The Story of Dax – Chapter 04

By TheBadOne

Chapter 4 – Transformed

So much time has passed since I was first sealed into this leather prison that I no longer have a sense of it. Some of the experience was blissful- especially those parts when my brain left my body and I truly entered the state of objectification this experience was designed to inflict on me. Other moments were utter torture- snapping back into myself, anxiety rising and being ready to plead mercy no matter what the consequences were- until I got a hold of myself, focused on my breathing, repeated the words from the hypnosis tape (not even playing on headphones, just from memory) until I drifted back into submission. I want this, I kept telling myself. This is how I’m supposed to be.

I was in that state when I finally felt movement next to me. I registered it, at least, but I wasn’t able to react in any way. After so many hours awake, stifling every urge to move even slightly, I suddenly found myself unable to even try.

“Dax,” I heard Master’s voice whisper to me. It soothes me, feeling like a wave of bliss washing over my — his — entire body. I feel his hand underneath my head, lifting me slightly, and then the click of a key unlocking the straps securing the mask to my face. He lifts it off slowly. I remain perfectly still, my open eyes staring straight ahead. Did he call me to attention? I don’t remember, but it’s best to play it safe.

Master’s face is still slightly sleepy-eyed, his hair soft and ruffled. He must have just woken up.

“Dax, you in there? Talk to me.”

I start to come to my senses. I moan lightly and close my eyes, then reopen them and look at him. He brings a glass of water to my mouth and I drink.

“Thank you, Master.”

“Good, you’re still in there. Did you have fun last night?” He smiles in his cocksure way. I am temporarily returned to the speechless state I have barely emerged from. “At ease, Dax. Permission to speak freely. Be you for a minute.”

Easy for him to say. What is it to be me, now? I have spent the last 16 hours focusing all my mental energy on rewiring myself to be Master Shephard’s perfect submissive boy. The first thing I can think of is the throbbing I suddenly feel down below.

“My ass… feels so full. What day is it?”

Another belly laugh from the jolliest sadist on planet earth.

“It’s Tuesday morning, January 1st, 2019. Happy New Year, Dax. I wanted to make sure you entered your year the way you’ll be spending most of it.”

I’m already so deep into subspace that I don’t panic to hear that, though I still ask. “You’re… keeping me like this?”

He smiles again. “I meant you’ll be spending most of it with me, Dax. In a variety of states- boy, slave… object.”

I startle to hear him use that word.

Master Shephard can see the question mark written across my face. “You did actually manage to pass out last night, which is impressive. You were talking in your sleep. ‘I am an object,’ you kept repeating.”

I blush in embarrassment. Even my subconscious is training me. “How much time do I have left, Master?”

“Two hours. A little less, actually, since I’ve given you this nice long break from being a perfectly silent and obedient object. Ready to get back to it, boy?”

I stifle a whimper and instead respond in the affirmative. “Yes, Master.”

Wasting no time, I feel my head lifted again as Master secure a new hood- a rubber gas mask with all the attachments necessary to make me- impossibly- even more helpless than I’ve been for the last 16 hours. I hear the click of a lock, and my head rests back onto the bed. Then I hear the doorbell. Without acknowledging it to me, Master leaves the room to answer it.

Shortly after, I hear a pair of voices talking in the living room.

“We all knew you were twisted, Shephard, but you really went all out with Dax.” I think I recognize the voice.

“I didn’t know you were watching. Glad you liked it!”
“Of course I liked it, but are you sure he can handle it? You like him, and he seems good for you. Don’t scare him off before he’s ready for everything, Shephard.”

Before I’m ready for… everything? As a sub who’s sixteen hours in to some of the most brutal bondage I’ve ever even heard of, I take offense. What is he talking about?

“Trust me, Donovan, he’s ready for it. But first he has to complete his sentence, and I promised him I’d turn it way up at the end.”

The two men walk into the room where I am waiting helplessly.

“Boy, I brought you a surprise.”

I don’t know if or how I’m meant to respond. I’ve served Donovan before, but it always came about naturally- the three of us hanging out together, drinking, and then Master- actually, he was always just ‘Shephard’ to me when Donovan was around- would orchestrate it so that I’d end up servicing Donovan as I watched. He’s never actually seen me like this- like a complete gimp- let alone in any kind of fetish gear.

