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Male bondage: Cruising for toilet sex


A sexy stud ends up being manhandled, bound, suspended and gang fucked, when he goes to a public restroom to service the horny men cruising there.

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Big dicked stud Phenix Saint drags sexy Ethan Hunter to a grungy public restroom for a few hours of sucking cock. But Ethan gets more than he bargained for when the group of sex starved bathroom cruisers rip his clothes off, grope and manhandle him, and make him take turns sucking their cocks.

Ethan endures some heavy flogging, a painful double zipper and is made to lick the men’s boots clean. After sucking some huge cocks through the glory holes, Ethan is bound, gagged, and suspended inside one of the stalls where the horny men take turns fucking him.

Completely spent, he ends up on the filthy bathroom floor where he takes load after load of hot cum.


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Group bondage sex


There’s always plenty of group bondage sex at Bound In Public. The title of this video is “Bathroom pig whored out to the horny public”


Bound in chains, Tripp Townsend sits in the bathroom of a porn shop, blindfolded with a hard cock as the public approaches him. They take turns playing with his cock as clothespins are attached all over his torso. When Tripp starts to get a smart mouth, the guys shut up with a cock in his mouth and add clothespins right onto his balls. One by one each clothespin is cropped off as Tripp screams in pain before the guys take him out of his chains and throw him against the sink. Connor Maguire holds him down and hand gags his mouth as the horny crowd comes up to fuck the captive from behind. With his arms tied above his head, Tripp endures Christian Wilde’s flogger as he’s mercilessly beaten red. The guys bend him over for Christian to ram his giant cock up Tripp’s ass as they take turns shoving his head down on their cocks. The crowd then breaks out the fucksall and shoves the toy up Tripp’s ass as they milk a load out of his cock. All horned up, the guys push Tripp to his knees and make him beg for cum as they each cover his face with their loads.

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Ripped stud with a giant cock get used in a crowded bar

Doug Acre gets beaten and fucked as he services a crowded bar, in this video at Bound In Public

gay bondage

It’s Friday night and the bar is packed with horny men and hung stud Doug Acre is the main attraction. They tie him up and pass him around the bar for everyone’s amusement, making him sniff everyone’s crotch. Bent over a table, Doug is held down as the crowd takes turns fucking his ass.

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Male BDSM: The Battle of the Pain Sluts

Bound Gods Master Avery

Bound Gods Master Avery

In this Bound Gods video, it’s a battle of the pain pigs as Master Avery and Van put Chad Rock, Scratch and Chad Brock through the paces. The title of this video is “The Battle of the Pain Sluts – Live Shoot

Bound Gods Master AveryBound Gods Master Avery

The competition begins with the sub’s ass hooks tied to weighted buckets that they must hold out right. Drop the buckets and the ass hooks slide even deeper into their holes as Master Avery tests them with the flogger. Electricity is a well-known adversary of Chad Rock, and the taser causes him to lose the challenge, earning all three prisoners a hard paddling. Next tied to wooden posts each captive is flogged, belted and single tailed. Chad’s torment is furthered by use of the cattle prod. The members make the call and decide that Scratch earns the victory fuck for taking Avery’s belt so well and Van and Avery both cum all over him.

Bound Gods Master Avery

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A go-go boy gets tied up and passed around


In this video from Bound In Public, a bar full of horny patrons gather round to have their fun with the go-go boy Isaac Hardy, locked in the stockade. They take turns playing with his cock till it’s rock hard. They bring him to his knees to put his mouth to good use. Isaac sucks off the crowd till he gets a load of cum all over his face. After a flogging, Isaac is pushed to the ground as the guys fuck him from both ends. The crowd takes turns blowing their loads all over his face as he’s left bound, dripping in cum. The title of this video is “Ripped go-go boy beaten, fucked and covered in cum”

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Dominic’s Pleasure Tickle

At Tickled Hard, Dominic relaxes on the tickling table in just his jockstrap and ankle socks while he eagerly waits for Franco to tie him up. After Franco blindfolds Dominic, he tickles him with a feather and his fast-moving fingers on his sides and in his armpits. Dominic is obviously very ticklish, which shows even more when Franco tickles his cute size 9 feet. He gladly submits to Franco’s tickle pleasures, even if he’s holding back a little. Franco has ways of breaking through any hold, and with Dominic, it’s applying more tickle tools and techniques to his feet. Dominic giggles and growls like a tormented puppet, bouncing what little he can in the cuffs and duct tape bonds. Removing the blindfold snaps Dominic back to reality and intensifies the situation. Franco’s hands are masterful tickling devices, moving from one part of Dominic’s body to the next, and when he’s not using those, he draws from his cache of tickling tools, including a wide array of brushes. Past the halfway point, Franco adds lube, and the sensations are so intense that Dominic barely makes a sound. His head and torso turn red, and and he bounces up and down, desperately trying to catch his breath. Just when Dominic thinks it’s over, Franco brings Buck Williams in to help him finish the sweaty captive off.

he eagerly waits for Franco to tie him up

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