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Male BDSM fiction: ‘The Order’ by August Blackleather

For those who remember The Story of Dax, which appeared in the Metalbond Prison Library a few years back, the author, TheBadOne, has revised and revamped this story and has turned it into an e-Book! That’s right, now you can get The Order: Darren’s Induction by August Blackleather on Kindle!

The Order male BDSM book by August Blackleather


The description reads:

“Darren thinks he’s the hottest, most hardcore submissive in town, but when he falls under the influence of the most dominant man he’s ever met, his entire world changes. Shephard isn’t just a beautiful, hypnotizing, and highly demanding Master. He’s one of the leaders of a secret and extremely selective S&M society made up of 24 distinct, diverse, and extremely kinky men.

“Follow Darren as he begins his journey into THE ORDER, where there are no limits, no escape, and nobody who’s ever wanted out — not even the full-time dungeon gimp in position 24.”

You can read the Metalbond version by clicking here

Get the Kindle version of The Order here

You can also find the author on X/Twitter under @AugustBAuthor

The Story of Dax – Chapter 10

By TheBadOne

Chapter 10 – The Order

The dungeon music fades out as I am lowered down the hole between the upper floor and the lower floor. All that’s left for me to hear is the clanking of the chain lowering my rope-bound body, and the jackhammering of my heart.

After everything I’ve been through tonight and all the men I’ve served so far, I can hardly believe there’s more. As I descend below the ceiling into the room full of men, I realize I’m not blindfolded, gagged, or plugged. Whatever is coming next, I have to face it with eyes, and mouth, and ass wide open.

I’ve been lowered into a room that is empty but for the men inside of it. I count twenty-four. On one end stands all of the doms I’ve met tonight. Many more stand in between them and six slaves on the other end, all in full rubber suits- no hoods this time. I see Trevor among them.

And in the middle is Master Shephard. He’s wearing the grin I find so irresistible, and as he strokes his cock at the sight of me trussed up and floating vulnerably, I see him bite his lip and close his eyes as he holds back an orgasm. He’s close- I realize everyone is stroking themselves, even the slaves. And it looks like everyone is as close as he is.

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The Story of Dax – Chapter 09

By TheBadOne

Before he leaves, Trevor locks the end of my armbinder to a ring on the floor, then shackles my legs together, and locks those to the ring too. He walks out wordlessly, leaving me in a puddle of his piss, moaning uncontrollably as I lay on my side in a strict hogtie. And then nobody else comes. I don’t hear anything except a drip of water from somewhere, echoing loudly into the space I’m in.

I think back to my lengthy sleepsack scene with Master Shephard. He told me that he was leaving me plenty of slack so that I could last, but I even thought that was tight. Now I realize that if this is the standard for tight bondage, the amount of wiggle room I had that night was in fact, comparative freedom. I long for it, for even the tiniest amount of purchase, for the ability to flex my arms even slightly, to be able to make any sound at all other than a pathetic, gagging, drooly sob.

As the minutes pass and my eyes continue to adjust to the dim light, I suddenly realize that there’s a mirror on the ceiling above me. I look up at it and see the gimp I’ve been turned into. Even alone, I’m humiliated. Vega was right, I thought I was some kind of a hot-shot, and I got put in my place.

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The Story of Dax – Chapter 08

By TheBadOne

Extracting Prince’s load takes me hardly any time. I can take the full length of it- I can take the full length of anyone- and he’s obviously already close after watching Omni and Zephyr do me over. And, judging by the size of his load, it’s probably been a couple days since he’s let one loose. I’m surprised by that- he doesn’t seem like someone who ever has a need that isn’t met. Either way, I’m proud of my work, and Prince seems pleased, too. I remain on my knees, kneeling in front of him, waiting for my next order.

He raises his booted foot, presses it against my chest, and with one strong movement of his legs I sprawl against the floor. Ouch. OK, then.

“Stay there,” he commands, and then I hear footsteps, the door creak open and shut, and then nothing at all. I’m left staring at the ceiling, the taste of come on my lips. Taking advantage of the first rest I’ve had in hours, I close my eyes, and focus on the throbbing and the warmth still radiating off my body from its beating.

