Tier Four – Part 1

By BoundLongAndHard

BoundLongAndHard speedosSeth needed money. Well, more accurately, he just want some “walking around” cash so he could continue to socialize with the other college students who never seemed to care about the price of anything. That description fit maybe half the students at the elite New England college they attended. Seth belonged to the other half. His background was middle class. And he and his parents were pretty tapped out just keeping him in this obscenely expensive school. A little extra cash would help.

One day, after sitting through a brain-numbing solid-state physics class, he passed a room that seemed configured for an art class. Outside the door of this studio was an ad seeking male students to pose for a “live art” drawing classes, and most importantly, offering what seemed like an unusually large amount of money for something like this. Seth had no idea what the going rate for “something like this,” but he thought prospect of posing for some art students might even be fun in addition to providing some money.

The ad did warn that preferences would be given to guys in good physical shape, and noted that models could select among “tiers” of semi-nudity and nudity to track their particular comfort level or preference.

None of that fazed Seth. Having swum for his high school swim team, he was practiced in parading around in a tiny racing speedo before both crowds of people and his swim team friends. He had never been embarrassed to show his any part of his body. In fact, he was an exhibitionist and got off on showing all or nearly all.

Indeed, one of the things he liked best about high school swim practice was “working out” with Rafael afterwards. Rafael was hot Hispanic swim teammate who Seth played with in the showers after swim practice when no one else was around. It was just jerking off and some oral now and then, but there was something about the risk of being caught combined with being extra horny after vigorous hours of swimming that Seth found irresistibly hot. It didn’t hurt that Rafael was really cute, in perfect shape and, on top of that, a nice guy. He was shorter than Seth, about 5-foot-9, but similarly lean and muscular. He had jet black hair, and an olive complexion that contrasted nicely with Seth’s alabaster complexion. Rafael naturally had almost no body hair, which for swimmers was a plus. Seth and Rafael hung out a bit apart from swim practice, but their “relationship” was mostly messing around in the showers after practice. Rafael’s uncircumcised cock was also the first one Seth encountered up close. Seth loved playing with it and seeing how far he could get Rafael to shoot. Rafael often shot a few feet. Seth loved holding him as he shot and feeling his muscles tense as his cock exploded.

One time after swim practice they snuck into the adjacent part of the school gym where the wrestlers held matches, singleted up, and wrestled with the understanding that the looser would be bound with rope in the locker room until at least one other guy saw him that way. Seth got hard instantly when envisioning being tied and immobilized, but he vowed to defeat Rafael so Seth could tie him up. Seth wanted to torment Rafael afterward about his humiliating loss and subsequent bound exposure. Even though they had seen each other in speedos (and nude) countless times, there was something about them both in bulge-revealing wrestling singlets for this clandestine match that made them horny and hard.

They both gave all they had. Though Seth was heavier and bigger than Rafael, Rafael displayed hidden strength that belied his relative small size. He quickly pinned Seth in a hold that ended their unofficial match. Seth suspected Rafael had had some undisclosed wresting experience. Seth had none. He found wrestling Rafael, with their hard and horny bodies pressed together, really hot. He didn’t want it to end. After winning, Rafael slapped both Seth’s ass and his singletted cock and barked that now he’d collect his reward. He liberated rope from his back pack.

Rafael also seemed to have some undisclosed experience tying up guys. He was too knowledgeable about knots, pressure points and using just a little rope to immobilize a guy completely. He ordered Seth to stand next to a metal-grated wall in the locker room with his feet apart as far as he could and his hands apart and over his head. Basically standing spread eagle. He tied Seth wrists and ankles individually and then wrapped a triple looping of the medium gage rope around the each of his thighs just below his ball sack. Seth was hard and leaking precum, which showed prominently as a wet spot through his red lycra singlet. Rafael also gagged Seth by stuffing some jocks in his mouth. He duct-taped them in place. Seth could only make muffled sounds.

They didn’t need to wait long for another guy to saunter in. A guy in soccer gear that neither of them recognized spotted Seth all tied up. He walked up to Seth and teasingly noted he was in quite a predicament. Rafael seconded that observation and solicited the soccer dude for suggestions. The soccer dude said that since he was already soiling his singlet with precum, why not finish the job to see how big a cum stain Seth could make? Rafael laughed and agreed that was a fine plan. Indeed he offered to get Seth off to stain that singlet even more. Unknown to the soccer dude, Rafael had jerked of Seth innumerable times before and knew how to get him off with peak intensity. And he did just that, with Seth’s cock hard beneath his red singlet. As Seth moaned in pleasure and fear of getting in trouble, his red singlet soon sported a prominent cum stain. Rafael and the soccer dude laughed again and left Seth like that, spent and soiled for another 10 minutes or so. Sadly, no one else saw Seth tied up and cum-stained. Seth had never been tied up like that before, and especially loved being exposed publically. He wanted more.

