Todd’s Transformation: Chapter 03 – The Routine

By Cowjam40

Todd faces a harsh, disciplined routine, designed to make him more compliant. Now Dan has a real struggle on his hands.

This story is fiction. It is total fantasy. There will be themes including: intergenerational relationships, male-only sex acts, BDSM, corporal punishment, confinement, and mental manipulation, among others.

Since it’s my first ever erotic story, I’d love to hear from you if you love it, hate it, or have any feedback:


“Hey, sleeping beauty.” Dan playfully kicked the bed. Todd jerked from his sleep and rubbed his eyes – in front of him Dan was performing leg stretches in a running singlet and sprinter shorts. He bounced around – Todd thought he was too energetic. “I’m off for a run. Sort your kit – there’ll be an inspection when I’m back.”

Todd had a slow start to the day. In the shower, he heard Dan returning from his run, and join him in the bathroom. “You not finished, lad?”

”Not yet boss.” Todd said sheepishly.

Dan was breathless, his body glistening with sweat. “Well lad, it’s now my turn.” He stripped off his running kit and entered the shower. Dan was so confident about his body, he hid nothing, everything was on show. It was the first time Todd had been able to glance at his cock and balls – he couldn’t resist comparing.

Dan brushed past Todd and rubbed himself vigorously under the hot stream of water. “Your kit’s on the bed. Get yourself ready, lad.”

Dan had laid out brown bib overalls in Todd’s bedroom, along with t-shirt, socks, and boots. There were also white Y-Fronts – they were a surprise, not least for his balls, he normally wore boxers.

A short while later Dan appeared rubbing a towel roughly across his head, dressed in grey faded combats and navy fleece. “Right lad, ready for your inspection?”

“Yeah boss.” He didn’t sound convincing.

“Really? Let’s take a look.” The kit was laid out in a bookcase – so everything was on display, everything could be inspected. This wasn’t just about Todd’s pride in his gear, it was a signal of Todd’s pride in himself. Dan examined everything, he was meticulous.

It wasn’t particularly neat or tidy. He patiently listed the faults, but his voice sounded increasingly irritated. Todd was missing the message, he was only hearing the tone, he felt like a schoolboy being scolded.

Dan prepared a hot breakfast, it wasn’t a great result and didn’t improve their mood. Then to the workshop – a large garage next to the cottage. There were tools lining the walls, shelves with storage bins and jars, benches with electric saws, drills, sanders. Everything had a place, and that place had been carefully selected by Dan.

There was a plan: get Todd into a routine; give him a new focus; a healthy work ethic; use discipline to improve performance; and set boundaries. That was the theory. But his apprentice was defensive, stroppy, and lacked motivation.

“So this is where it all happens. We make doors, windows, staircases, fitted furniture, things like that. We install on site too.”

He started with a safety briefing – don’t touch this and keep away from that – and discussion about the course, assessments, and expectations. Then types of tools, materials, and finishes. Todd nodded throughout, said he understood, but he didn’t – it was obvious when Dan tested his knowledge.

“This is basic stuff, lad.” He was annoyed at just how little he’d taken on board. “Am I wasting my time with you?”

MAYBE. YOU. FUCKING. ARE. Todd scowled.

He went through all of Todd’s defects that day. “If you can’t get your act together, then what’s the point?”

YEAH. WHAT. IS. THE. FUCKING. POINT. He was still silent, but quietly fuming.

“Well? Nothing to say for yourself?”

“WHAT’S THE FUCKING POINT?” Todd’s face contorted, he was visibly shaking, “FUCK THIS. I CAN’T DO IT. I DON’T KNOW FUCK. I CAN’T DO FUCK.” He turned and headed for the door.

“DON’T YOU DARE FUCKING LEAVE!” Dan’s voice boomed across the workshop. Todd had never heard him swear. “YOU. COME. BACK. HERE. NOW!”

Todd turned to face Dan, he was trembling, tears poured down his face. “I can’t do it. I don’t know what I’m doing.” He said feebly.

“All right, lad.” He said softly. “Come here.”

Todd didn’t move. His head was bowed and slowly swaying. He pressed his thumbs into the corners of his closed eyes.

Dan slowly stepped forward, faced Todd, and put hands on both shoulders. “Look at me.” Dan gave him a gentle shake. “Look. At. Me.”

Todd sniffed and slowly lifted his head. Their eyes connected briefly, but Todd was too embarrassed.

“You will screw up sometimes. You’re new to this. If you don’t understand, that’s my fault not yours. I just need you to be honest and try your best.” He spoke sternly at first, then more gently. “I’m not giving up on you. And I don’t expect you to either.”