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The Story of Dax – Chapter 07

By TheBadOne

Hooded, with my arms shackled behind my back and a short chain hobbling my steps, it’s difficult for me not to stumble as I’m pulled behind Prince through the dungeon. His stride indicates that he is not worried about my ability to keep up, though, and I somehow manage to, though I bump into a few walls and at least one person- Omni, based on the stream of humiliating words barked at me after- before we stop.

I feel a pair of hands go for each of my legs- strapping on kneepads- thick, heavily padded ones, suggesting what’s to come. After they are securely strapped on, whoever attached them to me kick the back of my knees in synchrony- knocking me down and onto the floor, where other than the shock of the fall I suffer no damage.

The large gag is yanked out of my mouth, and I grunt in relief, taking in a few deep breaths and swallowing in some of the overflow of saliva.

“My name is Prince,” he says imperiously. “You may address me as ‘My Lord’ or ‘Your Highness.’

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The Story of Dax – Chapter 06

By TheBadOne

I feel the weight of the massive plug in my ass, hear the ringing in my ears and the beating of my pulse before I actually regain consciousness- a slight wooziness that is familiar to me- Donovan must have kept me knocked out with chloroform while he transported me to the ticket booth, my final destination for tonight.

‘Ticket Booth’ is generous. It’s a steel cage at the entrance to the dungeon, and there’s only enough room in it for me, a clipboard with a list of names- codenames from the looks of it- and a button I can push to unlock the entry. There’s a special, private event tonight- uninvited kinksters who didn’t get the memo will be turned away.

I raise my hand to pick up the list and take a look at it, and only now realize that I’m shackled to the bars of the cage, too- with heavy metal restraints. I can move enough to press the button, and that’s it. I look up into the crowded bar and see that I have more than a few eyes on me. At least I know I look good. I move my body- to the extent I can- to the music, and wait for the first guest.

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The Story of Dax – Chapter 05

By TheBadOne

Chapter 5 – Orientation

After finally being released from the leather and rubber cocoon that was my home for almost an entire day, it took me quite some time before I was in my right mind again. I still felt hypnotized, still felt bewildered about what had happened to me- not the intense mindfucking scene I had just endured, but all of it over the past several weeks. Meeting Master Shephard for the first time, the quick but thorough learning curve he put me through on my way to becoming his. And yet, I was happy.

Despite being incredibly horny all the time thanks to the chastity belt, I actually found myself more satisfied sexually than I ever had in my life. And with Master Shephard’s guidance, I found myself making leaps and bounds at the gym, looking and feeling the best I’ve ever felt in my life. Not only was Master Shephard training me for himself, but he was training me into being the best version of myself, too. And plain ‘Shephard,’ when we were living our ordinary lives in front of our friends, was a loving and affectionate boyfriend, our obvious chemistry making us the envy of our single friends.

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The Story of Dax – Chapter 04

By TheBadOne

Chapter 4 – Transformed

So much time has passed since I was first sealed into this leather prison that I no longer have a sense of it. Some of the experience was blissful- especially those parts when my brain left my body and I truly entered the state of objectification this experience was designed to inflict on me. Other moments were utter torture- snapping back into myself, anxiety rising and being ready to plead mercy no matter what the consequences were- until I got a hold of myself, focused on my breathing, repeated the words from the hypnosis tape (not even playing on headphones, just from memory) until I drifted back into submission. I want this, I kept telling myself. This is how I’m supposed to be.

I was in that state when I finally felt movement next to me. I registered it, at least, but I wasn’t able to react in any way. After so many hours awake, stifling every urge to move even slightly, I suddenly found myself unable to even try.

“Dax,” I heard Master’s voice whisper to me. It soothes me, feeling like a wave of bliss washing over my — his — entire body. I feel his hand underneath my head, lifting me slightly, and then the click of a key unlocking the straps securing the mask to my face. He lifts it off slowly. I remain perfectly still, my open eyes staring straight ahead. Did he call me to attention? I don’t remember, but it’s best to play it safe.

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