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Male BDSM: Punk gets tied up at the laundromat

Jayden Ellis stretches his balls as he crawls around a laundromat and his hole gang banged at a local laundromat

gay bondage

The guys at the laundromat have been teaching a rude punk, Jayden Ellis, a harsh lesson after he stole someone else’s dryer. The guys have him tied up as everyone gathers around to stroke his cock. Jayden has his cock edged before the crowd ties his balls up to a couple bottles of detergent. Ordered to his knees, Jayden is made to crawl around, the heavy bottles stretching his nuts as he looks for cock to suck. In front of the store Jayden sucks multiple cock as his ass takes a spanking till it’s bright red

gay bondage 31818_11 31818_17

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gay bondage

Bathhouse bondage

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 6.26.11 PM

Christian Wilde and Jessie Colter decide to drag their bound whore Connor Patricks to Club Eros, a bathhouse here in San Francisco, with his eyes blindfolded. The horny crowd takes his clothes off and starts playing with the bound stud’s cock. That’s just when it starts to get interesting.

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Bryan Cole endures tickle torment and a gang fuck at a public bar

Bryan Cole endures tickle torment and a gang fuck at a public bar

Pig slut Bryan Cole is mummified on the pool table in the back of a bar. With only his cock exposed the bar surrounds him, blows him, and cover him in hands. They rip the wraps off and tie him up for a hard flogging in front of the crowd. The guys shove their feet in his mouth and up his ass three at a time as the captive begs for a good hard fuck. Bryan gets thrown back on to the pool table and fucked as everyone watches. After blowing their loads all over him the guys put a zipper on Bryan and get him off, pulling it just in time to ruin his orgasm.

Pig slut Bryan Cole is mummified on the pool table in the back of a bar

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A group bondage scene in a gay sex club

group gay bondage sex

What’s a great gay sex club night without a big juicy orgy to top things off? Ty, Zed, Nolan and Jay Tee manage to STILL be horned up after the night’s earlier festivities, and they gang up into a sizzling group scene. Nolan and Zed are on their knees worshipping Ty’s and Jay’s big honkin’ dicks with everyone but Jay still in their harnesses from the bondage action. “Such pretty boys, love seeing that!” groans Jay as Zed and Nolan pass his stiff tool from mouth to mouth. Ty bends down to get a dick-flavored kiss from Zed, then reaches around to pull Nolan’s face into his musky crack. Zed is on hands and knees nursing on Jay.

gay bondage sex


Ty is first to bury his fucktool, ramming into Zed’s cock-starved hole. Jay follows with a slick bareback plunge into Nolan’s butthole. Loud groans fill the sweaty air at KUMA, punctuated with the sharp smacks of flesh against flesh. While Nolan gets his ass crammed, he feels his load boiling up and thrusts his spurting cock into Zed. Ty turns him around for the first post-jizz kiss and the four studs prepare for round two.

gay bondage sex


Site: Peter Fever

Title: Tied Up Tuesday 6: Dropping the Ropes

gay bondage Peter Fever

Group BDSM action at Bad Boy Bondage

Joey is just going about his business cleaning the dungeon when Master Tye decides to recruit him. Brice is bruised and battered, his cock swollen and in need of release, but Master Tye likes to watch. Big-dicked Devon pumps his own huge cock into the captive’s tight little ass while Joey obeys instructions to feed the captive his leaking cock!

Video at Bad Boy Bondage

Video at Bad Boy Bondage

Scene Title: Master Tye, Brice Carson, Joey Landers & Devon

Scene Short Description: Twinky Joey Joins The Fun

Video at Bad Boy Bondage

Southern stud gets fucked and showered with cum in front of 100 men!

Jordan Foster gets gang fucked and covered in cum for the KinkMen  Pre-Dore Alley Party

gay bondage

Over 100 horny men show up for a Pre-Dore Alley Party to kick off the weekend, and hot southern stud Jordan Foster is the main attraction. Jordan is completely blindfolded as they pass him around for everyone to grope. He’s so aroused from all the attention that the guys notice his pre-cum already soaking through his underwear. The crowd gets busy and starts tearing away his clothes. After Jordan is beaten red with the flogger, they have him crawling on his hands and knees, whipping out as many cocks as he can find. The crowd shoves three cocks in his mouth as his ass gets fucked for the whole party to see. Bound on a net of chains, Jordan screams in pain as clothespins are attached all over his body before having every single one smacked off with the crop. With his body sore from the clothespins, the whole party jumps up and rubs a million hands all over him, giving him the mixture of pain and pleasure. After the guys take turns fucking his hole to the sounds of the cheering crowd, everyone lines up their cocks to cover the greedy whore with their loads. Cum dripping down his face, Jordan crawls to the back room where the party’s just getting started.

gay bondage 33175_5 33175_6 33175_9 33175_16

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Cameron Kincade gets beaten down and gang banged in a dirty bathroom

gay bondage

Cameron Kincade stumbles back to his apartment. Since being bit by the bondage bug, Cameron can’t help but fantasize for more. He dreams of being dragged into a nasty bathroom filled with sexed up men just waiting to pounce on his ass. Cameron tries to resist but the crowd beats him down while shoving their cocks down his throat. With three cocks in his mouth to shut him up, the men hold Cameron down and take turns fucking his hole till he begs for mercy. Unsatisfied, the crowd suspends Cameron in the air with his ass open for anyone to fuck. They take turns fucking him like a spit roast before leaving him dangling in the air, covered in all their cum.

gay bondage



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Cameron Kincade male bondage

It’s What I Wanted: A Bondage Story by and About Zander

By Zander

Part 1

I can’t say it was an ambition of mine from my pubescent days, although I was very aware of it even then. I took notice of men in news reports on crime wearing cuffs and shackles doing the perp walk. Historical movies and displays depicting bondage and the devices of it also got my attention. I did notice these things stimulated my already easily triggered teenage libido. Having no access to such things relegated my interest to just that.

It was not until I had my first homosexual encounter that many long-discarded fantasies came to the fore. I had repressed those sexual feelings all through college — even had a few girlfriends along the way. Now 26 years old and working a low-level management track job for a healthcare company, I was told one morning to go to the lobby and meet my intern, Jim, and give him some low-level tasks to occupy the next six weeks.

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