“Come here, lad.” He lunged forward and threw his arms around him, squeezing tightly. His voice was comforting, so was his touch. Todd responded by folding his arms around Dan – he could feel his beard brush his neck.

As their bodies pressed together Dan felt Todd’s hard-on. Was this just a horny lad? Or was this lad horny for him? The thought made his own cock stir.

Todd took a step back, his face red and flustered. The tears returned. He’d made a scene, looked ridiculous, and lost Dan’s respect. “I’m sorry.”

Dan would have to somehow rebuild his confidence and esteem. “We will get through this together. We’ll make a joiner out of you yet.” Dan reached his hand behind Todd’s neck and gently squeezed. “Ok?”

He nodded.

“Lad, I want you to listen up. I understand you’re struggling. But you also need to take responsibility. Be honest and say when things don’t make sense.” His tone changed. “I won’t tolerate hysterics and temper tantrums. You cannot behave like that.”

Todd wiped his sleeves across his eyes to dry them and gave another nod.

“So now you need discipline. You know the score.” Dan went to a drawer and returned with black leather restraints. “Hold your wrists out towards me.” He buckled them around each wrist and tried rotating, they didn’t budge, they were a tight fit.

“Stand here.” Dan pointed to a spot in the centre of the workshop. He went over to a metal chain in the corner and began pulling. Above Todd, a hook slowly lowered from a hoist. “Arms above your head.” Dan lifted the restraints onto the hook and manipulated the chain to stretch Todd’s arms tight. His toes were barely touching the ground. Then Dan turned to his overalls – unclasping the braces, he pulled the material down to his ankles, leaving him in nothing but a t-shirt and Y-Fronts.

“So you failed my inspection, lost focus during my briefing, and got into a strop when you didn’t understand.” Dan’s face looked like thunder. “But worst of all, when it got too tough, you planned to pack it all in.” He pointed at Todd with a wooden paddle. “You will NEVER do that again.”

The paddle was one solid piece of varnished wood – about the length of a chopping board and half the width – with a handle at one end and five large holes drilled through the centre. The edges had been smoothed and it had carved grooves in the handle for grip.

Dan got in position behind Todd – who had no idea what was coming.

“Count them out.” He said sternly. “I’ll decide if you’ve had enough.”


The cold paddle gently patted Todd’s arse as Dan lined up his aim. It disappeared briefly, before striking him firmly on both cheeks. Todd winced as his body lurched forward with the force. “One.”

The second was more intense. “Two.” His boots scraped across the floor as his body swung forward. “Three.” Each stroke created a surge of pain. “Four.” The heat in his arse gradually increased. “Five.” The pace of strokes also increased. “Six.” And he had little time to recover. “Seven.” His replies were shaky now. “Eight.” His voice trembling. “Ni… Nine.” Dan increased the intensity. “TEN.” Another burning rush of heat. “ELEVEN!” A longer pause, as the paddle swung further even back. “AHH! TWELVE!”

Dan appeared in front of Todd, folded his arms with the paddle still visible, and scanned his reaction. “Intense isn’t it?”

“Yes, boss.” Todd’s breathing was heavily, his face red and sweaty.

“We’re not done, lad.” He then reached forward and pulled Todd’s Y-Fronts down to his ankles. “Twelve more.”

There was a pained expression on Todd.

“This next one is thirteen.”

The paddle hit with the same force as the last strike. “THIRTEEN!” The pitch of Todd’s voice matched the intensity. “FOURTEEN! FFF…FIFTEEN!… SIXTEEN!” Dan didn’t let up, and the pace quickened for the last few, he was unforgiving. Then a long pause.

“I’m looking for honesty, integrity, and commitment from you. No giving up when things get too hard.”

“Yeah, boss.” Todd was still getting his breath back. “I’ll will try.” And he meant it. Being restrained, exposed, and forced to submit to Dan had affected his mindset.

Dan lowered the hook on the hoist, only slightly, so Todd’s feet were flat on the ground. His face was still red and sweaty, his arse burned from the paddling, and arms ached from being stretched. “I’ll get these restraints off you.” Dan reached up to loosen the buckles, but he struggled, they were fiddly.

Todd felt Dan’s rough overalls brush against his legs and cock. Dan’s breath stirred the hairs on his neck, his beard tickled his face, and he gave off a faintly musky smell. He didn’t know why he was so aroused.

Dan could feel Todd’s exposed hard-on pressing against him. He’d noticed Todd study his body, submit to him, and now respond to his touch. Dan’s cock stirred too – but didn’t know how to react. He lifted Todd’s Y-Fronts – restraining his hard cock in the white cotton material – then reassembled his overalls and released his restraints.

