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Sex with a sling

It’s guy’s poker night at Manuel Skye’s house, and he has made sure to have the sitter Jake Nobello watching the little one upstairs. Markus Kage and Drew Dixon are enjoying guy’s night, but they can’t wait for the little slut Jake to be free so they can unload more than just their cash. Jake’s little tight butt is about to be the bottom end of a Daddy Gangbang!

Drew Dixon, Jake Nobello, Manuel Skye and Markus Kage

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Title of this shoot: Daddy Sitter, Part 3

gay porn with Drew Dixon, Jake Nobello, Manuel Skye and Markus Kage

Two buds are turned into captive sex slaves

At Dream Boy Bondage, top man Kevin Ford captures two straight buds, strings them up, strips them naked and lures them into a psychological game of wits that will turn them against one another, making one friend torture and fuck the other, first unwillingly but then with relish, as both captives become his sex slaves.

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both captives become his sex slaves

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Title of this series: JOSEPH & HUNTER – Straight Bros

Dream Boy Bondage

The Rules of the Game – Chapter 08

By Jackson Amacher

Dylan was gagged, handcuffed, his ankles chained to the concrete floor, and his ass still sore from a double-fucking. Yet Dylan felt like the most powerful guy in the room right now.

The Reds were turning on each other. Even before Colton had shouted down an offer that one of the six Reds could go free if he stripped and subdued the others, Rex had stripped Mark naked and tied him next to Colton. That’s one down, five to go.

The Reds, Dylan remembered, for the most part were not athletic types. Rex got to choose team members last, after all. Rex was, by far, the strongest guy left. He could take any of them in a fight.

So, that’s why the other four ganged up on their Supreme Leader almost immediately. They knocked him to the floor, right by Dylan’s feet. One of them sat on his chest, while the others started got his boots and pants off, leaving Rex wearing only boxer briefs and his shirt.

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The Rules of the Game – Chapter 04

By Jackson Amacher

Colton was a cross-country runner. Colton grew up in a small town in Alabama, where the only exercise facilities available to young boys were a football field and a couple of miles of unpaved roads, so Colton took to the roads. He liked running, and didn’t mind the flat stomach and lean body it gave him.

Colton liked guys. But Colton was raised to be modest. He’d see other guys running shirtless, but he wouldn’t do that himself. It was indecent, Colton was taught. Colton never let anyone see his body, not his chest and certainly not what he kept under his underwear. At the Academy some guys would walk back from the showers wearing towels; Colton would wear a bathrobe over t-shirt and underwear.

Now, Colton was forced to wear just a jock strap in front of most of his class. He could feel everyone’s eyes on his bare skin. He couldn’t stop thinking about how small and undeveloped his body looked, compared to these muscular, shredded guys.

Jock straps weren’t new to him. When Colton was twelve, he went running with a new pair of running shorts his mom had bought him, shorts that had a built-in liner so that you didn’t need to wear underwear. It felt uncomfortable; his dick was too free, like a third leg. A few people smiled when Colton ran past them like that. Colton’s dad saw what they were seeing, stopped Colton immediately, and sent him home. “You’re flopping,” his dad had said, and Colton didn’t know what he meant. But Colton’s mom bought him jock straps after that. And Colton would wear them, with his normal underwear over them, and then his shorts. It felt much better.

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The Rules of the Game – Chapter 02

By Jackson Amacher

[Earlier that day…]

At Dawson Military Academy, before graduation seniors take part in a massive wargame. What it involves, no one knows. Only that it is an honor to be picked.

There are three teams, each led by three cadets with the three highest scores on an exam. Those cadets pick the other players. Less than half the senior class is selected. Anyone who makes it through gets a silver medal on their graduation uniform. Anyone on the winning team, gets gold.

One cold morning the senior class reported to duty, as instructed, in the school’s parking lot.

They all wanted gold.

Good friends Dylan and Mark laughed and nervously chatted with each other.

“I can’t believe you didn’t make the cut for captain. So unfair,” Mark told Dylan.

“Yeah, it sucks. No prize for fourth place, though,” Dylan said.

The lists of students on each team were posted.

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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 10

By AlphaMetal

Day 3, Afternoon – A Prisoner Gets Used

The boys had only been resting for about an hour after the work detail when a man they had never seen walked into the dormitory. He was an older man — in his late 60s at least — with a gray t-shirt stretched over a large beer belly and a messy gray beard. The boys looked at his feet and saw that he was wearing black combat boots and jumped to attention.

The man with the gray beard looked over the four boys with obvious sexual desire. Pretty Boy remembered the “arrangement” that had been made — he wouldn’t have to suffer pain but in return he had become the camp’s sex toy – and he figured Gray Beard was there to fuck him. Pretty Boy imagined being penetrated by this fat man and wondered if it had been planned as punishment for disobeying the Commander the day before. But it was still a good arrangement. Pretty Boy hated pain and if he just closed his eyes and thought of his Master he could get through this.

Gray Beard examined the four boys in their blue prison scrubs, looking over each one closely. Pretty Boy was a cute twink but he was a bit too thin for his scrubs and they hung on him loosely. The Colonel was a total DILF — Cody would have bottomed for him happily — but the Colonel was obviously too old for Gray Beard, who didn’t give him a second look.

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A gimp is restrained in a thick rubber straitjacket

metalbond gay bondage

Here’s more heavy rubber lockdown as documented by SeriousMaleBondage.com. In this update, a gimp is restrained in a 4mm thick rubber straitjacket and strapped down to a StyleFetish bondage table. His struggling is squelched by lashing his balls to the end of the table. Check out this mind-blowing video series shot in the studio of BlackStore.com in Zurich, Switzerland.

male bdsm in rubber

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Title of this update: SWITZERLAND IN DECEMBER PART 5 – 6

male rubber bdsm