I feel the airflow to the gas mask suddenly cut off.

“Hi there, Dax. It’s me, your buddy Donovan.” I groan into the mask as I begin to struggle for air. “I was really hoping to feed you a load of my piss and then a load of my come, but it looks like I don’t have access to your mouth right now.” He continues to block the airflow to the mask, and begins squeezing my nipple with his other hand. “You look really pretty like this. I hope I can see a lot more of you this way.”

Nobody can see it, but I blush deeply underneath the gas mask, even as I struggle for air. I hear the whoosh of an aerosol can as something gets sprayed onto a rag. I feel the vent release and I gasp for my breath, desperate for some oxygen… but instead I’m hit with a wall of chemical smell- chloroform.

It isn’t enough to knock me out, but it is enough that my body falls limp and every thought is wiped from my head. The next few breaths are all from that chloroform-soaked rag, but right when I think I’m about to lose consciousness I feel fresh air enter my lungs.

I feel hands on me. Four hands, Master’s and Donovans. I’m too far gone to register what exactly is happening where, but as I breathe more air I piece it together- the locks have come off the sleepsack. Ropes are tightened- I mean really tightened, removing whatever picometer of space that may have remained between me and the sack. I feel the compression rise up my body, first so tightly around my legs that they can’t even bend at the knee, then around my waist so much that I feel like I’ve been put in a corset. I take a deep breath in the hopes of securing some purchase around my chest, but Donovan thwacks the sleepsack hard over my chastity belt- the hard plastic prevents it from being as painful as it might be, but I nevertheless exhale sharply, only to feel the ropes pulled up around me and finally knotted at the top.

I hear the spray can again, and next time I inhale I go limp again, something I wouldn’t have thought possible considering how tightly bound I am. It’s official, I think, that I must be the most securely bound individual in all of history. Thankfully after so long in the sack my body has simply given up resisting, and anyway I’m robbed of the will or ability to move by the chloroform.

And then, impossibly, it gets tighter. I hear Master Shephard and Donovan grunt as they pull leather straps tightly around the sack and secure locks onto them. Around my ankles, above and below my knees, at my waist, around my chest. I’m rocked back and forth, heaved to and fro as they struggle together to get each strap exactly one notch tighter than it wants to go. Finally, it seems like they’ve finished. I don’t move- not that I could.

Suddenly I’m flipped over, face down, and feel the struggle begin again, only this time it’s not straps going around me, but straps fixing me face down onto the bed. Now even the possibility of rolling away is removed.

My head is lifted and lowered again, and I brace myself for the impact of chloroform, but instead, this time it’s poppers. As I begin to react, Donovan comes close.

“It’s Master Donovan from now on, understood? Unless Shephard tells you otherwise you’re to obey me completely.”

I moan in the most affirmative way I’m capable of in my situation. Then I feel the zip at my ass open, and a tugging sensation as Master Donovan begins to work the giant plug out from my hole. I thank him silently for poppering me up for its removal. After a minute of slow tugging and my hole gradually stretching and loosening, it comes out all at once. A jolt of pain surges through me and I don’t moan- I shout. But before I even have time to react, I feel heavily lubricated fingers begin to explore inside of me and, much to my surprise- it feels amazing. I would have thought that my ass would be completely spent by now but, compared to the plug, Master Donovan’s fingers inside of me feels like an amazing massage.

I feel something attach to the strap going around my chest, and begin to hear a ratcheting noise, and then all of the leather creaks as the front half of my body begins to rise, stopping after what feels like a foot and a half. I feel the gas mask loosening and then removed from my face. Master Shephard is in front of me, looking incredibly hot in a leather tank top and jock. I gaze at him admiringly, still a little shellshocked from the sudden shift in my circumstances. As I stare at him, I feel the fingers slide out of my ass and Master Donovan’s cock enter it instead. He’s large- no human being is a match for that plug but Master Donovan’s cock, very similarly to Master Shephard’s, is an almost perfect length and girth for what my hole can handle. He begins to pump his cock in and out of me, and I cry out in pleasure and begin to moan- until Master Shephard pulls my head forward onto his cock until the entire length of him is inside of me, the top aiming down my throat. Hours spent with his most brutal gags have robbed me of a gag reflex, so instead of choking, when he begins unloading piss down my parched throat I gulp it down, pleased that I can provide for him as a better urinal than any other sub I’ve met. He’s obviously been holding it for a while- I take deep swallow after swallow of his piss, concentrating on not spilling a drop while Master Donovan continues to pound into me.

