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The Story of Dax – Chapter 4

By TheBadOne

Chapter 4 – Transformed

So much time has passed since I was first sealed into this leather prison that I no longer have a sense of it. Some of the experience was blissful- especially those parts when my brain left my body and I truly entered the state of objectification this experience was designed to inflict on me. Other moments were utter torture- snapping back into myself, anxiety rising and being ready to plead mercy no matter what the consequences were- until I got a hold of myself, focused on my breathing, repeated the words from the hypnosis tape (not even playing on headphones, just from memory) until I drifted back into submission. I want this, I kept telling myself. This is how I’m supposed to be.

I was in that state when I finally felt movement next to me. I registered it, at least, but I wasn’t able to react in any way. After so many hours awake, stifling every urge to move even slightly, I suddenly found myself unable to even try.

“Dax,” I heard Master’s voice whisper to me. It soothes me, feeling like a wave of bliss washing over my — his — entire body. I feel his hand underneath my head, lifting me slightly, and then the click of a key unlocking the straps securing the mask to my face. He lifts it off slowly. I remain perfectly still, my open eyes staring straight ahead. Did he call me to attention? I don’t remember, but it’s best to play it safe.

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The Story of Dax – Chapter 3

By TheBadOne

Chapter 3 – Habituating

I can feel that my hair has gone completely wet with sweat. My abs are sore, like I’ve done a thousand crunches, or held a plank position for an hour. I haven’t been able to open my mouth thanks to the duct tape, but even still my voice is hoarse from all the screams I stifled early on.

And yet, I’m handling it.

Call it my submissive super power. When I’m on the edge of my limits, when I want to take it but it’s just a bit too much, something happens. My brain, that is, my rational thinking process, just splits off from my physical body. I still feel everything, but my reactions are now within my control — no more violent jerking, no more endless agony. Every few seconds, a jolt of lightning shoots through me the same as before, but I’m busy being programmed.

At some point, my response to Master Shephard owns your body switched from “Master Shephard owns my body” to “Master Shephard owns this body.” I don’t remember deciding to do that, but it makes intuitive sense. If he owns it, it’s not my body. It, and I, belong to him.

As if on cue, as I have that thought, Master enters the room. When the final cycle through the most intense shocks completes, it stops completely. I feel him unlock the sack and remove the electro gear. I feel completely numb as he handles me, then locks the sack over me once again.

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The Story of Dax – Chapter 2

By TheBadOne

Chapter Two- Programming

My racing heart begins to settle in the first few minutes alone, as I take stock of my situation. The rubber suit is well-lubricated on the inside, and fits precisely over my muscled body. I had never tried rubber on before Master introduced me to it, but I took to it immediately- I always look forward to when he has me wear it, and have so far never reached a point where I wanted to take it off. But, I’ve also never had it on for as long as I’m about to. Still, so far so good.

In the rapid transition from standing at attention to isolation bondage, I didn’t even realize that I was still in my boots. They were expensive, a big purchase I made after a modeling gig I got for an athletic wear company- one I never would have gotten without Master’s demanding workout routines. Though a gift for myself, they were also an homage to him- twelve inches high, just about midway up my calves, stitched and laced in yellow- a color that was always one of my favorites, suiting my dark hair and deeply tanned olive skin, but which has since evolved to indicate my growing affinity for watersports- piss play being something which simultaneously turns me on deeply, but is also profoundly humiliating.

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The Story of Dax – Chapter 1

By TheBadOne

Chapter One – At Attention, On Display and Isolated

I’m standing at attention. I don’t know what that means for the army, or anyone else for that matter, but when Master has decided that I’m to stand at attention, this is what it means for me.

First, I strip naked if I’m not already. I can’t just throw my clothes in a pile, either. I have to fold everything as I remove it and make a tidy stack, so that it draws out the undressing process longer. My posture is ramrod-straight, every muscle tightly holding me in the most upright possible position. My eyes are straight forward and not to move, even slightly, no matter what else is going on. My legs are apart- only slightly more than hip width apart. Not wide enough that it’s an obvious show of submission, but enough that it’s wider than I’m used to, and he has easy access to every inch of my body. And, I hardly need to add, I’m to keep my lips shut until I’m given permission to make any sort of noise.

It sounds hot, and easy. Which, sure, at first it’s easy. In the beginning you feel your sexiest and most confident in your submission when you are at attention, and master is appraising you- praising you, too, for your successful fitness routine, your painstaking grooming to make sure you’re a specimen both while at play and in the general public. One day he leaves the room while I’m at attention, coming back shortly with a glass of water for himself. A few days later, he’s pulled away from minding you for a business call. He puts you at attention in the corner while he takes a fifteen minute call. You feel like a sexy statue, your erection saluting your master for every second as you focus on your posture.

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