Todd’s Transformation: Chapter 04 – The Other Apprentice

By Cowjam40

Todd has a new focus – and it’s Dan. But there are also others in Dan’s life.

This story is fiction. It is total fantasy. There will be themes including: intergenerational relationships, male-only sex acts, BDSM, corporal punishment, confinement, and mental manipulation, among others.

Since it’s my first ever erotic story, I’d love to hear from you if you love it, hate it, or have any feedback:


Dan slowly pulled the sheets off the bed. “You need to get up, lad.” He didn’t realise Todd’s cum stains and hard-on were about to be exposed underneath. Then there was a voice downstairs.

“Dan! You in?”

“Is that you Pat?” Dan shouted. He turned and made his way out of the bedroom. “Todd, sort yourself out, lad.”

Todd had narrowly escaped an embarrassing situation. He got changed. Downstairs Dan was drinking tea with a short, muscular man in his late twenties.

“So this is your new apprentice?” Pat said, inspecting Todd closely.

“Yep.” Dan nodded with pride.

“He’ll do.” Pat had dark curly hair, olive skin and brown eyes. There was a slight Welsh accent, from someone who’d picked up the lilt over time, and his Mediterranean features gave him a striking look.

Dan gestured with an outstretched mug in Pat’s direction. “Todd, this is Pat, a good friend of mine. A gardener, woodsman, does a bit of everything really. I promised you’d help him with a job.”

Dan spotted Todd’s gloomy response, put down his mug, and stood in front of him. “Be a good lad. Do everything Pat says.” He sharply tugged the straps to Todd’s bib overalls, giving him a sort of wedgie and squashing his ballsack.

“Alright!” Todd cried out in shock, but then smirked at Dan’s playful prank. “Got the message, boss.”

“In return, he can show you some new skills.” Dan swung around and pointed at Pat. “And you! Look after him. Break my lad, and I’ll break your legs.”

Todd got ready – he’d been told to change into his hi-viz gear, an orange polo and work cargos. Outside Pat was waiting in his flatbed truck – the back was crammed with gardening tools and kit. Todd got in and they drove off.

“How are you finding Danny boy?” Pat asked.

“Oh, ya know, he’s a decent bloke.”

“Yeah I know. I was his apprentice too once.”

That detail got Todd’s attention. Pat asked questions, but mostly the conversation flowed the other way – for the first time Todd was able to offload his thoughts and he didn’t leave much out.

Pat stopped the truck at a junction, leant forward on the wheel and turned to Todd. “You jacking off much?” Pat made a wanker sign with his hand. Todd’s smirk broadened. “It’s either that, or fucking sheep, ‘cos there’s no-one else around here for miles.”

“Fuck off.” Todd laughed and then turned away in embarrassment. Pat had worked him out, he knew what buttons to push.

“Or maybe Dan is your man?”

“Fuck off.” His response was sharper that time.

“Dan has that effect. He changes people.” He drove on. “I should know.”

Pat pulled off the road onto a country estate. They travelled deep into woodland and parked up. The job involved removing a damaged branch from a tree.

“Listen up now. No pissing about.” There was jeopardy in Pat’s voice. He pointed at the branch. “I need to get up there with a chainsaw. And you’re going to make sure I don’t slip or fall.” Pat set up a rope system and handed a safety harness to Todd, who struggled to get it on.

“I’ll give you a hand.” Pat said, steadying Todd who stumbled into the loops at the bottom of the bright yellow hi-viz harness. Pat fastened the straps and Todd felt pressure on his groin and shoulders.

“It’s fucking tight,” Todd complained. Every part of his torso was being squeezed. “Are you trying to suffocate me?”

“Yep.” Pat finished rigging up. “Hold this and don’t let it get slack.” He handed him a rope which pulled on Pat’s harness, then scaled the trunk. The chainsaw purred into action, sawdust flew everywhere, and the air filled with woody scent. The branch fell to the ground with a thud.

When Pat descended he was sweating and panting. He looked up to check his work.

Todd admired Pat’s confidence and his skill. “Bloody impressive.”

“Me? Or that job?” Pat smirked as he coiled up the rope. “We’re not done yet. Just hold still.” He had fun in mind.

Pat disappeared behind Todd and fed a rope through his harness. There was a violent tug and Todd was propelled backwards and pinned against a tree.

“What the fuck?”

Pat moved quickly around the trunk, binding Todd’s arms and legs, sniggering as he went. But Todd wasn’t impressed.

“For fuck’s sake, mate. Give it a rest.”

