Tied Tight

By Mister-X/Spartan

I was sitting there, tied tightly in rope. He was across from me, doing more rope work that he planned to put me into. He was a master at it. I didn’t even try to get loose from what he’d put me into. I knew that there was zero chance of my escaping. All I could do was sit and wait. Occasionally he would look back at me and get that sadistic smile on his face before he returned to his work. As I sat there my mind started to wander back.

* * *

I first met him when I was in high school. I had a side job on weekends, and had been saving up money. Finally I was able to afford what I’d wanted for several years. After I’d purchased that leather jacket, I proudly wore it to school the next day. One of my classmates, Jeff, saw it and told me he wanted to try it on. I didn’t want to get out of it, and told him no. Jeff was the class bully, and I knew that I was taking a risk by turning him down, but after all the work I’d put into getting that jacket, I didn’t want to let it go.

After class Jeff was waiting for me at my car. I wasn’t able to avoid him, and he told me “if you don’t let me try on your jacket, I’ll beat the shit out of you first, and then I’ll take it.” After saying this, he held up some brass knuckles that he had on his hand.

There was no security where our cars were parked, and I knew that he meant what he said. I thought, and said “if you come to my house I’ll let you try it on there.”

“No. You gotta come to my house.”

I didn’t want to do that, but I figured I’d at least gotten him to agree to get away from beating me up and agreed to just try it on. He waited behind me in his car, and followed me to his house. When we got there, he told me to come inside, that we could have something cold to drink while he tried on my jacket. That seemed harmless enough, so I agreed.

His big brother Jason was inside fiddling with some rope. That was my introduction to Jason. While Jeff was in the kitchen getting some drinks out of the refrigerator, he said “hey, Jason. Why don’t you try getting my friend here tied up?”

I froze. I looked at Jason. He was big. Jason looked over at me, and said “sure.”

“But make sure he takes that jacket off first.”

“I don’t think I want this.” I started backing away, but Jason was too quick for me.

He calmly and assertively said “sure you do.”

I’d always fantasized about being tied up helpless. That’s when Jason and Jeff together started taking the jacket off me. With two against one, one holding brass knuckles and the other a big muscled dude, what else could I do? Besides, I’d promised Jeff. So I was soon sitting down on a chair while Jeff was trying on my jacket.

Jason soon had me tied up tight on that chair so that I couldn’t move anything except my head. I could see Jeff enjoying my jacket, and I finally said “thanks, but I think I’ve been here long enough. I’ve got homework I’ve got to get done.”

Jason just ignored me and went over to Jeff to admire my jacket. He finally asked Jeff “where did you get that?”

“Herman, here, gave it to me.”

I immediately yelled “I did not! I said you could try it on!”

Jeff looked at Jason and said “I think he’d enjoy a gag about now.”

Jason said “I agree.” As I was yelling at the two of them, my mouth suddenly got filled and no intelligible sound came out.

Jason said “you’re obviously wanting something else as well.”

That’s when I realized what those fantasies of mine were trying to tell me about myself. I liked being bound. Jason kept me tied to that chair for a few hours.

After that, I started visiting Jason and Jeff’s home regularly for Jason to tie me up, although I told my folks that I was visiting Jeff.

I went there after graduating from high school. I was tied up while in my good suit and tie. After I was tied to that chair, Jason tied my tie real tight. That’s when I learned that I was also turned on by breath control. That opened up a whole new part of our play, a dangerous one. I was now badly hooked, and was the aggressor, wanting Jason to always tie me whenever I wasn’t working. His interests had wandered to other matters, so he wasn’t as keen on the idea as I was. When he couldn’t, I tried to get Jeff to be the substitute. But Jeff was really rough. His thing was beating up guys. So when he’d tie me up, usually not on the chair but stretched out with my hands above my head, he would start pummeling me with his fists. I wasn’t turned on by that. Finally I started not coming to their home. I moved away to get a better job, and I lost contact with them, finding others in my new town to be Jason’s substitute.

