The Vacation – Part 12

By Rubrpig

4798 sat on the bunk in his cell, his breath hissing and clicking through the gas mask hood which was now part of his uniform when not in use by a client of the facility.  The door to his cell opened and 2 of his personal guards entered.  One of the guards held a bag of liquid feed product which was what 4798 was fed when locked in the mask.  The guard pulled the drinking tube from the front of the mask and connected it to the bag of food.

The product flowed into the tube and 4798 sucked and swallowed the protein rich food.  Once the bag was emptied, the guards disconnected it and left the cell after telling 4798 that his first client session was scheduled for the next morning.

4798 laid on his bunk and thought about what was going to happen the next day.  Finally he fell asleep and did not wake up till the lights in his cell turned on and he knew he was going to be fed soon.

He stood up and walked over to the toilet, unzipped the rear zip in his fatigues and pulled the tail of his shirt and the cables on his belt aside.  He sat on the cold steel toilet and pissed.  The liquid food diet he was on did not produce much solid waste.

He cleaned himself up and stood up and zipped up his pants and got ready.  The cell door opened and the guards came in and fed him.  Once that was completed, he was taken from the cell and taken to the guard’s room and prepared.  His guards removed his helmet and then unlocked the heavy rubber collar of the gas mask hood and then unzipped it.  The heavy rubber hood slid off his sweaty head and he was free of the hood for the first time in a week.  He was instructed to remove his gloves and wash his face.

Once that was done, he pulled his gloves on and put his kevlar riot helmet and shield back on.  One of his guards clipped a ring of keys to his duty belt.  He was told the ring held the special keys for his uniform locks so the client could unlock and remove his gear while he was being held hostage.  He nodded and stood there waiting.  Just then the Captain walked in and briefed him on the upcoming session.  The client was a well known heavy top and wanted a jail experience.  The prisoner would be taken into medium security wing and once at his assigned cell, he would begin to resist and pull a shiv from his sock and take 4798 hostage.

The prisoner and his hostage would move to the punishment room of the prison wing where they would barricade themselves into the room.  4798 nodded and asked how long the session was scheduled for and he was told that the rescue was set for the next morning.  He nodded and stood ready.

The guards and 4798 were called to accept a new prisoner transfer and they left the guard’s room and went to the entrance area of the cell block.  The door clanged open and 2 state troopers stood there with a heavily muscled furry stud in an orange prison uniform.  He was cuffed but one of the troopers unlocked the cuffs and turned the prisoner over to the guards and 4798.  They walked the prisoner to his cell and opened the cage door of the cell and as they were pushing him into his cell, he stumbled and then stood up with a shiv in his hand.  He grabbed 4798 and put the shiv to his throat and told the other guards to back off.  They moved back with their hands on their side arms watching as the prisoner and 4798 shuffled backwards down the cell block.

The prisoner asked 4798 which door led to a single room and 4798 pointed to the door.  They backed into the room and the prisoner slammed the door.  The prisoner grabbed 4798’s side arm and told him to move the heavy desk and barricade the door.  He obeyed and once the heavy desk was shoved over and blocking the door, he told 4798 to toss him the keyring hanging on his belt.  4798 obeyed and tossed the keys over and the prisoner caught the ring with his free hand.  He saw the special flat keys on the ring and asked 4798 what the keys were for and he told his captor that the keys were for the special locks on his uniform.  He told his captor that Theall the prison guards wore uniforms that were locked on so they were protected in case of a hostage situation.  The uniforms were kevlar so that protected them from being stabbed.

The prisoner tossed the keys back to 4798 and told him to unlock his uniform and take everything off and toss it in the corner of the room.  4798 nodded and began unlocking and stripping off his gear and uniform.  Finally he was stripped down except for his heavy steel chastity belt.  He stood up and looked at his captor and the prisoner checked him over and asked where the keys to the belt were.  4798 told him that his Master, who he lived with when not on duty, held the keys.  The prisoner laughed and asked how the other guards treated him because he was locked up.  4798 told him that the other guards at first laughed and harassed him but they have gotten tired of it.

The prisoner walked over and grabbed 4798 and dragged him over to a heavy desk and bent him over the edge of the desk.  He quickly ripped the cords from the computer and printers on another desk and lashed 4798 to the legs of the desk putting tension on his legs which were spread wide.  His wrists were tied off to the legs on the other side of the desk so he was held in place.  The prisoner pulled off his orange shirt exposing his muscled hairy torso.  4798 turned his head to look at him and felt his cock trying to get hard in the belt.  He moaned and the prisoner walked over and asked if he liked what he saw.  4798 nodded which caused the prisoner to laugh.

The prisoner walked away and 4798 heard him rummaging through desks and cabinets and then he suddenly was hit across his ass with what felt like a heavy cord or belt.  He groaned from the pain as the prisoner began really strapping 4798’s ass with the heavy cord or belt.  The beating went on till 4798 began begging and screaming for it to stop.  It felt like his ass was a piece of raw meat.

The prisoner rubbed and slapped 4798’s raw ass and laughed.  He picked up a heavy wooden ruler and began slapping and beating the inner thighs of 4798.  Soon the skin was dark red and welted.  4798 lay on the desk, his arms and legs aching from the tension caused by the bonds and groaned.  He hung on the desk overwhelmed by the pain of the beatings.  He moaned and groaned and then banging began as the guards made their first attempt to retake the prisoner and rescue the hostage guard.  The prisoner grabbed the automatic pistol he took from his hostage and began firing at the door to the room.  The gun had been loaded with blanks as a precaution but the discharges of the weapon added to the reality of the situation.