Seth and Rafael had some good times, but lost touch after high school.

After high school Seth started working with weights more seriously, and developed more pronounced muscles and a six pack that many girls and some guys seemed to appreciate. Indeed, by his fourth year of college, though he had maintained his narrow 29-inch waist, he added an extra 35 pounds on his 6-foot-1 frame. He was, by anyone’s objective standards, a “strapping young man.”

Though he naturally had chestnut brown hair, all of his time in a chlorinated pool had bleached his hair so that it almost looked blond in some light. Also due to the chlorine, his hair had what looked like “highlights.” His friend Beth once told him that women pay colorists hundreds of dollars to get “highlights” that look like that. But Seth “paid” for them in another way – hundreds of laps in the pool, day after day. Though he’d given up competitive swimming by college, and now spent more time lifting weights, he still swam regularly and could smoke many of college team swimmers. He ran into the swim team now and then. They tried to recruit him. But he only had so much free time and preferred to spend that doing something to make some money.

The “live art” opportunity seemed perfect. The job(s) would presumably be on or near the campus, and the pay would be, for him, substantial. All he’d have to do is stand still – and they’d pay him for this! He had no problem with nudity, and though he rarely admitted this to anyone, he liked having people, especially guys, look at his body. He was pretty much sold without knowing more. But there was much more to find out. Though the ad was posted outside a college classroom, the ad didn’t say where the art classes would be held or that they were being offered by the college. The ad offered no explanation for seeking only guys. Seth admittedly knew nothing about “live art” sketching. But he didn’t understand why women would be in demand less than guys. Most critically for Seth, the ad didn’t explain how the “tiers” might affect the surprisingly large promised pay. That was the only thing that gave Seth some pause. Seth nevertheless felt reassured by his assumption that the college wouldn’t allow an on-campus posting for a student job if it were some sort of scam. After all, this was a top-tier school attended by children of Important People. He’d run into few of them. Sons of senators, daughters of ambassadors, that type of thing.

The ad asked interested guys to respond with basic stats like height, weight, age and to include recent body shots to an email address “ModelMaster.” The ad included no telephone number, website or physical address. Some of this seemed kind of sketchy. Seth had no prior experience posing for art classes, but luckily the ad said no prior experience was required. However, Seth had done some work with photographers. In high school he and his swim teammates created a rather chaste and age-appropriate “beefcake” type calendar to raise money for swim meet travel. A professional photographer volunteered his time and worked with the young swimmers to put the whole thing together. Seth was “September.” Rafael was “August.” Seth suspected that the photographer intuited some type of relationship between them, and for that reason, put their “months” back to back. Rafael used to joke that it was natural that he “topped” Seth in the calendar.

Seth had more recent shots taken last winter on Spring Break in Florida by a local photographer who “discovered” Seth on the beach. Seth posed for a few shots in his speedo. No biggie. In exchange for doing this, Seth got copies of those pics and dinner for him and 3 of his friends. He hoped these shots, cheesy though some were, would be enough to spark interest and lock down this job. The ad hinted that repeat work might be offered.

Seth responded to the email with all the requested information and a few pictures. Given the ad’s discussion of nudity, Seth suspected typical fraternity “bros” may have responded to it unprofessionally, or salaciously. Seth tried to distinguish himself from that by responding politely and respectfully. He email the “ModelMaster” after dinner in the middle of the week, and expected a response perhaps some time the next day or later that week.

Surprisingly, a response came back almost immediately. That stuck Seth as odd, and maybe worrisome. Had so few guys responded to the ad that Seth’s response was that prominent? If that were true, why had so few responded? What had Seth missed? He convinced himself he was overthinking this. He was just lucky. That was the most logically explanation. As his engineering professors had taught him, almost all things could be taken apart and explained. Seth was in great shape (as his pictures showed) and his polite and respectfully enthusiastic email may have stood out. That made sense. But he had no illusions of having a career doing this. He would be an engineer. This was a goof, and whatever cash came his way was a windfall.

