By Bikermike

To call Matt a thief or a burglar would be putting it a bit too extreme: really he was an opportunist collector, a scavenger; particularly where the items that he collected were by and large, those that belonged to someone else.

He was also a bit of a loner. At twenty, he really didn’t have very many friends, preferring his own company. He spent time either in his bedroom with his computer or else, when the weather wasn’t raining, out exploring alleyways or paths, seeing what items caught his eye, things that he would like to possess himself.

One decent summer’s day, when the weather was hot and humid Matt decided to explore an area of Norfolk that was accessable by pushbike some ten miles distant from his home. He set off, rucksack on his back, until he came across a lonely looking wooded area that seemed to be criss-crossed by footpaths. Taking a path he followed it until the path ran adjacent to what appeared to be old tumbledown brick barns. Dismounting his bike he climbed over the low, rusty barbed wire fence, intent on exploring the buildings. he pushed open a rotten barn door that squealed on its hinges and entered. Inside he found an assortment of old abandoned farm implements, a rusty plough, an obviously seized-up tractor and several battered and rusting metal drums.

‘Oi! What the fuck are you doing?’ came a shout from the doorway, making Matt jump out of his skin. He spun round to behold a young shirtless man, replete with tattoos on his muscular arms and chest, wearing a pair of dirty jeans. He was, Matt estimated, about six inches taller than himself, and looked much stronger. Acccordingly, trying to fight him seemed not to be an option. Instead, he panicked and ran towards the door as the young man marched towards him. Out in the open, he ran to where he had left his pushbike with the man in hot pursuit. He tripped and fell, with the shirtless man on top of him. ‘What were you doing here you little fucker? Seeing what you could nick, or did you want to burn the place down for a bit of fun? Eh?’ said the man, holding Matt down with his knee in Matt’s back and his tattooed arm round his neck.

‘N-nothing, honest!’ bleated Matt, now totally winded.

‘Yeah, fucking right!’ replied his captor, ‘Ah! Here’s my brother, come to see what all the fucking commotion is about!’

Matt glanced up as best he could under the man’s grip. Approaching was another young man, almost identical to his captor, also shirtless but minus tattoos. ‘What’s up Frank? Who have you got there?’ said the new guy.

‘Some little scrote trespassing on our farm, weren’t you boy?’ replied Frank.

‘No I wasn’t, honestly, I thought that the barn had been abandoned. Please let me go!’ pleaded Matt.

Frank then said ‘Shall we have some fun Steve? Let’s tie him up and fuck him! He looks as though he has a nice body underneath that T shirt and he’s got a lovely little arse!’

‘Ha! Yes okay! It’ll make a change from fucking each other!’ laughed Steve.

‘No, no please!’ cried Matt. ‘Beat me, do anything else to me! Please don’t fuck me!’

‘As I see it boy, you have a choice. Either we call in the police and accuse you of burglary or we fuck you. You’ll enjoy our cocks up your arse and down your throat! You’ll be begging for more!’ replied Frank.

‘Oh shit!’ replied Matt, ‘I already have a criminal record. Well, you may as well have some fun. It won’t be the first time I have been fucked by a guy and I suppose I quite enjoyed the experience.’

‘We will tie you up, boy. I can guarantee that you will enjoy the experience. Better than adding to your criminal record l would guess.’ explained Steve.

With Matt’s neck still in Frank’s stranglehold, the three returned to the barn and Steve closed the door behind them.

Steve found some lengths of nylon rope and twanged it ominously in front of Matt. ‘Let’s tie him over one of those saw benches,’ he said, pointing to a wooden bench in the corner of the barn. ‘Strip him first Frank!’

With that, Frank pulled off Matt’s T shirt and undid the belt of his jeans. He then bent down and took off his captive’s trainers and socks, finishing off by pulling down his jeans and underpants and pulling them over his ankles. ‘Hmm! Not a bad body,’ Frank said to his brother, ‘Nice cock too!’ he said, fondling Matt’s penis, which started to harden. ‘Now let’s tie him!’

