The Surfer Bottom

By Mister-X/Spartan

Jimmy got off his surfboard after riding the wave ashore. He’d spent the day surfing, and now that the sun was setting, he figured it was time to head home. He decided to stay in his custom-made neoprene surf suit for the drive home. He put his board in the back of his pickup, laid out the bath towel on the seat of his truck, got in, and was soon on his way.

When he got home he saw that his two brothers were parked in the driveway, waiting for him. He hadn’t seen them in a couple of months, and was always glad to see them. His cock stirred a bit in anticipation. His older brothers were bondage tops, and he was the bottom one of the family. He figured that they were soon going to have him tightly bound.

When he got out and shook hands with them, they commented on his suit. Rob started it. “That is a great looking surf suit. It’s full body, even covering the neck up to the chin. All it’s missing is a hood. I’ve got one of those that will match the suit.”

Chuck chimed in with “And I’ve got the perfect cuffs to get you properly set up. Let’s go inside and get started.”

Jimmy laughed and said “c’mon, guys. I need to put the board away, clean up and get some food. I haven’t eaten all day.”

“Get the board put away and let us in. We’ll figure something out.”

Jimmy knew what that meant. He was going to have to put off getting cleaned up and eating. But his cock was now hard as a rock, obviously sticking out for the two to see. He put the surf board away, got out the keys from the glove compartment, and let them in. He had no sooner closed the door when his hands were quickly cuffed behind his back. And in the next minute he was on the floor with his ankles shackled with a foot long connecting chain. The hood had a built-in neoprene penis gag, and it was stretched over his head. There were only two little pinholes at the nose for him to breathe through. He had no sight.

“One problem with you being in this suit is that we can’t put the butt plug in or put the chastity on, or even clamp your tits. I’m afraid you’ll have to be free to erupt. That so goes against our philosophy, but it can’t be helped.”

Next a thick leather posture collar was locked around Jimmy’s neck. He’d had it on before, and knew he couldn’t turn his head in that thing. A chain was attached to it in the back. His older brother started pulling him up by the chain with his feet pressed against Jimmy’s. “C’mon, surf boy. It’s time to take you to a party we’re going to. One of the requirements for entry is to bring a boi along who is dressed in a surf suit. That’s what made us think of you.”

The two started walking Jimmy out of his house. It was at the end of a dirt road with no neighbors, so there was no one to see them taking him out. Jimmy couldn’t see with that hood on, so just had to go along. His older brother walked behind with a metal bar poked into his back, holding the chain taut. And with the penis gag in his mouth, he couldn’t talk coherently either. But he was used to being treated this way by his older brothers. Whenever they took him somewhere it was always this way, and it was always fun.

Jimmy was stretched out on the back seat and covered with a blanket. He needed to be out of sight for the trip. Under the blanket in that warm neoprene suit, he started heating up. He figured that he’d sweated a lot while surfing, but he found that he could still sweat some more. He loved this suit, and knew that it was porous, so the sweat could leak through, even as thick as it was.

Arriving at their destination, older brother picked up the chain and started pulling Jimmy out of the back seat. Landing on his feet, he was pulled away from the door so it could be closed, and then marched forward again with the metal bar in the back and the chain pulled taut as before. Whenever he started heading in the wrong direction, older brother would yank back on the chain and redirect him. It was hard on his neck, but Jimmy enjoyed the rough treatment. His cock was still tenting the suit, pushing out further with each yank of the chain.

Inside, older brother stopped him while he signed some papers and paid some money. Ready to go again, the metal bar was back pushing Jimmy. The two brothers had not been in this place before, and decided to walk around to see what all there was. They had Jimmy leading them. They toured the facility, and when they had finished, the two discussed where to leave Jimmy. They came to an agreement, and took him to another room.

There they stood him at a specific spot and brought his ankles together. They locked the rings on the shackles together to a ring in the floor. Then they lowered a hoist and attached the end of the chain to it. Activating the hoist, the chain started rising into the air. Soon Jimmy’s back feet were pulled up off the floor. They stopped the hoist when Jimmy was standing on the balls of his feet. With a whack on his butt with a wooden paddle that was setting nearby, the two brothers said “we’ll be back shortly. We’re going to get something to eat. Don’t go anywhere.”

The comment about food struck home. Jimmy was starting to get hungry. He was standing there for about ten minutes when he heard a deep voice in front of him. “That is a great looking surf suit. And it looks like you’re enjoying the position you’re in.” Jimmy felt his erect cock starting to be stroked. It felt so, so great to have that done, and it didn’t take long for it to erupt. Jimmy appreciated the service, but couldn’t thank the guy with the gag in his mouth. He also was taken by the guy’s deep voice. He wished he could meet him.

