Tricked and Treated

By Nephilim

Tags: #gay #Halloween #demon #bondage #horror #supernatural

Sean was having mixed feelings regarding Hallowe’en. He loved this holiday. He loved his two nephews. But having to manage his nephews during Hallowe’en was not his idea of a cool evening. Well, he had promised his sister. So he went with them from house to house, keeping himself in the background while they were collecting candies and chocolate bars.

He was surprised when they bypassed one of the house. He thought that they had not seen it, being situated at the end of an alley, all by itself, but it was lit and decorated according to that night’s theme and thus very much visible. He asked his nephews. They told him they wouldn’t go there as the house was haunted. He guffawed, which offended them.

“This house is not haunted! Look at it, the lights are on, there are plastic skeletons and paper bats! Go get candy there!

– We won’t!”

They refused to go nearer.

“Well, then I’ll go and get candy for myself. And I won’t share with you.

– We don’t want ghost candy!”


Shaking his head, Sean went to the house and used the door knocker to make himself known. He heard noise from the inside. The door opened soon after. Sean was very pleased! In front of him was standing a red-haired brawny man, wearing nothing but blue jeans held by a leather belt. Nothing else. Not even underwear, it seemed. Sean’s eyes had followed the red hair from the pecs in front of him to the bush slightly visible just above the belt. Sean was glad he was wearing some underwear himself, as the apparition in front of him was having an effect on his dick.

“My eyes are up here.” The voice sounded amused.

Shameless, Sean put his most suggestive smile and looked up. He found amber eyes, all at once beautiful and sharp. He felt trapped by the gaze and faltered a bit, but managed to say “Trick or treat!!”, holding his paper bag out.

“Aren’t you a bit old for trick-or-treating?

– Well, it depends on the treat.”

The man laughed, showing his white straight teeth.

“You’re cute. Wait a minute.”

The man turned his back to Sean and rummaged in the hall. His perfect bubble butt was directly in front of Sean’s eyes and thus at the front of his mind. He came back with many plastic bags and dumped them in Sean’s paper one.

“That’s too much!

– Absolutely not! No one came tonight, I still have a lot.

– Well, the boys said your house is haunted.”

The man laughed again. Sean almost swooned.

“I can understand. I don’t really live here. I only come once a year, when I’m able to. I’ve always loved All Hallows-Even in this town, so I try to participate and foster it.

– That’s nice of you.

– It’s my pleasure. But now, although you are very handsome, I will let you go back to your kids.

– Oh, they are my nephews, actually.

– Ok.

– Well, thanks for all of this. I hope I won’t get sick eating it all.

– You can give them part of it. The chocolate bars are organic. Bye.

– Bye…”

Sean turned around and went back to the boys. When he left the walkway and put his feet back on the sidewalk, he felt a long shiver go through him. He turned his head toward the house. The man was still on his threshold, looking at him. His eyes had disappeared, sunken in the face, hidden by shadows. The smile seemed much colder. Sean waved shyly and the red-haired man waved back, much more energetically.

“I told you the house was not haunted.”

The boys looked at him with seriousness but said nothing. Sean fished two big chocolate bars from his bag and gave one to each of them.

“He said it’s organic.”

The boys still looked unconvinced. However, all three of them went on with their evening, going to other houses, meeting other children and teens with their kin. Sean would have had much more fun if he hadn’t felt a gaze upon him all evening. Many times he turned his head around, looking for the person that his mind told him was watching him. Never did he meet eyes that could explain this feeling.


Having finished their rounds, the boys were brought back to their mother and Sean walked back to his flat. On his way, he felt a presence around him. Much more imposing than when he was with the boys. Although he was currently in his own neighbourhood, which was not only well lit and calm but also very familiar to him, Sean felt fear. He kept himself close to walls unless they brought him close to dark alleys. Then he would pull away from the walls and give the alleys a wide berth. And yet he still felt fear.

