The Tournament Affair – Part 05

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 5 – Escape

Right on cue there are two of the Jungle guys in the tent doorway.  One’s got the three-inch duct tape in his hand, and they both have the black search gloves on.  They’re here to gag, Denny knows, and aren’t likely to be deterred.

Denny calls out, “I know this isn’t a game! Even the black team went too far with me. I wasn’t supposed to be in this game!”

“Oh, is THAT so?”one of the Junglers says with a smirk. With his white teeth and eyes showing through the black face paint, he looks like a wolf, Denny thinks.

“Yes. You gonna help me? The black team did illegal things most likely.”

“THAT’s a new one. A captive trying to talk his way out of bondage! Never heard THAT before,” he says as he turns to his companion. “GLOVE!” and immediately the second captor has slapped his leather gloves onto Denny’s mouth and Ken’s as well. Denny moans and struggles under the grip of the leather glove.

The first captor continues, “Handsome ginger like you, you’re going to get a lot of attention when we bring you back to the directorate all gagged and tied up. I really don’t give a shit where you think you should or shouldn’t be. You’re up against rope and gags, and remember this, little shit – GAGS. ALWAYS. WIN.”

And with that, there’s a rip of tape off the tape roll. Denny thinks to himself he’s never seen a guy’s mouth get taped up with efficiency as brutal as what’s being done to Ken right now. Captor 1 smooths the first layer of tape over Ken’s mouth, pulls it around back and then seals the tape end against the roll, sticky side to sticky. Then he seals it all the way to Ken’s cheek and reverses the roll. Then there’s winding, winding, winding around the mouth.  Ken’s head is yanked back and forth at each turn, and the tightness of the tape is something Denny can feel in his gut from watching Ken get gagged.

Finally the captor is finished. Ken’s mouth is visibly squeezed, and the tape is tight and smooth all the way around his head. Ken’s lips are clearly shut and sealed under the tape, and he can’t make ANY noise except the faintest of moans.  All breath is through the nose. “Mmmmmm, mmmmm,” he can say, pathetically quiet.

And then it’s Denny’s turn. The gloved hand is removed from the mouth simultaneously as the other gloved hand slaps the duct tape over the lips. His gloved hands smooth over the tape and then begins to move the roll around the head. One, two, three, four, five times. Each time is tighter as the gloved hand presses down over the face more. After five wraps he checks to make sure it’s tight.

Denny and Ken are once again tightly tape gagged. Denny lays back onto Ken again as the team moves back outside and doesn’t have to worry about them screaming for help.

“Mppph mppph,” the captives both move back and forth looking at each other, grunting.

Denny moves over Ken with his feet pulled back behind him in the air, trying to get to the knots, but it’s impossible. He then notices something in the corner of his eye. Something sharp to help hold the tent. He wiggles over to it on his side and scratches his face to it gently, and miraculously it’s coming off.  He wiggles more on the floor, moving up against it, and he works the tape off his face.

Denny whispers to Ken, “Damn, maybe this is enough to break the ropes, but we have to be careful. Ugh, the black team is not bad people at all. Don’t be alarmed when they come in. They won’t hurt you. They just might have been illegal with me is all. Now we are all in trouble.”

Ken’s gag is still super tight, but Denny can see from the expression in his Ken’s eyes that he is doubtful, even incredulous.

“They are not bad people, I swear,” Deny tells Ken. “Just perverts. They love their game but maybe too much. I’m starting to think I’m the prize.”

There’s more commotion outside, and Denny’s thoughts are interrupted.  Boots are coming down the hall, and momentarily Ken and Denny are both frightened and frozen.

The tent flap pulls back and there’s Ari’s smiling face – maybe leering a little! “Denny, there’s my bootdude!  Thought we’d never find you!  Shit, man, where’s. your gag?  Oh, and you found a buddy to play with!”

Denny says, “Ugh. I think the other team was bad, like extremely illegal. He talked about police and all involved when his gag was off. I feel bad to leave him here. I mean I am going to be let go soon right? Can you help him?”

“Ari, stop fucking around.  ONE SIDE, please.” It’s Nathan.  He sweeps Ari aside – they almost don’t all fit in the tent. Denny hasn’t been this close to Nathan until this moment, and it’s like he’s a giant but he’s so happy to see them after what has happened and what he’s heard. Nathan speaks quickly, and he almost completely ignores Ken, focusing on Denny. “Listen dude, we need to get off the grounds,” Nathan says.  “This tournament is about to be exposed as a trafficking front, with most of us players tricked into sketchy legal territory for kidnapping. It stinks to high heaven, and we need to make ourselves scarce.”

