The Surprise …

By Steellock

Tony was too impulsive.

He tended to go onto the Fetters website when he was horny or after too much beer and buy too much. He ended up working a lot of overtime to pay for a sleepsack that he had forgotten was on its way until the UPS guy rang the doorbell, and there it was on his credit card bill.

On chat sites he would say too much when he was a little pissed.

In a bar he ended up in a fight after talking too loudly or passing judgment in earshot of the wrong person.

This time it was a Tumblr entry …

‘NO WAY OUT Bondage’ it said. ‘Reply with the time you want to be restrained, and how, and we do the rest.’ Nothing else, no name or anything.

Tony was trawling the sites in the early hours of Sunday morning after a great evening in that very sleepsack. The Top had been amazing …

The thick leather hood had been pulled snugly over his head and laced up tight. The zip pulled down and – snap – the padlock had clicked shut on the now buckled strap around his neck. Then the other straps had been pulled tight pulling his jaw closed. He pushed his arms into the sleeves of the sack, bunching his fists so the fingers were not caught under a strap. The zip was pulled up in a long slow movement that always got him hard. The top had been careful and held a small leather cloth over his tackle to ensure the zip did not catch …

The laces were tightened, pulling the sack tight around him and then he felt the straps tighten as well, one by one restricting his movement completely.

He had wriggled; lifting his feet and chest then felt ropes lacing the sack down to the D rings on the sides of the bed, holding him firmly down to the rubber sheet. Chains had been padlocked to the hood holding his head firm; what little movement the thick padded hood had allowed had been removed. He loved it. Fantastic feeling as he gave up any control over his body.

Then it had been quiet. He had heard the old long case clock in the next room chime 12. Counting out each note as he lay there.

The clock was an old friend, and he had spent quite a few nights in this position listening to the hours pass.

But then he heard nothing. Surely it had been an hour? Two? He drifted.

Then the sharp pain in his right nipple had pulled him awake. He automatically tried to wriggle, but no, he could not move a muscle. Then the left nipple had flashed the pain signal.

He felt a draft of cold air onto his cock and realised that the zip was opening. Oh Fuck. His hard, erect member leaped out and a hand freed his balls, then gave them a not so gentle squeeze. He felt a hand going down between his legs, then a sticky feeling over his ass hole. His balls were pulled again but this time he felt the cold steel of a ball stretcher clamping around the sac and holding them firmly stretched. Not painful – yet – but firm.

The sticky feeling came again on the base of his balls, what the fuck is it now?

Then he twitched as he felt a shock run from his balls up through his body and down to the pad on his ass. It ran right through his prostate and his cock twitched too.

The pulse happened again and got stronger, his cock now straining to each pulse. It started to hurt but he couldn’t make a sound or move at all. Then the clamps on his nipples were twisted and pulled again, awakening them from their rest. The pulse grew and the beat changed so it built then ended, built and ended, endlessly.

Then it started to make his cock and balls fizz with a new rhythm. At last he could stand it no more and cum squirted from his cock, fountaining out and splattering onto the hood.

Would the torture now stop?

It had. He had been released and hugged the top who had given him such an amazing few hours.

Later that night he was sitting at his laptop, trawling a few sites when the entry on Tumblr had caught his eye.

‘NO WAY OUT Bondage,’ it said. ‘Enter the time you want to be restrained, and how, and we do the rest.’ He thought back to his experience that day. He had loved it, but it had ended up a little quickly. He always felt he could have stayed in that sack for days. Without thinking further, he had clicked and entered ‘1 week’ and ‘Sleepsack.’ Then a question had come up ‘Allow this site to access your location.’ He clicked that too, could not do any harm.

Then he moved on and forgot about it.

Time passed.

Tony was walking up the stairwell to his apartment. He had been out for coffee on a Saturday morning. He was dressed casually in jeans and T shirt, as the weather was getting hot as the spring developed. Still had his boots on, but he was rarely out without them. Slipping the key into the lock, he stepped inside. A hand clamped over his mouth with a cloth. A thick strong arm went round his chest, holding his own arms by his side. He immediately kicked out and managed to land a heavy boot into a soft target, hearing an ‘Ouff’ but then he had to breathe in and the world faded away …

Tony slowly woke.

