Three Days in Jail – Part 01

By Pisslurper

About six weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me an email with a link to a website for a jail in Iowa. Not an ordinary jail, but an old, historic jail that someone had purchased and is now offering to incarcerate people for a fee. The pictures of the place were hot as hell, an authentic old county jail built in 1880 and used for over 100 years. The place looked tiny, only three cells, but it was a real jail and looked a bit hardcore.

I knew right away that I couldn’t pass up on this opportunity. It turns out I had some unused vacation due, so I emailed the jail and set up a three day visit.

For the next six weeks, I have been obsessively poring over and over the pictures and instructions on that website. I planned out a two-day drive to Iowa, and endlessly fantasized about my upcoming jail stay.

The jailor emailed me to park next to the jail, and he will meet me at my car. I’m expecting to be ‘arrested’ at my car and brought into the jail in handcuffs. The jail is located downtown in a small Iowa town, next door to the Methodist church. Since I’m showing up at noon on Sunday, I’m a little worried about church goers and passersby seeing me as I get brought around to the jail entrance, which is on the opposite side of the building than the parking lot. But, I guess that is all part of the experience. I’m not sure what is more humiliating, being a convict or being a pervert who pays to have someone lock him up in jail.


Reporting to jail


The jailor instructed me to park in the parking spots off the alley to one side of the jail. I parked underneath the barred windows of the jail, and in seconds the deputy was coming out a door on the side of the building, yelling at me to put my hands on the steering wheel. Before I knew it, he had me with my hands on the roof of the car, and then cuffed with my hands behind my back. He emptied my pockets and gave me a pat down before marching me around the back of the building to the entrance to the jail.

Soon I was locked in a cell off the intake room of the jail. The cell was a small, institutional room with one barred window on the back wall, two bunks on one side wall, a sink and a toilet on the other wall. Linoleum floor and a steel cell door with a small lockable opening finished off the cell. The jailor left me there for a short while, hands still cuffed behind my back, while he went about gathering the items he needed for my intake.

In short order, I was searched, issued an orange prison uniform, fingerprinted, and had my mug shot taken. Then, in shackles and cuffs behind my back, the jailor led me through two heavy steel doors into the main jail area. The cellblock is a welded and riveted steel cage standing inside a large reinforced steel room. There were four barred windows set high in the two long outer walls, and the cellblock was mostly made from 3/8” steel flat stock riveted and welded together.

The door to the cellblock is a huge steel monstrosity, weighing over 1000 lbs. The jailor unlocked two giant sliding bolt mechanisms and opened the door. He guided me into the main cellblock area, which was long and narrow, with a sink and toilet on the far end and three cells on the left side. He put me in the far cell, next to the sink and toilet. The cell was made of sold steel plates for the walls and roof, with a thick concrete floor. The only light came from one arc lamp light fixture overhead, and the ambient daylight that filtered through the steel lattice that made up the cell door. There was a cinderblock and poured concrete bench on either side of the cell. One had a plastic covered foam mattress and a plastic covered foam pillow for a bed, the other was bare. There was a small steel table and bench welded to the side wall, and a plastic bucket under the table for piss.

The jailor made me stand with my face against the steel wall as he locked a heavy steel chain to my leg shackles. The other end of the steel chain was locked to an hole in a steel angle iron that was welded to one of the side walls. He then had me continue to stand nose to the wall while he unlocked and removed the handcuffs from behind my back. He ordered me to place each freed hand behind my head, and then he exited the cell, slamming the steel door shut with a loud and solid clang, and securing it with a huge padlock.

Once the cell door was locked, I want over to look through the cell door, and I could see him walk out of the common area. He then used a giant lever to slide steel retaining bars in front of all the cell doors at once, double locking me into the cell. Then there were two more loud bangs as he slid both bolt mechanisms on the outer cellblock door shut and secured them both with padlocks. Finally he exited the jail area, slamming shut and locking both of the reinforced steel doors to the intake area. A few seconds later, the overhead arc lamps go dark, and I’m alone in the cell as the echoes of the banging and clanging doors and locks fade away.

