Training the Sergeant – Part 4

By lthr_jock

The Captain looked down at the man slurping beer out of the dog bowl and took a long drag on his cigar. As the end glowed red, he looked at the ash growing on it and taped it, letting it float down over Davis’ head and into the beer he was drinking up. Davis was trying his best to lap at the beer but as it went down it got more difficult. The Captain saw he was having problems, so he lifted up his right foot and pushed it down on the back on Davis’ head, forcing it into the bowl. Davis licked and sucked faster, choking as the beer went up his nose, but after a few minutes he managed to drain the bowl, leaving only a small amount of beer in the bottom.

The Captain looked down. “Lick it clean.” To his surprise and pleasure, the man did so. He leant over to Dejan. “So, tell me his story.” Quickly, Dejan explained and showed the Captain the cocktail of drugs that Davis had been taking. “Interesting. May I suggest adding these?” He gave Dejan the name of three other drugs – two to increase muscle growth, the third to increase suggestibility even more.

“So, basically, this is a test run tonight?” Dejan nodded. “Excellent. I always like a test run.” He jerked on the leash. “You! Stand up!”

Davis stood up, his moustache soaked with beer and flakes of ash still in his hair. “Congratulations,” said the Captain, “You have passed the first test. Are you ready for the second?” Davis paused briefly, but the drugs in the two bottles of beer had left him confused, so he nodded.

“Good. Open your mouth.”

Davis opened his mouth and the Captain reached down and took the ball gag off his belt. He pushed the red rubber ball into Davis’ mouth and then strapped it tightly behind Davis’ head. He looked at Davis and then tightened the strap by a notch before padlocking the gag in place. He patted Davis on the cheek, the sergeant now looking faintly ridiculous as the straps dug into either side of his mouth. “That moustache will really have to go, you know.” He picked up Davis’ sunglasses and slid them onto his face and then replaced his Muir cap. “Now that is a beautiful sight – a respected police Sergeant, clad in leather, gagged and restrained.” He turned to Dejan and grinned. “I wonder if there is anything else that we could do to make him ever more beautiful? Ahh, I have an idea.”

The Captain reached down and unzipped Davis’ trousers and pulled his cock and balls out. Davis’ cock was 7 inches long and thick. His balls were large and tight to his body and he had a thick pelt of pubic hair. The Captain called over to the barman, who grinned and had a quick search behind the bar. He came back with a small set of studded leather straps. The Captain grinned and within a few seconds, had the straps secured around Davis’ cock and balls. Now a thick studded leather strap was around the base of his cock, holding it erect. A thicker strap pulled his balls down away from his cock and a smaller strap separated his balls. The Captain reached down and slapped Davis’ balls so that they swung to and fro and chuckled as Davis groaned in response.

The Captain took Davis’ leash and clipped it to his belt. He then started a tour of the club, Davis following behind, hobbling along due to the ankle shackles. His cock and balls on display for everyone to see. The Captain stopped to talk to everyone, and on each occasion introduced Davis as “The Sergeant.” The Captain got a lot of praise for his new boi, and several people took the opportunity to fondle Davis’ pecs and arse and to stroke his cock and balls.

Davis remained gagged throughout and ropes of drool soon hung down from both sides of his mouth, staining his leather shirt. As they dripped down onto his cock, he shuddered and his cock leapt at the touch – as it had at every touch during the night. After what seemed like hours, the music stopped and the lights went up. The Captain took Davis back to Dejan. “Looks to me like a positive test.” He handed the keys back to Dejan and tucked a business card in Davis’ top pocket. “I’ll be seeing him again — soon.”

Dejan grinned at Davis. “You’re a lucky guy – well, I think you are. You might not agree.”

He picked up the keys to release Davis and then paused. “Wait. One more thing to do.” He stepped behind Davis and lowered the arse zip on the trousers. Carefully he pushed his finger into Davis’ virgin arse. The restrained sergeant groaned, his cock leaping at the feeling. Dejan chuckled and leaned into Davis, whispering, “So close, aren’t you? So very close.” He pushed his finger in further and smiled widely as the groaning increased. As he inserted a second finger, he saw pre-cum starting to drip from Davis’ cock. “Good, good, nearly there.” The pushed a third finger inside and Davis jerked with pleasure and cum spurted from his cock, spattering against the glass of the bar. Dejan pulled his fingers out and zipped Davis up. “Good lad.” He used his fingers to collect the cum and, removing Davis’ Muir cap, rubbed it into his hair.”

“Time for you to go to sleep.” He snapped his fingers, and Davis passed out.


Davis came to. He had no idea where he was, but he was lying in an alleyway. He stood up, his head pounding. He checked his back pocket for his wallet – yes, still there. He must have got seriously drunk last night. It was just starting to get light – his next shift was only in a few hours, so he had to get home.   He noted that his cock and balls were hanging out of his leather jeans, so he tucked them back inside. The cock and ball strap on them caught painfully on one of his pubes, and he swore as he sorted it out. He saw his leather jacket lying on the floor nearby, so he slipped it on over his leather shirt. He went out onto the road and checked the road name – he was about half a mile from home. Uncaring, or un-noticing, the way he was dressed, Davis headed home to get ready for work.

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