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Male BDSM: Mercilessly Fucked in the Woods and Buried Alive

At Bound Gods, Trenton Ducati drags Tyler Rush deep into the woods for hard corporal punishment and extreme fucking.


Out in the woods, Trenton Ducati drags Tyler Rush deeper and deeper into the brush. Removed from society, no one can hear Tyler, ass up with his head buried in the ground, scream from Trenton’s paddle and cane. Trenton fucks the captive’s hole and then suspends him from a tree. After a hard flogging, Tyler gets clothespins all over his torso and Trenton unleashes a zipper on him. Finally, with Tyler bound in a spider’s web of rope between trees, Trenton fucks a load out of Tyler, cums in his mouth and leaves him buried in the forest.

38487_1 38487_3 38487_4 38487_7 38487_14

Models in this shoot: Trenton Ducati, Tyler Rush

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The Surprise …

By Steellock

Tony was too impulsive.

He tended to go onto the Fetters website when he was horny or after too much beer and buy too much. He ended up working a lot of overtime to pay for a sleepsack that he had forgotten was on its way until the UPS guy rang the doorbell, and there it was on his credit card bill.

On chat sites he would say too much when he was a little pissed.

In a bar he ended up in a fight after talking too loudly or passing judgment in earshot of the wrong person.

This time it was a Tumblr entry …

‘NO WAY OUT Bondage’ it said. ‘Reply with the time you want to be restrained, and how, and we do the rest.’ Nothing else, no name or anything.

Tony was trawling the sites in the early hours of Sunday morning after a great evening in that very sleepsack. The Top had been amazing …

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Straitjackets on the beach at Fire Island Pines

For the first day of summer, I thought I would re-post some beach bondage pictures from the vault.


One of the most bizarre scenes I have ever been involved with. These pictures were taken on the beach at Fire Island Pines in late summer 2010. My friend Reddywhp brought out a bunch of kinky guys on the ferry — including Nipper, Rbrpissboy, Rocket, Rbrtroy and Flogbotm — for an afternoon of bondage on the beach. We even got one of my housemates to participate!

Metalbond_01 Metalbond_02 Metalbond_03 Metalbond_04 Metalbond_06 Metalbond_07 Metalbond_08 Metalbond_09 Metalbond_10


You can see much more of this at Reddywhp’s blog, Musings of an Ischaemic Encephalon, and at his Flickr photostream.


Buried Alive


stories by CREUSSHere is a true story…

I have accepted to let you know about an experience I had a couple of years ago.

You will notice that there is nothing exceptional, and we agreed in advance with the “programme,” so no surprise…

So, we had a very nice Wednesday in the forest, a few years ago, in February… How surprising as by chance it was probably one of the nicest days of this winter.

My mate collected me at his local railways station, outside of Paris, near Fontainebleau … We made our way to the forest, and parked the car as close as we could, but we still had a couple of kilometres to walk.

We loaded our rucksack on our backs and made our way through the forest.

We crossed a couple of hikers, but not much… they looked at us as we were both wearing French army combat dress, but we ignored the fact…

Within half an hour we get on the site he had planned…

We did start with some bondage games, but this is not the plot right now… I will let you know another time for this part of the game…

I wanted to get buried in the sand, up to the neck…

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