In his own building, he climbed the stairs two steps at a time, almost running. On his floor, he checked all corners and went very quickly past the doors of his neighbours. Although he was shaking and fumbled with the keys, he managed to open his door and get into his home. He closed the door as fast as possible, almost hurting his own heels, and locked all bolts as well as the security chain. Keeping his back to the walls, he went from window to window pulling down all the blinds. He then felt a bit better. Thinking about all this, he silently scolded himself. Part of his brain was telling him that there was no concrete reason to be so afraid. Another part still felt unease. He drank a glass of water, nibbled one of the collected chocolate bars then made himself ready for his bed.

Sean was just getting out of his bathroom when he heard a loud knock on his door. Who could it be? No one could enter the building without the relevant keys and, at this time of night, all of his neighbours should be fast asleep. Sean almost reached his bed without bothering, but the knock came back, even louder. Sean unlocked the door and half-opened it, keeping the security chain on. A cold draught entered from the corridor through the opening, but that was all. The draught made Sean shiver. What made him shiver too was the lack of person in the corridor. There had been two knocks, Sean was sure of it. But no-one to make them. And no-one in the corridor at all. Sean’s door was at the end of the corridor and there was no hiding place. Sean closed the door and once again locked all bolts, as much as possible. Feeling a bit less afraid, Sean took a step back… And bumped into something, where nothing should have been!

He started to turn around, but before he could move, he felt one arm come around his torso and pin him. The other arm went higher and clasped an ice-cold hand on his mouth, effectively covering it and pushing his head backwards. Looking up, Sean saw a face upside down. Although he had seen it only once, he recognised it right away: the red hair, the amber eyes and the straight white teeth.

“Hello again. Did you enjoy my chocolate bar?”

Sean tried to wiggle and free himself.

“I hope you did, because it was what allowed me to come find you and have fun with you.”

Sean tried harder to free himself, shaking his body. Still without success.

“Stop that, boy. Even if you manage to get out of my grip, I can still catch you as easily as I want.”

Sean mumbled and moved his legs. The man sighed.

“All right, all right, let’s prove it.”

The arms released Sean. He jumped forward and turned. Back against the door, he found himself face to face with the man. The intruder looked as brawny as some hours ago and, having been pressed between arms and pecs, Sean knew the muscles were real and hard. But he was no slouch either. He put one foot against the door and used it to propel himself directly towards the man, hoping to tackle him. It didn’t work. His arms only hugged himself. And his whole body went through the man, feeling only icy air. Hearing a loud laugh, Sean caught himself on the sofa and turned around. The man was still there at the same place, facing Sean once again.


– I told you: I come here only once a year. And only during All Hallows-Even. Why do you think?

– Are you a ghost?

– Not really, no. I am as much alive as I ever was. I just use the same gateway. I am an Incubus. Rings a bell?

– A sex demon?

– Bingo! Although it’s an oversimplified description. We reign over sex, but also ecstasy, frenzy, lust, horniness and even simple arousal.

– And you want to have sex?” Sean was getting annoyed with the short answers and felt like pulling teeth when asking all these questions.

“All ways and for ever.

– Then why not just ask? Or accept when we met at your house? You are hot and horny. Apart from the stalking, I have no problem with you.

– You were burdened with responsibility back then. And what’s more important, I’m a demon. Having fun and scaring you is almost as nourishing as having sex.

– That’s fair. So… Shall we move to my bedroom?

– One last thing. I ask you and I require an answer under no pressure or duress: do you accept to have sex with me, knowing I am an actual incubus? You will know pleasure like you’ve never experienced before.”

Sean laughed.

“I am under no pressure nor duress and I eagerly accept and await having sex with you, you actual sex demon!”

Having uttered this last word, Sean felt a cold shiver going through his whole body. Then some kind of physical pressure all over it. His arms were stuck to his sides and his legs stiffened together. His feet were touching each other, side to side. And his body floated. Sean tried to move, but only his head was allowed to.

“Hey, what giv-Mmmmm!!”

