The Rules – Part 2 – A Painful Review

By Miles Pierce

The pulley system had taught him a painful lesson but it was just the first of his studies. He had taught himself to move through the pain but he couldn’t let himself completely touch the floor, the pain was too intense. Just as his exhausted muscles had finally given out and he resigned himself to the impossible pain, he felt a slack in the tug on his balls and he gingerly let himself fully rest on the floor.

The relief was enormous but he could still feel the dull ache in his testicles.

He used the slack to pull himself upright and stretch his body as much as he could in the bonds. His body was slick with sweat from the exhaustion of holding himself upright. He could feel the leather covering his face nearly slimy against his skin.

Suddenly, a stinging blast of cold water brutally pushed his body. He wailed in surprise at the icy burst. He was being hosed down. He felt the cold water wash away the feel and smell of his own urine. The very animal nature of his existence chilled him more than the water did.

He felt an object slide up against the back of his calves and he jerked away in fear. Then he felt some give in his arms. They were still far apart but being lowered somehow. He could vaguely make out some distance rumble of a machine. As the slack increased in his ankles as well, Jeremy realized he was being set into a chair that had been pushed behind him. The release of strain was so welcomed that he didn’t even consider what this new development meant.

As his body continued to be lowered into the chair, Jeremy felt strong hands grab his left ankle and apparently unhook the cuff only to immediately connect to clasp on the chair. The same was done to his right.

The chair was padded and it felt as if was covered in some type of rubber. His body felt slightly sticky against the surface. It was tilted slightly and as his shifted his legs he could tell that it was structured almost like beam with each leg having its own support. As his body slowly lowered back into the chair, he suddenly realized this was maybe his only opportunity to escape. His back was now fully against the rubber padding that just gave ever so slightly. There was a lot of slack in both hands and in a moment when the left was disconnected from the chains, it would be his best opportunity to try. Despite his exhaustion, he knew he had to try for his own sake, to try to prove to himself this wasn’t truly what he wanted.

The hands encircled his wrist.

The soft click of a metal clasp.

A brief moment of near freedom.

He took his chance by using his last bit of strength and yanked his left hand free. He was just making a fist when two iron claws grasped his arm and a knee, backed by the full weight of a man landed on his stomach in the form of a fist. He gasped as the air was forced out of his chest and his arm was quickly and efficiently clipped to the chair.

“That was unfortunate and frankly more stupid than I would have expected.”

The weight shifted off his chest and he sucked in as much that his nose would allow. Chest still heaving, he felt straps going around his calves and thighs then tightened. He understood how the chair was shaped like a Y with each leg immobile against the rubber surface. His sides of butt rested just barely against a small shelf like protrusion on each side but fully open underneath. His genitals were completely exposed as he legs were pulled widely out. Straps across his forearm and bicep were pulled equally taut.. Next, several straps across his chest and he felt one across his forehead . With a quick yank is head was pulled back onto an angled headrest. His right arm still hung above him in the original chain that was now increasingly tightened, strethced away from his bound body.

“Apparently you did not grasp the full extent of the first lesson or your position. The universal law was this: for every action there is a reaction. So, for now, a rather blunt reminder.”

He heard the snap of a leather on his balls a split second before the pain. He howled into the gag, his body attempting to jerk free from the chair. Neither he nor chair moved. His right arm pulled against the cuff in pain.

It was immediately followed by two successive hard cracks on each thigh. Jeremy had no idea how sensitive that area was until now. Then another smack on his already tender balls, then two more strikes on each thigh. Then again on his balls then his thighs. Each one worst than the last and leaving anxiously wanted to protect his body but the chair held him immobile. He sobbed at the pain, panting and moaning the continued ache in his balls and the welts burning on his thighs.

Thankfully no more blows came. The punishment was short but brutal.

When his right wrist was finally unlocked he let hang weakly in the strong hands as it was quickly bound as completely as the rest of him.

“I’d hoped you were an apt pupil but I was apparently wrong. Instead we will have to review the first rule once again with a more definitive approach. A few more days will be necessary. ”

Jeremy groaned behind the gag. He balls already ached terribly, his thighs were on fire, his muscles exhausted and he felt he couldn’t possibly survive another session with the pulleys. He made pleading sounds, wishing he could apologize but knowing it wouldn’t matter.

He felt a slight tug on his gag.

“If you are thirsty, just suck.”

Through the haze of his pain, Jeremy realized how thirsty and dehydrated he was. He had constantly been swallowing saliva as his mouth had worked to constantly coat the rubber invader. He sucked on the cock head in his mouth and felt water stream out of the hole in the tip. He sucked as much as he could till it dribble to a halt. He sucked hard to get every last drop. It wasn’t until then that he realized he had been sucking a cock for the first time in his life.

Suddenly, he felt rubber fingers move under his scrotum and into the crack of his ass, made fully available by the shape of the chair. The “no” he shouted came out as a muffled grunt. No one had ever touched him there. He tried to get his girlfriend to go there but she had always resisted. In his twenty-eight years, no man, not even a doctor touched his ass.

Ever since he awoke as a prisoner, he knew that at some point his greatest fear would be realized. That he would be fucked. He had been dreading the moment and he thought the time had come. The fingers found his hole and he two prodding fingers covered in cold lubricant explore this tight passage. He wriggled in shame and humiliation, mewling sounds escaping the gag.

