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The Prison Writer – Chapter 08

By Joshua Ryan

The line ended at a door that was so important we had to be buzzed through.  On the other side was a wide white hallway with wooden doors on one side and steel doors on the other — and a yellow line on the left, of course.  Finally we got to a place where there were two steel doors with a glass booth between them.  An old officer was seated in the booth.  Officer Collison pulled me over and told me to stand in front of the glass.

“Got one for ya, Pop.”

“Yeah?  Don’t look like much.  But OK, if you say so.  Hold up your arm, boy.  I wanta see that bracelet you got.”

“Yes, Sir.”  I held it up to the window.  He half-rose in his chair and scanned my wristband.

“Nother lifer,” he said.  “Well, welcome to free room and board.  I’ll take him into Number 2.”

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Rubber Isolation Suit

By Scribe

My buddy Jim works for Discipline Technologies as a software developer. Discipline Technologies designs and builds prison cells and inmate controls. Jim told me his company is designing a rubber isolation suit that can be worn by a slave or prisoner in solitary confinement. The company had just completed a prototype and wanted someone to test it. Jim knew my enthusiasm for bondage and rubber, and he also knew I was taking a leave of absence from work after completing a large, lucrative project. He explained they just wanted a long weekend test. They could put me in the suit on Friday night and release me on Monday night.

Jim explained the suit combines a heavy rubber catsuit with computer controls, hardware and artificial intelligence offering unique features. He recommended that I abstain from sex until the long weekend, laughing that I would enjoy the suit even better while horny. He also suggested that I shave all the hair off my body the day of installation, saying the suit would fit me better over bare skin. I hesitated at that suggestion, but decided I’d do it since my facial hair was pretty short to begin with and I wasn’t going to return to work for several weeks.

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Subject Neighbor – Turned Subject – Part 07

By Justin I


male bondage storiesThe drive home was enlightening but not surprising. The doctor’s office was an hour away from home, so the drive gave Fred time to think. The results of this year’s physical was already known to Fred but he was reassured when the tests came back negative for any sign of illness. Over the past six months Fred had been losing weight, each day getting leaner and leaner. Still retaining some muscle but now was much lighter than his previous runner athlete state. In no manner was he a twig with no muscle, just reduced to a fraction of his previous size.

On the other hand, Sam seemed to only have grown in size, compressions stretched to their limits and needing to purchase a new suit for the fundraising event last month.

The fundraising event was a unique, new, and throughout the evening a very sexual experience. During the event, Sam was seen as the alpha male. No one at this party would have known of any sexual history and without denial didn’t realize Sam was Fred’s guest and not his date. Before the clarifications, Sam was assumed to be the money maker, the leader, and he flirted with everyone in some capacity. He was a head-turning masterpiece of beauty, many hands groped in too friendly of ways. Fred decided after the fourth person that he no longer would interfere and simply accepted this, leaving him in the submissive position. He never fought this feeling.

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The New Academy – Part 06

By Rubrpig

Gary slept deeply and was totally unaware that he was being monitored by a camera in his solitary cell.  He stirred a couple of times, as he needed to piss so he had to get up and unclip the catheter tube and let his piss drain into the toilet.  Once the clip was put back on, he staggered back to his cot and fell asleep.  The Officers returned to the cell after the 12-hour rest period was up and banged on the outer door.  Gary stirred and woke up and got to his feet as the inner cell door slid open.  The officers ordered him to stand still and one of the Officers walked over and put on the transport irons and led him from the cell.  The Officers led Gary to the medic’s office.

After entering the office, he was led over to the examination table and helped up on the table still in the heavy irons.  He laid there and heard the squeaking of the medic’s rubber scrubs as he came into the room.  The medic was with the Director of the Academy.  The medic pulled on a pair of latex gloves as Gary watched and after he was done, he began to slowly pull the nasal tube out of Gary’s nose and stomach.  Gary sighed as the tube slowly slid out of his body.  The Director came over and unlocked the cage of the chastity belt and swung it open.  The medic took a syringe and removed the saline from the bulb inside Gary’s bladder and once that was done, he pulled the catheter tube slowly out of Gary’s bladder and cock.  The tube slid out followed by a gush of piss from his bladder.  The medic cleaned up the piss, and then he closed and locked the chastity belt.

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Captain Jack and the Race to Redula – Chapter 06: Battle Of Wills

Note from Metal: We about halfway through this story, which is LONG but it pays off! For best results please start at the beginning by clicking here. The setup takes a while to ramp up, but it will enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the later chapters. If you ARE enjoying this story, please DO say so by leaving comments so that the author can see, in the comments section at the bottom.


Unical date: 3752.563.26 (ish?)

Sam had no idea how long he slept, but he was awakened by the sound of the door banging open.  His adrenaline surged… but it was only time for another meal.  Some sort of tuna and rice mixture, heavily spiced so that it made his tongue and gums tingle and burn.  There wasn’t nearly enough of it; Sam could have eaten two more bowls just like the first, fiery spice and all.  Once the guard was gone and the door was closed again, he drank mouthful after mouthful of water from the tap and slowly, gradually the fire died down.

He was too keyed up to sleep again, so he paced the cell, wondering for the thousandth time why he was doing this to himself, and also marveling at the hypocrisy of his situation.  Here, waiting alone and bored in his cramped cell, he was anticipating, eagerly, he might even say, the next round of active torture.  Of course, the moment it began he would be just as eagerly looking forward getting dumped back in here for another break.  It was madness – he constantly wanted to be wherever he wasn’t.

And the worst part was the knowledge that he had the power to end this any time he wanted.  It was only his own willpower that kept him going.

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By Bikermike

To call Matt a thief or a burglar would be putting it a bit too extreme: really he was an opportunist collector, a scavenger; particularly where the items that he collected were by and large, those that belonged to someone else.

He was also a bit of a loner. At twenty, he really didn’t have very many friends, preferring his own company. He spent time either in his bedroom with his computer or else, when the weather wasn’t raining, out exploring alleyways or paths, seeing what items caught his eye, things that he would like to possess himself.

One decent summer’s day, when the weather was hot and humid Matt decided to explore an area of Norfolk that was accessable by pushbike some ten miles distant from his home. He set off, rucksack on his back, until he came across a lonely looking wooded area that seemed to be criss-crossed by footpaths. Taking a path he followed it until the path ran adjacent to what appeared to be old tumbledown brick barns. Dismounting his bike he climbed over the low, rusty barbed wire fence, intent on exploring the buildings. he pushed open a rotten barn door that squealed on its hinges and entered. Inside he found an assortment of old abandoned farm implements, a rusty plough, an obviously seized-up tractor and several battered and rusting metal drums.

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