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A Left Turn at Albuquerque Continued – Part 10

By Hunter Perez

After the back-to-back craziness of Nicky and his pals plus the O’Dwyer incident, the prison went into lockdown. We had no idea how long it would last – Patterson told me the warden returned from his trip and ordered an indefinite confinement period there was an investigation into how Nicky and his fellow intruders broke into the prison and took guards as hostages, as well as a probe of how O’Dwyer managed to get his hands on dynamite and a horse-drawn wagon that he packed with his fellow prisoners.

Patterson and Charleson spent a great deal of time during the lockdown outside of my cell, speaking with myself and Zeb through the iron bars. Both were deeply appreciative of how we subdued the intruders, and they brought us items to keep us distracted while we were confined – magazines, blank notebooks and pens, cookies, candies and thickly packed sandwiches. The Jones boys also came by the cell to express their thanks for rescuing them, and when we began to converse I realized that my opinion of them was completely wrong – they were not dull and indolent, but were charming and unexpectedly funny once you got to know them. They shared their dissatisfaction with their work and confided they were looking for opportunities elsewhere. They also asked if Zeb and I could give them boxing lessons once the lockdown was over.

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The Tournament Affair – Part 05

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 5 – Escape

Right on cue there are two of the Jungle guys in the tent doorway.  One’s got the three-inch duct tape in his hand, and they both have the black search gloves on.  They’re here to gag, Denny knows, and aren’t likely to be deterred.

Denny calls out, “I know this isn’t a game! Even the black team went too far with me. I wasn’t supposed to be in this game!”

“Oh, is THAT so?”one of the Junglers says with a smirk. With his white teeth and eyes showing through the black face paint, he looks like a wolf, Denny thinks.

“Yes. You gonna help me? The black team did illegal things most likely.”

“THAT’s a new one. A captive trying to talk his way out of bondage! Never heard THAT before,” he says as he turns to his companion. “GLOVE!” and immediately the second captor has slapped his leather gloves onto Denny’s mouth and Ken’s as well. Denny moans and struggles under the grip of the leather glove.

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Leather Xmas

By Stormbound

stormbound boy gay leather gimpIt is a frosty morning outside, but inside the house is warm and cozy. In the living room a fire crackles merrily in the fireplace, while a man reclines casually on the couch with a cup of fresh coffee in hand. The man is quite the leather bear, tall and strong with a well-groomed, short black beard and gray-green eyes. His beefy muscular frame is clad in a leather jacket over a white t shirt, leather pants, and a pair of crisp leather boots. A leather biker cap on his head over his cropped hair. As he takes a sip of his coffee, he hears the door to the kitchen open.

He looks over to see another man come out with his own cup of coffee. This man is a little shorter and a bit broader than the first, with a slightly shorter beard of fine dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. But he is dressed in the same leatherman style as the man on the couch, the thick quality leather creaking with the movement of his burly muscles as he walks over and sits down on the couch with a smirk next to the first man.

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The Prison Writer – Chapter 19

By Joshua Ryan

So, off the boat, and a few comments from fellow passengers — “Enjoying your vacation?” “How’s your day goin?” “Have a good time, losers!”  Too bad — those guys had to stay in some hotel on Water Street, but I was going to prison!  Then the ride through town and up the mountain — big deal; I’d been there!  But coming to that fence again, the fence that separated prison property from everything else — that was major!  When I was a little rich boy with a spotless record, they wouldn’t let me through the gate; now that I was a criminal being taken to his place of punishment, no problem — come on in!  Welcome to the nation’s most exclusive country club!

So the gate opened and the van rolled in, and it seemed like right away — there it was!  The big house, the end of the road, the concrete mama, the consequence of my crimes, the place where I’d be spending the rest of my life!  I can’t pretend about this — when I first saw it, I thought, “What have I done?”  I’d felt small when I was sitting on the deck, getting yucks from those college kids.  How small did I feel when I saw this place with a wall that was 30 feet high!  I’d wanted to go to prison … Did I want to go THERE?

Answer:  Oh yeah.

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Object Permanence – Chapter 02

By BootDeputy


Disassociating from time is easier when you can’t look at anything that measures it. But that didn’t stop me from trying by counting the number of intermissions between the panic attacks.  After adjusting to some soreness for what felt like hours, I was able to adapt to the stimuli that I was being subjected to: the tension in my ass, the restricted breathing, the restricted limbs.

The presence of smoke disappeared allowing me to put more focus on my respiratory rate before my arrival.

I only pissed about two more times, the fullness growing with each load drained from my bladder, before I felt the truck stop, and the engine turn off.

In the following silence I was trying to keep my thoughts at bay. Praying that we had finally arrived, and I would be let out of this position soon without setting myself up for emotional disaster of it being another truck stop with hours still to go.

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Cock-Caged at Military School – Part 01

By AlphaMetal

Trey was mostly used to it by now. As he entered the locker room after the team weight training session, he knew that when he took off his workout clothes and walked to the shower room the other guys would see the plastic cage around his cock, but by now they had all seen it before anyway.

All in all, Trey thought, even with this stupid cock cage he had to wear, the military high school he agreed to enter instead of jail wasn’t so bad.

At age 19 he shouldn’t still be in high school in the first place, but he knew he had been a fuck-up as a student, and a lot of the other guys here were in the same boat — many were also 18 or 19, and a few even 20 — so it didn’t seem so weird.

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