Master Donovan’s never fucked me before, but it’s clear he’s well informed about what I can handle, because he’s unleashing his cock on me like he’s been given absolute free reign with it, and it’s absolute ecstasy. The pleasure continues to mount as Master Shephard, finished with piss, begins fucking my throat. He takes the back of my head and slams it down onto his dick, forcing his way so deep that I cough and gurgle at the effort. Somehow, magically, Master Shephard and Master Donovan have synchronized their thrusts and I feel their cocks impaling me at both ends.

The intensity of the bondage, together with the bliss of not one but two dreamboat dominant men having their way with me, combine with the utter mindfuck of having spent so long bound that I begin to unravel.

I can feel it happening to my Masters, too. Master Shephard’s rhythm is disrupted and he holds my head firmly onto him, and Master Donovan’s fucking goes into overdrive until one last plunge and then I feel both of their cocks unleashing their enormous loads, one down my throat and one up my ass, as I too begin to shudder and- unbelievably- shoot weeks worth of come out from inside my chastity belt. It’s the longest orgasm I’ve ever had, causing me to convulse and shoot out so many streams of come that both Master Shephard and Master Donovan have stopped to watch in awe of it.

Finally it stops, and the tingling in my body stops, and I am lowered back onto the bed, but not let out of the sleepsack yet. Now that I’ve come, what was already the tightest bondage possible has become utter agony. I need release but being so close to the end I don’t dare complain. Instead I close my eyes and focus on slowing my breathing.

“Was he given permission to come?” Master Donovan asks.

“He’s never permitted to come.”

I want to protest- I did not come on purpose- I didn’t even think it was possible that I would. But I don’t.

“What are you going to do?”

“I’ve been thinking he’s ready for a while now. His cock cage is too roomy. It’s time to take away a little more of his freedom. Do you mind grabbing the box I left in the main room?”

Master Shephard looks at me and strokes my hair for a moment, then begins unlocking and removing my chastity belt. It’s the first time I’ve had it off in weeks, but having just come I don’t shoot into an erection like I thought I might the first time I was out. Donovan returns with the box, and inside is a new, smaller cock cage.

“Remember when you agreed to be locked in chastity, boy?”

I nod. “Of course, Sir.”

“So do I. At first I couldn’t get the cage on you, you’d get hard the second it came near you. And even then, your package barely fit, even in the extra large.”

He begins placing the new cage around my shaft, and this time my cock stays limp.

“Looks like that one is too easy for you now. This new cage will feel just as intense for you as the last one did when you first tried it on.” He secures the lock on the new cage, and my cock strains to fit inside of the smaller tube. He was right- the pulling on my balls, the growing erection- this is like being put in chastity for the first time.

“I bet you’re wondering how much longer you have to go, boy.”

I nod.

“Half an hour,” Donovan says from across the room. “Just long enough to watch the recording of us double-teaming you.”

He brings the laptop near and replays what I realize now was being livestreamed the entire time, and my cock struggles to grow inside of its new cage. That enormous load I just shot notwithstanding, I am already as horny as I’ve ever been.

As I stare, rapt, at the video, Master Shephard and Donovan walk towards the door. “See you in a few, Dax.”

I wince as the door closes behind them. Every part of my body suddenly aches, but struggle- any struggle at all- is impossible. Instead I’m left to helplessly watch the replay of what was undoubtedly the hottest scene of my life. As I watch myself onscreen, I think, “That’s me. I’m a gimp, a slave, an object. For the hottest men on this planet.”

And I’m proud of it.

This concludes the opening act. Coming up next: Convinced that Dax is up to the task, Shephard and Donovan induct him into a fraternity of like-minded men, providing them with limitless opportunities to train and transform Dax into anything they please.

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Metal would like to thank TheBadOne for writing The Story of Dax!

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