Nothing much happened to him after that for about a half hour. Finally his two brothers returned. His middle brother said “leave it to Jimmy to just stay there and not go out to enjoy a party. What do you think, Rob, should be lower him down and let him enjoy the party?”

“Sure, why not.” The two lowered Jimmy down and removed the lock connecting his ankles to the ring in the floor and to each other. After the hoist was disconnected, Rob brought the chain down and whacked Jimmy’s rear end again with the paddle. “Go ahead, little brother. Circulate.”

With the hood on, Jimmy couldn’t see where he was going or see anyone in front of him. And with his hands cuffed behind his back, he couldn’t feel his way. He figured his brothers would follow behind and correct any mistakes he would make in walking. Jimmy wanted to meet deep voice again, and his ears were working properly. He couldn’t hear him where he was, so he started walking.

Suddenly Jimmy walked into a wall. He heard his brothers laughing. Chuck, the middle one, said “leave it to little brother to walk into a wall. He never knew where he was going.”

Jimmy turned to the side and continued walking. He made several more blunders into things, including other people, before he heard deep voice. He walked in the direction of that voice, and finally stopped alongside of it. Deep voice didn’t seem to notice him at first, continuing his conversation with someone else, but finally noticed him.

“Well, well, well, I see you’re out of that quandary you were in. And I see that your cock is hard again, ready to be stroked. Would you like that?”

Jimmy nodded his head up and down as best he could, and he soon felt his cock being stroked again. It took a little longer this time, but he again erupted.

Afterwards, deep voice continued “I just love that surf suit you’re wearing. I need to find out where you got it. I assume since you’ve been released that you’re here with someone else. Is it these two men who are standing back behind you?”

Jimmy heard Rob say “yes, Mr. Chapman. He’s my younger brother.”

“Do you know where he got his surf suit?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Then take off his hood so he can talk. I’d like to know.”

Jimmy had been surprised to find out that Rob knew deep voice, since he called him by name. When Jimmy’s hood had been lifted up to remove the penis gag, though not high enough to allow Jimmy to see, he said it was a custom-made suit by a guy down in Santa Cruz. He told deep voice the guy’s name, and deep voice replied “yes, I’m familiar with his name. I’ve heard that he makes quality suits, and I can see that it’s true.”

Jimmy added “he needs to measure you to be able to have the suit be a perfect fit.”

“Well it certainly is that on you. Thank you for the information.”

Jimmy didn’t want to stop with that. He continued “I live at the end of Swanton Lane if you should ever want to come by to visit.”

Rob was lowering Jimmy’s hood down to put the penis gag back in and admonished him. “I’m sure that Mr. Chapman wouldn’t be coming by to see you. He has more important things to do.”

Deep voice said “on the contrary. I hope to be by for a visit. Thank you for letting me know where you live.”

Jimmy figured that he got one up on Rob in that exchange. He was feeling pretty good about having come here to this party. Soon he felt the stick in his back and the chain pulled taut, so he started walking forward again. They were soon out to their cars in the parking lot. After Jimmy was lain down on the back seat and covered with the blanket, the doors closed, and driving down the highway, Rob said “do you know who that was, Jimmy? That was the guy who owns the company I work at. And you invite him to your home? I couldn’t believe that he plans to come visit you. I’m sure he was just being polite.”

Jimmy was inwardly smiling at having caused Rob to be jealous of him. He hoped that deep voice would come to visit, and he thought that there was a good chance that he would if he were looking for a boi to play with. Plus he was still mesmerized by that voice, and wanted to hear more of it.

As usual when his brothers came to visit, they spent the night in his two beds and kept Jimmy bound and gagged in a hogtie position in his little cage, locked securely away, still in the neoprene surf suit and hood. Jimmy didn’t get much sleep that night in that cramped position. The next morning it was Saturday, and his two brothers stayed to play more with Jimmy. They put him in an ‘X’ position, his arms and legs spread uncomfortably wide, and started paddling him with their wooden paddles, the surf suit and hood still on. They kept him like that while they again ate lunch, having eaten breakfast while Jimmy was still locked in the cage. Jimmy still hadn’t eaten since yesterday morning.

After lunch they bent Jimmy backwards over a bar, tying his ankles and wrists to force him to maintain that position. The bar was a couple of feet high, so he was bent over backwards pretty severely. This time they paddled his front side while he was in that position. He was, of course, still in the surf suit and hood. They paid particular attention to paddling his hard cock, as well as his balls. And they also paid attention to his tits. Jimmy was pretty sore by dinner time. But they kept him securely tied over the bar while they ate dinner.