They wasted no time in roughly forcing Matt to lie chest down over the sawbench, with Frank securing his ankles with the rope, one to each of the bench’s legs while Steve tying his arms to the other two bench legs. ‘Wait, let me go get some lube,’ said Steve, ‘Keep him company and fuck his mouth. I won’t be a minute.’

Frank took off his boots and removed his jeans. He wore no underpants, allowing his by now fully erect penis to stand vertically. ‘Have you ever sucked cock before boy?’ he asked Matt.

‘Erm, y-yes I have Sir, quite a few times!’ he stammered, ‘A mate of mine awhile back.’

‘Did you enjoy it? Did he?’

‘No, I didn’t. He shot down my throat then he pissed over me. He thought it was great!’

‘Well, get sucking! Fucking do it good! You’ll be in real trouble if you don’t!’ Said Frank as he offered his engorged cockhead to the boy’s mouth.

Matt licked round Frank’s glans with his tongue, working it underneath then up and down the length of his shaft. Frank groaned in ecstasy. ‘Fuck boy, you’re good!’ he said as he lunged the full length of his cock into the boy’s mouth, causing him to gag.

Holding Matt’s head Matt slowly pumped his hips back and forth, shafting his captive’s mouth. ‘Aaaah! Fuuuckkk!’ he said as he started to speed up his thrusting.

‘Having fun brother?’ Steve said as he returned, holding a tube of lubricant, ‘Is he any good?’

‘Cor fuck yes! A fucking expert,’ replied Frank. ‘Do what you normally do when I have a wank, bro!’

Steve laughed, unscrewed the cap from the tube of lubricant and applied a generous amount to his right index finger and plunged it into his brother’s anus. Frank roared in lust as he shafted Matt’s mouth ever harder. In and out, in and out he fucked his victim as Steve massaged his prostate. Faster and faster… Frank ejaculated down Matt’s throat with a yell. He collapsed over Matt’s head and back, with his cock still in his mouth, his brother’s finger still touching his prostate, now totally spent.

‘Phew! Fuck! That boy was good!’ Frank said, pulling his cock out of Matt’s mouth and squeezing the last few drops of semen from its tip. ‘Let me lube you up and get you hard brother!’ Steve then pulled his finger out from his brother’s body.

Steve removed his boots and jeans and stood totally naked. Frank applied lube to his hands then stood in front of his brother, working him to erection while giving him a passionate kiss. Both brothers kissed long and deep while Frank worked his brother to nearly orgasm then stopped. he then applied more lube to his fingers and worked it up and around the whimpering Matt’s anus. ‘Fuck him hard, bro!’ Frank said to Steve.

‘Oh yes, PLEASE!’ Matt begged as Steve got himself into position behind the helpless bound prisoner.

‘Raise your fucking arse boy’ replied Steve, giving Matt’s buttocks a hard slap. He obliged, resigning himself to his fate.

Gently but forcefully Steve worked his cock into the tight anus, with Matt grunting and gasping as he was slowly penetrated. With a final lunge, Steve ‘s penis was completely inside, eliciting a yell from his new sub.

Matt gritted his teeth as Steve, dripping with perspiration, gripped his flanks and pumped his hips at first slowly then gradually speeding up his thrusts. Meanwhile, Frank was getting hard again, watching his brother enjoying himself fucking his bound prisoner. He played with his nipples, becoming more and more excited. ‘I’m going to fuck your face again boy!’ he said, forcing his rock hard erection once again into Matt’s mouth, ‘This is what we call “spit roasting”, boy!’ he taunted. Both brothers leaned over Matt’s bound torso and passionately kissed each other, working their tongues round each other’s mouth. Suddenly, Steve ejaculated with a roar, scratching his fingernails down Matt’s flanks in ecstasy. He withdrew then walked round and positioned himself behind Frank and grabbed his brother’s nipples, working them harder and harder between his thumbs and forefingers. Loving the agony of his brother’s ministrations Frank thrusted harder, deeper and more and more violently, ignoring Matt’s gagging as his cock touched the back of his throat. ‘AAAAAGHHH!’ he yelled as he orgasmed, as Steve simultaneously gave his nipples a final vicious twist. Once again he collapsed over Matt’s torso, totally exhausted.