Denny looks at Nathan and says, “Please be honest with me. Was this just only meant to be a game for me? Like did you really forget to plug in the GPS? Like it’s still a kidnap game for me? It feels very real.”

Nathan effectively ignores the question. “I’m calling Ben back to take care of you,” he says. “Ari, where IS his fucking gag? And then we have to go.  Chad is going to get the van, and we’re blowing out.  Till then you need to stay bound and gagged in case anyone sees you, but that’s a long time to be in a harness that tight, so Ben’s gonna do the quick and dirty on you and you’ll be more comfortable, but we’re getting out.”

Denny protests, “Just drop me off outside please and untie me and I will freely get a taxi. Ken too. Look at him. For him it’s way serious.”

Nathan’s irritation is mounting. “Denny, listen, we’ll talk more about this once we’re out. This has been a mess. There were some serious threats before the tournament even started, and we couldn’t risk showing up late or showing up without a hostage. You were already tied up, and things just got out of control, and we just went with it.  We don’t want to hurt you at all. you’ll be free to go, but I hope we will talk more.  Right now it’s about getting OUT. I don’t know about this Ken – do you even know him? How can we trust him?  If we can keep him tied up I think the risk is reduced, but we can’t be accused of another kidnapping, I’m already worried about what’s happened so far.”

Denny goes on, increasingly desperate, “I think it’s best you take him and when we get out of here then release him and me. You leave him here, he may go to prison. Lots of people actually. I think I can help myself. I have proof from old text messages. But I don’t want to put you in jeopardy either. But I think just getting us out of the tent and out of the property and untie us and we can get a taxi and it’s all over, over and done.”

At this moment Ben shows up, adding to the chaos. But he’s prepared. Ari, who has stretched his long legs out on either side of Denny and is taking this all in, has positioned Denny so that Denny’s bound hands are resting on his leather-wrapped right leg, right where his stiffening cock is.  The jeans are so tight Denny can feel his cockhead through the leather, and Ari is moving ever so slightly, brushing Denny’s fingertips against his hard-on. Nathan notices this and says, “Ari, ENOUGH – we don’t have TIME for your joyride. Let Ben do his work. You stand guard outside the tent.”  Pretzel-like, he folds himself up into a crouch, sitting on the heels of his massive boots, and works himself out of the tent.

With all of them present again, the smell of leather has returned to Denny’s perception, and he’s finding the familiarity of it weirdly soothing after his encounters with the Jungle guys.

Meanwhile, Ari is strapped with weapons and patrolling outside the hostage nook. Chad has gone to get their getaway arranged. Nathan tries to give Ben his tying orders and claps his hand on Ben’s shoulder as he’s sorting through his ropes. “Listen, Ben, I know you don’t know quick and dirty, but quick and dirty is what we need.  I figure we have less than 10 minutes because a SWAT team is in, and we’ll all be ordered to lie on the ground.” Ben stays in a crouch and stops to listen to Nathan. He raises his gloved hand to his mouth and cups his own chin – there it is again!  Ben’s smelling his gloves! Nathan continues, “We need to be masked up, gloved up, and focused, and march Denny through the arena, past the directorate, bound and gagged and looking like a hostage, arousing zero suspicions so nobody ends up chained and gagged and transferred to a black helicopter. You got me?”

Denny, still not responding to the imminent danger, speaks up again, his pitch rising, “Wait, you weren’t going to let me run out to get a taxi? Where are you taking me? I don’t understand. I thought everyone was separating?”

Nathan turns to Denny. “Listen my friend, everything is changing by the minute. Pay attention to what I told Ben. I’m responsible for your safety, however we got here. You will get your freedom to go wherever and however you want, but I’ve got to get you off the compound safely first, and I won’t release you to the wild until I’m sure you aren’t at any more risk. Until then, I’m keeping you bound and safe. End of discussion. Are we GOOD?” He doesn’t wait for an answer and turns back to Ben. “You have to get his rope harness off.  There’s no way that harness is what you’d tie for him to be in it for four hours with no respite. Undo that and give him the simplest secure rope harness you can get on his arms. Hey – here’s the wedge gag – that’ll do for marching him out, and then when Chad pulls up it’s IN and GO. GOT it?”

“Fuck, I’ve got to get out of here on my own,” they hear Denny mumble.

Ben’s glove goes to Denny’s mouth. “There’s no ‘on your own’ here right now, Denny. Every one of us in danger, even this dude here who we don’t even KNOW. The sooner you get with this, the better.  Remember what we talked about in the golf cart. TRUST me. Now turn so I can get to your ropes. Then we’re going to massage your arms and shoulders REALLY quick for circulation, then it’s hands to forearms again so we can flee.”

