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Custom-built wrist and ankle shackles

A friend in California who wears a chain padlocked around his neck 24/7 also spends a lot of time in heavy metal shackles — and he sent these pictures a while back:

gay bondage MetalbondNYC_dot_com_02

Here is what this guy has to say about these pictures:

“Here are some pics of these incredible custom shackles that my Partner/BOSS ordered from SM-Factory in Germany. He has other shackles from different sources, some chrome plated, and others plastic coated, but they eventually get rusty, fit poorly, or are poorly designed in one way or another. The shackles from SM-Factory solve these problems, and at the same time are Very Fucking HOT visually, and to be locked up in. The shackles are solid stainless steel, made to my exact wrist and ankle measurements, and they are almost one quarter inch thick and one and a half inches high. The locks are actually high quality brass padlocks that are built into the cuffs. The machining and workmanship is first rate, and the internal hinge is part of the cuff. The shackles come without any connecting chain, so they were connected with permanent quarter-inch stainless steel chain, just long enough for me to service properly and walk with a short step. Being locked in these shackles is really amazing. They’re heavy, but not annoyingly so, and totally solid and inescapable. Both the wrist and ankle shackles fit me snugly but not too tight, this keeps them above my wrist and ankle bones, and reasonably comfortable, for long term use. That’s a good thing, because I spend lots of time locked up in these, a virtual, personal prison, for all sexual use, sleeping and much of my “free” time. Needless to say, I NEVER forget who owns me!”


Metalbond would like to thank the hot man who sent these pictures and the information.


6 thoughts on “Custom-built wrist and ankle shackles”

  1. The chain on the leg shackles is VERY short; it must make walking very tough! Like the others, I’d like to try them!!!

  2. Thanks for posting this! I LOVE these shackles! And I’m glad to learn that they wear as well as they look. One question: were the chains between attached by the manufacturer or the customer?

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