* * *

Jason had finished the rope work he’d been working on and stepped back to look at it. I also looked at it. He finally came over to me and said “that’s what you’re going to be experiencing next. Take a good, long look at it, because you’re going to be in that for a long time, slowly being tightened over a couple of days. You’ll be oh, so turned on by that. It’s too bad your cock is locked up and won’t be able to enjoy it. But that’s what you get for doing to me what you did.”

I started squirming in the chair as I thought about what lay ahead for me. The squirming started getting Jason to laughing that sadistic laugh of his. “Save your strength. You know you ain’t getting out of that. You know that having your neck in that noose is inevitable, slowly tightening, slowly taking the life out of you.”

He walked away and out the door. I was again left alone to my thoughts. My mind started wandering again.

* * *

Several years had passed. I’d moved up to become assistant manager of a small town bank. One night when I was working late, alone in there, I heard a knock on the door. I yelled out “we’re closed,” but the knock persisted. When I looked out the door to see who was there, it was Jason. He had that big smile of his and said “hi, Herman. Remember me?”

That’s where I made my mistake. I unlocked the door and let him in, locking it afterward. I greeted Jason like an old friend. We sat down and started catching up on our lives. He didn’t tell me much about his, just that he’d also moved away and had been living in several towns. He finally said “I’m not employed at the moment. Do you have any jobs available?”

“We don’t at the moment. Tomorrow I’ll ask my boss to see if there’s anything planned.”

“In the meantime, remember what we used to do? Would you like me to treat you to that again?”

With my position, I hadn’t gotten involved with anyone to do that while living here. That part of me was very frustrated, and wanted it badly. So I said “yes.” It was my second big mistake.

“I’ve learned a few more tricks and can intensify things for you.”

“Thank you. I’d like that.”

He had brought a suitcase in with him when he entered, and he opened it to pull out some rope. As he was uncoiling the rope, he asked “have you got a room that’s out of view of the street?”

“Just the manager’s office.”

He looked around and got that sadistic smile on his face. “How about the vault? That would be a cool place to be tied up in.”

I had actually envisioned being tied up in there sometimes when I was in there, and responded by getting up, getting my key out, and opening the vault. That was my third mistake. He came up behind me, and pulled my arms behind my back after I’d opened the door. He started doing his thing as we walked inside.

He had the rope doubled up, with the loop at the bottom end. He put that around my wrists, yanked the two ends around, and put them through the loop, pulling it tight, cinching it. He pushed me down to the floor onto my stomach and continued tightly tying my wrists together. When done, he pulled the rope down and brought my ankles up to tie them as well, putting me into a hog tie position. But he wasn’t finished.

He brought the ends of the rope up to my neck and tied them around my neck after pulling it as far back as he could get it, finally tying the rope off there. I wasn’t going to be able to reach that. I was also starting to have difficulty breathing, just the kind of breath control turn-on he knew that I had. Finished with that, he calmly walked out to his suitcase and returned with a rag and some duct tape. I was soon gagged tightly, as well as blindfolded.

That’s when I started hearing sounds of him opening doors in the vault. I’d left my keys in the door to the vault, and he had gotten them to try out on other doors. That’s when the horror of what I’d done and my position hit me. He was robbing the bank! I started yelling into my gag, but this only caused him to start laughing.

It took some time for him to finish getting everything he wanted. He said “thank you” before leaving the vault. I heard the door close and lock. I knew that tomorrow was a workday, and that there would be enough air to last until then, so I wasn’t worried about suffocating. My thoughts were on the huge mistake that I’d made.

* * *

Jason returned from wherever he’d been. He came over to me and picked me up, carrying me over to the noose he’d set up. He lowered it down and put it around my neck, tightening it several times to make it as tight as he could. My hands were tied and my ankles were tied, but after removing me from the chair, those were the only parts of me that were. He pulled the other end of the rope up until I was on the front halves of my feet. He stepped back and looked. I was having difficulty breathing.