The email response was blunt and terse. It thanked Seth for responding and directed him to show up at nearby off-campus address the next day at 5:00 pm. The response was signed by “Creighton,” but included neither a last name nor a phone number. Seth was free then. His classes ended by 2:00 pm the next day, but how could Creighton have known that or reasonably expected that this date and time would be acceptable with nearly no notice at all? This was additionally odd and worrisome. Seth was losing confidence this would pan out. Nevertheless, he was weirdly attracted to figuring out what was going on here. A little mystery was exciting. He would go. But he would expect nothing. Keeping expectations low had always served him well a disappointment minimization strategy. He emailed Creighton and promised to be there. Seth thanked him for the opportunity and repeated how much he was looking forward to working with him and included several other polite, suck-uppy comments. Was Seth’s reply too obsequious? Seth reran the sequence of communications over and over. He couldn’t suppress his cogitation. But he was all in.

Though just 22, Seth had already learned that doing things half-way seldom worked best. Go in all the way, or not at all. So Seth would hit the gym immediately before meeting this guy to be extra pumped, and would wear a revealing tank top and form-fitting shorts. Fortuitously, he had recently gotten a haircut. He would augment that with some styling gel. He would gladly play the role he thought Creighton wanted. But Seth kept his expectations low. If he walked away with nothing after 5 minutes, he would still be just fine with that.

Though his classes the next morning demanded full attention, he found it hard to concentrate. He was looking forward to meeting Creighton and grateful for the chance to show off his well-built body. Seth got off on the idea of posing nude, though he decided to keep that thought to himself. He powered through his usual 1.5 hour routine at the gym to pump himself up both physically and mentally. He selected a particular racing back tank top that accentuated his swim-broadened shoulders, but still clung to his abs so the outline of his six-pack would show. He wore a jock instead of underwear to push his package out beneath his tight, compression workout pants. He wore a hoody over the tank. It was bright and sunny, but wearing just a tank in the cool fall weather might look strange – and he’d be cold.

Though only about 3/4 of a mile from the main campus, the off-campus address Seth was commanded to visit was in an area considered a little rough. Even so, Seth knew several students lived nearby and he felt comfortable enough going there. Real estate agents might call it a “colorfully vibrant and developing neighborhood.” Seth’s father would call it a slum. The address was an old, non-distinguished row house of the type that housed many students who lived off-campus. The email had directed him to the basement of that row house, in an office or apartment label “B-2.” Though it was a beautiful and sunny fall day, no one seemed to be around.

Seth walked fast and arrived on time – actually 6 minutes early. Seth was habitually early because he always allotted extra time for unforeseen travel delays, even when “travel” was just walking across the campus. He decided to ring the buzzer at 4:54 rather than just hang out. Maybe that would helpfully show enthusiasm and interest. No answer. Seth wasn’t wholly surprised and had steeled himself for just this outcome. Seth subliminally complimented himself for keeping his expectations low now that this appeared to be a bust. Nevertheless, he waited a few minutes and pushed the buzzer again, this time exactly at 5:00. To Seth’s surprise, now Creighton answered, buzzed him in, and told Seth to the building, descend to the basement and look for “B-2” at the end of the hall on the right. Seth took off his hoodie and got a little hard just at the prospect that this was about to happen.

The basement hallway was poorly lit and a little creepy – almost dungeon-like. In the hall leading to B-2, there seemed to be a sea of thick cables and electronics lining the far wall. A complex series of large tortuous pipes also lined the adjacent wall. But he really couldn’t be sure what they were. His eyes were still adjusting from the late afternoon sunlight outside.

B-2 had no bell or buzzer, so he knocked, resolutely but briefly. Creighton opened the door and welcomed Seth in. Creighton was probably in his mid to late forties, but his tight mauve t-shirt easily revealed him to be in better shape than most guys half his age. He had expensive-looking sunglasses tucked into the neck of his T. He was about the same height as Seth, but beefier and with salt and pepper hair and beard. He could easily be one of the “hot dads” on the TV show Riverdale. He wore stylishly-distressed jeans and fancy cowboy-type boots that looked – at least to Seth – like they cost more than what many make in a week. But what Seth noticed before anything else was the tightness of Creighton’s jeans around his crotch. The outline of what appeared to be is abnormally large cock was plainly prominent. Seth tried not to stare, and worried that Creighton might have caught him doing it anyway.

