The Speed Trap – Part 04

By Rubrpig

The routine settled on to the three of us by the end of the first week in the jail. By then my brother and I had decided that no one had investigated my disappearance. Each day was spent in the cells and at night at the dungeon serving the troopers.

They continued to put a lot of effort into breaking our Sir but we were able to keep him from giving in by talking with him during the day and calming him down and keeping him focused on staying strong. We had met and formed a triad while we were under going specialized training in the Marines when we had been undergoing specialized training when we were assigned to recon unit.

One day about a week into our sentence, the three of us were dragged from the cells and taken to the shower area. The corporal ripped off our prison uniforms and boxer shorts and tossed them into a laundry bin. We were glad to be out of them as we had been wearing them for just over a week and they reeked of sweat, and cum. We were told to shuffle over to the shower area.

The corporal took a long handled scrub brush and soaked in a bucket of soapy water and then proceeded to scrub each of us. The brush rubbed our skin raw especially where we had been whipped and caned but we endured it. Once we were scrubbed, he picked up a hose and proceeded to blast us with a heavy stream of cold water. We took the blast of cold water and we were told to turn around so our backs and ass could be rinsed. Finally the water was turned off.

We were told to get back to our cells and we shuffled back to the cells dripping wet and freezing from the cold water. We sat on the cots and tried to stay warm as we slowly dried. After several hours, the corporal came back to the cells carrying a stack of new uniforms. He went into Sir’s cell and got him back into underwear and the uniform and then he came to our cell and soon we were back in our orange prison uniforms. But at least we were clean and that did make us feel better.

That night, the leather troopers came for us and we were dragged out to the transport van and loaded in and locked down to our seats as usual. They finished with us and locked the rear cage area of the van and got into the front. We arrived at the dungeon and were removed from our seats and we got out of the van. We looked around and were surprised to see about 10 cars parked in front of the dungeon. Usually there was only the cars belonging to the procesecutor and the judge as well as the van.

We were dragged into the house by our leashes and lead into the main room and saw that there were at least a dozen men in leathers standing around smoking cigars and drinking. The judge came over to us and told us that they had invited some friends to enjoy the club’s new toys and he poked his finger into Sir’s chest and laughed.

The corporal dragged Sir over to his usual spot on the whipping post and was quickly chained into position and the rack of whips and floggers rolled over beside him so the guests could select from the various whips and floggers. I was lead over to the fireplace and told to kneel. I dropped to my knees and was chained down so I could not get up by locking chains to the ankle shackles and to the main chain to hold me in place. Then smoking stands were placed on either side of me and then a heavy rubber gasmask hood was pulled over my head and zipped closed. The eye pieces had been blacked out so I could not see what was happening. I felt him connecting a hose to the intake port on the front of the mask.

He had connected a hose which had been connected to a Y connector so two hoses could be attacked which he did. Those hoses were put on the arms of the club chairs I was between. I heard him tell the men that I was ready for use. Several minutes later, the gasmask filled with dense heavy rich cigar smoke as 2 smokers had seated themselves in the chairs and were using the hoses to exhale their smoke into. My head swam from the heavy smoke I was breathing in. I got fresh air only when they were not exhaling their smoke into my tube.

The sargeant had taken my brother over to the corner and chained him down like I was and then pulled a heavy eyeless rubber urinal funnel hood over his head. It was zipped down and then a hose was slid over the tube of his chastity device so he could piss when his bladder got full. Soon he was being used as the various guests lined up to piss into the funnel. His stomach was soon bloated by all the piss he had swallowed.

We could hear faint sounds of the whipping and flogging that was being being applied to our Sir. The evening past slowly as the sounds of the party were reduced to a dull sound due to the heavy rubber hood on my head. I was light headed from all the smoke I had inhaled but after what felt like hours, the gasmask hood was unzipped and pulled off my sweaty head. I gasped for fresh air.

