair of running shorts his mom had bought him, shorts that had a built-in liner so that you didn’t need to wear underwear. It felt uncomfortable; his dick was too free, like a third leg. A few people smiled when Colton ran past them like that. Colton’s dad saw what they were seeing, stopped Colton immediately, and sent him home. “You’re flopping,” his dad had said, and Colton didn’t know what he meant. But Colton’s mom bought him jock straps after that. And Colton would wear them, with his normal underwear over them, and then his shorts. It felt much better.

In his life, Colton had seen very few other men naked. Colton was conservative. He did not look at porn. After the “flopping” incident, on his father’s advice, Colton did not use locker rooms; he changed at home, in private. In his romantic life, Colton had no interest in girls, and, in rural Alabama, had been with only one other guy. One hot summer night Colton was hoping that guy would let Colton fuck him. But when the guy saw Colton’s erect dick, he became scared, changed his mind, and just gave Colton a blowjob instead.

Colton had learned a lot about his own body today. Until today, Colton had never, ever, seen so many naked men at once. Or, for that matter, so many men wearing only jock straps. When Colton first stared at the line of helpless, naked, blindfolded, bound jock slaves, his eyes went to all of their dicks. Colton wondered, why are they all so small? Then, glancing at the size of the bulge in his jock strap and comparing his bulge to the ones sported by his fellow Blues, Colton thought, huh, they’re all small, too.

Colton counted himself lucky that he was, at least, a Blue. He was, undeniably, a slave himself. But, he was a slave with benefits. To have to show off his body like this was mortifying; he’d never get over the humiliation for the rest of his life. But, at least he wasn’t naked.

Take the fucking gorgeous stud Colton was, at this moment, leading by a leash up to the Red House. Colton had admired Dylan for years. Every guy did. Dylan was one of the school’s finest physical specimens. He was also going to be one of the most prominent graduates: Barracks captain, star athlete, great commander and leader. Only now he was naked and handcuffed and on a leash, his eyes obediently bowed to the ground, stupid wildflowers jammed into his hair. He looked gorgeous and pitiful at the same time. All his power was gone. In fact, in theory, nothing stopped Colton from pulling this stud aside and having some fun with him before he proceeded up to the Red House.

But he didn’t. Colton knew Dylan was special. They had something planned for him.

Red House was at the top of a hill, and a fence went around the entire perimeter of the bottom of that hill. Colton and Dylan arrived at its gate. Tommy, a fellow Blue, was in charge of it.

“Hold up. What’s your business up there?,” Tommy asked Colton.

“I was ordered to bring this slave to the top,” Colton said.

Tommy listened for a bit to his earpiece.

“OK, you’re good to go,” Tommy said, “but drop your jock strap in that box before you head up.” Tommy pointed to a wooden box on the ground, with a few jock straps inside.

Colton gulped.

“Really?,” he asked.

“Yeah. You’re about to be in the presence of the Reds, man. It’s a great honor. No slave is allowed to appear in front of a Red while wearing any type of clothing. Don’t worry, I’ll keep your jock strap safe. You’ll get your jock strap back when you return.”

Dylan was fascinated. He watched as the shy kid who had been leading him closed his eyes and pulled down to the ground that precious jock strap, the sole thing that had marked this kid as superior to Dylan.

Tommy smiled when he saw Colton naked. Dylan’s jaw dropped.

“Shit, man, congratulations,” Tommy said, laughing.

Tommy opened the gate and the naked Colton went through first, pulling the handcuffed and leashed Dylan behind him. They began a walk up the hill.

“Sucks being naked, doesn’t it?,” Dylan said.

“Shut up,” Colton said.

“Get used to it, Blue. When the White Team takes over, you’re going to be naked for good,” Dylan said.

Colton laughed at that. It was absurd to think that a group of exhausted, underfed, overworked, restrained, and docile slaves would be much of a threat to anyone.

“You guys traded away your own clothes, and were enslaved before you even set foot in the park. I’m trembling with fear,” Colton said.