A movement from the demon had sent a ribbon of red-coloured light from their hand to Sean’s mouth, where it landed. The two ends of the ribbon went around Sean’s head, joining without a trace at his nape. Sean could not pry his lips apart and decided to indicate a slight displeasure by glowering at the demon. The latter stayed still, smiling.

“Yes, you will do.”

Having said that, the demon started to morph their body. The jeans and belt faded. For a minute, Sean was facing a naked red-haired man in all his glory. Hard muscles everywhere, plenty of hair on all the right places and a beautiful cock, with an average length but wide girth, even while still being soft. The cock started to rise and harden. When it was at its apex, Sean’s eyes bulged. A bit of drool leaked out from his sealed lips. The cock was very hard, curving from its base to the ceiling. Its pink round glans had been revealed, with a wide slit, already glistening. Two veins meandered along the shaft. The balls, more visible, were large and round. Their fulness was revealed by how they were pulled down.

But the changes in the demon’s body went on.

First, with a sound of stretching, their body grew. Still human looking, they increased in size, mass, volume. The demon was much taller than Sean, reaching almost 2m50. But they still kept their human proportions. Including their cock, which was even longer and wider than before. Then, some specific changes appeared. Their skin gradually turned darker until it became blood red. Their hands gained black claws in place of the fingernails. Starting from the demon’s groin and going up the torso to the top of their head, the hair lit up, radiating an orange warm light as if made of optic fiber. Cock, torso, face and head were slightly illuminated. The amber eyes went fiery too, their pupils narrowing into vertical slits. And, with a growl, two ram horns, as black as if absorbing light, emerged from the temples, going backward above the ears, then around their back, so that the sharp tips were pointing to the front. As a flourish, golden bands appeared around the demon’s neck, wrist, ankles and cock.

The demon spread their legs and arms, showing themselves and looked at Sean.

“Still interested? Don’t bother replying, it doesn’t really matter.”

Approaching Sean, the demon motioned with one hand, making him float a bit higher so that their eyes were on the same level. The demon put one hand on the human’s pec. Sean could feel the strong heat from their body, event through his clothes. The demon frowned.

“I’m missing something. Oh that’s right, direct skin to skin contact.”

They then used their claws to shred Sean’s clothes to pieces. There wasn’t much to start, but very soon, Sean found himself naked, his t-shirt and briefs in tatters on the ground. And his cock gave the answer to the question: hard as steel, it quivered in lust. The demon grabbed it, still looking Sean straight in the eyes. The hand was hot, almost to the point of pain.

“Oh yes, this is much better.”

Sean feared for his own member, with those sharp claws next to it, but the skin was soft and the moves were tender. The other hand went to his rear, stroking it. When a finger approached, Sean moaned loudly in fear.

“Don’t worry, my claws are retracted, I won’t shred your tight hole. Not yet anyway. Maybe my cock will, if you’re not up to the task.”

Sean, still gagged, growled and frowned. The demon laughed.

“Don’t take offence, human. Now, let’s get to it.”

The demon turned around and walked towards one of the doors in the flat. Still levitating and unable to move, Sean felt his body float just behind the demon, as if pulled by a leash. The demon opened the door… to the bathroom.

“Wrong one.”

They went to the next one and opened a closet.

“Still not the right one.”

Sean growled with irritation.

“Oooooh, someone is in a hurry. Alright, alright.”

Abandoning all pretenses, the demon went to the bedroom and threw themselves on the bed. Sean’s body followed and was laid horizontally above the demon, still floating. And then Sean fell. On the torso of the demon, his head cushioned by a large pectoral. Muscled arms went around him, hugging him tight. Metallic sounds rang around the room and from his limited point of view, Sean saw bars made of golden light cover the wall, ceiling and floor as if confining both of them into a cage.

“Let’s spend the whole night together. We won’t need to leave. I’m all yours, human. This body is all yours. Make love to it. Use it. Worship it. Fuck me, fuck yourself. Bathe us in your cum. Do whatever your horniness and lust commands. I only ask you to make me cum before sunrise.”