Denny is still not satisfied. “No, he’s in trouble too. He thinks the entire thing is a real kidnapping, which is why we are trying to leave on our own.”

Nathan looks with irritation at Denny and clips his glove on Denny’s mouth. “Denny, STOP. I can see you are still misreading the risk, which is WHY you’re being kept bound as long as I’m taking responsibility for your safety. GOT it?  Ben! GLOVE on MOUTH NOW!” He removes his hand. Ben cradles Denny’s head in the crook of his muscled arm, pressing the leather onto Denny’s mouth and gripping Denny’s now-free right wrist with his other glove, since the harness is partially untied. Nathan has the shears out and is cutting Ken’s tape gag off. He seems to have done this many times and seems to know how just how to peel the cruel tape away as tolerably as possible – it’s never comfortable.

Nathan addresses Ken, who is still tied up and has been hearing it all. “You’ve been listening to all of this. You don’t know who the fuck I am, and I don’t know you either. I can see Denny’s concerned about you and wants us to take you too.  With all the trouble I’m in I must be out of my fucking mind to consider it. But I can tell you this – there is no way I’m marching anyone past the directorate who isn’t tied up. So don’t think I’m having anyone untie you right now. You’re a warrior, so suck it up.”

“And yes, you’re going to need a gag. We don’t just do tape like whoever did this to you – if Ben doesn’t have another leather gag handy, we’ll go with cloth.”

Ben breaks in. His pride of craftsmanship has got the better of him, and even though to most eyes Ken is expertly bound, Ben says, “I apologize for riggers everywhere for how you are tied up. I hope your hands are okay. I don’t think Nathan will let me spend the time to tie you up properly right now, but believe me, there’s better bondage available on this earth, I can tell you that.” And then, to Nathan, “When DON’T I have another leather gag handy, boss?” He lets Denny’s wrist go and has pulled a black Devonshire gag off his belt.

Nathan picks it up again. “Ken, nobody’s coming with me unless he’s bound and gagged ’til we’re totally clear of this shitshow, and nobody’s coming tied up unless I hear you freely say that’s what you want.  You’re not my problem, and if you want I’ll even cut you loose if you have a death wish. But if I’m going to make you my problem, I need you to ask.  So what’ll it be?”

Ken turns to Denny and says, “Dude, your captain is right. It’s not safe for us to walk out from here. Not with everyone on alert.  We’re being offered a safe ride out, and I strongly suggest we both take it.” Back to Nathan, Ken says, “I’m riding with you, boss. Gag me, and make it look good.”

Nathan turns to Ben, then Denny.  “We all heard this, right?  Ben?”

“Yep,” Ben nods.


Denny is still handgagged under Ben’s glove. He feels annoyed, safe but annoyed. He wants to be freed but refuses to tell them yes. Absolutely not. I can find my own way, he thinks. He moans and groans and never nods yes, trying to fight the glove gag. Nathan sighs, “One witness will have to suffice. Nothing can ever be easy. Denny, I don’t like doing things this way, but you’re already in my custody, like it or not. So we’re doing this my way, and I just fucking hope someday soon you know this is for your own good.” Ben has grabbed Denny’s free wrist again.

Nathan takes control. “Ben, I’ll take the liberty here, and then help you with that one. Okay, Ken, gag time.” Ken nods gravely. He knows it’s his only safe way out. The thick plug of the gag goes in, and Nathan tilts Ken’s head forward to get the buckle straps behind Ken’s neck. “And listen good. I may be taking responsibility for you, but it’s under rules of combat. To me you’re an enemy warrior, and I’m going to gag you like an enemy warrior. On our team, we always say, ‘Go tight or go home,’ so in this case hopefully it’s both.  So suck it up, soldier.” The leather squeaks as Nathan applies his muscle to pull the gag strap one hole more, and Ken winces. This is more strenuous than he expected. “Look good enough for you?” Nathan smirks and pats Ken on the cheek. But really it’s more like a slap, with the telltale sound of leather on leather. Ken looks up at Nathan. In his gag he looks vulnerable, pleading a little with his green eyes, and he feels submissive and defeated.  It’s tight.

Now Ben has Denny’s arms untied and is gripping his wrists in his gloved hands. Nathan slides in behind and begins massaging the muscles in Denny’s arms and shoulders – all up and down – biceps, triceps, forearms, traps. Then a gloved fist is up against Denny’s back, knuckles finding and breaking up knots in Denny’s lats and lower back. It’s a short massage but a needed one. All the while, through, Ben is adjusting the position of Denny’s arms for effectiveness of the massage therapy. They seem to have tag teamed this sort of thing before, Ken thinks, watching them.