Both men then hugged one another and kissed once again, while their got their breaths back. Turning to the bound Matt, Frank said ‘Well, did you enjoy that boy?’ looking dazed, he took a while to answer.

‘You bet, Sir!’ Matt replied, ‘What else shall we do?’

‘Well, we have another little treat for you boy, seeing as you have enjoyed yourself so much,’ replied Frank, with a wink to his brother, who was busy pulling on his jeans and boots then disappeared out of the barn.

While Steve was absent Frank said ‘You trespassed onto our farm seemingly up to no good. Steve is my twin brother in case you hadn’t noticed, and my lover. He and I inherited the farm from our parents and now live in the farmhouse together. We resent any incursions onto our property, especially if we suspect that anything will get nicked; anything that Dad and Steve and I have worked for. That said, we gave you the choice of either us reporting you to the police for tresspass and theft or we have sex with you. You readily agreed to the latter, so here we are.’

Steve returned and said ‘We don’t even know your name, boy.’ Matt gave his name and his age. Steve went on, ‘We are both twenty-eight and fucking horny as hell, especially as the weather is hot and we are shirtless. You have a good slim body but then again you are only twenty. As you have enjoyed yourself here we will untie you so we can all have a bit more fun.’

Both brothers untied Matt, who eased himself off the saw-bench, his body a little stiff from its restriction.

Steve stood beside his brother, his arm around Frank’s waist. ‘Kneel and suck him off again!’ Steve commanded. Matt immediately obeyed, guiding Frank’s hard cock into his mouth.

Click! Steve had pulled his smartphone and took a photograph of Matt, seemingly willingly fellating his brother. ‘Just a memento Matt,’ Steve said, ‘we can email you a copy if you like.’ Meanwhile, Frank pulled his cock out of his mouth, already satiated.

‘Honestly, I would love a copy of that, Sir, ‘ Matt replied, ‘As I said, I have enjoyed the experience. See? Look at my cock!’ It was standing rock hard and proud with a bead of precum forming at its tip.

Giving Matt’s cock a tug, Steve said, ‘As you may have gathered, I am the active one and Frank is passive; usually, that is. There isn’t much that we don’t get up to as you can imagine. Frank will kneel at your feet and suck you off; you deserve it. Just to make it a bit more fun, I will tie his wrists behind his back so he can be your sub. If he doesn’t perform well enough, give him a kick in the nuts. He’ll love it!’ Suddenly, his voice became more harsh and threatening. Turning to Frank he said ‘Won’t you bro?’

‘Certainly Sir!’ his brother replied.

Steve used the nylon rope and secured Frank’s wrists behind his back and pushing Frank’s shoulders aggressively, forced him into a kneeling position. ‘Suck your young Master’s cock, slave!’ he commanded. Without waiting, Matt forced his erection into Frank’s mouth somewhat violently, taking a bit of revenge.

Meanwhile, Steve left the barn once again and returned with a leather dog collar and lead. He fastened the collar round Frank’s neck and held the lead taut. As best he could, Frank worked his tongue up and down the length of Matt’s shaft, restricted as he was by Steve’s tight hold on his lead. Suddenly, he grunted as Matt’s foot connected with his fellator’s testicles. Steve laughed and said ‘He loves it Matt! Kick him again!’

By this time, Matt had worked himself up to a crescendo. Again and again he kicked Frank’s balls until he orgasmed with a shout, spilling his sperm not only into his fellator’s mouth but over his face, neck and his muscled tattooed chest. Steve pulled his brother away aggressively with a tug of the dog lead, then untied his wrists. Frank got to his feet, massaging his aching balls.

‘You wan to play with us again Matt?’ enquired Steve. ‘We could teach you a thing or two!’

‘You bet!’ came the reply.


That was two years ago. Since then, Matt had become friends and a regular fuckbuddy to the twin brothers, enjoying being taught various aspects of bondage and sadomasochistic sex, with Matt and Frank (usually) taking the “sub” roles.

Matt has also been introduced to Steve and Frank’s other friends and fuckbuddies and has had much experience for one only twenty two years old.

He is now in the process of moving into the farmhouse and has been offered a job on the farm, learning how to drive a tractor.

The End

Metal would like to thanks Bikermike for this story!

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