The room was almost entirely bare, with just a bridge table and two folding chairs – indicative Seth immediately thought – of the sham he had half expected this whole thing was. It was brightly lit, almost harshly so. Nevertheless, Creighton seemed guardedly genuine and gracious – and hot! He said this space was being renovated and apologized for its sparseness. Creighton further explained that he was basically a broker that booked models for live art classes mostly at the college, but elsewhere too. He needed to meet guys in person before sending them out for a job for the first time to insure that they knew what was expected and would be a fit for this type of work. Not everyone was. Creighton complimented Seth’s photos and said he thought he might have potential for this job. But he warned that some say they’re comfortable posing nude – or mostly nude – but flake out when the time comes. Creighton needed to avoid that. In addition, successful live art models have to maintain the same position long enough for drawing students to sketch them properly, which could be for anywhere from 3 minutes to as long as 40 minutes per pose. During that time, the live art model would need to remain as still as possible, continuously. Care would be taken when selecting poses for longer durations, like 20-40 minutes, but a model is also expected to be able to come up with a variety of interesting poses for shorter time periods, and do so without direction from others. Creighton asked Seth whether he thought any of that might be an issue.

Too much of Seth’s concentration was being devoted to trying to avoid staring at Creighton’s cock-outlined jeans. Seth honestly didn’t know if he could do these things since he’d never done anything like this before. So Seth lied, and too quickly said he was certain none of this would be a problem. Immediately after those words came out of his mouth, Seth worried that he was overselling. Creighton then asked what Seth’s preference and comfort level was regarding nudity. Creighton offered the option of posing with a thong and said about a third of the guys he worked with chose to do that to avoid any need to expose their genitals. Creighton did caution that bathing suits, even speedos like those in Seth’s photos, weren’t allowed. Ass cheeks had to be fully exposed since that part of the male anatomy was important for sketching students to see and draw so they can learn how the musculature of the lower back, butt and the upper legs fit together.

Creighton further explained that posing with a thong was considered “tier 1,” and that the top pay listed in the ad wasn’t available for that. Here it is, thought Seth, the sham is about to be revealed. Creighton said “tier 2” was posing completely nude and would garner half of the quoted fee in the ad. Hmm, Seth thought that was a little bait-and-switchy, but given how ridiculously high that figure was, half of that was still great, and more than acceptable to Seth. Seth considered trying to bargain for more, but he always sucked at haggling about money, especially when trying to sell himself. This was probably at least part of the reason he always seem to need more money. Seth told Creighton, again probably too quickly (bad haggler that he was), that he’d have no problem with full nudity. Given his swimming background, he told Creighton he was used to being nearly nude before literally thousands of people. Creighton cautioned that this was different, but that Seth’s swimming background could still be a plus. Creighton didn’t say why, and to avoid any appearance of impertinence, Seth didn’t ask. Though only speaking for a few minutes, Creighton and Seth already seemed to fall into an implicit “don’t ask, don’t tell” pattern. Seth did want to ask why Creighton was looking only for guys, but he didn’t ask that either, and Creighton didn’t tell him.

Creighton then asked Seth if would be OK with short posing practice session now. Creighton said there would be no pictures taken and it was merely to gauge Seth’s comfort with, and ability to come up with, and hold, suitable nude poses for the required amounts of time. Seth sensed negligible danger in this, and quickly agreed, again perhaps too quickly. Seth began taking off his tank top before he finished responding.

But now it was Creighton who lied. There were numerous cameras embedded in the walls of B-2 secreted to shoot nude shots of young muscular guys as they posed in various positions. But those pictures weren’t meant for the internet or some private porn stash. They were business.

Seth quickly finished disrobing and then stood nude on a square marked in tape on the floor as Creighton instructed. Creighton examined him slowly and carefully, and said his photos didn’t do him justice, and that he thought he could get him work. He smirked when he noticed that Seth was semi-hard, but their unspoken “don’t ask, don’t tell” understanding left that topic unaddressed. Creighton called Seth’s attention to a clock on the wall facing him and asked him to choose 3 different interesting poses and hold each of them for 3 minutes, one after another. Easy-peasly thought Seth. Basically just like posing for a photographer – which he’d done – but holding the poses longer.

For his first pose he shifted his weight to his left foot and moved that forward about a half a stride, twisted his torso to the right (a trick he’d done before to emphasize his six-pack) and put his hands over head behind his neck to accentuate his V-shaped back, and then pointed his head up, like he was looking at the sky. Creighton thought he looked like an underwear model without the underwear. And Seth would sell.