“One last thing before we continue.” He placed the paddle into a pocket in Todd’s overalls. “From now on, you will carry this with you. It will be a reminder about actions, consequences and discipline. And I mean regular discipline. Because I will use that tool to enforce your improvement.”

“Ok, boss.” He did want to become more obedient and respectful. And the discipline? Maybe it was how he’d achieve that.

They stopped for a brief lunch, and a badly made sandwich. Standing outside the cottage in the sun, Todd looked across the valley into a field of sheep and man walking with a dog. They were heading towards a cottage at the top of the hill opposite them.

“Who’s that?”

“Dylan, our neighbour. Amazing guy. Lived in that place all his life. We’ll go see him tomorrow. I need to deliver some fire wood.” It made Todd think about the people living in these hills and valleys, and what kept them here.

The afternoon was more relaxed. Dan gave a guide on household chores – using the washing machine, keeping the range lit, how to clean the cottage. He kept it simple and Todd seemed to respond.

After dinner, they sat in the lounge on the sofa sipping tea. And when the temperature fell Dan lit the fire.

“You know, you can ask me anything. I don’t keep secrets.” That was genuinely how Dan operated.

Todd was surprised. “I dunno what to ask.”

“Well in that case, what if I ask you stuff?”

“Yeah, go for it. Anything.”


“I trust you.”

Dan swallowed nervously. “Ok, that’s good to know.”

Dan was careful with his questions, but in truth Todd gave him everything. He told him about his mum – a single parent – and her drink problem; his struggles in children’s homes; his battle to fit in; the older boys who got him into shoplifting, then robbing houses; and his time inside.

Dan knew some of it already. But it was still depressing to hear. It was also unemotional, like hearing a summary from Todd’s probation report. So he went deeper.

“What about girls?”

“What about them?”

“Did you have any? I mean ones you liked.” Dan smiled. It didn’t get any reaction.

“They all wanted something from me.” Todd leaned back into the sofa, slowly rolled his head towards Dan and stared at him. There was deep resentment. “It was normally money, or they wanted clothes, or buy them fish and chips. Then they’d let me screw them. It was never about me.”

Dan sunk his head back and stared at the fire. “There’s a difference between what we want, and what we need. People confuse the two.” He continued to elaborate for a few minutes, he was interrupted by Todd’s head slowly flopping onto his shoulder. He was fast asleep.

“Hey, lad.” Dan got no response. He stared at the outline of his eyes, nose, lips. There was a simple beauty to Todd. Dan put his hand gently against his face and Todd began to stir. “You ok? You drifted off.”

Todd half opened his eyes and realised where he was. He was so comfortable beside the fire, close to Dan – he shifted his head to rest on his chest. Dan responded by wrapping an arm around Todd, pulling him closer. It was intimate and arousing – for both of them. Dan reminded himself of his responsibilities – as a teacher, a mentor. This lad needed guidance, needed to learn new skills, needed a better future. He had a rethink.

“OK, you’re knackered. Time for bed.”

They made their way upstairs, prepared for bed, then Dan stood at Todd’s doorway waiting for him to get between the sheets. “If you need anything just ask.” Then he turned out the light.

Todd closed his eyes and thought about his day. He remembered those intimate moments – when Dan had been there for him, and how that had made him feel. He wanted more. He imagined how he could get more.

He got out of bed, still naked, walked across to Dan’s door and softly knocked.

“Come in.”

Todd entered the room. Dan smiled at him. “Come and join me.” His beautiful masculine body was sprawled naked on the bed, he patted the mattress.

Todd made his way slowly towards him and slid onto the bed.

“That’s it lad, don’t be shy.” Todd fell into Dan’s outstretched arms. He lowered Todd’s head onto his hairy chest and held him tightly. A warm surge flowed through Todd, it was overwhelming. The intensity increased. His breathing was shallow and his body was shaking.


Todd jerked his head up. Light streamed through Todd’s window, stinging his eyes. Dan was stood in front of him wearing his running singlet and shorts.


“Get up. You’re going to be late.”

Todd looked confused. As his senses began to return, he reflected on his horny dream. It was damn horny. Too horny. He was still hard and had cum in his sleep.

“Come on, lad. Out of bed.” He pulled on the sheets.

This was going to be embarrassing.

To be continued…

The next chapter: Todd’s Transformation: Chapter 4 – The Other Apprentice

Todd has a new focus – and it’s Dan. But there are also others in Dan’s life.

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  1. Great story. It reminds me of a Tagame story but this one is more colorful, with a great mix of my kinks: bondage, sm, uniforms, first time… I can´t wait for the next chapter !

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