The Wall – Part 03

By Slavebladeboi

So who was he then?


For fuck’s sake, you know who. The “who” you were waving goodbye to out there. The “who” in the red sports car. The red sports car I told you about. The same red sports car …..


I’ve had this. Were you in on it all the time?

He looked at his partner, he felt hot, sick and tearful. His partner sat.

You like bondage?

You bloody know I do.

You like being fucked?

Where’re you going with all this?

Just answer me.

OK! Yes I frigging do.

And you enjoyed your dream?

I wasn’t a dream, we both know it and now I know you’ve been…

OK Yes. I did it for you.


It was getting tired here. You were getting bored, I was getting bored. The sex is still good but the fun we have is getting a bit same old same old. And I know this guy…

With a red sports job?

Did he hurt you? Did you enjoy it? No and yes. You loved each touch, you loved the prisoner bit, the bondage the fear, that sexy feeling you get as someone feels your body, the smell of the leather. You told me so many times what turns you on, I thought…

But you pretended to…

  1. My mistake. I’m sorry.

His partner got up and went to their bedroom.

He stood still in the kitchen his mind a white hot blank. No thoughts, just a feeling of burning rage slowly ebbing into cooling ash.

After a while he went into the bedroom and sat next to the other man who slowly put his arm round him. He didn’t push it away, he wanted comfort and reassurance more than anything. The arm pulled him round until they faced each other.

I set it up and didn’t tell you about it because that was all part of the deal. You were to be frightened but never harmed, you were to have the best hottest sexiest night we could give you without letting on it was me and safe. I wanted you on edge the adrenalin flowing not knowing. I know you were hard the whole time.

You were there?

Yep, just to make sure you were totally turned on and safe.


So, you want to do it again?

You made me feel such a fool. All this time letting me go on and on.

So what? You’re no fool, you know that. Get over it and enjoy it.

But the surprise is gone now isn’t it. You can’t do it again.

Did you enjoy it?

Yes, obviously. You saw me.

  1. You want it again sometime? Leave it to me

The neck entry rubber suit was beginning to cling to his freshly shaved skin even though he was sweating enough for two. The mix of sweat and lube felt warm and the addition of precum round his groin meant his semi rigid cock could move at will without any friction under the shiny black covering. Frustrated, he tried to thrust his body upward but felt nothing but the same warmth and lack of any resistance.

The tight, eyeless hood pulled at his face. He kept still and waited.

Over a two weeks had passed since the showdown with his partner and he was beginning to think “the surprise” was just talk but only an hour ago he was walking home from the take out, turned into that alley and woke up tied to what he thought must be a wide table. His legs were spread and his arms were pulled tight above his head. The only thing he knew was that it must be his partner’s idea again.

God, he hoped it was or he was in trouble.

He started as he felt a hand round his left foot. It moved slowly up his calf to the inside of his thigh, the pressure making the sweat-lube mix ripple under the rubber skin he was encased in. Light fingers explored round his balls and into the crease that separated them from the rest of his body. His cock pulsed with the blood that was now also pounding in his ears. Fear and excitement mixed together, his breathing became faster which in turn heated the hood up even more making him feel the sweat increase. It dribbled slowly around his eyes which although he kept closed still managed to get under his eyelids and the salty mix started to sting. Two hands now were feeling round his torso, up to his nipples, under his arms and further to his fingers.

He began to relax a bit as everything that was happening to him simply threw his mind into a state of erotic submission. He didn’t consciously think “there’s nothing I can do about it anyway” but his brain took over and allowed him to enjoy rather than worry. After all, it was all planned, right?

Something, a hand, suddenly covered the lower part of the hood, pushing firmly, cutting off the air. His muscles went into spasm, tied like he was there was nothing else he could do. Gasping, yelling into the rubber that covered his mouth he twisted and pulled although very little movement was noticed by whoever was inflicting this part of his enjoyment. As he thought he was going to pass out the pressure was released. At the same time another sensation hit his cock. A vibrator was just tickling his bell end, held lightly, he could hear the hum of the motor and feel a slight pressure through the rubber but as soon as it was increased it automatically pushed his cock away as it slid under the heavily lubed and precum filled area below his stomach. It caught his cock from the other side and he felt the vibrations travel down his shaft into his balls making his cock strain against the rubber. Please keep it there, please oh please. But it moved. The hand once again covered his face and the vibrator returned, harder now. He held his breath as long as he could but eventually twisted his head to escape. No luck. Bright circles appeared in his sight. His cock, now more solid than ever, took over his consciousness, pulling him into a deep dark hole that overwhelmed his ability to fight against anything that was happening. He so badly needed to cum.

Then it all stopped. No touching, no vibrator, all the fresh air he wanted. Silence.

The way the hands started and worked their way down his rubbered body made him think whoever was doing this was standing behind his head and reaching over him. The feeling was exquisite. His nipples were fingered and gently squeezed, his cock was almost reached, but not quite. He was massaged from his shoulders down to his knees. Two hands. So when the vibrator started again he jumped. More than one person. It was held harder up against his balls too, it made them suddenly ache before it worked its way up his hard meat and stayed, poised but feather light against him.

He strained, pushed himself up a fraction, it moved with him. The frustration became unbearable. He twisted, thrust his hips, yelled muffled curses but nothing more than a gentle continuous vibration ran down his cock, up his spine and into his overloaded brain.

Hours passed or so it seemed. In effect it was simply minutes, about twenty in all before the pressure on his cock slowly increased until he knew it was too late for them to do anything about further torture. He came violently. He thrashed as he pulsed and pumped. The spunk shot up his stomach between the rubber and his sweat covered skin creating a warm sticky wet path. He felt himself jerk the last few drops out of himself and sank into that place you find in your head after a long drawn-out climax. Your muscles relax and you float, not thinking about anything but the pleasure you feel.

He was quickly brought back by the feeling in his groin. The vibrator was still there. It was still on and pushing against him.

No. He knew he couldn’t cum twice that quickly. His partner knew that. It made him feel sick deep inside and got painful. They’d always agree on that one thing.

He shouted.

No response.

The sick feeling gathered in his gut. So did the feeling that everything was not ok.

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To be continued …

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