When Pat was done, Todd was virtually immobile. “So what have we here? A tree hugger?”

“Fucking hell. Come off it.” At first Todd was irritated. “Get me out of this…” But he also realised how inescapable the bondage was. Pat’s childish energy was infectious too. “Oh fuck it. You twat.” He began to relax and started laughing.

Pat leant against the tree and studied him. “What’s this then?” The paddle – which Dan always made Todd keep in his pocket – was just visible. Pat slid it out gently. “Dan is a kinky bastard, isn’t he?”

Todd turned red.

Pat slapped the paddle against his palm. “Brings back memories.” He noticed Todd’s shocked expression. “Mate, I got this too. Fuck, did I get paddled.”

He put it back in Todd’s pocket and gave him a closer inspection. “Mate, I can see why you like him.”


“I’m not fucking blind. I saw how you looked at him.” Pat exclaimed, his voice then softened. “And Dan? Well Dan gets horny too. But trust me, he doesn’t play with his apprentices.”

Todd guessed there was probably some truth there. Pat already knew so much about him – maybe more than Todd knew about himself. They had made a connection through Dan, but there was also an attraction.

“I’ve been where you are.” Pat’s hand gently cupped Todd’s groin and massaged his cock and balls. Todd didn’t resist. “Us guys need to stick together.”

Pat moved closer. Leaning in, he softly kissed Todd’s lips. As Pat moved his head away, Todd tried to lean forward, he wanted more.

Pat continued massaging his now hard cock. “You ok?”


They kissed, this time more passionately and deeply. Then Pat knelt down and brushed his nose and face against Todd’s stiff cock. Todd’s harness had the effect of stretching the crotch of his hi-viz orange trousers and showcasing his hard-on. With every touch, Todd would react with a sharper, deeper breath. He was leaking pre-cum now too. Pat unzipped Todd’s work trousers, gently released his cock and balls, and started licking them both. Todd moaned in appreciation.

Pat was mentally recording his responses – registering where he should lick or suck to get the biggest response. The salty taste of Todd’s uncut cock was exciting for Pat – a new cock, a new size, a new shape in his mouth. He began to massage the shaft with his lips, stimulating the head with his tongue – trying to maximise the contact with each stroke. Pat unzipped his own trousers, reached for his hard cock and started jerking.

Todd was in ecstasy. “Oh, Fuck. Yeah. Fuck. Don’t stop.” It was difficult to tell who was enjoying it more. “I’m gonna cum.”

Pat noticed Todd take a deep breath and then pause, his cock head was even more engorged, and his body shuddered. Streams of cum exploded into Pat’s mouth, he noted the intense salty taste before swallowing. Pat pulled away from Todd’s cock. He was out of breath and sweaty with the effort – he continued jerking his own cock and then came – his jizz making a creamy white pool at the base of the tree.

“Fuck, that was hot.” Todd said.

“You were hot.” Pat rose to his feet and kissed Todd. Their tongues met – he could still taste the saltiness in Pat’s mouth. Pat drew back. “I think I’ve found a new fuck buddy.”

But Todd felt deflated. He wanted to be more than someone’s fuck buddy.

Pat untied him and Todd stepped closer, placing his hands in Pat’s, and gently stroking his fingers. “Thanks.” He leaned in and gave him a soft, slow kiss on the lips. “I mean it. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.” Pat’s tone had become more formal. “Now, let’s get on with cutting this branch.”

Todd’s sexual release had been satisfying but he also felt foolish – he was left craving for intimacy.

When they returned in the truck, Todd unloaded the wood logs they’d salvaged from the tree surgery. In the background, Dan and Pat chatted – they were so relaxed with each other. Todd wanted to feel that close with Dan.

Todd was conflicted – Dan provided what he needed, while only Pat provided what he wanted.

After Pat left, they sat in the kitchen and drank tea. Instantly there were questions.

“How did it go with Pat?”

“Yeah, good.”

Dan kept fishing. “Get up to anything exciting?”

“Not really.”

Dan was unconvinced. “There are no secrets between Pat and me. It’s why we get on so well. So I expect the same from you.”

Todd was still coming to terms with giving up his secrets, it was a difficult adjustment. “What about your secrets, boss?” He thought it was a challenge, but it backfired.

“Ask me anything.”

“Um… ” He hadn’t prepared anything, so he looked around and saw the pictures on the noticeboard. There were holiday scenes – Dan with a woman, on a beach, in a bar, at an airport – they looked happy. “Have you ever been married? To a woman?”