The fingers withdrew and then suddenly prodded again, this time pulling him open slightly more and shoving something deep inside his rectum. He felt the quickly withdraw and this hole close quickly after. Whatever it was could feel it still lodged there. He heard the snap of latex gloves being removed then another tug on his face.

“If you are hungry, suck.”

And Jeremy was indeed hungry. His thirst slightly sated, his stomach grumbled at the thought of food. He suck on the cock and a thick, lukewarm fluid flowed from the hole. He almost choked before his realized it wasn’t cum. It reminded him of a melted milkshake but had just a faint dairy flavor but little taste. He realized it must be some type of meal replacement.

“It will take some time your body to adjust to this diet. The formula has everything you need including fiber but in only liquid form. This is now your only food. This is also the beginning of adjusting your functions to a specific time.”

Jeremy kept sucking on the rubber cock in his mouth and felt the hunger in his belly lessen. It was then that he recognized the full implication of those words, even has is bowels began to rumble. The thing in his ass was slowly disappearing and he realized it was a suppository. Even his most basic bodily functions were being taken away from him. He groaned again as the need release his bowels grew.

Without any warning, whatever was left in him rushed out and he could hear in splash in water underneath him even as the smell of his own filth rose around him. He shook his body in another desperate attempt to be free, to get control of his own body again.

The chair didn’t budge.

Another blast of a cold water hosing scoured his body. Jeremy shivered in the rubber chair and heard the tiny sqeaks his skin made against it. Suddenly he felts fingers around his anus again and this time something small was being inserted. He felt his bowels filling up and realized he was receiving an enema. He desperately tried to jerk his hips away to no avail. The pressure building as the water filled him was slow but unrelenting. He grunted at the effort to force it out but as long as the water was flowing it wouldn’t move. Minutes went by and the pressure to evacuate was excruciating. Finally the water stopped and the nozzle was withdrawn. With a giant sigh of relief Jeremy released everything he had and heard a giant rush into whatever water was below him. He was humiliated by the sounds and betrayal of his own body.

He was hosed down again. Then he felt the nozzle enter his rectum and he groaned as the process was repeated yet again. After the third hosing the room felt silent. He could only make out the sounds of water dripping off him and the chair onto the floor. Jeremy couldn’t tell how long he had been here but he knew it was at least several days. Utterly exhausted, his body cleaned out, an ache in his groin and his thighs still burning, he slipped into blackness.

The hand on his balls brought him almost immediately awake. He tried to move and realized he was still strapped to the chair. He remembered where he was and felt somewhat rested. He must have been allowed to sleep. As a devastatingly familiar device encircled his sack, Jeremy realized he was also embarrassingly hard. Even if he was fucking his girlfriend, he masturbated daily. These days of darkness had deprived him of any relief and he was achingly erect. The hands finished their work and apparently paid little attention.

Jeremy meekly let his wrists re-cuffed to chains above his head. Then he groaned. He remembered what lesson he had to learn all over again. Desperate to stave off his approaching session, he made plaintive sounds through his gag, hoping to get a chance to beg for forgiveness and pity. The only response was a click of his ankle cuffs and the low murmur of a motor. His aching body was pulled up and taut again in the constraints. He found his footing on the stone floor and used the restraints to steady himself. As he felt the increasingly familiar tap on his balls to stand on his toes, Jeremy was dismayed to discover his cock was still rigid.

He didn’t know how many days the lesson lasted. It was a fevered time of pain and dreamless sleep. The sessions went well beyond the first with several different permutations. At one painful point, his nostrils were hooked and he had to keep his head rigidly up. Any movement pulled his balls behind him in painful response. Each session only interrupted with time in the chair. His body began to adapt to the specific regularity, aided by the suppositories and enemas. If he couldn’t wait to piss, he had to put up with standing in it. He also grudgingly began to realize his dependency on the cock in his mouth. His jaw ached at the constant presence but he sucked food and water as hard as he could when given the option. He was constantly on the verge hunger and thirst. In the darkest corner of his mind, he was aware that his was now dependent on the cock in his mouth to keep him alive.

Despite his grunts, groans and muffled shouts, no words were ever spoken and his efforts never acknowledged.

Jeremy also realized his cock wasn’t his own. Only in the moments of intense pain would it flag only to grow rigid again as soon as it could. The need for release was enormous and never given.

It was in the most devilish session that Jeremy fully realized his plight. As always, his balls were chained to the pulleys and dependent on his standing as tall as possible. This time, however, fingers had rubbed his nipples until they stiffened and he was moaning in the arousal.

Suddenly, his left nipple was painfully pulled out and clamps bit into his flesh. Jeremy yelped in surprise and pain. After the right was clamped as well, they were pulled down and painfully tight. Jeremy gasped at this new dimension of hurt. He then truly understood the nature of the lesion then. By relaxing his feet down, it eased the pain from his nipples but pulled his testicles further away from his body. The higher he stood on his toes gave his balls more relief but nearly yanked his nipples off.

For everyone action this is a reaction. Jeremy now fully understood. He didn’t want another lesson.

After what seemed like hours, when he was finally unhooked from the pulleys and chains. When the clamps on his nipples were released, he screamed in pain. They were on fire. With his nipples throbbing and balls aching, Jeremy eased himself into the chair to be tied down.

His subservience to the first rule was now complete.


To be continued …


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