“While I was in prison after you’d snitched on me, I learned a few things. I’ve gotten real good at copying other people’s writing. I’ve got enough of your handwriting to be able to write a suicide note you’ll be leaving that will look authentic. The problem is that I’ll have to loosen the rope around your wrists and ankles to let the circulation back in so that it won’t look like someone else had tied them. That’s why you’re going to be in this for a few days, to let that happen.”

He came over to me and loosened the rope at my ankles, and also loosened the rope at my wrists. I could try to get them off, but he had burned the ends after he’d done that, so that I couldn’t untie them. I realized he had a knife that he was going to use to cut them off. He’d thought this out pretty well. Again, he checked things to make sure they were the way he wanted them, and left the room. I was again alone with my thoughts.

* * *

After that vault had been opened the next morning, they found me tied up on the floor with all the drawers opened and emptied, at least the ones that didn’t require a second key to open, namely, the safe deposit boxes. The police and the bank manager were the ones who untied me. It was very embarrassing to be found with my fly unzipped with cum stains apparent.

When I was asked what happened, I told them. I told them everything, that I’d made the mistake of opening the door to an old high school acquaintance who happened to be in town, not realizing that he came there with the intent of robbing the bank. I gave them a description of him, and they checked back to the town we grew up in to get a better description. It turned out that he’d been in prison before for crimes, and had a rap sheet.

An APB went out, and they were able to catch him the next day a couple of counties away. He’d used a fair amount of the money to buy drugs. I was obviously the key witness at the trial, and it came out that I was the one who fingered him immediately the next morning. He clearly was bothered by that. I knew that I would have a problem with him when he got out of prison. I had told the authorities to be sure to let me know when that happened, but after the years had passed, this request got dropped and forgotten. I’d moved, but he was able to track me down. Now I was in a bad predicament.

* * *

I fiddled with the ropes, but no go. I wondered who there was who might know about where I was. After all, it looked like I still had a couple of days yet. That’s when I thought about Jason’s brother Jeff. Whereas Jason had gone downhill, Jeff had somehow straightened his life out. Or at least, gotten it going a little straighter than it had been going. He still had my jacket, and that was a source of discussion between us whenever we’d see each other. He was living here in town, but I didn’t see him for the same things that I’d seen his brother for, since Jeff still liked to beat people, and I still didn’t like that. But we did see each other sometimes.

That’s when it hit me. I should have realized that Jason was going to need a place to stay, and he’s probably living with Jeff. I doubt that Jeff knows about what Jason is doing to me. If he did, he wouldn’t approve. After all, Jeff is now a police officer in town. He couldn’t approve of that. And I would be missed at work, so there should be a missing person notice sent to the local police. If Jeff were to see that, he’d start putting two and two together. The question is what he would do then. It was a hope. I clung to it.

I heard the door open again, and my hopes rose, what with my recent thoughts. But it was just Jason again, alone.

“Here’s what I’ve written for your suicide note. See what you think about it.” He started reading from a piece of paper he was holding up to his eyes while standing in front of me. “I can’t go on. The embarrassment of what happened to me in that bank vault in Springfield, with others finding out that I enjoyed being bound, has made me decide to end it. I’ll do it the way I’ve always fantasized, a way that will get me excited. I hope everyone will understand. Others were not at fault in any way. It was me.”

He showed me what he had written. I was shocked. It looked exactly like something that I would write. I looked at some of the letters that I would do my own special way, and they were done that way. Plus, it didn’t look like it had been traced, but written with a free-flow. I realized that his scheme would work.

He watched me, and started enjoying the worried look I had developed. His smile got bigger. He finally took the letter away from me and said “ah, revenge is sweet. You don’t realize what those years in prison took from me. I hated you all the time I was there. When I would get forcibly restrained for one of the guards to get off in my ass, I was thinking of what I would do to you. You ruined my life.”

He had worked himself up so much that he went over to the other end of the rope that he’d tied off at the wall, untied it, and pulled it up, pulling me off my feet and into the air. He stood and watched me swaying there, his smile getting bigger as he saw my face get redder and redder, saw my eyes starting to bug out, and saw that I was trying to get air into my lungs but not succeeding. He finally said “I ain’t lettin’ you down until you erupt. I know you will.”