Holding that for 3 minutes was harder than Seth anticipated. He slowly assumed his next pose, which he purposely chose to be easier and more casual: with his arms down, twisted a quarter turn left with his legs parallel to one another, looking straight ahead. Three minutes went by seemingly more quickly. For the third one, he wanted something more dramatic to seal the deal. Seth pulled legs apart and put both hands in the air and assumed a standing spread eagle pose with his head tilted down to the left. That one was harder to maintain for the three minutes, but Seth thought he pulled it off. He also tried to make the transitions between the poses seamless and gradual.

As Seth assumed each of the three poses, Creighton looked at him intently and occasionally walked around him to view him at various angles. Neither spoke for those nine minutes. Creighton thanked him for presenting himself so freely and enthusiastically and told him to get dressed. Creighton also said he could sense that Seth would be easy to work with and would be appreciated by the live art classes. While Seth had done well enough to proceed, Creighton suggested he might try and keep the poses simpler and more natural. Also, he said Seth didn’t need to “morph” from one pose to the next gradually or seamlessly since the sketching students would only be interested in static, still poses. How he transitioned from one to the next wasn’t important. Almost as an afterthought, Creighton did add, sarcastically, that he nevertheless did enjoy Seth’s performance. As he said this, he subtlety brushed his hand against his tight-jean-encased seemingly ample cock. Seth wasn’t sure how to read that movement. Maybe it meant nothing, and he was just lowering his arm. Being a good-looking and strongly-built young guy, he had plenty of experience with guys coming onto him, but this seemed ambiguous. He tried not to overthink it. So what if he thought Seth was hot. Seth thought Creighton was hot too. Seth would keep everything professional. He wanted the job – and of course more importantly, wanted the money from the job.

Creighton thanked him for coming for the interview and said he expected to have an upcoming art class suitable for Seth soon. Seth was slightly deflated by the lack of specificity regarding when “soon” would be, or what Creighton considered “suitable.” But Seth tried to suppress any apparent disappointment. He worked to maintain his assiduous disposition. He said he’d have lots of time coming up and would be up for this whenever his classes permitted. He gave Creighton his class schedule so Creighton could choose assignments for Seth that would fit around his classes. Creighton shook his hand firmly, smiled courteously, and let him out the door. By the time he left, it was already getting dark. The normal caution Seth would maintain while navigating a tougher neighborhood after dark was overwhelmed by the excitement he had about the prospect of this new job.

Seth hoped he’d hear from Creighton in a week or so, perhaps. He estimated the odds of never hearing from him at about 50%. Even if he never heard from Creighton again, Seth hadn’t lost much, maybe an hour of his time. No great loss. But as with Creighton’s surprisingly-prompt initial email response, now he again responded with unexpected speed. The very next day after Seth’s interview Creighton emailed Seth with an offer to pose for an art class just off campus run by a local art teacher affiliated with the college. The rate would be the quoted figure, as they discussed, half that listed in the ad for this “tier 2” assignment. Seth would need to sign some papers before his first job and present proof of age. Creighton sent the address, professor’s name, class description and asked Seth to confirm or not within one hour. That seemed overly abrupt to Seth, but he imagined Creighton might need to confirm with the art teacher by that evening for the next day. Maybe another guy had just canceled. Who knows? Either way, Seth was thankful for the job excited to begin this new assignment. He hoped it would lead to some steady part-time income. The proposed afternoon live art drawing class fit well with Seth’s own class schedule, as Creighton had promised.

As instructed, Seth confirmed his availability for the job, and asked if he need to bring or do anything in advance. Creighton told him no preparation was needed but that he should to bring a robe to wear during breaks. The class would run for an hour and half, with several breaks. Seth thanked for the opportunity and promised to do a good job.

The address of the class was in the same sketchy neighborhood as Creighton’s office, but easy enough to find. Unlike prior to his interview with Creighton, prior to heading out for this job, Seth didn’t put too much effort into planning what to wear. He figured that no one would care about that since he’d be nude almost the entire time. He did bring a suitable robe as instructed.

He met the instructor outside the row house address. He was a non-descript looking guy probably about 55 or so. He was pleasant enough and explained that the drawing class had about a dozen students and the class was a beginner level one open to anyone in the community. Seth asked how it was affiliated with the college. The instructor seemed confused and said other than having a physical location near the college, it really had nothing to do with the school at all. Seth thought that was odd, but not all that troubling. He was too excited to worry about that. Seth asked what papers he need to sign and presented his ID/proof of age. The instructor said Creighton had already taken care of all of that. Seth became a little concerned by that inconsistency, but dismissed this as bookkeeping details to be sorted out later.

