Tied Up and Edged in a Hotel (a ‘Happened Last Night’ true story)

By Erik

Early yesterday evening I got a message from a bisexual guy visiting Helsinki for two days.

He had a lean muscular body with a great set of abs, in his early thirties, and he told me that he only fucked women but there was one particular thing he liked to do with men: to find a muscular man with big pectorals, tie him up, and play with his nipples and pecs while stroking the man’s hard-on to keep him on the verge of shooting but not allowing him to.


An hour later I was in his hotel room, blindfolded and gagged, totally helpless with tight ropes holding me trapped in a large armchair. I could tell he hadn’t lied about being into women, as he had done a special bondage job on my pecs, using very tight ropes on the muscles in a way that squeezed and pushed them out like woman’s tits, forcing my swollen nipples jut out hard for him to play with.

I felt his lips close around one of my nipples, and his wet, warm tongue licking at the swollen knob, and a moment later his fingertips found the other one and began teasing and rubbing it. Then I felt him squirt lube all over my hard cock and balls, and a hand closed around my shaft and began stroking it, exasperatingly slowly, focusing on the most sensitive spot. I tried to squirm, but the ropes were so tight they cut into my flesh if I tried to move; I could only let out choked moans into the gag. The combination of his tongue and fingertips on my nipples, and the slowly moving lubed hand, brought me close to shooting my load in thirty seconds. But instead of stopping, or removing his hand, he only slowed down even more, keeping me on the edge but never letting me spray my load.

Two hours later I was so out of my mind that I would have yelled for help, the people in the next room, or police, or anyone to come and save me, but the gag filled my mouth and I couldn´t make a sound. He knew I couldn´t take it any more, yet he kept going. I fought the ropes as hard as I could, knowing that the next day there would be raised eyebrows at the gym showers for the rope burns. He continued.

Then, finally, when I thought I was going to pass out, he told me he was going to let me come, and even then the build-up for the climax was utterly maddening as he kept slowing down ever more the closer he knew I was. When the first thick rope of sperm squirted up on my pecs and abs I thought I was going to die, and with light slow strokes he managed to draw it out to one of the longest orgasms I´ve ever had.

I wondered if the clerk at the reception noticed how wobbly I was on my feet as I walked out of the hotel to catch a bus back to my island. At home, I collapsed into the bed, and my dick was already getting hard again when I thought back at the night in the hotel.


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