The arms fell to the bed and Sean was, at last, free to move. He stood up on all fours, straddling the demon’s wide body. He tried to speak, but still couldn’t move his lips. Glaring at the demon, he tapped his lips.

“Oh sorry, I had forgotten.”

With a laugh and a finger snap from the demon, the last restrain disappeared. Sean took a deep breath. Before he could speak, a hand crawled up his thigh and grasped his ballsack. Sean got the message and went to work.


He decided not to change his location and started by tacking care of one of the demon’s nipple. His tongue first went around it, licking the luminescent hair. The hair was hot too, but not burning. Sean then licked the nipple. It was starting to become hard. He nibbled it with his teeth. Gently, in order not to hurt. It hardened again. The demon moaned and lifted their hands behind their head. Immediately, Sean encountered a new smell. A very pleasing smell. Each breath made Sean’s cock twitch. Leaving the nipple he had been working on, he followed the smell, not very far, just to the demon’s armpit. Once again, he used his tongue, but this time with long and large strokes. The taste was unlike anything Sean had ever experienced: almost human, but wild, with a tang akin to the smell of a cat’s fur. He would have stayed here for hours, but his partner decided otherwise. Strong hands lifted his body, taking him away from the armpit. He whined, but without delay, he was turned back to front and deposited on the torso once again. Though this time, he was facing the cock. The Cock. It was so impressive to him, that he thought about it with awe. A pillar of masculinity.

Sean scooted a bit to get nearer to it. The smell was present there too. He put his nose in the luminescent bush at the root and took a deep breath. The Cock twitched and Sean felt his own respond in the same way. He decided to stop playing and went to business. Face laying on the lower abs, he took the Cock in one hand and stroked it slowly. With his other hand, he lightly grasped the balls. Well, one ball, as they were too big to be caught together with only one hand. He rolled each ball, switching from one to the other. His other hand still stroked the Cock. The veins were still there, much thicker than before, but still looking normal in relation with the size of the Cock. Sean’s hand felt them under his fingers, but didn’t mind. His hand was soon covered in precum and that made him proud of his actions. With the lubrication, the movement was easier and the demon moaned in pleasure. Sean stuck his tongue out and licked the base of the Cock while his hand stayed at the top, taking care of the glans. Some drops of precum slid along the body and Sean’s tongue tasted them. The flavour exploded in his mouth. Almost addicted, he sat up and plunged down, swallowing as much Cock as possible. It was not much, compared to the total size, but his mouth was full and his throat was getting stretched. For a minute, Sean laid there, trying to get it all, but he was forced to go back up in order to breathe. He heard a small chuckle when he did. Offended, he decided to show what he was capable of. He used all of his tricks: licking, sucking, kissing, lightly nibbling, swallowing, pumping. The Cock often twitched in response. The slit opened and more precum flowed out.

While Sean was making love to the Cock, the demon’s hands weren’t idle. One arm  draped itself over Sean’s back and the corresponding hand fiddled with Sean’s nipple, heating it almost to the point of pain. Sean was kept in place by the arm and could not lift his head enough to get the cock completely out of his mouth. With the other hand, the demon petted Sean’s bottom part, from his abs to his calves, from his butt to his ankles. No matter where the hands went, they brought pleasure to Sean. And literal heat. Coupled with the precum he was tasting and the smell he was breathing, these strokes made Sean’s cock harder and harder. So when the demon used their hand for a back and forth on Sean’s cock, Sean felt a long shiver go through his whole body. He froze, moaned loudly and came! Six long squirts landed on the demon’s pecs and abs, leaving large puddles.

The demon let Sean catch his breath, but not for long.

“Clean me, human.”