Dan was puzzled by the question. “Lad, I know who I am. But do you?” Todd froze. “I like men. Just like you.”

Hearing that truth was brutal for Todd – the words had a paralysing effect.

Dan continued. “I’m your mentor for a reason. I show gay men – struggling with their lives – how to make something of themselves. That’s why you’re here.”

Todd lifted his head in acknowledgment. Todd’s coming out experience had been in prison – it was horrific, scarring even.

“The prison placed you with me because you’re gay. So be honest with me, be proud of who you are.

He never been challenged to “be proud”. He nodded slightly.

“So my turn now. You and Pat… did you have any fun together?” There was no response. “I can always ask Pat.”

“He sucked me off.”

“There you go lad.” Dan smiled. “A bit of honesty, and no-one died. So did you enjoy it?”

Todd nodded.

“And you like Pat?”

Todd nodded again, but less so.

“Secrets, lad. Don’t bother with them.” He reached over and squeezed Todd’s shoulder. “Pat’s a great guy. I trust him. I guessed you’d have some fun together. He’s a frisky sod and it was about time you got some attention. I noticed those cum-soaked bedsheets when I washed them earlier.”

“I had a dream about…” Todd paused “…you know… guys.”

“While we’re being honest, let’s talk about boundaries.” He leant forward, put his elbows on the table and slowly rubbed his hands together. “I can’t do my job… and… be your instructor, be a… mentor, if there’s any kind of… intimacy. It’s not fair on either of us.”

Todd was unconvinced. He tried a diversion. “Can I ask you something, boss?”


“Who’s the woman?” He pointed at the photos on the noticeboard.

“My sister, that’s us on holiday in Crete.”

“Where’s she now?”

“She died,” he said, staring into his empty mug.

Todd sat silently.

Dan awkwardly played with the mug in his hands. “She had problems with drink and drugs.”

“Um, I’m sorry boss… I didn’t…”

“It’s ok. It’s painful stuff, but it’s best to be honest, get it out there. I guess it taught me that however painful things are, you need to share. That’s what being a man is really about.” He gave a big smile, leaned forward and gently squeezed the back of Todd’s neck.

Todd saw through the smile. He saw the pain. Todd’s face filled with regret and guilt. “I didn’t mean to… I don’t know what to say.”

Todd was unsure if Dan would accept a hug. Apprehensively he opened his arms, leaned forward, and gently put his arms around Dan.

Dan closed his eyes and felt comforted. “We all have painful memories.” Dan spoke softly. “But they’re not the problem. It’s how we deal with them.” He pulled back from Todd and pointed at him. “You lad. Remember this. Secrets and lies are like cancer.”

Dan looked down. A memory of his sister had struck him. His mouth trembled. “My sister refused to share her pain with anyone.” His eyes began to water. “Secrets and lies destroyed her life. And I will beat them out of you if I have to, lad.”

Todd instinctively lunged forward, wrapping his arms around him once more in a tight embrace. He wanted to ease his pain, absorb his suffering. He realised how – by sharing secrets – they could become closer.

After dinner, they sat together next to the fire. Todd had cooked – it was a decent effort, relaxing them both and lifting their mood.

Todd thought about Dan’s conversation earlier. “Can I really tell you anything?”

“Yep. Anything.”

“Do you ever… like… think about me… you know…?”

“You mean, do I ever fantasise about you?”


“Would you like it if I did?”

Todd eyes widen, he looked nervous. Dan laughed – he’d got his answer.

It was time for Todd to share his secret. “So I get horny sometimes. And sometimes I think about us together.”

Dan softened his voice. “Ok, to answer your question. I do get horny, and I think about you sometimes.”

Todd was relieved, there was no pretending any more.

Dan, though, wasn’t done. “But there are also boundaries.” He reminded Todd about the dangers of intimacy – “his responsibilities”, “having effective discipline” and “compromising his authority”. Before he was done, Todd’s head had flopped onto Dan’s shoulder, he was asleep.

Except he wasn’t.

It was a pretence, so he could get closer to Dan, feel his warmth, smell his scent, hear his breathing – just be near him.

And now he knew Dan fantasied about him, there was a new challenge. Those boundaries Dan discussed… BREAK. DOWN. EVERY. FUCKING. ONE.

To be continued …

The next chapter: Todd’s Transformation: Chapter 5 – The Past Is Not Your Future

Just when you think you know someone…

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  1. Love this story. The characters live in your mind as you read. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  2. The transition from the closet to being open and proud is one that so often takes courage and an understanding and loving partner. Great to enjoy this one.

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