After dinner, Rob said “we’ve got another party to take you to. You can thank us later. This one is a plain bondage party, but they have some pretty interesting devices to keep you in. I’m sure you’ll like it.”

Jimmy had experienced some “pretty interesting bondage devices” before that Rob had taken him to. He wondered what was in store for him this time. He was soon released from the bar, brought upright, the chain attached to the back of his collar again, and pushed forward by Rob with the metal bar in his back again. It was a repeat of the previous night. Soon he was back lying on the back seat of Rob’s car again, covered by the blanket.

This time it was a longer drive. When they got to where they were going, Jimmy was again pulled out of the seat by the collar and pushed forward by Rob. Inside, Jimmy couldn’t believe his ears. It was deep voice again. And this time deep voice noticed them before Jimmy or Rob did. Deep voice came over to them while Rob was signing in and paying.

“Hello again. I see you’re still wearing the same gear as last night. Did you play with him in between, or did he just get some sleep?” The latter was addressed to Rob.

“He spent the night in a hogtie locked in his little cage, sir. Then we strung him up in an ‘X’ shape and paddled his back, followed by bending him back over a two foot high bar, wrists and ankles restrained to rings in the floor, while we paddled his front side.”

“When did he eat?”

“He hasn’t eaten since yesterday morning, sir.”

“Ah, he’s got stamina as well. I really must pay him a visit. That’s the last house at the end of Swanton Lane?”

“Yes, sir. He’s there when he’s not out surfing.”

“Then I’d better come at night. It’s nice meeting you.” Deep voice walked off again.

“Jimmy, you are the luckiest guy I know. I’ve been dying to meet that guy, and when I do, he’s only interested in you.”

Jimmy couldn’t respond, but soon he was being pushed into the room as before. Before long Jimmy was locked inside a standing cage, the chain attached to his collar brought out the top end and locked to the back, keeping his head held high, his ankles pulled wide apart and locked to the side bars, his wrist cuffs unlocked so his wrists could be brought out the back bars of the cage to be cuffed together again. Jimmy was left there while the two went to get something to eat.

As last night, deep voice came by while the pair were away, noticed Jimmy’s erect cock pushing out his surf suit, reached through the bars and stroked it to allow Jimmy to erupt. Afterwards, deep voice said “I’ll be by your house tomorrow night at around 7:00.” He walked away after that.

After the two let Jimmy out of the cage and started allowing him to wander around on his own, Jimmy wandered into a room where there were boxes with holes at the top for guys to be restrained in while other guys erupted into their mouths. Rob and Chuck thought it would be good fun to try their luck on that with Jimmy. Soon Jimmy was restrained inside the box in a hog tie position, with his head sticking out of the top of the box invitingly. Rob lifted the hood enough to allow Jimmy’s mouth to be exposed. He picked up a butterfly gag and locked it onto Jimmy, forcing his mouth open. They waited for someone to try him out.

As luck would have it, deep voice happened by, and decided to try Jimmy out. Having grown up in the household with two older brothers who were tops, Jimmy had lots of experience servicing their cocks. He knew what to do when one was put into his mouth. Deep voice put a finger to his lips to the two brothers and didn’t speak, so Jimmy didn’t know who it was whose cock he was servicing. As soon as deep voice stuck his in Jimmy’s mouth, Jimmy started in. He licked the tip first, then started licking and sucking the cock. Deep voice lay his head back in ecstasy. He was thoroughly enjoying this. He inserted it further, until finally he erupted. He again kept quiet, and as he slowly withdrew his cock, Jimmy kept licking and sucking, until it was out.

Deep voice got off the box, zipped up his pants, gave Rob and Chuck a thumbs up, and walked away. Rob was left shaking his head. Others came by for Jimmy to service their cocks, but it was that first one that was the one Jimmy’s brothers remembered. After a couple of hours of this, including having Jimmy service their cocks, Rob and Chuck released Jimmy from the box, lowered his hood down to gag him, re-attached the chain, and soon they were walking back to the car for the drive home. Nothing was said this time on the drive home. That night Jimmy was back in the little cage like the previous night, and the two brothers had the beds.

The next morning was a repeat of the previous day. Only after the two had dinner did they release Jimmy from the restraints. They told him their goodbyes while Jimmy was still in the surf suit and gagged with the hood. They left the hood with him, telling him it was their gift. Jimmy just waved goodbye, went over to the door to close and lock it, and had only an hour or so to get cleaned up before deep voice’s visit.