Sean didn’t need to be told twice. He changed position so that he could see the demon’s eyes and licked the muscles. He was taking his time, looking at his partner with slutty eyes. He was still in lust and wanted to show it. Well, the lust was showing itself through Sean’s once again hard cock, but he wanted to do more. When he reached the last drops of his cum, he licked them but didn’t swallow. He crawled up and kissed the demon, sharing the last drops of cum between their mouths. Their tongues slid against each other and Sean was hugged by muscular arms. One around the middle of his back, pinning him, the other lower, stroking his butt. Slowly, as if randomly, a finger went into the cleft and grazed Sean’s hole. The human moaned.

“Yes, please!

– Want me to fill you, human?

– YEEESSSSS!! But I don’t think I can fit your Cock in my ass. You’re too big.

– I will tone it down, don’t worry.”

Still holding Sean against him, the demon stood up from the bed. They put both hands under Sean’s butt to maintain him. Sean went to put his arms around their neck, afraid of falling. The demon bounced him a bit and on the third drop, Sean felt something poke his hole. It was slick and hot. He knew it wasn’t a finger as the hands were still on his butt. He felt a bit of fear, not wanting to get destroyed by the monstrous Cock, and braced himself.

“Stop worrying.”

The demon used one hand to push Sean’s face against their armpit. Immediately, Sean relaxed. The demon’s body odour had once again put Sean in rut. His human cock hardened even more, almost to the point of pain. And his ass opened. Slowly but without any stop, the demon inserted their Cock fully inside Sean’s ass. The Cock was producing enough precum to lube itself and slide in without giving pain. On the way, the head pressed against Sean’s prostate. He shivered and his own cock delivered precum too. When they were fully in, the demon pushed Sean up, once again slowly, moving him away from the Cock, taking themselves completely out. Feeling empty, Sean moaned in need. Having felt no hurdle on the way in nor the way out, the demon pushed the head of their cock back in Sean’s ass. When they were sure it was deep enough, they removed their hands from Sean’s butt, which made him drop. Gravity made him slide down the Cock to the root. As soon as Sean felt himself go down, he put his legs around the demon’s hips, to try and stay put. It didn’t work. Sean was fully impaled.

Now that Sean was held by the Cock and his own legs and arms, the demon’s hands were free. They used them to spank Sean. First the spanks were soft and kind, but slowly, the demon used more and more strength. Soon, loud slaps echoed around the room and Sean shouted in pain, his head pulled back, his eyes closed. Besides, each slap made Sean tighten his ass around the Cock. The demon only stopped when Sean’s butt was completely red.

The demon made their Cock twitch in Sean’s ass. Once again, the prostate was pushed and pleasure went through his body. The demon repeated this once or twice and then changed gears. They shook their pelvis, as if trying to dislodge Sean. Of course, this didn’t work either. The Cock was too long to be removed like this and Sean was too much in heat to accept losing the Cock. Sean couldn’t really think any more. He was only feeling and reacting. Feeling pleasure and desire and reacting to who and what was giving them to him.

Seeing this absence of Sean’s higher cognitive functions, the demon smiled. They disentangled themselves from Sean’s arms and legs and removed him from their Cock. Sean howled in loss. The demon put the human on his knees on the floor, back to them. With one hand, they pushed on his shoulders, keeping his ass up. Sean found himself on all fours. And filled once again. The Cock was in him and was making itself known. The demon started fucking Sean doggy style. The latter moaned loudly, reaching high notes whenever his joy button was pushed. After several slow back-and-forth movements, the demon grabbed Sean’s hair and pulled his head backwards. Putting their mouth close to the human’s ear, they spoke to him.

“You are my bitch, aren’t you? Getting fucked on all fours, on the floor. And you seem to have lost speech.”

Sean whined.

“I told you to use me, but you are not as strong willed as I though. I can do whatever I want with you. So I’m using you. For my pleasure and yours.”

The demon released the hair, but Sean kept his head up. He was panting. With one hand, the demon held Sean tightly by his nape, creating burn marks. With the other hand, they dragged their claws all over Sean’s back. Sometimes as soft as a feather, sometimes hard enough to make Sean feel as if he was flayed alive. It seemed random for the human, but little by little, the demon was writing letters on the skin. B. I. T. C. H. The word appeared in angry red lines over Sean’s back.