The only light is from the barred windows on the far wall that faces east, four feet away from the outer wall of the steel cellblock. The afternoon light is diffused through a security screen, window bars, the outer cell block bars, and finally the bars of my cell door, leaving the cell very dimly lit. I’m locked in the steel cell, my legs shackled and chained to the wall with about 8 feet of chain, the cell door locked with both a padlock and two giant sliding steel bars, the outer cell block door double locked with two giant sliding locks, and the jail complex locked behind two steel doors. There is no escape.

I pace the length of the cell, the chain allows me to almost reach the far wall, but not quite. I can touch it, but not quite walk the length of the cell. I reach up and feel the cold steel of the cell ceiling, very easy to reach, about a foot above my head. I explore the rivets of the steel plate, they look like they came from the Titanic. All of the steel is painted dark gray, as are the cinderblock benches, and the floor is mostly natural concrete with some chipped away light gray paint. I bang on the walls and the ceiling, and they are unyielding and solid. I try to shake the cell door, but it is also unyielding and solid.

The quietness of the cellblock surrounds me, mixing with the dim light to produce a surreal, but calming effect. I can hear some traffic from outside, cattle trucks lumbering down the main street outside the jail, but the sound is removed, as if from another world. In the far distance I can faintly hear a lawnmower, but all I can smell is steel and concrete.


Settling In


Now I have nothing to do but to settle into my new existence. I pace the cell, feel all the walls, look out the door to see all I can. I can see some of the cellblock common area, some of the storage area on the far side of the cellblock, and the light from the window. If I crane my neck, I can see the doors to the intake area. But mostly, it is just me in my cell.

I let the stillness seep into my being. Dust motes dance in the small shaft of light that penetrates all the bars between the window and my cell. All the cares from the outside world melt away, and I am one with solitude. Time is measured by the changing light and the bells from the clock on the county courthouse two blocks away. But even with the clock bells, time seems to cease existing with the same meaning it had had just a few hours earlier.

I dozed off a bit, but mostly just paced the cell, accompanied by the clanking of the chain that connected me to the cell wall. Eventually the lights came on, and I could hear the jingling of the jailors keys as he unlocked the two doors into the jail. I watched him disappear behind the door to the cellblock, but I could hear the sliding locks on the outer cellblock door opening. Then a loud bang as the sliding locks on the cell doors opened. The jailor came into view, carrying my dinner. He ordered me nose against the wall, hands clasped on the back of my head, as he unlocked the padlock on my cell door and placed my dinner on the small steel table. Then he slammed shut the door and padlocked it before allowing me to turn around. The whole locking process reversed, with the sliding cell doors locks banging into place, the outer cellblock door locks clanging shut, and the steel doors to the jail opening and slamming shut as he went back into the intake area.

I don’t remember what supper was, but I ate whatever it was. After a while, I head the jingling of the jailor’s keys, and the whole process repeated as he retrieved my dishes and emptied my piss bucket.

After supper, I sat on the bed watching the light slowly morph into darkness.   The small shafts of sunlight faded and shifted across my cell until I was in almost complete darkness. At some point the jailor turned on the arc lights in the cellblock, and dimmed them to a low glow.

The cellblock was comfortably warm, so I took off my orange prison shirt. I couldn’t take off my pants because of the shackles on my feet, but I shoved them around my ankles and lay back on the plastic mattress to wank off. I played with my cock, which didn’t take much coaxing to stiffen up. Lubed up with spit, in no time I was convulsing as hot globs of jizz flew into my mouth. I shot an enormous load all over my face, neck, and chest.

The jailor had given me a blanket, but no sheets. Of course, being a bit of a pervert, I preferred the feel of the plastic mattress and pillow covers to sheets. Soon I was snuggled in, jizz drying as I savored the feeling of the plastic on my bare skin. I must have woken up to piss in the bucket during the night, but I slept like a baby in the dark, quiet cell.


To be continued …


Metal would like to thank the author, Pisslurper, for sending in the account above. Do you have a true-life experience of your own that you would like to share? If so please reach out!

NOTE: You can learn more about this facility by visiting the Serious Male Bondage site.



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  1. I loved viewing the 7 videos up on the seriousmalebondage site regarding bind’s jail. This story author has done a good job placing the reader there.

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