“Says the guy who just threw away his jock strap for good,” Dylan said.

The Red House, Colton realized, was an actual house. A huge house. Here, in the middle of this wilderness, someone had built a McMansion. From the inside of the house, Colton and Dylan could hear music, laughter, shouting — the sounds of a party.

“You realize, dude, that this was supposed to be your fort. This was the superior Blue fort that you guys supposedly traded for. Only now you’re standing naked outside of it, terrified to enter,” Dylan said.

A Blue came up to them, wearing a jock strap.

“I’m Daniel. I run the livery stable here. Take this slave into the backyard, let’s clean him up,” Daniel said.

Despite what Colton had been told about Blues not being allowed to wear jock straps, Daniel wore one. Dylan noticed that there was something odd about the shape of the bulge under Daniel’s jock strap.

Behind the house, they made Dylan stand on a concrete patio in front of a grate.

“Has his battery been changed recently, do you know?,” Daniel asked Colton.

“I don’t know. I just took him for transport up here,” Colton said.

“All right, slave, spread your legs wide. Wider!,” Daniel ordered.

Dylan’s legs were cuffed to iron rings in the patio.

“If you don’t mind, I like to work in quiet,” Daniel said, and he stuffed a gag into Dylan’s mouth.

Unable to kick or run, or even to protest, Dylan was helpless as Daniel took what looked like a screwdriver and headed for his balls.

“Yeah, see, this is almost out of a charge. You’ve been a disobedient boy, haven’t you? Or maybe you enjoy getting zapped in the balls?,” Daniel said.

Daniel stroked Dylan’s helpless ribs, tickling him a bit. Dylan jerked away, glaring at him. But, with his ankles cuffed to the ground, he couldn’t move more than a few inches.

“It would have been your ass and mine if we’d let him in the house with a low battery,” Daniel said to Colton.

“Are you going to take that restraining bolt off his balls?,” Colton asked.

“Nah, this key just removes the battery. I can’t remove the restraining bolt itself. No one can. That thing is bolted on. It’s basically impossible to remove. This slave is going to have that bolt on his body for a long, long, time. Won’t you, stud?,” Daniel asked, and spanked the helpless Dylan on his ass.

Dylan began shouting something into his gag.

“Oops. He might not have known that. Probably shouldn’t have told him. Oh well, he was going to figure it out eventually. Hey, hand me that spare charged battery, will ya?,” Daniel asked Colton.

When Daniel attached the new battery, Dylan felt a light jolt.

“Good, it’s working. Now, let’s get him cleaned up,” Daniel said.

With garden hoses, they both sprayed cold water all over Dylan’s sweaty, muddy skin.

“Now, soap,” Daniel said.

Like they were washing a car, Daniel and Colton pulled sponges out of a bucket of soapy water and began rubbing them across Dylan’s body, scrubbing it. Colton went straight for Dylan’s abs, and then, careful to avoid the restraining bolt, around Dylan’s dick and balls.

Dylan hated having two guys rub their hands all over his naked body, but he accepted his fate, and tried not to think about what else was in store for him tonight.

Finally, Daniel hosed the soap off of Dylan.

“I think that’s it– oh, wait. Wow, this one must really be special. They want him oiled up, too,” Daniel said.

Colton and Daniel applied baby oil all over Dylan’s body, stroking every square inch of his skin for the second time. Dylan winced as Colton repeatedly stroked his cock, and as Daniel explored all crevices of his butt. The oil made Dylan’s skin shine. The slowly setting summer sun cast a flattering light across his body that accentuated the ridges in his abs, the bulges of the muscles on his arms and shoulders, and his modest but perfectly beautiful cock.

“I’ve seen a couple of these dray slaves now. But this one, I’ve got to say, has a really nice build,” Daniel said, as he moved his arm along Dylan’s muscular leg up to his captive ball sac. “You fuck him yet?”

“No,” Colton said.

“Waste. See this ass? Perky bubble butt like that, would be a dream to fuck. Once it gets lubed up, at least. Here I go,” Daniel said.