The demon decided to get serious and bring this to an end. Still holding Sean by his nape, they lifted him up from the floor. The human let himself be manhandled, as if he were a rag-doll. The demon went back to the bed and put the human on it, face up, lying on his back. Sean hissed in pain when the scratches touched the bed. The demon ignored it. They were in position for a nice and real fuck. Taking an ankle in each of their hand, they slightly bend their knees. And started fucking. They pulled back, partially removing their Cock, until the flared head was stretching the outer ring of Sean’s ass. And they went back in again. Every time they pulled back, they made sure to stop and make Sean’s hole stretch for a time. And every time they went in, they pushed on Sean’s prostate. Precum was leaking continuously from Sean’s cock. And Sean was moaning over and over. The demon increased the speed of their fucking. They didn’t seem to lose stamina. If Sean hadn’t let himself drown in pleasure, he would have wondered about the duration of the fucking. But at this point he was covered in sweat and almost delirious. The rapid fuck brought him to the edge and pushed him over. Sean felt himself cum once again and his ass tighten around the Cock in him.

And he lost consciousness.

When Sean woke up, he first realised that he wasn’t in his room anymore. In front of him was a front lawn and a suburban street. The rising sun was shining a bit to his right. He deduced he was sitting under the porch of a house. He then realised with a shiver that he was naked. He looked around, afraid of being seen, and tried to stand up. However, strong arms caught him around his chest and brought him back down… impaling him directly onto a cock. It slid in without trouble.

“Oh no you don’t.” A voice whispered in his ear.

Sean turned his head and was met with amber eyes and white straight teeth. It was the demon! In their human form.

“What’s happening???

– Don’t you remember having fun last night?

– Yes but in my bedroom, not in the open. What if someone sees us?

– No-one will see us. The sun has risen, All Hallows-Even has ended, it is now All Saints’ Day.” The demon spat these last words with disgust.

“I thought you had to… go back.

– Soon, soon. But I wanted to talk to you before leaving the mortal plane. Do you remember what I told you before we had sex?

– To use your body as I wished.

– And…?

– To make you cum.

– Bingo. Too bad you didn’t take care of that. That means you didn’t uphold your part of the contract.

– But…

– No but. Only your butt. Which is mine now. Say goodbye to your world.”

Before Sean could object, he felt something cover the bottom part of his face, chin included. And then everything went black. Sean had once again lost consciousness.

The demon entered the new room of their palace in Hell. The room was lit by its walls, which looked as if they were built from magma. The floor and ceiling were slick pure black, as if made of obsidian. The room looked liked it was floating in unlit night. And in this room, Sean was also floating, naked and spreadeagled in the air. Thick golden bands, reflecting the red light from the walls, surrounded his wrists, ankles and neck. A small golden cage surrounded his cock, keeping him in chastity and in pain. And a black muzzle, as black as if absorbing light, imprisoned his lower face, from one ear to another, from just below his nose to the top of the neck, kept in place by the golden collar around his neck, black straps above his ears, and another black strap on top of his skull. He scowled at the demon.

“It’s nice that you still have fight in you, human. Even after several days in my home. I wouldn’t want you to break too soon. After all, we still have each other’s company for close to eleven months. Or maybe more. It depends on who I’ll meet on next All Hallows-Even. Maybe you will be replaced. Maybe you will get company. Maybe we will stay together, just the two of us, for another year. But that’s in the future. In the meantime, let’s have fun.”

The demon moved their right hand. Sean’s body moved in the same way and tipped backwards. He found himself face up. The demon advanced between Sean’s legs and thrust their Cock in his ass, without a care. Sean closed his eyes and tried to shout in agony. The demon exhaled in ecstasy.

“Sex and pleasure. All ways and for ever.”

Metal would like to thank Nephilim for this story!

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