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Tricked and Treated

By Nephilim

Tags: #gay #Halloween #demon #bondage #horror #supernatural

Sean was having mixed feelings regarding Hallowe’en. He loved this holiday. He loved his two nephews. But having to manage his nephews during Hallowe’en was not his idea of a cool evening. Well, he had promised his sister. So he went with them from house to house, keeping himself in the background while they were collecting candies and chocolate bars.

He was surprised when they bypassed one of the house. He thought that they had not seen it, being situated at the end of an alley, all by itself, but it was lit and decorated according to that night’s theme and thus very much visible. He asked his nephews. They told him they wouldn’t go there as the house was haunted. He guffawed, which offended them.

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Pleroma – Part 11

By Taurus

Part 11 – conversion1

There was some panic as Luke found himself waking up in a bag, being transported in a van like that last abduction experience.

He gasped for air – a futile act that was quickly followed by the bag crumpling into his face with such speed that he promptly calmed down.

More probably, someone must have smashed their palm into Luke’s face to stop his breathing as a threat. And more accurately, Luke calmed down only to the extent that one could if they were naked in a bag and getting kidnapped.

In truth, Luke was quivering in profound fear. He drew smaller yet shallower breaths, and uncontrollably whimpered –


Luke’s implant must have been switched off in order to set him up as he was – his headache was quickly subsiding, but for the few seconds the pain was at its apex, it felt like death.

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Pleroma – Part 08

By Taurus

Part 8 – Zeroth Dangerous Threshold

Matt was, for once, entirely stunned.


As if bewitched, Luke moved past his locker of personal items as if he forgot what clothes were, and sat like a dog next to Matt, who was working hard to record his testing results, until Luke did something unprecedented.

Having folded up his fingers, Luke, with his right hand like a paw, reached past Matt’s armrest and lightly patted his crotch.

Okay, what the fuck should he do now?

As Luke inched closer, the more Matt felt uneasy.

They were working partners and dinner date friends at best – Matt was not quite ready for the full fellatio treatment yet.

That said, there was that look in Luke’s eyes, like a puppy’s all-powerful gaze that can compel anyone to do their bidding and sate their desires.

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The Speed Trap – Part 10

By Rubrpig

We finally settled into our new house. The move had been rather uneventful and the unpacking of the house did not take as long as setting up the new dungeon in the basement. One of the things that attracted us to the house was that the foundation was made of stones and mortor. So once the dungeon was setup it looked almost medieval which just made it more intense when we were playing.

Sir had settled into his new role as my Sir and head of the family as well as becoming an expert fucker. He seemed bent on making up for lost time and my ass was getting worn out from all the fucking we had been doing.

We had finally had a long talk about trust and limits and he had agreed to my hard limits of no blood, scat, or permanent markings. So we explored what turned him on and we found that like me he was a strong sadist and really enjoyed inflicting pain. Also having me in heavy bondage for long term scenes really got him rock hard. Many a night was spent with me strapped tightly into a heavy leather straight jacket or sleeping next to him in a sleep sack.

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