As I was starting to pass out, I started hearing the unmistakable sound of splashing liquid. I felt myself being let down onto the floor onto the tips of my toes. The noose had tightened noticeably, but I was able to finally get a little air into my lungs. I concentrated on my breathing. I hadn’t realized that he’d unlocked and removed my chastity while I was swinging in the air. I felt him putting it back on, now that my cock had deflated. But something in the back of my mind said that what was put on wasn’t the same. But for now, my mind was on breathing.

I hadn’t eaten or had anything to drink for some time. At first I was stronger, but now I was getting weaker. I realized that I didn’t stand any chance of getting myself out of my situation. I noticed that Jason had set the letter down that he had been reading after he’d tied the other end of the rope to the wall. I heard him leave the room through that door again.

* * *

I had time to start thinking again. Happening into Jeff was quite a surprise. I’d been in a traffic accident, someone running into my rear end. My car wouldn’t drive, so I had to call the police about it. It was Jeff who came to write up the incident. He certainly looked handsome in his uniform which was covered by a leather jacket, since he was riding a motorcycle. I couldn’t resist making a comment about that. He smiled as he remembered the incident. Away from the lady who had run into me, he asked “are you still getting tied up?”

“Not since your brother tied me at the bank. How is Jason doing, by the way?”

Jeff immediately changed back to being a cop again. He obviously didn’t want to answer that question. I would periodically visit with him when I had some spare time. Neither of us had married. We had pretty much decided to live as confirmed bachelors. But I never asked him again about Jason, knowing that this was not something he wanted to talk about. I wondered what other stories there were about Jason.

* * *

I started thinking back to the good times when I would be tied up, and started feeling some pain coming from my cock. I looked down and saw that it was starting to get erect from my thoughts, as well as the feeling of the rope. I also noticed that what was on my cock was not a chastity device, but was a sheath of some kind. From the pain, I figured that it had internal spikes. From what Jason had told me of his feelings toward me, that didn’t surprise me.

My thoughts were interrupted by the door opening again. Jason was back. He had another piece of paper with him, which was a newer version of the suicide note. In it, he had added a sentence about punishing myself, hoping that the pain I inflicted would assuage my guilt, but finding that it didn’t. When he finished reading that, he exchanged letters on the floor, folding and taking the other with him, and pulled out some severe tit clamps, which he put on my nipples. I started roaring into my gag from the sudden pain.

Jason smiled on hearing that and said “I’ve left other tit clamps in your room, since I’d gotten your keys from you. I also left other spiked cock sheaths there as well. I notice that your cock has gotten erect again, so I figured you’ve noticed what I’ve covered it with. I know you aren’t turned on by pain, but I am in inflicting it on you. There’s only so much I can do, because I have to make it look like you’re the one doing it. And in case you’re hoping, I’ve worn gloves whenever I’ve handled anything that is supposed to be yours. I’ve also left gloves in your room, and I’ll have to make sure to put them on you after you’re dead.” With that lovely thought, he left the room again. I was back to being alone with my thoughts.

* * *

I was at home when the doorbell rang. I opened the door without thinking. It had been so long since Jason had been put away, and I was relying on the police to let me know when he was out, that I’d let my guard down. When I saw him I didn’t react fast enough. This time he had a pair of handcuffs, and before I could close the door he had my hands cuffed behind me.

It was a holiday weekend, and my neighbors were away. My yells didn’t bring anyone, though Jason wasn’t taking any chances. He had brought his rope along and soon I was tied up really tight, as well as gagged. That’s when he started playing with me. He clearly wanted to punish me, and punish me good. But for some reason he didn’t want to do anything that would leave a mark on me. I now see why, that he’d planned his revenge out even to the point of holding himself back. He’d always had good self-control. He should have been able to become a successful person, but there was always a desire to go outside the law, whether it was the thrill of getting away with it, the thought of out-smarting someone, or just that he wanted to break the law.