After finally getting out of that neoprene surf suit, taking it with him into the shower to clean both him and the suit, Jimmy knew that he would be cold after he’d come out of the shower. So he decided to wear something warm. He decided to put on his custom-made leather top that was skin-tight and went up to, and under, his chin, as well as his leather pants and boots. He had barely finished getting dressed when the doorbell rang.

Deep voice introduced himself. Jimmy responded that it was great to put a face with that fabulous voice he had. Mr. Chapman smiled and came inside as Jimmy motioned him in. Jimmy didn’t have much furniture, and Mr. Chapman sat down on the comfy chair. Jimmy pulled up a straight back bondage chair which he kept in the living room and sat in it, the straps dangling down the sides. Jimmy decided to wait for Mr. Chapman to start the conversation.

“Jimmy, I’m looking for someone to be a live-in boi, available for me to keep bound as I see fit. I’m a top, and I want someone who is a confirmed bottom, someone with no ties who can move in immediately, someone who would be free during the day, since I work, but would be available to me at nights and on weekends. You seem like the perfect person to fill that role.”

“I’m flattered that you would consider me. You are correct that I fit all those requirements, and I would be honored if you would take me in as your live-in boi. I’ve always wanted something like that.”

“But I’m curious. How is it that you’re not working and you can afford to live in your own house?”

“I happened to get lucky and hit the lottery.”

Mr. Chapman started laughing. He finally said “and all you want is a little house like this at the end of a dirt road?”

“It’s perfect for my needs. There are no nosy neighbors, so I can live the lifestyle I enjoy.”

“And those two men who were with you?”

“My older brothers. They were tops when growing up, and being the younger one, I became their bottom.”

Mr. Chapman started laughing again. “I think I’m going to enjoy having your company. You are very refreshing, after the sycophants I have to deal with every day. Would you like to see where you will be staying?”

“Of course. And I’d like you to see what gear I have that could add to your dungeon. Uh, I assume you have a dungeon?”

“Of course. No self-respecting top would not. Do you plan to keep your house here?”

“I need a place to change when I go surfing. This house is perfect for that. So yes, I’ll be keeping it.”

“Then let’s go. Oh, and by the way, that was my cock you serviced first last night.”

“I hope it was satisfactory.”

“Very satisfactory. That clinched my decision to offer you the position.”

Mr. Chapman brought out a contract he had prepared and gave it to Jimmy with a pen to sign. Jimmy started reading it, and realized that in signing it he was committing himself to being Mr. Chapman’s boi for the next ten years. He realized that it was something he wanted, so he signed it and returned it.

As they started leaving, Jimmy asked “am I dressed appropriately? I didn’t know what to wear for this meeting that would keep me hot enough after having been in that surf suit for more than two days.”

“You’re dressed wonderfully well. I can’t wait to start playing with you while dressed like that.”

Jimmy noticed that Mr. Chapman had driven a Mercedes, which put his pickup to shame. But when Jimmy started to open the door to the passenger seat, Mr. Chapman came around to open the trunk. He motioned with his head for Jimmy to get in there. And as Jimmy walked around to the back, he saw that Mr. Chapman was holding a set of combination cuffs and a leather hood which had nose holes only. The combination cuffs had only short chains between. When Jimmy faced Mr. Chapman for him to put them on the front, Mr. Chapman motioned for Jimmy to turn around. That was when Jimmy realized that Mr. Chapman was pretty extreme in the bondage he applied. And before starting to put the cuffs on, Mr. Chapman zipped Jimmy’s pants down to lock his cock in chastity.

Riding in the trunk with his leather covered nose touching the top of the trunk, his hands brought up painfully high behind his back, and his ankles brought up as high as they would go, Jimmy wondered about the decision he’d just made. But then he thought about that deep voice, and his cock tried to stir in the chastity it was locked in. As Mr. Chapman was closing the trunk, he told Jimmy that he would be spending the night like this locked in a small cage because he wanted Jimmy to get used to the way he would be kept at night and on weekends.

It was when he was trying to cope with this position as they would hit potholes that Jimmy realized that he still hadn’t eaten anything since Friday morning. And he was going to be in no position to eat anything overnight. His stomach had long since wondered if his throat was cut. But Jimmy wasn’t thinking about food. He was thinking that he may have to purchase some more custom-made items to be able to keep Mr. Chapman satisfied. He was actually enjoying this position in the trunk. It was an extreme one, one he hadn’t been in before.


The End

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