The instructor introduced Seth to the class and thanked him for participating. The class had about a dozen people, but somewhat strangely, all guys. The instructor had set out both a chair and a stool to help create a variety of positions. He said Seth wouldn’t need to keep track of time, but would be told when to change positions and how long each pose would be. The instructor knew Seth had no experience doing this. He would keep that in mind and be more fulsome in providing guidance and limit the duration of any one pose to 4 minutes. He asked Seth to get undress and put on his robe whenever he was ready.

Seth quickly did that, and after a short discussion to the class about their drawing assignment today’s class, he asked Seth to disrobe and take his place on the stool in the center of the room surrounded by the students behind their easels. Seth did this effortlessly. He ran through a series of poses, timed by the instructor, and took a short break. Seth did this repeatedly for the 1.5 hours of the class, but switched it up between the chair, the stool, and free standing poses, as the instructor suggested. The instructor was kind and helpful. Everything went fine.

After the class was over, he chatted with a few of the students who permitted Seth to see their sketches. Seth had never seen himself portrayed through the eyes of a guy drawing him. He thought some might have overemphasized certain features. Maybe they were new to this too. He wasn’t sure his butt was quite as round and perky as shown by some or that his leg muscles were as defined as shown by others. One guy put an enormous amount of detail into drawing Seth’s cock. Much more than in any other part. Seth wasn’t offended. He was flattered. It was unqualifiedly interesting and fun. He liked being displayed and objectified. The instructor thanked him and said he’d be happy to use him again for other classes and would tell that to Creighton as well. The instructor paid him in cash.

Everything seemed to be falling into place. Why had he worried this wouldn’t pan out or that it was some sort of scam? Some confusion remained about the forms, lack of college affiliation of this first drawing class, payment in cash, but Seth was OK with that for now. After Seth got home that evening, Creighton emailed him to ask how it went. Creighton also told Seth he’d like him to return to his office the next day to discuss further opportunities. Seth responded immediately that it went fine and they seemed to like him. He added he’d be happy return to discuss further opportunities and thanked him for his consideration. Seth wasn’t quite sure why this needed to be discussed in person. But Creighton had done right by him so far, so he wouldn’t press the issue. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” had worked for them, so Seth wouldn’t mess with that now.

The next day Seth returned to Creighton’s office. This time Seth made sure not to buzz prematurely. Creighton welcomed him back to B-2. The hallway leading to it was just as dark as before, with the same bundles of thick power cables and a convoluted piping system barely visible, but this time he also heard what seemed like pressurized fluid coursing through those pipes. Seth didn’t question Creighton about any of this.

This time it was Creighton who wore a tank top. Unlike last time, Seth hadn’t worn anything specifically for this meeting. Creighton was powerfully built, with a pronounced chest thoroughly covered with thick, dark hair. Seth suspected that given the generously hairy arms he had seen when they first met, but his tank top really showed it all off. This time he was wearing tight leather pants, however, that appeared to have a movable codpiece stuffed with his large cock and balls. Seth admired his prominent bulge and smiled lasciviously. Creighton seemed to pick up on this immediately and commented that he suspected Seth wouldn’t be offended by his attire. Seth laughed, and playfully suggested maybe Creighton should be posing as well.

But then Creighton’s demeanor abruptly hardened and he told Seth only he was the model and that Creighton was the Master, not the other way around. Seth profusely apologized and hoped that wouldn’t color their further discussion about additional opportunities. Creighton accepted Seth’s apology but warned Seth that if he were to proceed with the opportunities he was about to discuss, Seth would need to be more circumspect, deferential and passive. Seth assured Creighton he would be.

Creighton then asked Seth if he would be interested in more ambitious assignments. Those would require moving into either “tier 3” or “tier 4.” Tier 4 would pay the full amount listed in the ad. Tier 3 would yield 75% of that. Seth had no idea what Creighton was talking about, but double the ample pay he’d already gotten sounded great. Creighton’s discussion of additional tiers – something he’d never raised before – did trigger Seth’s bullshit detector. Why was this coming up only now?

Seemingly anticipating that question, Creighton explained that tiers 3 and 4 weren’t for everyone, and offered only to guys who Creighton thought could handle them. Creighton said that his impression of Seth, plus his glowing review from the first session instructor, convinced him that Seth could be a worthy candidate for the higher-tiered work. Did he want to hear more?

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