Dylan’s eyes opened wide and he screamed into the gag again. Daniel did not care or notice; he was using some sort of applicator to squirt oil into Dylan’s asshole.

“You know, slave, you complain a lot. You’d do better just to accept the role that life has dealt you,” Daniel said.

Daniel and Colton stepped back to admire their work. Enraged, Dylan could only breathe in and out heavily past his gag. His hip flexors and abs flexed moved in and out as he breathed heavily. His oiled body glistened in the sun.

Colton’s enormous dick was now rock hard. He couldn’t help it. He didn’t know how Daniel managed to keep his soft. Embarrassed, Colton covered his dick with his hands.

“I mean, they’re so hot like this, it’s a wonder the Reds don’t just take them right here. Oh well. OK, you too, now,” Daniel said to Colton.

“What? But — my job was just to bring him here,” Colton said.

“No, you’re going inside, with him,” Daniel said.

Through his gag, Dylan laughed at Colton. Now it was Colton’s turn.

Daniel unlocked Dylan’s ankles from the O-rings and made him kneel down by the wall. Then he had Colton stand in the same spot where Dylan had been.

Shyly, Colton kept his hands over his dick.

“Can’t I just hose myself off real quick?,” Colton asked.

“Quit fucking around. I’m acting under orders here. You don’t have to be handcuffed, but you have to obey. Now, lift those hands, and put them behind your head,” Daniel said.

Colton raised his hands. His rock-hard dick stood straight out from his body.

Dylan stared at Colton’s dick with a mixture of fascination and apprehension.

Daniel laughed.

“I guess we know why you were chosen,” Daniel said.

Dylan watched as Colton yelped and danced as the cold water struck his body. Repeatedly, he moved his hands to shield himself from the cold hose.

“Hold on. This will make it easier. Give me your hands, for a sec,” Daniel said to Colton.

Daniel had a rope, and tied Colton’s hands together. Then he threw the rope over a pipe above Colton’s head and pulled, raising Colton’s arms up.

“They… they want me tied up, too?,” Colton asked, frightened.

“No, tying you up was just my idea. I kind of like you like this,” Daniel said.

Dylan was starting to enjoy himself. It was nice turnabout to see Colton subjected to the same treatment as him: Daniel washing him, scrubbing him down, and taking plenty of opportunities to tickle and slap and generally torture the poor shy dude.

“OK, I think we’re done– wait, no. What? Really? OK. Well, Colton, it’s a great honor for you, dude. They want you oiled, also,” Daniel said.

“Me? Why?,” Colton asked.

“I don’t ask questions, I just obey the commands of the Supreme Leader,” Daniel said.

Daniel took the tube of baby oil and started massaging it into Colton’s skin.

“So, what sport do you play, slave?,” Daniel asked Colton.

“Cross-country,” Colton said, pretending not to feel Daniel lingering on his nipples.

“Figures. You’re lean but so unmuscular. Except in your legs and ass, though. These are pretty firm,” Daniel said.

“Are you almost done?,” Colton asked.

“No,” Daniel said.

Daniel took out what looked like a small leather belt. He pulled Colton’s cock and balls away from his body, and then tightened the belt around them.

“What the fuck is that?,” Colton asked.

“It will help keep you hard,” Daniel said.

Finally, Daniel was done. He toyed with Colton a bit more, giving him a playful spank before untying him.

“Good enough. Put flowers in your hair, and put some back in his, and get in there,” Daniel said to Colton.

“I — I’ve got to wear the flowers, too?,” Colton asked.

“That is the will of the Supreme Leader, Colton,” Daniel said.

Colton took some wildflowers out of a bowl that Daniel provided, and replaced the ones that had fallen out of Dylan’s hair. Then, he took two and put them in his own hair. He grabbed Dylan’s leash, and pulled.

“Let’s get this over with,” he said under his breath.

Daniel slid open a patio door and motioned for them to enter. Colton went first, pulling Dylan by his leash. They followed the noise of the party.

To be continued …

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