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Muscle stud Dylan Roberts uses and abuses Tony Hunter

Dylan_Roberts_and_Tony_Hunter_01 Dylan_Roberts_and_Tony_Hunter_02 Dylan_Roberts_and_Tony_Hunter_03 Dylan_Roberts_and_Tony_Hunter_04 Dylan_Roberts_and_Tony_Hunter_05 Dylan_Roberts_and_Tony_Hunter_06

Muscle stud Dylan Roberts takes Tony Hunter into a crowded restaurant during lunch hour. The horny men grope the captive and make him suck cocks. Dylan walks Tony around and beats his ass for everyone’s enjoyment. Tony endures drinks thrown on him, the zipper, humiliation of licking cum off the dirty floor. They gang fuck the stud make him clean up by scrubbing the floor with his own body.


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Seven things to do to a long-haired punk

Ever see a hot dude but he has long hair and you just want to smack him around a bit and show him who’s boss? A guy like Dylan Deap, shown here. Here is a list of 7 things to do to a punk like this:

  1. Tie him up:



  1. Make him lick boots:






  1. Make him suck cock:



  1. Shoot loads into his mouth:



  1. Gag him with a ball gag and apply clamps to his chest:



  1. Gang fuck him up the ass and turn him into a bitch:



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Spencer Reed tops three subs in head cages at Bound Gods

Here’s another one from the Bound Gods/KinkMen archives!

This one features Dylan Deap, Spencer Reed, Van Darkholme, Sebastian Keys and Tyler Alexander in action during a live shoot:

Dylan Deap, Spencer Reed, Van Darkholme, Sebastian Keys and Tyler Alexander

A slave auction is held for the Bound Gods members, and the victors make the captives do whatever they want. Dylan can’t seem to keep his head about him, so Spencer flogs his ass and Van single tails him. The men are put up on one leg, and Spencer fucks them hard in the tight ropes. Tyler Alexander is new to the live show, and his nerves get the best of him. After a long session, the captives are rewarded with the doms’ loads all over their exhausted faces.

Video here

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Ex-Military stud gets humiliated and fucked in the crowed locker room


In this video from Bound In Public:

Bound and gagged, ex-military Matthew Singer is taken into a crowded locker room. He is made to strip naked while being bound and the public gathers around with amusement. Naked men fresh out of the showers stroke their hard cocks as Matthew crawls around begging to give head.

They smack him around and shove their cocks down his throat. One stud fucks the hell out of Matthew while the others pour beer all over him. They drag him to the hot tub and take turns dunking him and shove their cocks in his mouth and ass. Used and humiliated, the ex-military stud receives loads and loads of cum on his face.

MetalbondNYC_02_11407_p_02 MetalbondNYC_04_11407_p_23 MetalbondNYC_05_11407_p_26 MetalbondNYC_06_11407_p_10 MetalbondNYC_08_11407_p_15

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Model in this shoot: Matthew Singer

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Hazing The Brand New Boy In Front Of A Crowd – CMNM Style

Tony Hunter

Having nothing to do, the guys are hanging out searching for some trouble. Up walks Tony Hunter and his friend from out of town, Dakota Wolfe. Seeing the hot guys gives them an idea to play a game so they draw straws. Dakota gets the short one so they jump him, tie him up, and strip him down.

Dakota WolfeMetalbond

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A gimp is restrained in a thick rubber straitjacket

metalbond gay bondage

Here’s more heavy rubber lockdown as documented by SeriousMaleBondage.com. In this update, a gimp is restrained in a 4mm thick rubber straitjacket and strapped down to a StyleFetish bondage table. His struggling is squelched by lashing his balls to the end of the table. Check out this mind-blowing video series shot in the studio of BlackStore.com in Zurich, Switzerland.

male bdsm in rubber

VIDEO available at SeriousMaleBondage.com.

Check it out. The real deal.

Title of this update: SWITZERLAND IN DECEMBER PART 5 – 6

male rubber bdsm

Three prisoners to play with

Master Kane is one of the luckiest men alive. He’s been wanting to indulge like this for some time now, and we get to enjoy it with him. He has three prisoners to play with and torment, starting with Mitch Schiff, while new arrival Roman and sexy Justin are waiting in the wings. It’s an intense start to a long play session as Master ropes up and hoists Mitch, pounding him with the flogger. With Mitch yelping and his body red and sore, he’s moved back to his chair while Master picks the next prisoner to play with.

three prisoners to play with and torment

three prisoners to play with and torment


Video at Boynapped

Scene Title: Justin Tiempo, Roman Capellini, Mitch Schif & Sebastian Kane

Scene Short Description: Master Kane Has 3 Boys To Use! Part 1

three prisoners to play with and torment

three prisoners to play with and torment