The smokers sitting in the chairs told me to stick out my tongue and for the next several hours I was consistantly used as an ashtray. My stomach was churning from all of the cigar ash I had swallowed but I focused on not throwing up. Between only getting fed every other day we were all getting weak from the lack of food and the daily abuse we received from the leather troopers.

I spotted my brother and my Sir being unlocked and dragged over to the fuck benches and mounted on the benches. The sargeant shoved lube in their asses and told the men that the fuck holes were open for use. I continued to take ash while they were spit roasted by the men. Some of the men were standing watching and jacking off and shooting their loads over their backs. The cum was rubbed into their backs and the men enjoyed rubbing their cum especially into the heavily welted back of Sir. The fucking went on for several hours leaving my brother and Sir gasping for air as cum dripped off their faces and cum leaked from their wrecked assholes.

The men finally tired of gang raping them and they started to wander out of the dungeon and I could hear the sounds of a meal and drinking happening in another room. Soon all of the men had left the dungeon leaving the three of us alone. I looked over to my brother and Sir and asked if they were ok. Both of them nodded and lay still on the fuck benches their hands trapped in their shackles beneath them.

Finally it sounded like the party was breaking up and soon and our four captors came back into the room. They walked over to me and kicked me in the nuts which just caused the chastity device to slam into my body. I double over and groaned. The judge pulled out a pair of alligator clamps and snapped them on my nipples then hung a couple of weights on the chain so the clamps dug into my nipples. I grunted as they dug into my flesh. They left me there and walked over to my brother and Sir and the four of them spit roasted them and finally after swapping around had them lick and suck their cocks clean.

The judge grabbed my Sir by his hair and yanked his head up and asked if he was ready to submit. My Sir told him NO and twisted his head out of the judge’s hand. The men stood there and said well we will just have to up the pain till you break. They walked away and left the room.

Finally the returned and unlocked us and told us to get out to the van. We shuffled out of the house and carefully went down the steps. The heavy but short ankle chains forced us to go down one step at a time. We finally got down the steps and shuffled over to the van. We waited till the back was opened and we slowly got in and sat down in our seats. We were quickly locked into the seats. The trip back to the jail was short as usual and soon we were shuffling into the cells through the back door. We went into our cells and the doors were closed and locked.

They left the cells and turned off the lights. We shuffled over to our cots and laid down. He pulled and tugged on the nipple clamps chain and then took them off. We stunk but we still managed to fall asleep.

The next day, the sargeant came into the cells and unlocked the cells. We were told to get up and get to the toilets and we shuffled over. Finally we were done and then we were told to get to the showers as it was time to clean us up from the mess we made of ourselves at the party according to him.

Once we were stripped of our boxers and uniforms we were told to kneel. We obeyed and then he began to run a pair of heavy clippers over our heads removing the hair. He gave each of us a #1 buzzcut. He then used the clippers to shave down our beards. The three of us were very hairy and had heavy beards. I usually had a 5 o’clock shadow by 3pm. Since none of us had been able to shave since we were arrested we were sporting dark thick beards. These were clipped down to stubble. Once this was done, we were told to stand and he scrubbed us again like the corporal. Once we had been rinsed off, we were told to pick up our uniforms and get back to our cells. Once we were in our cells, he locked us in and left us. Later the corporal came in and fed us and cleaned us up.

Once we were cleaned up, he had us lay down on the cots and one at a time we were chained down by the heavy webbed chains and the heavy steel bondage helmets put on and locked. The heavy chains were freezing cold against our skin as he did not put us back into our jail uniforms. As the heavy chains were laid on my chest, they pushed down on my raw nipples as they were still raw from the alligator clamps they had been put in last night.

Finally we were all chained down and he left the cells and turned off the lights. We lay there under the heavy chains and any sounds were muffled by the heavy steel helmets locked on our heads. I finally fell asleep and I passed out I heard Sir’s light snores echoing in his helmet. As we slept we were unaware that we were the subject of a missing person search and rescue operation being mounted to rescue us.

To be continued …

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