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Ivan is tied up and gets worked over by two brothers

gay bondage

Check out the action with sex-mad Ivan Mraz and brothers Romi and Petr Zuzka. Ivan is gagged and shackled to the bed, naked and with clamps on his nipples. The sexy brothers arrive, wearing see-thru underwear and holding their whips. They have fun, whipping Ivan’s hot, writhing body. Ivan moans as he feels the whips, his cock beginning to harden. Romi grabs that cock and is soon sucking on it, before letting Petr have a taste as well. Ivan’s cock gets good and hard as Petr sucks it. Then Romi takes over again. They take turns on Ivan’s cock and then decide to feed him some cock too. Both are rock hard and release the gag from Ivan’s mouth, so he can enjoy some throbbing meat. Romi is naked, and rams his dick in and out of Ivan’s eager mouth.

man chained to the bed

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Title of this shoot: Romi, Petr and Ivan RAW – Raunchy

Metalbond gay male bondage

Southern stud gets fucked and showered with cum in front of 100 men!

Jordan Foster gets gang fucked and covered in cum for Bound In Public’s Pre-Dore Alley Party

gay bondage

Over a hundred horny men show up for Bound In Public’s Pre-Dore Alley Party to kick off the weekend, and hot southern stud Jordan Foster is the main attraction. Jordan is completely blindfolded as they pass him around for everyone to grope. He’s so aroused from all the attention that the guys notice his pre-cum already soaking through his underwear. The crowd gets busy and starts tearing away his clothes. After Jordan is beaten red with the flogger, they have him crawling on his hands and knees, whipping out as many cocks as he can find. The crowd shoves three cocks in his mouth as his ass gets fucked for the whole party to see. Bound on a net of chains, Jordan screams in pain as clothespins are attached all over his body before having every single one smacked off with the crop. With his body sore from the clothespins, the whole party jumps up and rubs a million hands all over him, giving him the mixture of pain and pleasure. After the guys take turns fucking his hole to the sounds of the cheering crowd, everyone lines up their cocks to cover the greedy whore with their loads. Cum dripping down his face, Jordan crawls to the back room where the party’s just getting started.

gay bondage 33175_5 33175_6 33175_9 33175_16

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Adam Knox gets caught in a cum fest

At Bound Gods, Adam Knox gets used and cum all over his face from a crowd of horny men


Super stud Adam Knox is tied up to the metal rack for the horny crowd to use. Adam is helpless with metal bondage around his neck as the public gropes and strips him naked. Christian Wilde gets his cock hard when he flogs the hell out of Adam in front of everyone. He and Cole Streets suspend Adam upside down and the crowd spits and throws drinks at the poor guy. Everyone crowds around Adam for a good old fashioned gang bang. Adam receives load after load of hot cum

15436_p_02 15436_p_04 15436_p_06 15436_p_11 15436_p_14 15436_p_16 15436_p_18

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Muscle stud Mitch Vaughn gets tied up and used in a public bar

gay bondage


Out in the suburbs, a couple of hours from San Francisco, Jeremy Stevens and the Bound In Public crew take Mitch Vaughn to a bar to be used by the hot locals. They’re not used to seeing a show like this and are eager to get in on the action as Mitch gets dragged from stud to stud. It’s not long before hard cocks get whipped out and jammed down Mitch’s willing throat. He goes from cock to cock as the crowd gets more and more hot for the action. Tied up on the bar, Mitch is flogged hard and the unassuming locals are shocked at what the stud can take. With Mitch bound to a dolly they roll him from cock to cock, letting each one slide up his ass, and making sure his ass gets fucked in front of the most shy party-goers. Mitch begs for loads as the crowd cheers him on, and he gets a face full of cum.

gay bondage

 gay bondage 14


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Hide and Seek – Part 2

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 gay bondage storiesI took my time sneaking down the halls, up the stairs, and towards the kitchen, for I’d be damned if I got caught now. I wouldn’t normally take the risk, but after what just went down in basement, I needed some air to process what was going on.

Tyler was straight. Yet he let me, a gay guy who had a huge crush on him, show off for him, tie him up, and jerk him off. It was Tyler who sought me out in a confined space knowing we’d be there for a good amount of time. Tyler was gorgeous, of course, and didn’t seem to have much more than air between his ears. He couldn’t be toying with me. He wasn’t smart enough, and he wouldn’t be that cruel…

I tiptoed around the corner into the kitchen. I carefully took several pieces of fruit, berries, a few bagels, rolls, and some bottles of sparkling juice, and put them in my messenger bag. No, I thought as I looked around the kitchen, Tyler wasn’t playing me. He was just a stupid, horny young man. Unfortunately for him I wasn’t playing either, and he was completely at my mercy. So my record hiding time was seven hours and thirty-five minutes. But… I eyed the spray cans of whipped cream, and grinned to myself. I could easily smash that record playing with a hot, submissive straight boy like Tyler, and enjoy every second. Maybe even ten hours? I slipped two cans of whipped cream into my bag, and closed the door to the fridge. Time to go back and have some real fun!

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