I was kept painfully tied tight and gagged in my home until the middle of the night. That was when he got the keys to my car and carried me out to the garage, putting me in the trunk. He quietly opened the garage door and drove out, coming back to quietly close it again. He’d evidently found an abandoned building that met his requirements. I was driven to that, carried in, along with more rope, and left there, while he ditched my car. I was so tightly tied in a hog tie position that I couldn’t move while he was away. When he returned was when I was released from the hog tie and tied to the chair.

* * *

I got brought back to the present from the sound of the door opening again. It was Jason. He had brought some weights and a connecting chain for the tit clamps. He attached the connecting chain, and dropped one of the weights onto it. He was rewarded by my reaction into my gag. When I had finally calmed down from that, he dropped another one, with the same reaction. He had brought four weights, and gotten the full effects of all four. I wondered what other pain I was going to be subjected to before the end.

The sound of the door opening again was so quiet that neither of us heard it. We both jumped when Jeff loudly commanded “stick up your hands.” He was pointing a gun at Jason.

Jason looked over and said “little brother. This isn’t what it looks like.”

“I’ll determine that after I’ve got you cuffed. And don’t think I won’t use this gun on you. Now stick up your hands!”

Jason hesitated. I wondered whether he would or not, whether he would test his brother to see if he really would shoot him, but he finally stuck up his hands. Jeff quickly put the cuffs on one wrist, pulled it down, and brought the other down to cuff it to the first. He noticed the sheet of paper, and picked it up, reading it.

After finishing he said “so you were planning to murder Herman and make it look like a suicide. Being in prison hasn’t taught you anything. You’re still a bad ass, determined to get into more trouble.”

“Hey, at least I’ve got my little brother to protect me.”

“Not any more, you don’t. This is the last straw. I’d told you if you fucked up again I wasn’t going to help you.” Jeff had gone over to the wall and untied the rope, letting me down as he was talking. He reached down and started cutting through the ropes at my ankles.

“What are you planning to do with me, then? Turn me in and have me go back to prison? This will be my third strike.”

“You should have thought of that before.” He finished cutting my ankle rope and I was free to walk away, which I started doing. I was still gagged with my wrists tied behind my back.

To me, Jeff said “wait here while I take care of Jason.” I wasn’t going anywhere, so I just nodded my head. The two of them went out the door. I sat down on the chair and waited. I’d escaped, thanks to Jeff. I owed him one. I figured he could beat me all he wanted to.

I waited for a couple of hours before I heard the door open again. Jeff came up to me and started taking me out the door. I was waiting for him to untie my wrists, or rather to cut the ropes off, and to remove my gag, but he didn’t make an attempt to do either. He just put me into the car, got on the driver’s seat, and started driving off. I wondered what he had planned. I noticed that he wasn’t going to my place.

He drove up to his house, opened the garage door, and drove in, closing the garage door afterwards. He left me in the car and went inside. Soon he was out and took me inside, unlocked a door, opened it, and took me down some stairs. He turned on a light, and I could see that it was a dungeon set-up. I finally started to understand. He put me into a small cage after pushing me down to back me in, closing and locking the door after I was inside.

“I’d lusted after you in high school, which is why I treated you like I did, and ever since. But after you graduated, you left town. Besides, you preferred Jason. When I saw you again at that traffic stop, I’d known about all that stuff that Jason had done, and that stood between us. Now that I’ve taken care of Jason, I’m moving you in here with me. I’m not going to let anything keep us apart any more. You know that you owe your life to me, so you should be willing to accept your position with me here. And I can tie you up to your heart’s content. But for now, I’m still on duty, so I’ve got to get back to work. Later, Herm.”

I was flabbergasted. I had no idea that Jeff felt that way about me. It sounded like I was going to be back to being tied up again to get sexually gratified, and that I would be gratifying another Cooper as well. I was thinking, the more things change, the more they stay the same. I was just hoping that Jeff would be able to tie me as tightly as his brother did.

The end

Metal would like to thank Mister-X/Spartan for this story!

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