The rescuers pulled back and left the area.  4798 roused by the gunfire, began begging to be let go and the prisoner snarled at him to shut up but 4798 kept begging.  The prisoner ripped the cord out of a desk lamp and quickly doubled it and forced the cords into 4798’s mouth and tied the cords behind his head, gagging him.  4798 began moaning and then drooling so he let his head slump down.

The prisoner walked around the room pacing in an agitated state wondering when the next rescue attempt would occur.  He finally sat down and tried to calm down and he looked over at his prisoner spread across the desk, his ass and inner thighs dark red and heavily bruised.  The sight of this aroused him and he stood growling.  He quickly stripped off his orange uniform pants and underwear and moved over quickly to 4798.  He spit on his finger and shoved them between the coated cables that ran up 4798’s ass crack.

He then spit on his cock and then pulling the cables aside, he rammed his cock into 4798’s hole in one thrust.  He began thrusting in deep and pulling almost out as 4798 mumbled and groaned into the cord gag in his mouth.  The prisoner kept pounding his hostage’s ass till he thrust in deep and held it as he groaned and pumped a heavy load deep into 4798’s ass.  He slumped down onto 4798’s back and moaned.  He finally stood up and pulled out of 4798’s ass and walked over and sat down.  4798 laid there and moaned from the hard fucking and he felt his captor’s cum drip slowly out of his ass.

After a while, the prisoner stood up and began untying 4798 letting him stand up and brace himself on the desk.  The prisoner then grabbed 4798 and forced him to his knees and then onto his chest and stomach on the floor.  Grabbing the cords that had been used to tie 4798 to the desk and he looped the cords around 4798’s legs and then looped another cord around 4798’s wrists and then he tied the wrists to the cords on the ankles and 4798 was pulled into a strict hogtie.

He groaned into the gag and his captor laughed as he stood over his hostage.  He walked over to 4798’s head and shoved his left foot into his hostage’s mouth and ordered his prisoner to lick his toes.  4798 struggled to get his tongue onto his captor’s toes but he managed to lick the toes in his mouth somewhat.

After a while, the prisoner walked away and left his hostage tied up on the floor.  He sat down and suddenly the rescue squad began pounding on the door again and this time the door opened slightly and the desk began sliding.  The prisoner ran over and pushed on the desk slamming it into the door hard and the guards outside of the room began yelling and telling the prisoner to surrender.  He laughed and told the guards to fuck off or the hostage would pay the price.  4798 groaned and rolled from side to side.  The prisoner walked over and kicked 4798 in the ribs and told him to knock it off.

The day passed slowly and 4798 remained in the hogtie and the prisoner occasionally came over and whipped his back and sides with cords or the wooden ruler.  The room turned dark and the prisoner sat and watched as the room darkened. The prison had turned the power off to the room so he sat in the dark.  4798 laid on the floor and waited for the rescue attempt.

As the sun began to rise, the rescue team formed up outside of the room and got ready.  They were fully armed and armoured including gas masks as the first thing was to fire gas grenades into the room to overcome the prisoner.  When they were ready, they smashed into the door with a battering ram creating a hole in the door and one of the guards fired the gas grenade into the room.  The grenade exploded and the room began filling with tear gas.  The guards smashed the door down and stormed into the room.

The prisoner coughing and gagging on the gas was quickly swarmed and captured by the rescue squad.  Two of the guards went over to 4798 where he laid on the floor hogtied.  They used their tactical knives and cut the cords binding 4798 and picked him up and dragged him from the room.  Once out of the room, a medic sprayed him down with fresh water and gave him oxygen to help him recover from the tear gas.  He sat breathing deeply with an oxygen mask strapped to his face.

The rest of the guards dragged the subdued prisoner out of the room and held him while the medic checked him over.  Once he was checked the prisoner was dragged from the cell block coughing and tears streaming down his face.

The medic came back over to 4798 and cleared him and told the guards that he was cleared and could be taken.  The guards helped 4798 to his feet and led him to the locker room where he was allowed to shower and the medic arrived and applied antibiotic ointment to the bruises and welts on his ass and legs.  He was given a new body harness which he put on and stood still as it was locked.  He put on his uniform and boots and he was locked into his gear.  Once he was put into his body armour, the heavy rubber gasmask hood was slid back onto his head and locked.  Once his helmet and gloves were on, he was escorted out of the prison wing and to the Captain’s office.

The guards led him into the office and he stood in front of the Captain’s desk.  Sitting in a chair near the desk was the prisoner who had taken 4798 hostage.  The prisoner was now in full Langlitz gear and tall wesco’s. He smiled and looked at 4798.  The Captain nodded and told 4798 that he had done very well and he was pleased.  The leatherman sitting beside the desk smiled and told the Captain that he really enjoyed the scene and it felt extremely real.  The Captain nodded and told the leatherman that is what they tried for.

The Captain told the escorts to take 4798 back to his cell.  They saluted and the men turned and left the office taking 4798 back to his cell in the Supermax wing.  The door clanged shut behind him and he sat on his bunk in the small cell and relaxed.  His breathing hissed and clicked in the gas mask.  He relaxed and squirmed around trying to get comfortable as his ass was heavily bruised, but it felt so good.

End of Part 12

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