He tried to move and found that he could squirm a little, but his arms were by his side. His head was covered in a leather hood that was firmly gripping his jaw and there was a gag in his mouth. He could see a little through pinprick holes; it was daylight and the sun was out, he must have been out for hours. His heart raced and he squirmed and wriggled as much as he could to see if he could free himself.

‘No point mate,’ he heard and froze. ‘We got your request. Remember? One week? Sleepsack? No Way Out?’ The voice was deep and firm. ‘After that boot of yours landed in my knackers we might make it longer too. You will have to wait and see. Not that you will have any way of knowing.’ He heard a laugh. Tony wriggled and strained again, but a firm hand came down hard on his balls and he exhaled hard and tried to shout. It came out as a kind of hoot down a breather tube in the gag, and he stopped.

‘That’s better,’ the voice said. ‘You must be a real Bondage hard case. We get guys who want a day or two but never had a week before. Had to make some special arrangements. We wanted to try this for a while, but it’s never been worth it for a shorter time. The cost of hiring the digger was too high.’ A chill ran down Tony’s spine. He felt himself being lifted by a pair of strong arms and laid down onto a steel sheet. He could feel the cold through the leather of the sack. There was a small pad under his head, but that was all.

‘I was going to put a pad under you, but the boot in my balls changed that!’ the voice was hard and cold, just like the steel on which he was lying.

‘Now to stop you wriggling.’ Something that felt like a bar came down over his lower legs. Firm but slightly padded. Another pressed firmly onto his thighs, a third across his stomach and then his chest was pressed down. He felt his head being moved firmly until it was straight and a last bar came down onto this forehead and he realized that he was indeed totally immobile. The restraints were firm but not enough to hinder breathing or blood circulation. Tony was exploring his body as he finally came fully awake. He realized that he had a plug in his butt. He could feel it, a new feeling as it was holding him open. Also his cock as rigid and he new there was a catheter running into it. His tongue was exploring the gag and found a tube through it that made breathing very easy. A face came into his sight. At least it was a black leather mask. It waved something up so he could see it and the cold feeling down his spine got colder. It was a welding set. It disappeared and then Tony heard the buzzing of the welder. The buzzing got closer slowly and he finally got it. They were welding the straps down to the steel plate! He tried and tried to wriggle and ‘hoofed’ though his hood.

‘Hey, glad you like the idea,’ he heard. Finally the strap over his head was welded down and he saw the sparks fountaining out.

Fuck, what the hell had he done! These guys were serious! He started to panic and his breathing went very rapid.

‘Hey don’t worry, we are nearly done then you get your peace and quiet,’ he heard. He felt the steel sheet being lifted and saw that he we being slid into a steel chamber like a wide pipe. The end by his head was rested inside and the plate slid in, scraping and grinding as it slid along. He moved into the dark, slowly his eyes accustomed to the lack of light and he could see the inside – old and rusty. He heard the buzz of the welder again and realized that the tray was being welded to the sides of the tube! He felt the gag in his mouth twitch and move and strained his eyes. He could see a long tube coming from the top of the steel chamber and it was being attached to his mouth. Breathing through the gag became more difficult and he moved to his nose. Then he heard the cold voice again. ‘You will get your water through that, with a few electrolytes added to keep you going. Going to get hungry though.’ And a chuckle chilled him even more. Then the last of the light went and he heard a CLANG. They had shut the door.


Suddenly Tony had a thought — what had the guy meant by a digger? Then he felt movement, he was going up. THEN DOWN. And much further down. It stopped with a jerk. Then there was a thunderous noise and he realized that he was being buried! This was soil pouring down.

That’s when he really lost it …

Steellock 2016.


Metal would like to thank the author, Steellock (formerly known as Sailing Master), for this story. You can read much more gay bondage fiction by this guy by visiting his very own story page, available here.





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  1. Hi, Steellock here. The image came from Tumblr and I don’t know the source, if anyone can show ownership then I will happily acknowledge or take it down if required.
    Thanks for the comments, love writing for you guys…

  2. Makes your chest heavy just thinking about the earth going in on top of that steel chamber. Hope he gets some pleasure from the butt plug…

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