After Denny’s massage, and before he quite feels it happening, he’s gagged again with the wedge gag. Ben is now collecting rope again while Nathan stands over Denny.  He probably doesn’t want to be tied up, the captors think, but it has to be done. Ben has a tie for these situations – a straightforward but effective three-rope boxtie should only take two minutes if he does it right. and with the captive already gagged and Nathan assisting him, Denny has no choice in the matter. Down on the floor and standing on his knees, all he can do is take the rope. He’s more relaxed now that they got the old harness off. Denny moves the wedge gag around a bit as he’s learned to loosen it numerous times. His gagged face leans forward and realizes he’s just at crotch level on Nathan. He clings to Nathan’s lower body for support and comfort. Nathan can feel the wedge gag on his cock and balls. Nathan’s gloved hand is now tender. He caresses the back of Denny’s head and says, “Good, dude.  It’s gonna be okay. We have so much to talk through.”

Abruptly, Ari is at the tent doorway.  “Go time, men, Chad has done us proud. Let’s make this look good.”

Nathan moves to grip Denny, planning to escort him. Denny will be trouble, he thinks, and as strong as Ben is, Nathan is bigger. But Ben puts his glove on Nathan’s chest and stops him. “I got this, man.  I know what he needs – he’ll be okay with me.”

The trust Nathan has in Ben is evident.  He nods, turns to Ken, undoes the ropes around Ken’s boots and helps him up to his feet. Both captives have the captors’ black gloves gripping them in the crook of their bound arms. “No ankle ties this time, gentlemen. Ari, lead the way.”

On the way to the van they march through the central assembly ground. This is the riskiest part, Ken knows, and he casts glances at Denny, trying to catch his eye. Over his tight black gag, he’s trying to telegraph to him, “Don’t fuck up, Denny, please – this is the last way out.” Denny looks at the concern in his eyes and his mouth bound in tight black leather. He resolves to be good for Ken, so he doesn’t get them in trouble.

On the way through the assembly area there are many menacing looking security guards in unmarked uniforms – where the fuck did they come from? – and these make everyone the most nervous.  Everyone except Ari, who – although he doesn’t exactly smile – has a look of serenity. He’s either got the world’s best poker face or he’s one reckless fucker.  Maybe both. As they pass the “no admittance” door of the central core in the warehouse, which is cracked open but hard to see in through, they briefly hear the alarming sound of men’s gagged grunts of pain, combined with the clink of chains being padlocked.  Something really wrong is happening, and Denny seems to take notice.

Ari doesn’t break stride – they keep walking.  At the end of the open area, Ari leads them down what looks like a blind alley and even Nathan is about to speak up and suggest they took a wrong turn, but immediately they’re out of sight of the crowd and there’s Chad, standing guard at the door and waving them through. Denny moans lightly as he sees Chad. He’s been comforting. Maybe he will help Denny’s situation once in the van, he thinks. He notices it’s a different van and huge.

The van is indeed high-tech, and the captives are amazed at its futuristic features as they take it all in. Ben heaves a sigh of relief because Chad has somehow retrieved all his prized bondage equipment and gear from the white van. Ken and Denny have a thousand questions but are gagged from asking anything. In one corner, Denny notices, are bunks clearly meant to hold captives.  There are three tiers, the lowest one is double sized and extends out further, then two more above it, with a high chrome rim all around and D rings welded in so men can be strapped down.

Ben is still holding Denny, who notices that Ben is once again breathing in the scent of his own glove, and Nathan still has his grip on Ken. He gestures to the top tier and starts, “Ken, why don’t YOU…” but trails off. Ken is pulling away, trying to get Nathan’s attention. With his gagged chin and torso, he motions toward the larger bottom bunk, and then to Denny. Denny is quizzical, but Ben gets it right away. “Ohhhh…” he says and reaches into a chrome gear box on the shelf within his reach.  He’s let go of Denny, but now Denny is fascinated and isn’t squirming.

Ben finds what he’s looking for, and now he’s got a diabolical smile and he’s dangling a Double Duty gag in front of them, a single device to gag them both. Ken is nodding and trying to get Denny’s eye for assent. Nathan chuckles, “Okay, okay, if that’s what they want. But no more than 30 seconds to get this done, Ben, GO.”

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  1. Denny’s brain might be yelling escape but it seems like his cock is telling him a different story. Not sure stealing someone else’s van was such a good idea either.

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